The ScuttleBucs Serve Up A Therapy Session, Talk Jameis Trust, Clock Management, And Joe Checks In, And More

September 25th, 2019

No beating around the bush friends, for it is ablaze. The ScuttleBucs are furious(!!) and this is a 45 minute therapy session. Join them as they debate trusting Jameis, underscore that Bucco Bruce cannot be trusted with clock management, the 3rd and 2 that put the game in jeopardy in the first place and more. Joe stops by as usual to vent along with us all. ScuttleBucs, unite! Presented by Bill Currie Ford, home of the nationwide lifetime warranty on new and used vehicles.

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The ScuttleBucs is hosted by Jeff Cameron and Tom Lang, powerhouse personalities and lifelong Bucs fans at ESPN Tallahassee, 97.9 FM, the ScuttleBucs is a must-listen presented by Bill Currie Ford, home of the nationwide lifetime warranty for new and pre-owned vehicles.

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Of course, many of you know Cameron, namesake of “The Jeff Cameron Show.” Joe has been a guest with Cameron many times and Cameron is a personal friend of Jameis Winston.

Cameron is a St. Petersburg native, a proud Lakewood High graduate and a diehard Bucs fan since he was a little guy running through Tampa Stadium in the late 70’s. Jeff is a 20+ year radio host in Tallahassee talking Florida State and national sports — weekdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on ESPN Tallahassee 97.9 FM since 2012. Jeff has reported/opined for ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN Radio’s flagship show Mike & Mike, on SiriusXM and he appears on local shows from Seattle to Miami. He thanks the football gods daily that the Lovie Smith era is over and misses the days of Lee Roy Selmon and Doug Williams.

Tom Lang is a popular guy on these pages as host of the JoeBoltsFan podcast during the NHL season. A native of Pinellas County, Tom graduated Clearwater Central Catholic in 2005. He started working in sports in the fall of 2004 covering Friday nights on the high school beat for the St. Petersburg Times. After moving up to the state capital, Tom worked the Florida State sports beat for the Rivals and 24/7 sport networks. He’s been executive producer of The Jeff Cameron Show since 2012, and he’s the Operations Manager of ESPN Tallahassee. Tom still smiles at the memory of dejected Eagles fans leaving their beloved Vet as NFC Bridesmaids all those years ago, and he’s Brad Johnson’s biggest fan. Seriously.

10 Responses to “The ScuttleBucs Serve Up A Therapy Session, Talk Jameis Trust, Clock Management, And Joe Checks In, And More”

  1. Todd Says:

    Atrocious, horrible, STUPID commentary in this podcast. Your sweeping assertions regarding Arians is just bull. That’s not very nice to say about The ScuttleBucs. –Joe

  2. SteveK Says:

    Good podcast. Objective analysis this time and I appreciate it! You guys know your stuff too. Can you guys talk about Licht and year six-losing by same outcomes: secondary, kicking?

    When can we expect it to stop?

  3. SenileSenior Says:

    The sentiments and reactions are understandable.

    I believe Arians is also going through some “late in life” growing pains. He has done most of the things he needed to do in regards adjusting to the realities of health issue aging brings. He did a superb job during the off season in my opinion.

    He has delegated but he has not completely adapted his game management style after giving up the OC responsibilities. If you listen to his pressers you will find that Arians and Leftwich are on the same page for the most part.

    He will have to “bite his tongue” and let his guys (Leftwich and Bowles) make their mistakes early in this season. He has to be judicious with his decision overrides.

    Watch how it goes for the next three games. I am convinced we will see the turnaround after mid season. 4-4 at mid and 5-3 second half or 3-5 mid and 6-2 second half both give 9-7 at the end.
    Go Bucs!!!

  4. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:

    Take it easy Todd with 2 D’s…these guys are pros. Seasoned broadcasters with a lot of passion for the Bucs and knowledge of the game. You don’t have to agree with their takes, but they are definitely NOT stupid. Best pod on JBF IMO. And as always…GO BUCS!

  5. Joe Says:

    Take it easy Todd with 2 D’s

    She expects Joe to be a cheerleader. Joe is not Rachel Watson and doesn’t work for Yet she comes back each thinking Joe will sell out and lie to readers multiple times a day so she can go home and snuggle with her two dozen cats.

  6. Todd Says:


    That was a rather irrational comment.

    Who is “she”? Does Todd sound like a she? You’ve been pounding too many cocktails tonight, obviously. And I stand by my criticism. You all would NEVER…EVER…have the balls to make such sweeping assertions to BA’s face. Ever. That…is a sign of simply being an ankle-biter.

    Other Joe here, who knows nothing about the “she” stuff but it’s probably a voice recognition thing. Anyway, your take is ridiculous, Joe would have zero problem telling Bruce Arians face to face anything said in this podcast. It’s football. Jiminy Christmas, nobody is insulting the guy’s family or dignity. Arians is making what, $7 million doing a job he loves? Joe has no problem calling it straight with coaches if given the chance. They’re just people. Dirk Koetter read literally 95 percent of what is written on this website, even a lot of the comments. Joe never had a problem face-to-face with Dirk after all the times Joe blasted him or used pictures that maybe weren’t flattering to Koetter. It’s really just silly talk by you. Same with Jason Licht and Mike Smith. Heck, Joe spent time with Smith during Super Bowl week. Joe used to call Adam Humphries “Rudy” for years and he had no issue with it and even communicated with Joe just before he inked his deal with the Titans. Joe is even personally in touch with close relatives of players blasted on these pages and they have no issue with Joe’s commentary. -Joe

  7. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, you sound like trollmax with that silly she business. Why stoop to that level dude? Just silly.

  8. James Says:

    Joe, I noticed that news broke about JPPs contract and Melvin Gordon coming back at roughly the same time. Any chance they are intertwined, or just wishful thinking on my part?

  9. FortMyersDave Says:

    Great podcast by the Tallahassee guys. Their anger and disappointment match mine. The comparisons between Arians and Koetter are fair as the decisions made Sunday were so lame. The Scuttlebucs talked about how expectations were smashed and they are spot on. Right now my expectations of the Bucs are what we have had for all but 2 of the seasons since Chucky was jettisoned, 10+ losses and drafting in the top 6 or 8. Being a Buc fan this week is about as below average as how Ned Beatty and Jon Voight felt when they went on a canoe trip with the late Burt Reynolds in north GA and run into those Tennessee Big Orange alumni out in the woods. Thanks for the vent session gentlemen!

  10. Todd Says:


    Here’s my question, why do you obviously delight in focusing on “blasting” everything Bucs? Promoting anything remotely “unflattering” related to the players/coaches? It’s like you have an addiction to being negative…I mean come on! Can you not provide a bit of balanced reporting? The only “Den of Depression” is in here. You kick the organization while they’re down and put a boot on their necks when the attempt to get up.

    It’s as if you are a closet [insert other football team here] fan and decided to launch JBF to just fu(k with the true fan base.

    So which team is it?