The Todd Bowles Factor

September 2nd, 2019

Hall of Famer explains.

A guy who has a bust in Canton playing on the offensive side of the ball is a big believer in the Bucs this year.

And rather than point at Bucco Bruce Arians and claim he will be able to point America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, in the right direction and that will solve the Bucs’ ills, Terrell Davis has a different angle. The Broncos great, typing for, instead is of the mind that the Bucs will turn things around because of defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

There’s plenty of buzz about Bruce Arians and how he’ll help take Jameis Winston to the next level, but don’t sleep on Todd Bowles’ ability to improve this defense. The Bucs added Ndamukong Suh in free agency and drafted potential Defensive Rookie of the Year contender Devin White. Those two alone make the defense a more feared unit, and with Bowles’ past success as a D-coordinator, the Bucs could establish themselves as one of the more balanced teams in the league.

This is an interesting angle. And it is not like Davis is wrong.

Look, Joe doesn’t think Bowles is the second coming of Rod Marinelli or Monte Kiffin. His defenses up in New Jersey didn’t exactly choke out opponents.

However, will Bowles lift the Bucs from nearly the worst defense in the history of the 100 years of the NFL like they were under disgraced coordinator Mike Smith? How could he not? There is only one way to go from worst ever.

Here’s something for Bucs fans to chew on. Two 2018 starters in the Bucs secondary are currently out of football. That would be Chris Conte and Brent Grimes.

That doesn’t say a whole lot — or does it?.

32 Responses to “The Todd Bowles Factor”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Todd Bowles has already improved this defense…….you can tell that by all these offseason games

    I sure hope all that energy shows up this sunday

  2. Earl Bedford Says:

    Man, forgot about Grimes and Conte! Moved on to this season! The secondary does look better and love to “FINALLY” see some blitz packages instead of watching the opposing team quarterback sit back into the pocket and order some Jimmy Johns while his receivers get wide open and defensive backs look at each other as to say “you were suppose to cover the touchdown!”

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Chris “Constipation” Conte was already average to sucky……

    but Brent Grimes for the first couple of years was one of the best DBs in the NFL….so it’s not right to say that about him Joe

    …….it was only last year that Grimes fell off the cliff and we all knew he was just a paycheck based off of his performance and comments after season.

    I don’t even blame Gimes for having that attitude because he personally saw the “Sh*t” product on the field and the crappy coaching staff…….good for Grimes for getting one last good payday before sailing off into the sunset with his millions.

  4. rrsrq Says:

    I honestly believe the defense wins 2-3 games this year by finishing a game and not letting teams drive down the field for the winning score. I also believe the running game will improve and Jameis will be a part of that when we potentially have a lead. I really believe this team hears the noise and will play like they have something to prove. Only a couple of years from having a five game winning streak that almost catapulted them into the playoffs

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no question in my mind that this defense is already better than last year… is much faster and significantly more aggressive….it is younger and yes, less experienced….or is it?
    Vita Vea has one year under his (over-sized) belt. We have Carlton Davis, MJ Stewart & Jordan Whitehead (likely starters) with more experience…..and we have VH3 healthy….
    I am hopeful that our LB corps will make up for the loss of JPP with a fierce pass rush.
    We have some strong depth with our LBs & DBs…..

  6. Brandon Says:

    I hate to agree with one of your points here, but Bowles was not stopping the Pats previously. I want the guy to be successful, but had he been all that we are hyping him up to be, then he wouldn’t have been available. The same narrative was being pushed when we hired Mike Smith.

    Joe, you are right, there is only direction he should go with our defense. Lets hope we are above 500 when JPP makes his decision on whether he will join us or sit out the entire year and collect money. JPP returning late in the season is hands down the best thing we have going for us. If we are looking good then he can potentially help us in the middle of the season.

  7. Bucnjim Says:

    This team for the last decade has been filled with quitters and malcontents especially on the defense. The Bucs organization until now has been run like a Hollywood popularity contest instead of a football team. How can you continually draft and bring in players who are afraid of physical contact? We’ve gotten so caught up on speed and agility that they’ve forgotten the most important thing passion and toughness. Give me a team full of Suh’s instead of what has been a dancing, camera hogging clown show the past 10 years.

  8. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Rrrsq: In another article Joe predicted the Bucs would win 7 games. I believe that is their ceiling. The key to them getting to 7 wins will be if the defense is able to stop a few late 4th quarter drives. The last two years Jameis was able to drive the team down the field to take the lead only to watch the defense give the game away. I think their range is somewhere between 4-7 wins. Outside of White none of their draft picks will be starting and they did nothing in free agency and made no trades. We will be starting the season without JPP, Vea, Spence has been cut, C Davis is back starting even though management didn’t think he was very good and used a 2nd and 3rd rounder on CBs hoping to upgrade the position. Cappa will be waived and out of the league in a year or two yet we are heading into the season with him as our starting RG. Dotson is pretty much washed up. RBs are below average running by a crap o-line. Coaching may be improved, but this team is really really bad on paper.

  9. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “We have some strong depth with our LBs & DBs…..”

    Sounds like Gump is posting as Tampabaybucfan.

    We have to keep Gump’s draft picks and protect his job. Good teams cut their mistakes. The Bucs keep them for years occupying roster spots.

    It’s like the other teams have 53 players and the Bucs have 45. No wonder they can’t get past 5-11.

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    TD is 100% correct. How can we not be better? It’s obvious to me in the limited time we’ve seen it that this defense is better.
    We always do this fun finger-pointing thing with the defense in these here parts. How can we not be optimistic with the improvement made already?!
    IMO, coaching alone will add 3 wins.

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m pretty sure there was an article earlier in the year that had the Defense responsible for 4 games and Winston also had 4 chances to come back and win the game but didn’t. I’ll agree the D is more responsible but if you stop a few turnovers and make a few kicks we are back in the ballgame.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We do have strong depth…..we have Ryan Smith……a second round pick in SMB & two 3rd round picks Dean & Edwards….we also have Darian Stewart…

    Last year we had several players who didn’t make it this year…..

    Now, if you want to call our 3 new draft picks busts already…..then maybe we don’t have depth…..but I’m not going there.

  13. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey, TheBucsAnthem. Good post but I for one do blame Grimes. He is a paid professional NFL veteran cornerback, who didn’t want to play against who his coaches said for him to cover. He was paid millions to decide he did not make enough money to cover the best receivers of our opponents. So yes I do blame him, he suited up weekly, took those pesky checks to the bank and decided to deposit them. Why should I an average fan not be upset with him? He was a problem not part of a solution. Was the Defense he was a vetran member of bad, YES. Was Grimes a part of that badness? YES! So why are we to just let it go that he took the money and ran. Where is his team pride? His RESPECT for his teammates? All while he has said himself that he was only playing less than his best because he didn’t like the matchups he was asked to cover. All after signing a one year $10,000,000.00 contract in March of 2018. So were again does Grimes get off with his disrespect to his team and his teammates and the fans by not putting out his best effort when those checks clear every week. I was a fan of Grimes even when he burned us with Atlanta. Solid tackling ballhawking cornerback. But no more, sorry but to be a championship team you need championship players, following championship desires everyday play after play, game after game season after season. Glad you are no longer here Mr. Grimes. Good luck.
    Go Bucs!
    The SHOW ME event is next week. Show Me!!

  14. Leighroy Says:

    Enough about the DB’s already. Pop quiz, how many years did it take Ronde Barber to break into the starting lineup?

    DB’s need time to develop. I don’t think we drafted so many of them this year to “replace” those already on the roster but “supplement.” Last year’s rookies will take steps and improve from year 1 to 2, and the rookies this year will need 1-2 years themselves.

  15. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    The backup defense during preseason was better than last years defense.

    Better is already here.

    Six more days!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  16. Bobby M. Says:

    Folks constantly reference the defense giving up leads Winston secured but nobody looks at the countless holes Winston puts the team in. What about the game in Green Bay where the defense held the Packers to under 200 total yds against Brett Hundley, yet Winston couldn’t out duel a back up? The dude started his career with a “pick 6” and lost to the Titans. How many first halfs does it take to put up a single opening drive TD?….Its year 5 and he may have one in his career. He starts insanely slow, turns the ball over on the wrong side of the field or in the red zone. Defenses can only hold up for so long before they are exhausted by the 4th qtr.

  17. Hodad Says:

    Look, on third, and five, if the DB’s aren’t lined up 15 yards off the receiver, I’ll be happy.

  18. Pittsshore Says:

    4-12. Just behind the Dolphins and Bengals. Which means the top two QBs will be gone before we pick.

  19. BringBucsBack Says:

    Here, Davis sounds like he is assuming that the offense will continue to improve on last year’s output. That is possible but, it’s also a new offense, new OC and a new year. Let’s not forget that our O-line is not “fixed”.

    We should have so much more talent on the team than we actually do!
    Licht _ _ _ _ _!

  20. Ndog Says:

    Oh Bobby M. you do realize in that exact game we had the lead and the Packets drove the length of the field without throwing one pass to tie the game on the final drive. It is fun arguing against people who are clueless. And the Packers had 276 yards that day my friend not under 200. Also in that exact game we went right down the field and scored on the first possession of the game with a Jameis TD pass, so I am not sure how that’s starting slow. You guys literally just make stuff up. Wow you make it toooooo easy.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Rookies and youth galore on this defense that’s for sure.

    We’ll see.

    Go Bucs!

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    With the experienced additions of Suh, Shaq Barrett, Deone Bucannon, a healthy VH3 and a promising crop of rookies including the most promising ILB to come out in years – Todd Bowles will coach and craft this Bucs Defense into a top 15 unit.

    As a result, the 2019 Buccaneers WILL be competitive.

  23. Boombang Says:

    I have said it all alone – the Bucs season(won/loss) will depend on the defense improvement and not the Bucs offense/Winston……I continue to repeat myself by saying – the Bucs loss 9 games by 7 or less points and of those 9 games 6/7 were loss by 3 points or less….They seem to have cleared up the kicking game…..Now the defense needs to preserve those close games the Bucs loss in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

  24. Pit of Misery Says:

    Bucnjim: couldn’t agree more; and who do have to thank for these vacation seekers??

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    NDog…..276 is considered a solid defensive effort….The #1 defense from last year avg 292 yds per game.

    He lost to Brett Hudley who passed for 88 yds and was intercepted once that game. That’s doing your job as a defense on the road.

    Since we’re digging deep into specific stats….Didn’t Winston fumble for a TD to Green Bay? Wasn’t the score 27-20 as you referenced as the last drive being given up by the defense.

    I guess the score would have been 20-20 at that point if Winston didn’t give up the fumble/TD and you know make life harder for his team.

    Nice try though. I’m guessing you’ll go out of your way now to follow every post I make which will be even more adorable of you. You’ll make Winston so proud.

  26. Mort Says:

    He shouldn’t be a hall of famer. Full stop.

  27. firethecannons Says:

    Have to say I really appreciated the way MJ Stewart and Jordan Whitehead and Carlton ball swarmed against the Browns –that alone was sweet to watch. It is the individual matchups that I find interesting, unfortunately in NFC south getting into playoffs is a behind the 8ball proposition to begin with.

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    The Jets were 29th in scoring defense last year, two spots ahead of the Bucs. Then in 2017 they were tied with the Bucs. Then in 2016 they’re about 12 spots behind the Bucs.

    So the Jets were consistent on defense, as in they were bad and stayed bad.

    I like the new scheme, but I’m not sure why we’re sold on this being a big upgrade. The stats say otherwise, if anything, it’s a downgrade.

  29. TexBuc Says:

    Understand the concern of some, but Bowles was HC not DC for the Jets. When a play is called or when to blitz timing is everything. Play calling is akin to boxing jab, jab, jab, and right hook. Every defensive play call leaves a hole somewhere on the field. Playing the run too hard leaves the defensive vulnerable to the pass. Playing the pass leaves the field open to a running game. Scouting your next opponent and understanding their tendencies and take away what they do best is called a “game plan.”

  30. Netweight Says:

    Jets fan here. It seemed like bowles loyalty to his buddy kc rodgers was one of his major undoings in nj. It seemed like he gave kc tge blueprint for his defense and was then hands off, and watched kc run it into the ground. Its all speculation, i could be wrong. But it was pretty telling when kc was out sick and todd took over the D and they were the best in YEARS. And remember those were god awful rosters the bum gm maccagnan gave him to work with. Sure, some decent dlinemen and jamal adams. But no Cbs and no edge for his entire time there.
    I wish you luck. Todds a good dc and a great guy. Im still a fan of his, hes a role model.

  31. Joe Says:

    Good info Netweight.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Nice insight Netweight.