National Embarrassment For Team Glazer

September 23rd, 2019

Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer and Team Glazer members have to be ill today

There are losses, and then there are the humiliating kind before a massive television audience on your home turf against a very popular franchise that plays in the nation’s biggest-by-a-mile market.

The Bucs’ collapse against the Giants yesterday in early-evening prime time Sunday was one of those unforgettable and unthinkable choke jobs.

Team Glazer and Bucs officials crave those high-profile games against the Giants and other huge market teams because it means massive exposure for the Bucs. They are showcase games in various ways. They can leave a lasting positive impression on millions, sell jerseys and sway national media to deliver kind words about the Bucs — or the opposite can be in play, which was the case yesterday.

Count on every national media talking head being convinced that the Bucs are hot garbage — and talking about it today. And Joe is in pain for all the home fans who had to endure the obnoxious Giants fans who littered the Den of Depression with their blue stench and heckled the Bucs faithful as they exited in shame.

The national media’s eyeballs were all over Daniel Jones’ historic start against the Bucs, the changing of the guard that ended Eli Manning’s special run as a starting quarterback. Tampa Bay had a chance to launch itself into the national conversation in a good way — and now they’re a national joke. Again.

So Joe is wondering when the toll of losing will spark a change in Team Glazer’s approach to managing the football aspect of the franchise.

Joe knows the members of the Team Glazer clan are serious fans. Very serious hardcore Bucs fans very much like the average Joe, sans the billion dollar assets. Like the suffering Bucs fans, Team Glazer can only take so much.

So where is the Team Glazer breaking point? When do they get sick and tired of the losing enough to change their philosophy? Joe has no idea. But yesterday was the kind of loss that makes you wonder — and should make them wonder.

It ain’t working, year after year, coach after coach, plan after plan.

No, Joe doesn’t expect Team Glazer to have a full-blown freakout after a 1-2 start with a new head coach, but maybe, just maybe, this loss gives their patience enough of jolt to re-think how they do business.

94 Responses to “National Embarrassment For Team Glazer”

  1. Tony Aiello Says:

    Rethink the dam thing. HIRE the right people
    for s change

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    National embarrassment is nothing…. dont sell them short…. glazers are embarrassments on two continents and in 2 sports….

  3. DB55 Says:

    Sell the team to Jay-Z

    Have a Cardi B pre-game concert

    Sign Colin Kaepernick

    And let AOC sing the national anthem.

    If nothing else that will drive all the “real fans” the *MEGAFANS to jump off the skyway and we can start building a winner without the opinions of the dumbest people in the nation sans alabama and Mississippi but really is there even a difference?

    I find it funny that you *MEGAFANS say the lightning is the best franchise in Tampa yet guess where the owner is from?

    You hate the “obnoxious” NY’ers bc we’re better and smart and stronger and tougher than you. Guess where Malcolm Glazer grew up? Yup, explains a lot.

    You guys should just focus on the strawberry festival and leave the sports to us Yankees. Lmao

  4. Koryc Says:

    Fire the kicker and go for 2 every chance…they left five, 5, Cinco! On the damn field!!! As Clark Griswold said…”Holy Spit, where’s the Tylenol?”

  5. DB55 Says:

    And by MEGAFANS I mean MAGAFANS But you already knew that. Dumb as a bag of rocks.

    This is the team that drafted OJ Howard over Dalvin Cook lol. MJ Stewart over Donte Jackson lol. VH3 over a lawn chair lol. But but but TURNOVERS

    WHERE ARE ALL THE MARIOTA FANS AT? Don’t hide. WHERE ARE ALL THE MCICECREAM FANS? Don’t hide! You guys are geniuses, looking at you Glazers.

  6. westernbuc Says:


    I have no idea why you feel the need to make this about politics or geography, but your comment is trash.

    My frustration is that the media happily beat the drum to fire Koetter, pretended that Licht wasn’t the problem (even promoting his excuse, that the coaches misused his players) and acted like all we needed was some big personality coach.

    Where’s the accountability?

  7. DB55 Says:

    You literally have a 36 year old turnstile at RT and you paid him to stay on the team. He will eventually end Jameis’s career but hey he’s always available to the media so…..

  8. tmaxcon Says:


    Come on silly you know personal responsibility and accountability have been banned in America by the soft feelings first PC police.

  9. DB55 Says:


    the obnoxious Giants fans who littered the Den of Depression
    Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing…..

    Typical. You talk chit until you get punched in the mouth then it’s our fault. Must be nice…..

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe I freaking agree…..The Glazer’s need to step in and demand some type of accountability about this K position. I hate overreactions among sports fans but this absolutely is not an overreaction. This is like 7-8 years of witnesses ng the same problem boiling over.

    We have waited long and hard enough and been more then patient. Our current GM has been given five years to find a capable kicker and cannot get the job done. Time for the owners to take the bull by the horns. An ultimatum is in place and a sure answer at kicker must be demanded. If you gotta fire the GM then that’s what you a do. If you have to override him and find a K yourself you do it. You are the owners the finished product is on you untimely.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    At least the truth about DB55 comes out. He aren’t even a Tampa guy. One of these displaced yankees with a identity crisis. Makes a lot of sense on many levels.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Lots of yankees around here, you can tell who they are since they panic and run for New York every time a tropical storm is 5-days out.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Fun fact: Shaq is on pace to have 42 sacks.

    That would be a new NFL record, by far.

    Then again last year at this time Fitz was on pace to pass for 7000 yards and 72 TDs….

  14. DB55 Says:

    He aren’t even a Tampa guy.
    I rest my case. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Hire the right people? Who are the right people? I believe that’s easier said than done. They need to hire a witch doctor or an exorcist. Pick your poison.

  16. Patrick Says:

    Joel Glazer has been an embarrassment as an owner since 2009. Ever since Gruden was fired, this team has been irrelevant.

  17. Jean Lafitte Says:

    the numbers don’t lie. We played like world beaters first half and crawled into a shell the second half. We went into protection mode and took our foot off the gas.

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    we’re not scary enough to let up. We don’t have that reputation.

  19. firethecannons Says:

    The Bucs are not embarrassed, all you had to do was watch and you could see Daniel Jones played lights out, he will change that teams future dramatically. Our secondary could of been better, even so we had the game won but the kicker didn’t make the kick-it happens. Hope we play that well in the future as that level of play is far and away enough to win the majority of games. we need to stop with the shame bs. The kid had an awesome game and he was pressured with 5 sacks and strip sacks etc.We had an awesome performance also.No reason for shame with this game. The games when JW throws 3+ int and defense cant get off the field-those are shame games.Be proud of Shaq and Jameis and Mike Evans and our defensive line, even Ronald Jones. Stop the shame, not called for today!

  20. Jerry Says:

    Hire people who know how to evaluate talent and how to draft.

    Our front office is such a total disgrace that no one even knows how to pick a kicker!

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    DB have your fun bro with your little smiley faces…..must be some kinda yankee thing.

    We all here to talk football. Glad we could entertain you in the meantime. Have your fun outsider.

  22. BucsFan90 Says:

    Sh*t happens. Good thing its early in the season. Rams look beatable so expect us to bounce back. Go Bucs!

  23. Jameis Franchise Says:

    Josh Allen looked good today while White was looking lost and now injured. Imagine Shaq and Josh Allen past rush.

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Fire the cannons that is a good point about not being embarrassed. We did play a dam good football game on a lot of levels. I especially liked the part of seeing us send multiple Giants hobbling to the sidelines.

    At the end of the day we played a dam good football game today and it was good enough to win on the last play. It’s nearly the same as a golfer tapping on in on the last hole which is why they call it a chip shot. We couldn’t freaking do it and it nearly makes me wanna pull my hair out………At the end of the day I expect a fired up Bucs next week and almost feel sorry for the Rams……..we gonna inflict some pain!!!! That game will be a true trap game….in it’s phrest sense.

  25. Billy_45 Says:

    Jimmy Jack saying not finding a kicker.
    You think Licht made that decision.

    We ALL loved Gay and he DID make 4 FGs.

    Yes he choked, but you CAN’T possibly know that until it happens.

    He obviously thought about it too long and tried to guide it instead of acting like it was a 50 yarder and driving it.

    Bit do we seriously think the sky is falling because the rookie kicker choked?

    Is it the Glazer’s fault BA is so equal opportunity that Byron is calling the dumbest controlling calls with the wrong personnel?

    Or that Todd Bowles let a slow ass rookie QB run in the winning TD with no one within 10 yards.

    I mean yes we are sooooo sick of losing but who took a delay of game penalty backing up the kicker?

    The Glazer’s?

    I mean who does that?

  26. JimmyJack Says:

    Yes Billy Licht made the decision. That is his responsibility and his job. Furthermore it’s been his job as being the GM for the last 5 seasons of poor kicking.

    The time for guesswork is done with this organization……especially when it comes to the K position. It is and has been a major problem for this team it’s past due the time to hold somebody accountable.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    And Billy I am not saying you gotta make a rash decision based on that one kick but I am saying there does need to be an ultimatum in place. If they cannot fix that position in the next week it’s time to step in as an owner. Whatever consequences that mean is their own discression. Either way whatever process they have in place to field a confident kicker is obviously not working and changes need to be made.

    Now maybe the owners were too dumb to have expectations in place before the season and now are paying the price. But the fact is that that absolutely should have had a firm set of expectations for this team and if the K position was neglected(yet again) they are now paying the price. Either way it is the responsibility of the owners to fix this problem first and for the GM second(who has absolutely proven he cannot).

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    It don’t matter how you slice it or how you ever try to spin it. Go ahead and blame everybody for everything else and look in every direction. At the end of the day there was one play left in that football game and we only had to convert a very very simple play to win it. It does not matter who your playing how you got there or how important the game is. There is a bottom line in that situation which is 99.79% success.

    Failing on that play is not an option and requires action.

  29. CPN Says:

    2019 WILL ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THE REAL FANS ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jerry Says:

    Jimmy, it should not have even had to come down to the kicker! The Bucs had 18 pt halftime lead. The Giants, with a rookie QB and their star RB out, went down the field not once but twice in the first 5 minutes of the quarter and scored 15 points!

    Yes, the kicker sucks. We know that…..but so does most of the rest of the team. The team has a losing culture. And teams that have losing cultures find ways to lose games. And this team is one that finds very inventive ways to lose.

  31. BucsBandit Says:


    I’ve been talking about this all offseason…

    Who notices a major difference in watching Jameis Winston play and Daniel Jones play?

    One plays with incredible poise, set feet, and never looks lost or out of control in his reads.

    SPOILER ALERT: The guy that matches that description is not the one playing for the Bucs.

  32. LargoBuc Says:

    Are you reading this Glazers?
    I’m a lifelong die hard Bucs fan born and raised in the Bay area. My pride for my hometown runs deep. So one can only imagine how irked I was hearing the media (national/new york) gloss over an impressive win against Carolina week 2. All week we heard what a perfect week this would be to start Daniel Jones. A nice, easy, winnable pseudo home game for the Giants. Mike Francessa called the Bucs soft repeatedley. But those of us who watch the Bucs for 64 quarters a year know better. Or at least we thought we did.
    I don’t need to recap the missed kicks, the coaching mishaps. That has been well documented. In the end the Giants beat the Bucs. New York rightfully defeated Tampa. The New Yorkers invaded our stadium and got their way. Again. New York wins. Tampa holds the “L”. All is as it should be in the world(barf).
    This loss hurts. It hurts so so much. It’s up there with the Georgia Dome beatdown of 2014. The Jameis vs Mariota debut. The 2015 DC meltdown. Opening day 2013 against the Jets. Last year in Chicago. All I wonder is when will this end? When will this team be respectable? Where is the accountability? It’s the same thing every. Freaking. Year. Dosen’t matter if it’s a young rookie head coach. An experienced leader. It all ends the same. We fans invest more and more money into the product every year yet are looking forward to the draft by Halloween.
    I guess we just want something to change. It’s hard to identify what exactly but it’s clear the current structure isn’t working. I speak for every single Bucs fan when I say I’m tired of my team being nothing more than an asterisk that gets glossed over daily. And just when people are intrigued just enough to take notice, it ends in embarassment.

  33. lambchop Says:

    All this means is we have to steal a game against a team we have no business beating. Any given Sunday. $hit happens but we cannot have a meltdown like Joe is inciting.

    There are some awesome takeaways from the game:
    1) Jameis played outstanding the first half and decent the 2nd
    2) OJ is back on track
    3) RoJo is legit
    4) Shaq was a HUGE FA pickup (Yes, Licht orchestrated that)
    5) Mike Evans is Mike Evans
    6) OL is improved

    It was a 1 point loss that really should have been a win. I’d rather see Matt Gay finish the season strong and we get some wins. It’s not doom and gloom when clearly there are improvements on the defensive side and we are getting improved play from 3 and 27. Coaching has to steadily improve. But, there were warning signs before in the resume that some of these coaches are not the best at tight game management situations. But, they are lights out in the coaching department. Maybe, just maybe BA needs to hire (chuckle) one more guy to make strategy decisions. But, that FG attempt was a no brainer. You gotta nail the FG.

    Did anyone expect the playoffs this season? Have patience. This is the most competent attempt of changing the expectations around this team. And this coming from a guy who’s usually pessimistic.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    BucsBandit – Kewl story bro…

    Anywho back to the checkout line, and don’t put cans on top of the bread… The last thing we need is for you to lose your job on be on welfare again.

  35. FortMyersDave Says:

    If the Glazers are bonafide Buc fans they will probably wake up hungover tomorrow morning and wonder what the he!! happened in the second half. This loss was as bad as Lovey’s capitol collapse in 2015. Its time for the Glazers to put their foot down and make someone accountable. Start with Licht and Shelton Quarles. Release Gay andb4ing in kickers. As a Buc fan I am sick of the ineptitude that results in 5 win seasons year after year! Other teams turn the corner like the Rams and Bears so why not the Bucs? This fan base deserves better!

  36. FortMyersDave Says:

    Great post LargoBuc. I too am sick and tired of these depressing losses and for once I would like to see ownership do something. That missed kick is not acceptable. Bruce going turtle is unacceptable and WTF happened to the D in the second half??? Epic fail on many levels!

  37. Adrnagy Says:

    Big paragraphs ..Too long to read.

  38. JameisAlmight! Says:

    I was enjoying a night rest when My body realized I left the AC in the hotel at 63 trying to cool off from this game. So not only do I have to read about the Jameis Hate, my buttcheeks are cold. Fact is, the kicking game has been worse than the QB for years. Get a freaking kicker and pay the dadgum money. Priority #1 is making the extra points on Famous Jameis’ TD passes…

  39. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    As much as we want to be mad at Gay for missing points our secondary couldn’t stop them it’s all on the secondary for letting up all those points

  40. westernbuc Says:

    DB55 is a giants fan, apparently

  41. Buc in Nashville Says:

    This team has been garbage since Malcolm got sick and died and will be garbage until the owner does not possess the surname “Glazer”.

  42. Buddy Says:

    @Largo Buc -YES Team Glazer reads this in fact they stalk anything Bucs related in the press. As does Jason Licht. I worked in that building & for that organization for 18+ years. It’s is the epitome of dysfunctional with how it’s rahs from the top down. Glazers boys fight over control and who has the biggest balls. I worked for Malcom and he did things the right way. Licht is over his head at this point, he’s just kissing Grandoa Bruce’s ass now so he can stay around. He still has his snitches throughout the building leftover from #KluelessKoetter days of friends of Koetters likevthd equipment managers who run tell Licht all the locker room gossip of what the players are doing day to day. It all starts with the infrastructure and that is horrible inside One Broke (Buc) Place.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we find a silver lining here….how about this….

    We can’t depend on an 18 point lead at home at halftime.
    We can’t depend on Mike Evans getting 3 TDs & 190 yards.
    We can’t depend on Rojo @ 6 yards per carry.
    We can’t depend on Jameis playing well enough to win.
    and finally
    We can’t depend on our kicker to make a chip shot to win.

    So, what do we do?……..We put our foots on the opponent’s necks and keep playing as if we need to score 70 points to win…..that’s what we have to do.

    We have seen far too many Buc games that come down to the last 2 minutes….and the usually don’t turn out well.

  44. Rick Says:

    Try replacing Jameis.

  45. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Time for a personnel/culture change at One Buc Place.

    New GM….he’s not a good talent evaluator.
    New Scouts….someone must be feeding Licht bad player intel.
    New QB….while he does have talent, he’s been too inconsistent to build around.
    And finally….ditch the God-awful uniforms and go back to the previous ones.

    I don’t see how we get out of this rut without a complete ground up restoration!

  46. Buc believer Says:

    Think they care??? HELL NO!!!! The Bucs make money and they are good with that!

  47. Pewter power Says:

    Who are these idiots blaming the glazers after a loss. BA was the right hire hire you people are just pathetic fans who were 100% sure it was a fact BA and Bowles controlled the draft but suddenly after a loss it’s licht fault.

    Dirk was THE problem dude was pure garbage. VH3 was licht worse hire, bringing back Dotson and D Smith was also a horrible idea. OJ Howard over Dalvin cook is debatable, we’ve still had two years and many opportunities to draft a running back but apparently they value that as much as pass rushers. We can easily be celibate dwellers again this year with the weak corners getting exposed every week.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Some good comments, for early in the morning especially, but I like TBBF’s approach the best. This team isn’t good enough to take ANYTHING for granted. We did a LOT of good stuff in the first half, right before we crapped the bed in the second half.

    Have finally decided that, very simply, we got OUT-COACHED. Giants coaches successfully adjusted what they were doing in the 2nd half; Bucs’ coaches didn’t. Offensively, defensively, special teams … we got OUT-COACHED in the 2nd half. And actually for much of the game.

    o Our running game was literally TWICE as good as their running game (and running the ball was supposed to be the Giants strength). So what did the Giants do? They passed the ball. Duh. And successfully. Double duh.
    o Bucs controlled the ball & play much of the game. A total of 13 drives & 73 plays (to the Giants 60 plays), resulting in 3 TDs & 4 FGs … plus 1 botched FG attempt. So we had scoring opportunities on 8 of the 13 drives, and also had 1 INT end a drive. We had FIVE Red Zone attempts, and came away with ONE TD. And therein lies our continuing problem. Broken record.
    o Our S/Ts have been disastrous thus far this year. And not just our kicker (he’s 7-for-9 which isn’t great but we’ve seen much worse). Our overall S/Ts play has been costly (remember the blocked punt in Game 1?).
    o Our defense let us down yesterday, but only in the 2nd half. That’s on coaching. Prevent defenses never prevent diddly. Our aggressiveness was muted & it bit us in the arse. Shame on our coaches.

    Time to learn from this debacle and move on to LA & New Orleans. BOTH of those teams are better than we are & will be heavily favored. Maybe our coaches will now figure out that our only HOPE of winning much of anything this year is to stay aggressive & not take ANYTHING for granted.

  49. Bucs life Says:

    This team is “hot garbage” and a national joke until they can prove otherwise. BA has turned every franchise around that he has coached. However, he has never attempted to do that with the Yuks. He has a gargantuan challenge in front of him. Best of luck!

  50. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s hard to be a Bucs fan. There was so much to cheer about yesterday. I mean, who didn’t get up from their seat yesterday thinking that at 28-10, we would be walking away from this thing with a ‘W’?!
    Good games.
    Absolutely gut-wrenching to lose that game! It’ll be all about Daniel Jones today and it’s our own damn fault.

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    We should be scoring TDs, not FGs. Think about it.

  52. Ed Says:

    The Bucs are one of the few teams in the NFL that can achieve their stated goal of “stopping the run first” and then putting the rookie QB in obvious passing situations, and still get the ball thrown all over the field to open receivers. The Engram touchdown on the first play of the second half was unacceptable as were all the blown coverages. There was big gain on the left side of the Giants there our defender in the middle of the field didn’t run to his right where the Giant receiver was crossing to, no he turned around an ran to the middle of the field where there was no Giant at all running a pattern. With a run defense like the Bucs had the offense becomes preditable yet our defense couldn’t do their jobs. So disappointing in every sense. Its really hard for a defense to give up 15 points in less than 2 minutes but the Bucs makes the difficult easy for the other team. Almost as bad as the Colts showing us up on MDF years ago with all the blown coverages on Marvin Harrison. Giants and their no-name receivers and rookie quarterback came into the Bucs stadium, blown out in the first half and beat the crap out of the Bucs for the final 30 minutes. Truly epic collapse again on national TV.

  53. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “Hire the right people? Who are the right people? I believe that’s easier said than done”

    I have posted that the correct choice for GM would be Chris Simms before his media gig gets too big. As a bonus his dad Phil would be an unpaid consultant.

    At the time I posted that, I was unaware that the Glazers had inked a top secret, bad door, middle of the night 5 year deal with the Gumpster Fire. BWTFDIK!!

  54. Jim Says:

    You hope your kicker wins it, but you don’t depend upon your kicker to win games, depend upon your QB. That’s why you have “Franchise Quarterbacks” and not “Franchise Kickers”.

  55. Bob in Valrico Says:

    100% agree with TBBF’s above comments. Keep the pedal to the mettle on offense. I don’t fault the extra emphasis on the running game in the second half,it worked to take time off the clock and keep Giant offense off the field for the most part. If Jameis had continued to play with the same poise and confidence the
    entire second half we should have scored 45-50 points. He was a couple of yards off on some critical passes to extend drives. Hard to explain his INT. Did he lose the game no, could he have played better in the entire second half Yes IMO
    Gays missed kicks ended up being the difference in the game. In hindsight Arians tried to play chess on the final kick and checkmated himself. With these moves he failed to show confidence in his kicker, and gave his rookie too much time to think about it.
    One other coaching blunder, IMO was putting Brate in motion to catch a pass .
    Brate showed he is neither fast enough or elusive enough to make that play.
    Take advantage of the motion and use Brate as a blocker a for any other player that has shown the ability to make a play with their feet.

  56. Pittsshore Says:

    The sad thing about the loss is that they ran the ball at the end of the game because they were worried about JW turning it over.

  57. The Buc Realist Says:

    Uh-oh!!!!!! The sheep are just starting to finally “realize” that they have been hoodwinked!!!! That they have been bamboozled!!!!!!!!!

    That is not even the bad new yet!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the incredibly soft schedule they played this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after a few more games of the bucs getting exposed and manhandled, and the “realization” that this is another wasted year, They higher ups will tell the sheep that they have to roll the same way next year, because of the big contracts to ole stale biscuit and light weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Team is against the cap and cannot compete against average teams, and battles and looks sloppy against the worst teams!!!!!!!!!

    Look for licht weight to overpay on an extension to shaq barrett, which means they will have to “save money” in other areas of the roster, then Barrett will be injured and never will be the same player afterwards!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of the sheep, were saying to trust ole stale biscuit to evaluate the inaccurate qb manager!!!!!!!! Well The “real” fans do not!!!!!!!!!! Ole stale biscuit was brought in to make the inaccurate to look good!!!!!! The light weight GM, ole stale biscuit, and the inaccurate QB are all in this together and will do anything but evaluate each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a pyramid scheme that the Glazer’s heavily invested in!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    The Bucs were not out coached or even outplayed. Virtually all NFL games wind up being close and come down to the wire. We lost because of our kicker. Period. The entire narrative of the game changes if the kid makes a field goal that a high school kicker should make.

  59. Old School Athlete Says:

    I can’t believe some of you guys. Silver lining? Seriously? We just lost two home games against two of the weakest teams in the league and you’re talking about silver linings? I feel like Jim Mora. Playoffs? Playoffs?
    I have lived in 5 major sports markets. Been watching football the whole time. I love the Tampa area. It’s a great place to live, but one thing is extremely frustrating: the fact that fans are so quick to celebrate mediocrity and accept incompetence. If this was going on in New York, Philly, New England et al, fans would make a statement. They would vote with their wallets. They would stop buying tickets, hats, shirts, license plates, etc until the organization put a quality product on the field.
    The headline says “National Embarrassment for Team Glazer”. It should be, but it really isn’t. They got huge TV numbers yesterday and sold a boatload of tickets. I don’t know if they are embarrassed or not, but even if they are, they have a fresh mountain of cash to ease their shame.

  60. D-Rome Says:

    DB55, after all these years I never pegged you for a fake fan. Let’s see, you root for the Bucs unless the Giants are in town and then you root for the Giants. I bet you’re one of those fans that root for the Bucs and the Giants when at the stadium so you go home happy either way.

    By the way, I am from Queens so spare us this “everything is better in NYC” claptrap. I know better.

  61. SammyRebel Says:

    Starting to realize Arians and this staff is all talk, I really don’t even wanna watch a press conference anymore bc it’s the same thing said, also Jason Licht needs to go, no splash moves ever, over pats for mediocrity, I’m over it idc about the connections he has, he sucks as a gm, someone on here wrote before he’s more of a scout and that’s true, we need new front office people

  62. Pittsshore Says:

    Arians is one more bad call away from being out in an assisted living center. He damn near cost us the Panthers game with the double timeouts. That kick is good 5 yards closer. His team is starting to question him I guarantee it.

  63. ChanEpic Says:

    Bob in Valrico, great analysis on that Brate play. When they watch the film they will regret that call. As a matter of fact that play with that particular player should be retired.

    All the Jameis detractors, if this was on him, I would be the first to say so. But what are you people actually watching out there? Gay missing a kick = Jameis is an issue? We all know it’s easy to point at skin color for the constant abuse, yep ABUSE, this QB takes at the hand of his own “Fans”. So if it isn’t a racism thing, and I am not sure it is NOT that, then what are you Jameis haters talking about? And if you are not a bigot, then you sound SUPER freaking stupid, and the shame in Tampa bay should be that Jameis haters open their wide pie holes, to pile on. My guess is that not only when it comes to talking about the Bucs, that those same pieholes stay open waayyyy too much. Talk less, and people won’t know you’re such insufferable idiots.

    Go Bucs!

  64. ChanEpic Says:

    Pittsshore Says:
    The sad thing about the loss is that they ran the ball at the end of the game because they were worried about JW turning it over.

    And you know this for a fact? This is the kind of stupidity people are talking about. You’re using some sort of redneck clairvoyance to bash JW. It’s beyond retarded, and unless you can cite this as a fact somehow, you’ll continue to embarrass yourself with this kind of garbage posting.

  65. Rob Moran Says:

    Wow. Reading this article as a Man Utd fan is chilling because these Glazer parasites are also destroying this great club.

  66. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You would think that a staff of 72 coaches, wouldn’t be out coached…

    It’s been 3 games, and our lack of talent is starting to show through..

    This secondary is really not good, outside of Whitehead being a good hitter. We haven’t even faced an elite WR corps yet. It’s admirable of Bowles to send the house on almost every play, but the secondary’s ineptitude just can’t be covered up for any length of time. SMB looked terrible, and I’m not sure how Davis and VHIII are starting corners in this league.

  67. D-Rome Says:

    Pittsshore Says:
    The sad thing about the loss is that they ran the ball at the end of the game because they were worried about JW turning it over.

    And you know this for a fact? This is the kind of stupidity people are talking about. You’re using some sort of redneck clairvoyance to bash JW. It’s beyond retarded, and unless you can cite this as a fact somehow, you’ll continue to embarrass yourself with this kind of garbage posting.

    Look at the play calling after the Winston interception. I don’t care what they say in the press conferences, it’s clear they lost confidence in Jameis Winston. Their actions will speak louder than their words. The Jameis Winston to Mike Evans connection was good for 3 TDs in a half! Evans was abusing their corners. Why wouldn’t the coaches attack that match up? The only explanation is that they didn’t trust Jameis.

    The coaches coached scared and that’s largely in part because they didn’t trust Jameis.

  68. Jmarkbuc Says:


    I’ve got no problem with running the ball if you make first downs, and score TDs in the red zone….

    Jameis’s lone Int was rendered moot, when the defense got the ball right back. BUT it was a really bad throw, and watching JW makes everybody nervous..he’s that box of chocolates….

  69. ChanEpic Says:

    Jmarkbuc, I understand that he has had issues in the past sure, not discounting that, but when people post speculative as if they have some inside info, I’ll challenge them to show their math. People can be nervous about Jameis, that may not have been the motivation for kicking it, and a lot of the Jameis haters are armchair rednecks looking for any reason to hate, ALL OF THOSE THINGS CAN BE TRUE. And when the same posters, continue crap posting intimating they know what is in the mind of a NFL coach, I’ll call it what it is, crap posting.

  70. Jmarkbuc Says:


    There is PLENTY of blame to go around for yesterday..O, D and ST.

    The loss was not on Jameis. That being said, it sure looks like they shut down JW for fear of something bad happening.

    On the other hand the Giants rookie QB looked poised, and he’d been doing this for years. Jameis still looks like he’s always figuring it out on the fly.

    A long, expensive extension for JW would be a huge mistake.

  71. lowercaseg Says:

    Please sell the team!

  72. NO FEAR... Says:


  73. ChanEpic Says:

    Jmark – looks like does not equal IT HAPPENED THIS WAY. I have seen the same crap posters posting crap no matter the outcome. It’s always JW’s fault no matter what. Kicker misses 3 EASY AF kicks, JW’s fault. Opposing QB scrambles for a TD in the last quarter to put the team up, JW’s fault. Defense gives up the lead in the 4th quarter and that’s also JW’s fault. It’s the same crap not matter what and that is the very definition of crap posting.

  74. T REX Says:

    DB55 = D bag55

    Watch him meltdown in each thread is hilarious. Go back to New york ya PUNK.


  75. T REX Says:

    ChanEpic Says:
    September 23rd, 2019 at 9:01 am
    Pittsshore Says:
    The sad thing about the loss is that they ran the ball at the end of the game because they were worried about JW turning it over.

    And you know this for a fact? This is the kind of stupidity people are talking about. You’re using some sort of redneck clairvoyance to bash JW. It’s beyond retarded, and unless you can cite this as a fact somehow, you’ll continue to embarrass yourself with this kind of garbage posting.

    It is obvious to anyone with a brain that Leftwich had no confidence in Winston after the pick. Winston didn’t lose the game for us but he’s part of a larger problem that is the culture of losing here. WInston won’t be here next year.

  76. ChanEpic Says:

    T-Rex, show your math then big mouth. You ARE SPECULATING because that’s all you can do, But please show me your inside info, where you and Bruce A, and Byron got together and discussed this, I’ll wait.. Actually I won’t.

    But if you can muster the mental ability answer this. Will JW start the next game, yes or no? If he does, how do you square that with the stance that they have no faith in him? Why not bench him now? Why not? Because you don’t know phvck all about what is happening in that locker room and until you do and can verify that you do, I’ll call it what it is. Speculative AT BEST.

  77. Jmarkbuc Says:

    They won’t bench him, because they have nothing else….

    And it would be an admission that BA “the QB whisperer” is either full of $hit, or that JW can’t be fixed.

    Maybe the should give Griffin a shot…Kyle Allen looked damn good replacing Supercam…and Minshew been doing all right. Sometimes a QB just isn’t a superstar, no matter how much you say he is.

  78. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ve seen and heard this my whole life. That is yankees coming down here telling us how backward we are and how to do things right. If it is so great up there then why did you come here?

  79. Pittsshore Says:

    Chanepic. The truth does hurt your tender feelings. He has one ridiculous pick and should of had two more that were dropped. He is inconsistent at best. The coaching staff does not trust him. Example: 12 seconds left at the 9 yard line. One timeout in hand….99.9 % of the leagues head coaches would have called a time out and then try to make a quick throw to the end zone for a TD. Arians did not want to do this because he knows Apples McGoo has a significant chance of turning the ball over.

  80. diggler Says:

    NFL is rigged. They only got a super bowl because the Glaziers fleeced the Tampa bay community. We’ll get good again when we need a new stadium.

  81. ChanEpic Says:

    Pittshore – My feelings are fine buddy, sounds to me you’re triggered because your BS posts are being called out for what they are BS. I do not/did not find fault in general JW questioning. It’s well established as valid, but yesterday WAS NOT JAMEIS’ fault and I have challenged the JW haters who are also mind readers to prove their point. Not speculate, PROVE IT because the stance is illogical and stupid based on the facts. But again let’s take your situation and analyze. The coach has no faith in his QB but allowed him to run a 2 min offense full of downfield passes, one of which put you in position to win with a FG. So his faith ran out right at that moment? Of course it is possible, I just challenge you and the other JW hating snowflakes to show your math. You can’t I called you out, and now you’re triggered. It’s ok, it’ll all be ok little snowflake and to prove my point, JW will be starting again next week which is the ultimate in having FAITH.

  82. Aubpierce Says:

    They lost because they could not score touchdowns in the red zone. They lost because they have a pathetic secondary. They lost because the coach out guessed himself on the kick. They lost because of over confidence in the second half. They lost because of Jason. They lost because they didn’t sign Money Matt Bryant to kick extra points and short field goals.

  83. Bucamania Says:

    Bucs had to work HARD to lose this game, and they did. They actually had a pass rush, ran the ball effectively, got two turnovers, and scored on every first half possession. STILL LOST. This secondary and kicker situation will seemingly never get better. Gay choked like the secondary did.

  84. GhostofSchiano Says:


    Wait until the LA game, or the Seattle game, the bar has been set.

  85. orlbucfan Says:

    Inbreds can sell the team but it cannot be moved for at least a couple more years. This was the deal Malcolm Glazer signed with the TB Sports Authority to get the old Tampa Stadium torn down and replaced across the parking lot by RJS. Stupid, I know, go figure. Problem is ownership pure and simple. Rich inbreds who inherit. Not getting into a political rap, but no matter. I’ve been a fan for 40 years and weathered plenty of stupid football BS. Guess I will simply have to weather some more.

  86. Buc1987 Says:

    Sell the team to anyone not named Glazer!

  87. unbelievable Says:

    Team Glazer doesn’t care. The Glazer children are the most apathetic owners in the NFL. They have no fight, no balls, no gusto. Nothing!

    Bucs fans should start boycotting the games until they earn our respect back. I for one am glad I haven’t spent a single dollar supporting this franchise since the 2016 season.

    They don’t deserve my hard earned money.

  88. unbelievable Says:

    Oh I see pittshore is still leading the moron brigade and blaming Jameis.

    LOL. Imagine having that low of a football IQ

  89. Denjoe Says:

    John Lynch’s team is 3-0 and on the rise. Jason Licht has the ship full of holes predictably sinking and has had a lot more time to do it. Glazers have no clue. We have to questions the scouting too, how many #2 picks and we don’t have a decent CB. smfh

  90. Drunken Buc Says:

    Thank you LagoBuc for your heartfelt comments and thank you Buddy for your insight as well. I too know something about the inner workings of that dysfunctional organization. The owners are unqualified to have anything to do with football decisions but, hey, it’s their toy. We fans suffer the consequences. They hire the wrong people on the football side and the business side. They hire an unqualified guy who has never worked in sports to be CEO – a clown nobody respects but is a world class a$$ kisser and yes man. It’s all a bad joke. The fish rots from the top down.

  91. Greg Says:

    When I saw the title of the story, I thought for sure Joe was going to talk about the one Glazer standing on the field in jeans and black t-shirt with the stretched out neckline, and what was left of his hair pulled back into a little pony tail….nonetheless, was still a good story, thanks Joe!

  92. T REX Says:

    ChanEpic Says:
    September 23rd, 2019 at 10:13 am
    T-Rex, show your math then big mouth. You ARE SPECULATING because that’s all you can do, But please show me your inside info, where you and Bruce A, and Byron got together and discussed this, I’ll wait.. Actually I won’t.

    But if you can muster the mental ability answer this. Will JW start the next game, yes or no? If he does, how do you square that with the stance that they have no faith in him? Why not bench him now? Why not? Because you don’t know phvck all about what is happening in that locker room and until you do and can verify that you do, I’ll call it what it is. Speculative AT BEST.

    Listen, the 6 straight running plays after the pick is my “proof”. You can cry all day about it. I don’t care. I never said they lost confidence in him forever. Wow, you’re a sissy man. WAH! Also, BA is stuck with Winston for the year. They dumped Fitz because they didn’t want JW looking over his shoulder. Cry some more sissy man!

  93. Mayhem41 Says:

    6 straight running plays that went for around 6 yards a pop, I’m sure the success of the running game at that point had zero to do with the play calling.

  94. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:


    LOL at the tool who calls else everyone racist, and then refers to Tampa residents as rednecks.