Declining Attendance

September 19th, 2019

This shot is from early in the second quarter on opening day 2019

Once upon a time in Tampa, games against huge-market teams were guaranteed sellouts.

Sunday is Ronde Barber’s Ring of Honor Day at the Den of Depression against the Giants following a Bucs-franchise-reviving victory on national television. But plenty of good seats are available.

With a Tim McGraw concert included in the price of admission on opening day, the Bucs (with their new and popular head coach) had about 10,000 unsold tickets.

Will the Bucs sell out one game this year?

Keep in mind Team Glazer gave away thousands of free tickets last season after a experiencing a sparse midseason home crowd against the 49ers.

A hefty chunk of blame for the attendance woes goes to Bucs marketing, without question. However, they don’t deserve all of it. Loads of NFL teams are having empty-seat challenges. The images were all over Twitter on opening day.

The Bucs haven’t had a winning season at home since 2010. Throw in no playoffs since 2007, a handful of games blacked out from local television and a polarizing quarterback, and it’s easy to understand why there is a lost generation of Bucs fans.

On Sunday, the inevitable sea of blue will be there supporting the Giants. Joe sure hopes the sweaty and rather tortured Bucs faithful who must endure all those Giants fans walk away with a “W.” There’s nothing worse than losing at your home crib and dealing with a bunch of loud fans of the visitors talking a bunch of crap.

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  1. Lets go Says:

    Been 12 years since the playoffs start

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    This is true and probably a reason that top players don’t come here.

  3. Buc4life24 Says:

    Unfortunately Tampa is a transplant/trending town so winning is the only thing that draws the masses.

    I will be there Sunday after a 5 year absence thanks to being stationed overseas, so I’m hyped to be there and hope the place is rocking for Ronde!!

  4. StonedBuc Says:

    Doesnt help that 75 inch tvs and red zone are a thing now. Ratjerher sit at home and spend 20 on an 18 case then spend 20 on 2 beers.

  5. Snookman Says:

    Crappy product + high price= lack of attendance. It’s too expensive to watch a team beat itself.

  6. SOFIERCE Says:

    As long as the game is televised, the Buccaneers are making profit. The stadium is simply their studio. It doesn’t actually need the “Studio audience” to make the business work. You could have nobody in the stands and the NFL Buccaneer product will still profit.

    Nobody is shedding a tear about this whatsoever.

    It’s empty because we lose often and have not been a factor for a long period of time. Who wants to pay to be part of that experience?

    So we watch on TV.

  7. Tye Says:

    ‘Bucs-franchise-reviving victory’ – sure are putting a lot of value on beating a winless team with a lot of issues with their team but, OK!

    A new and popular Head Coach isn’t enough…
    They need to go on a streak of wins without J putting up any clunkers…
    Or bring in a QB that plays exciting football worth watching and supporting even if they lose the game…

    I believe many are done, tired, over JW and his rollercoaster play.. what? 57 or so games of Good 1 game and then bad for several… Isn’t that why Fitz got replaced by W?… They are so similar that the Bucs went on to lose many games anyway…
    They need a more accurate QB to throw deep to be a threat to the dbs so they back off… Then a running game to keep the defense guessing… That last game was limiting your QB to win with running and defense.. Won’t pan out for the long haul… Higher scoring teams will prevail in those games..
    It’s not all about the QB BuT in a QB driven league, if you want to be winners with full stadium, you need to have a product people are will to spend the money and endure the weather…
    Right now, looks like this team isn’t it!

  8. Says:

    I’ll be there, shouting like a man possessed while the Bucs are on Defense!

    Stack ’em up!

  9. DB55 Says:

    When they gonna sell the team to Jay-Z?

    We can have a Cardi B concert


    And have AOC sing the National Anthem.

  10. Jimmy Says:

    To Montreal we go

  11. MadMax Says:

    Oh, come on now….we all know why dont we? Na, has nothing to do with kneeling….its big screens, lol.

    But great point on the price gouging effect of food and drink prices. Just imagine if this Trump economy wasnt good? maybe 25% seats filled?

  12. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    You don’t love $14 beers?

  13. YoungBucs Says:

    “AOC sing the National Anthem.” Yeah right she would probably die half way through it would be like holy-water on a vampire.

  14. BucsBandit Says:

    Very few people want to pay big money to watch Winston bounce around with happy feet, hold the ball for ages, and then throw wildly inaccurate passes, INTs, or fumble the ball away.

    The Glazers know that signing this Jameis-Turd to a long-term deal will not only hurt the team cap-wise but will also be financially disastrous and no one wants to show up and watch his disappointing play.

  15. D1 Says:


    I would pay to see that. …..

  16. Bucfan33 Says:

    Joe any insight into Jameis foot injury?

  17. catcard202 Says:

    I don’t care how many TV screens, post-game fireworks, free concerts or half-dressed ladies are roaming the side-lines on Sundays…The NFL is an entertainment business & the Bucs haven’t been entertaining (or relevant) since Gruden.

    Season ticket holders should get game-long free booze with their ticket packages, considering the return on investment over the last decade.

  18. BA Redzone Says:

    Per Bucsfan33 post —

    Please share JW3 Foot injury situation…

    Serious, or hampering?

    TY, Joe’s. Inquiring fans, want to know….

  19. Buc727 Says:

    Reading so many racist comments here makes me want to puke! Just disgusting.

  20. BA Redzone Says:

    Crappy schedule for Bucs Fans.


    I think Bucs will land at 10-6. Make playoffs.

    And make SB run… Vs Chiefs in SB

    And Bucs D will totally disrupt Mahome…..dude will still put up 30 on our D.

    JW3 wiil deliver in Big Game….34-30 Final BUCS SB Win. BUCS win SB

  21. Jean Lafitte Says:

    We’re rhino-skinned native Buc fans, and every G-men fan here is a carpetbagger from NY.

  22. westernbuc Says:

    Why would anyone want to sit in the sun for a loser team?

    I know everyone is optimistic about things now, but isn’t it sad that we need two QBs to go down for us to think we have a chance at the division?

    Knowing the Bucs, we’ll go 7-9, pick outside the top ten and miss on a QB as Koetter and the Falcons storm into the playoffs

  23. BucsBandit Says:


    What racist comments???

  24. BucsFan727 Says:

    I will go when they extend Winston to a long term deal.

  25. Slugglife Says:


    That was funny man.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    So far have heard ‘Crappy team, no playoffs’. Have heard ‘Tickets too expensive, concession prices too high’. And oh ya, ‘Too sunny, it’s easier & cheaper to watch on TV’.

    Lots of valid reasons, especially the expense (and discomfort) of attending a game in person in the broiling FL sun versus watching it on TV. Had season tickets for years & years, but finally gave them up about 3 or 4 years ago. Suffered through a LOT of losing with the Bucs, but that’s not why my wife & I gave up & just started watching on TV. There were actually a couple of reasons, and ‘Bucs marketing’ didn’t have a counter.

    First, we stopped identifying with the players. Through many years, had ‘identifed’ with Brooks, Lynch & yes Sapp plus many other Bucs. Loved Mike Alstott, Simeon Rice & Joe Jurevicious among others. But once ‘the purge’ happened (bye bye Chucky), Bucs marketing promoted McCoy & later Winston as the two ‘faces of the franchise’. Neither excited me much. LVD never got that same recognition, and the rest became a revolving door … new FAs every year. The Bucs did a lousy job of ‘developing their own’ and very few got 2nd contracts. The few who did really didn’t do much for me either. IOW, the ‘product’ was not only losing, but it was BLAH.

    Second, the whole game-time experience changed. Money (because of TV?) now ruled supreme. The play just slowed down (a BUNCH it seemed), and periodically stopped, as TV commercials were aired not just at home but also on the scoreboards in the stadium. Just how many times can one watch Diet Coke beat Dr Pepper in a pirate ship race? Marching bands at halftime became a thing of the past as marketing marched out the cheapest ‘entertainment’ they could find. Replays won out & slowed the game to a crawl. No more ‘Who let the dogs out?’ BORING BORING BORING. The whole game experience became just that … BORING.

    So now I get to watch the Bucs on a nice big-screen TV from many different camera angles, for pretty close to free, in air-conditioned comfort & in a nice leather recliner. And if the game gets really boring, I can just tune it out & go do something else if I want to. It was fun being the Glazers’ captive audience … until it wasn’t. Musical coaches & players took their toll. The game-time experience has been badly dampened IMO in favor of the almighty dollar. Other professional sports seem to be suffering a similar fate. Karma’s a bitch.

  27. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Defense Rules….EXACTLY!
    I had tix since ’76 until about 5 years ago for all the same reasons you stated above…The management of the team has been my biggest beef.

    Malcolm knew how to run an orginization, the three glazer stooges do not…and they have proved it time and time again.

    Hey, I get it…we beat the stinking panthers…there is a lot of excitment for a fan based that has been starved for wins that all of sudden, we are going tot he super bowl? I believe the panthers beat the panthers and yes, there was some improvement…I don;’t believe that Jason Gump or Larry, Moe or Curly Glazer have the ability have the ability to overcome the many years of poor management to allow BA to fix this mess…

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Terrible product to drop a couple (on the low side) of bills on. Would rather go to Mons. Same result: FRUSTRATED!!!!

  29. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    This ain’t rocket science – with the heat and humidity we’ve had, why would anybody go through that expense and hassle?!? I’ll stick with my comfortable recliner in my nice air-conditioned home, thank you very much. If the Bucs make the PLAYOFFS, I’ll see about getting some tickets (postseason games – swamp arse = let’s do it!)

  30. simsini Says:

    The home game at Tottenham has sold out, although not sure if that counts!

  31. Sumosam Says:

    I’ve been a season-ticket holder since 1997. We have to pay for 10 games. The first two games mean nothing because they are preseason. The next two games in the schedule are so hot that it’s hard to enjoy. By the time we’ve played four games in the season, the team is out of it. That’s why nobody’s going. Once the team starts to win again and people can see Improvement, people will go again. There’s a big following for the Buccaneers in this town but you got to give the fans something. I’m optimistic this time I think we have something and I do believe the fans will come back.

  32. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    3rd time I’ve traveled 1200 miles to lose in the last 4years. I get it, I really do… It’s painfully HOT, EXPENSIVE, EMBARRASSING, DEPRESSING, AND ALL OF THE REGULARS ARE BEATEN DOWN, literally… I GET TOLD TO SIT DOWN TRYING TO MAKE SOME NOISE, JUST TO JOIN THEM WHEN WE’RE ON DEFENSE, butt in the seats!!! It’s EMBARRASSING. ZERO home field advantage anymore. This Sunday will feel like a GIANTS home game, unless we dominate. It was absolutely brutal on opening day. I hope they turn this around, breaks my heart to see what I saw that day.

  33. BucEmUp Says:

    Nfl and owners are raking in the cash from our riduculous cable and internet bills we pay as consumers which helps these diva crybaby entitled players holdout for millions upon millions of undeserved dollars soooooo……it had better be a damn good game that I feel we wont get bulldozed in for out hundreds of dollars for two.nose bleed tickets, parking and concessions to come sit in a blistering hot stadium that the owneres could easily put some type of shade canopy structure over but choose not too..

  34. Bobby M. Says:

    Its the owners….plain and simple. The Glazer family had a solid product and diluted it down with the 5th cheapest payroll in sports when Gruden left. They’ve taken Manchester United and run it in the ground. They dont deserve fans in the stands until they produce a consistent winning product.

    My buddy and i were considering getting club season tickets. When we started asking our pals if they would want to attend some games, the overwhelming answer was NO. These are guys that have been Buc fans since we were in college (Dungy era) yet nobody wants to waste their time with the Bucs. Its a slap in the face to the consumer to think we will pay $100s of dollars on a crap product. Sure enough, game 1 saw us lose with two pick 6’s from Winston. Its year 5 of that broken record…..Tampa has waaaay better things to offer then the Bucs.

  35. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Defense Rules…..very well stated!! The endless stadium commercials rankle. And fans (not) identifying with players (and many of you have to admit, when you see a fan wearing No. 3, you think “what an idiot”…it’s true, like it or not). But I’ve stated repeatedly, and sincerely believe this…….this team…this climate MUST have a domed stadium. Can it…will it happen? Probably not. But look at New Orleans. Their early football weather sucks as bad as Tampa’s. But it doesn’t matter.

  36. buc up Says:

    I gave up my tickets this year after having them for 41 years. Always loved the survey I received from the Bucs after each game. They asked for the quality of the game day experience ‘ignoring the play on the field’. Well I went to games to see ‘play on the field’. To begin ., the terrible half time shows, expensive snacks, lack of replays shown are just a start. Endless commercials blasting over the sound system The heat is terrible but can be tolerated when you are watching an entertaining team play. I am one of the few ‘stupid’ people that still smokes and the Bucs could not fence off an area outside the stadium for a smoking area. My seats were on the 35 yard line ten rows up. Our view was frequently blocked by tv cameras. One would think with today’s technology tv networks could find a better way use cameras.

  37. Knoxville buc Says:

    If your favorite restaurant you frequented over the years declined so much so you’d say it now sucks you’d probably eventually quit going there. You was loyal even after changing managers and they still sucked. Menu prices even increased and your favorite restaurant continued to get worse. Quality of food, changed chefs, favorite waitress is no longer there. Until you hear or read the reviews that they’ve turned it around your gonna stay away, call Uber eats and watch the Bucs suck on tv

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Was a season ticked holder in ’76…….had to leave do to job a few years later….have come down every year since from NC….
    I always buy my tickets from someone at the game (not from those who have “Need Tickets” signs….because they want to make a profit.
    I have always gotten good seats usually below face value…so there is a bonus for out of town visitors to Ray Jay……(seats available cheap)

    I will tell you this…..many in town take for granted the exhilarating experience of walking through the tail-gaiters and just being a part of being a Tampabaybucsfan.

  39. Slugglife Says:

    Y’all hit the nail on the head.

    What you left out is the expensive crappy food and the warm a$$ beer they charge $9 for. Who the F wants to pay that much for a crappy product- and thats not even memtioning the on field play.

    I’m a positive fan and want to believe we will be successful, but im not dropping 8 hours and $200 to go to RayJay anymore. Big screen and refrigerator for cold beer in my garage will be just fine.

  40. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    I had season tix for 12 years from 98 to 09. 30 yard line, 20 rows up, East side (yuck). As we age, the heat is less tolerable. And make NO mistake, attendance relies on older fans, as the younger fans are much more tech, and more likely to even watch on a phone (and I don’t get that at all). Had free tix offered for this Sunday. “No thanks”…….

  41. Moose Says:

    It’s so damn hot outside…….

  42. View from 132 Says:

    I did my 13 seasons and over 100 games attended. Probably $25k in total live football expense. I’m the fan they lost, live…

    – GamePass… can watch the entire game on replay in 2 hours, no ads, no replay discussions
    – The flow of the game is broken… ads, replays, challenges… it can still work on TV, but live it’s a drag
    – Expensive… parking + tickets + food + beer… it’s an investment
    – No hitting. The safety rules have removed some of the Gladiator element. You aren’t going to see John Lynch knock someone out now. Live, hitting ramps up the intensity.
    – Loud giant replays are cool. Same screens for ads at every break in the action? No thanks.

  43. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    I remember the days of old Houlihan Stadium, tailgating and getting in for free waiting or just showing up in the 2nd qtr or halftime, was usually easy to sneak in at that time. But i got to see my team and we were still pretty bad. When Tony came to town I remember the excitement in this town the next year for him being head coach and going to many games with my friends and family especially when they changed the uniforms, a lot of us felt like we weren’t soft any more with a respectable defense, team, and Jersery. Every year felt like we were going to do something special or be proud of, unfortunately for me after 9/11 I moved to Oklahoma to be with my brother who was an AWAKS pilot at the time, he wasn’t home alot but i got to watch my team at the local sports bar that had all the games, and eventually watch them go to the superbowl and win (when my brother was finally home). I wanted so bad to be with my friends and welcome the Bucs home or party at the stadium that night like so many did. When i came back a year or so later in 2003/ 2004, I followed this team as i usually did and went to as many games i could, then after Chucky got canned and we had already gotten rid of many Bucs icons the coaching carousel started. It was mostly ugly and things went down hill. It’s been 12 years since a playoff game, now me and my friends we pick one game a year to go to in the cooler months and a later in the day game. It only takes spending a few hundred of hard earned cash, watching your team crap themselves, sweat it out with way to expensive beers, dealing with more belligerent opposing fans than home team fans, and walk away like you just paid someone to kick you in the nuts repeatedly to figure out it’s not worth it like it used to be. I still Love this team but I am in now way invested like i used to. I love not dealing with crowds or parking, having a comfortable chair, Great view, cheap cold beer and still being able to take a leak within a few steps. We just want a respectable product and they haven’t delivered nearly as we would like and have expected and the fix is simple, JUST WIN and be consistent doing it. That’s all it takes to get over BFS (Battered Fan Syndrme).

  44. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Four o clock starts in the dog days of September ,just one of many idiotic quirks
    from the less than wonderful NFL schedulers. Was at one of those games where
    Steve Deberg dismantled the Atlanta defense with the play action passes. A quick thunder boomer was also a much needed relief from the intense heat. Not sure
    how the Jameis makeover will go, but I would like to see the return of the play action pass to Tampa Bay.

  45. The Coroner Says:

    My tickets go back over 40 years.
    My psychiatrist asked me why I had them.

  46. orlbucfan Says:

    Attended home games for over 35 years starting in 1979 at Tampa Stadium. The Glazer boys want to fill seats? Cut ticket and vendor/food prices. Doubt they’re smart enough to do it. People tailgate partially cos they can eat and drink their fill cheaply before the game starts. Couple in the weather. September weather here is fiercely hot and humid. I call those games the hell bowls cos of it, and I’ve been there. A winning team helps, too. But, if folks can follow from the comfort of home, they will do so.

  47. DBS Says:

    I spend my money to see the Lightning . No way would I for the product this franchise puts out. I couldn’t care any less about tailgating in the heat.

  48. Barbosa Says:

    I had season tickets throughout the dungy and gruden era. I do nt blame Bucs marketing, I blame Bucs ownership. You cant shine a turd and let’s not forget ownership bought Manchester United and went real cheap on the Bucs for a few years. Also, the England “home” games are a slap in the face to season ticket holders. Throw in the years of home blackouts and the message is clear. I also put my money towards the Lightning, they know how to treat their fans. Sell the team Glazers, you guys suck.

  49. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Yes the 32 owners each get +200 mill each year from the TV contract however the Glasers have costs and bills that have been paid by the games seats,food, merchandise. If they lose money from the revenue of the games, it comes out of their overall profits. they dont like that at all

    at least the marketing dept was right in one thing. They intentional held the 5 year Gump extension because the fans will be pissed

    the tampa sports fans are much smarter than the sheep who posts here at JBF. They know nothing will change with this existing FO”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  50. Rayjay1122 Says:

    If they want more people to attend, put a more exciting team on the field. Even when we win, it is often not overly entertaining football. Also, maybe do away with assigned seats per ticket. Make 3 price tiers consisting of level 1 flat price, club level flat price and upper level flat price. This would Make it easier for people to find seats in larger groups and it would get the areas closer to the action more crowded since it would be first come first serve self seating like at a movie. The fuller Stadium appearance would happen as a result and probably more tickets wouls be sold.

    Most people prefer the comfort of home or a sports bar to watch games but my idea above could work to increase attendance and to give the appearance on TV of having a more crowded game.

  51. Greg Says:

    Obviously wins will help but this is what happens when the guy you built your whole franchise around is struggling on the field and questionable character off the field. Not everybody wants to buy in and see James. There’s a lot of women in Tampa that aren’t going to these games

  52. Rob Tanner Says:

    Cost of tickets, win loss chances, watching in my underwear and a Bucs t-shirt, not allowed to smoke anywhere and the heat. There are also a lot of other valid reasons listed in the comments of this article.

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    I gave up my seats a couple years ago and bought a Lightning Tickets. Good team and AC. The Sucks at the time were forcing me to renew before free agency and the draft. They were raising prices with crappy mgmnt and coaching. So I told them to stick it. The value just isn’t there anymore, especially with what they charge for single tickets now. F that.

  54. BuccoBrucey Says:

    This sport is just too good on TV. and it’s just too damn hot at Ray Jay.

  55. AMI_Chris Says:

    We all have our reasons why we don’t go to games. There are many, but “winning team” and “good fan experience” have to be chief among them. The Dungy and early-Gruden Bucs were able to overcome a brutally hot stadium, having to get up 27 times to let people past your seats, and schlepping from a parking spot at Jesuit to your tiny plastic seat. This team can’t.

  56. BigMacAttack Says:

    I also hate when someone gives me an ultimatum. They switched reps and gave me some punk kid who had no business dealing with fed up long time customers. Their phone number is still blocked on my phone to this day. TV is good for me.

  57. Bucnjim Says:

    Season ticket holder from ’95 in the old Sombrero end zone up until 2009 in section 312. Having Kids was a huge part of deciding not to renew. The stadium policy of stay in your seats has turned Raymond James into a old folks home and I’m old. Fans that actually still go use it as a social event. They are more concerned about what their friends ate while tailgating than the game itself.

  58. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    The elephant in the room is still the need for a domed stadium. A new air conditioned facility will ABSOLUTELY transform the franchise, the fan experience and the entire aura. Ray Jay is old by NFL standards. And if we want to get more Super Bowls and college football championships, it is a must.

  59. Todd Says:

    Defense Rules—

    “So now I get to watch the Bucs on a nice big-screen TV from many different camera angles, for pretty close to free, in air-conditioned comfort & in a nice leather recliner.”

    🎤 DROP!

  60. stpetebucsfan Says:

    What a thread! Joe you should make sure the brass at OBP read this thread. Then they can thank you for the free survey of fan opinion.

    D.R. As usual well stated, nothing I can add.

    Knoxville…great metaphor

  61. rhenry Says:

    You nailed it Morg, the sun is not your friend. Its too damn hot at Ray Jay and the sun is deadly. I go to the Atlanta game every year so I can enjoy air conditioning, protection from the sun, reasonably priced food and drink while watching my beloved Bucs.

  62. Rayjay1122 Says:

    True comments about the heat. I don’t go to games until the 2nd half of the season due to the brutal sun. My first game will be in a couple weeks in New Orleans. Very excited since Brees is out we have a much better shot at eating a W.

  63. doctor_berto Says:

    Its tough spending $100 on a ticket to sit in 100 degree weather to watch the team lose. Not to mention the beers and food are outrageously priced. Start winning and the fans will come, especially after summer. Wish they added some sort of shade to the stadium when they “upgraded” it.

  64. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    “There’s nothing worse than losing at your home crib and dealing with a bunch of loud fans of the visitors talking a bunch of crap.”

    It’s a revolving door in our section 337. People who move here…take advantage of everything great about this area…..and do nothing but complain how it isn’t as good as where they came from. They will drop a ton of money on seeing”their old team” once every three years but won’t spend another dime to support local teams…schools.. police… fire… road improvements.. you name it. They are the “I crap where I eat crowd because I paid my taxes up north”. Not all. but I’d estimate about 80%

  65. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I also get annoyed by northerners who move here and enjoy the perks but don’t contribute as a current resident. My mother in law moved to Florida like 20 years ago from Connecticut. Anything that happens to her negative is Florida’s fault and Connecticut is so much better. I finally got tired over the years of hearing that and told her if Connecticut is so perfect, then move your ass back up there.

    True story!

  66. 813bucboi Says:

    for me, its become too damn hot!!!!….lol…

    i like to go to games in nov…dec…but watching it in the comfort of your own home is great….plus sometimes, i gotta watch the kids…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  67. BucDan Says:

    DB55 Says:
    September 19th, 2019 at 12:37 am
    When they gonna sell the team to Jay-Z?

    We can have a Cardi B concert


    And have AOC sing the National Anthem.


    Pay to see Ocasio-Cortez die? Seriously?


    Sometimes it is hard to be a fan lumped in with knuckleheads like above.

    It’s funny to me how The Most Republican Fans in the League can spout off such comments while wearing the jerseys of players that support a majority of the topics that were listed above. Stick to the Yahoo comment sections.

    I’ll be there as a season ticket holder, supporting the team. Hopefully an Old White Man Bucs fan (HA!) won’t try and yell at me to sit down and shut up, while I root for the defense on 3rd-and-short in the fourth quarter. You know, “Stand up and get loud!” as the big screens filled with a majority of non-white players asks of me.

  68. D-Rome Says:

    On Sunday, the inevitable sea of blue will be there supporting the Giants. Joe sure hopes the sweaty and rather tortured Bucs faithful who must endure all those Giants fans walk away with a “W.” There’s nothing worse than losing at your home crib and dealing with a bunch of loud fans of the visitors talking a bunch of crap.

    Last weekend I was in Washington D.C. and I decided to watch the Redskins game as I have never watched an NFL game in someone else’s crib. Bucs fans should be really fortunate for all that the Glazers do because the fan experience and the stadium as a whole sucked. It was a terrible experience! I feel for the Redskins fans because all that the organization is selling that fan base is tradition. On top of that, I never thought a classic franchise like the Washington Redskins would have a problem with other teams’ fans showing up. That was a home game for the Cowboys! I couldn’t believe the sea of blue and silver in the lower bowl! The sad thing is that, unlike in Tampa, 99% of those fans have probably never stepped foot in Texas.

    I’m sure there are Giants fans reading these comments so I’ll say this: If you root for the Bucs on any Sunday except when they play the Giants, then you are neither a fan of the Bucs or the Giants. You’re a fake fan.

  69. Detwings48 Says:

    My concern is, with the NFL putting an emphasis on games in London, the Glazer’s owning Manchester United, plus the number of empty seats, is that the Bucs are looking like a team that could eventually be on the move to another market. I hope I’m totally wrong in thinking this but, you have to admit, it kind of adds up. I wouldn’t put it past them as they are clearly looking to make money first, with a quality product being second for both teams. I don’t live in Tampa as I’m a fan in Ontario Canada but I think I’d have a hard time getting behind a Buccaneers team overseas.

  70. Delawest Says:

    I got it !! Taliban Trump & Moscow Mitch should buy
    the team, then you can get all the Florida Hoecakes out for
    the ballgame. replace the ship with a nice tank. Sale
    some Magalaid in the parking lot(careful !!it’s Jim Jones tasty)

    What a bunch of Mooks.

  71. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    49ers had more fans cheering than Tampa did.

    As I’ve pointed out before, Tampa is made up of mostly bandwagon fans. If the wins come, so will the ticket sales.

  72. Buccfan37 Says:

    Attendance is down across the league. It’s just not worth the asking price. The Patriots constant winning is a drag also diminishing interest. When the Steelers parted with Brown they excluded their division opponents from signing him including the Patriots. So he goes to the Raiders never intending to play there and the Patriots get him. Shifty maneuvering. In last week’s Miami game Brown pushed off at the goal line for a TD which was ignored by officials. Brown is known for that practice. Preferential treatment.

  73. LargoBuc Says:

    It’s not surprising. No sport translates to the television as well as football. Going to the game is a fun experience. But some things make it a chore. Dealing with terrible traffic. The cost of everything from parking, food tickets and merchandise. The weather. Really hot in September especially in Florida. Plus if you’re say a Bills fan would you want to go sit in 5 degree weather to watch a losing team with no chance at the playoffs late in the season? Again it’s a great experience but dealing with everything I listed 8 times in four months is asking alot.
    Plus when you got a team like the Bucs who even after a win are an afterthought, anyone that’s not a diehard is going to invest their time on what is for many their only day off.
    It’s just way more conveinent to wake up at noon, handle your morning business and plop down on the couch snack in hand and watch any game you want with the click of a button. Again football just translates so well to thd television.
    Now you’re always going to have your Browns, Packers, Steelers, Bears, Eagles that come out through thick and thin. But most markets just don’t have that many die hards in comparison.
    The NFL will need to intervene to get more casual fans into their billion dollar stadiums. But with the TV money now a days I don’t think they have the motivation to do so.

  74. BucsBandit Says:


    LOL. It’s not ‘racist’ if someone says they’ll stop watching the team if Winston gets a long-term contract. It just means they’re tired of investing their time/money into the suckage that is Winston’s inconsistent, turnover play. Clearly there are MANY black players on the team that are liked and followed and a joy to watch. So not wanting to watch the team until Winston is gone has nothing to do with his skin color, it has to do with his CRAPPY performance and knowing he’s not going to lead the team to success.

  75. Old School Athlete Says:

    I think HDTV and Red Zone have more to do with it than anything. Yes, we have been putting a poor product on the field for a long time, but attendance is down everywhere.
    You even see it at college games. I was surprised to see a ton of empty seats at a FSU home game a couple weeks ago. Baseball and NASCAR are also way down. Of course, BSPN just singles out Rays fans and the Trop.

  76. SOEbuc Says:

    GLAZER BABIES ARE SO STUPID IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. They need shade (on the east coast of the stadium at least.


    Dolphins Hard Rock stadium has shades and fans on both sides all the way to the top. You could raise ticket prices a bit till we ever get good and guarantee more fans (myself included).

  77. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    The sun! We need shade !!!

  78. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    I’m sick of the board telling me to “get loud” on third down and the opposing team converting then being shouted down in our own stadium. The board should state “MAKE A PLAY!”

  79. Ben real Says:

    Don’t matter to me … I love football in general but I happen to have fell in love with the Bucs so if this franchise was to cease to exists I could always make my traveling to other stadiums for some football … win win for me … sucks for the fake fans in Tampa who only follow football because of this team … you have to love football first … greatest sport in america

  80. Mike Johnson Says:

    Why..attend games when the teams history says they suck? Tickets to one game is a whole months entertainment for one family..even one individual. And if you are gonna do nosebleed then..stay at home and watch the games on a 65 incher like me. No traffic and no dui’s!. Yes I’d pay to see a team that is a Winner. So..start putting a consistently winning team on the field and fans will flock to the stadium. Continue to lose and fans will stay home and take their pain medications getting snockered like me while watching us lose. Next case on the docket your honor.

  81. Greg Says:

    anyone calling somebody racist should be banned from this site! Just because somebody doesn’t like a player doesn’t automatically mean they’re racist. But that’s what trolls do. There’s a lot of players I absolutely think are high class individuals. I just think the fanbase is a little polarized by a qb who hasnt won a lot and has written not one but TWO checks to women for his conduct. Those are facts people not racism! As far as this article goes. I completely agree about the heat as the number one reason a lot of people don’t go to the games. A lot of these southern teams have problems with attendance.

  82. Greg Says:

    The sports writers for years have talked about how tough the northern fans are for being in a crowded stadium at freezing temperatures. Hell I would love that for a change. Bundle up and layer. There’s nothing you can wear to avoid the Florida heat.

  83. BucsBandit Says:

    It also doesn’t help that the east side of RayJay gets that direct sun right in their face so there’s pretty much no shade on that side. I agree that Tampa needs a dome like Atlanta.

  84. Jeff Walker Says:

    Gave up season tix after 12 years. Just too damn hot! Always wound up watching on screens in the Club area to escape the heat. Might as well do that at home.

  85. Ben real Says:

    Oh it’s too hot … my pv$$i hurts … oh it’s too far to drive … y’all bih and complain about everything … which is why I’m glad the rays are half way out of town … fans in Tampa are babies … just admit you can’t go because you can’t afford it … but blame the elements ??? Man please … do you see fans in Green Bay bih about the cold weather?? Or fans in Chicago?? Or fans in New York??? Seattle??? No because they love their teams win lose or draw and they actually get out of the house and do spit

  86. Rod Munch Says:

    A lot of teams, with recent winning records, are having issues with attendance. It’s all about the cost. I’m not paying $350 for a club seat to watch a 3 hour game – and those are the cheap club seats. Additionally I’m certainly not sitting with the white trash peasants in the non-club section. The tickets are just too expensive for the limited amount of entertainment when you can sit at home and watch NFL Redzone and the $350 on a ticket to buy another 55″ 4K HDR TV. Additionally even if you are a white trash peasant that sits up top, if you go and take a wife/gf and a couple of kids, you’re paying $500 to sit in the cheap seats. For $500 just buy a 65″ 4K HDR TV and watch the game at home.

  87. Rob Tanner Says:

    The comment section really needs “like” buttons for commenters.

  88. lowercaseg Says:

    Bad ownership, pretty much it.

  89. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Ben Real….name one NFL city in the southern heat, without a domed stadium that has great home attendance. Hint…there isn’t one. Call all the names you want….it reflects poorly on you.

  90. Wesley Says:

    It’s simply too expensive.

  91. SchlomieBarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Attendance doesn’t matter anymore. It’s used as a ploy to acquire taxpayer money for stadiums. The owners want you to think they care but they don’t. They do quite well. If Hillsborough would have coughed up 90% for the Rays new stadium, do you think they Rays would complain about attendance? Of course not. They would take the new stadium in a second. More fun to watch at home, on my deck, drink quality brew, smoke cigar, watch my dog’s run around. I used to travel all over for pro events. Visit new stadiums. I’ve been to 4 Super Bowls. I wouldn’t go to a game now if I sat in the club and everything was paid for. Too much hassle.

  92. SchlomieBarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    “The elephant in the room is still the need for a domed stadium. A new air conditioned facility will ABSOLUTELY transform the franchise, the fan experience and the entire aura. Ray Jay is old by NFL standards. And if we want to get more Super Bowls and college football championships, it is a must.”…..LOL! No way that’s happening sugar britches…No way.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    sweaty keesters in the heat sticking to your legs is always an issue that can’t be avoided by guzzling a 10 dollar beer

  94. Tim Says:

    The Glazers did this to themselves, I was a 13 yr season ticket holder and my seat tripled in price the year they drafted JW. I let my seats go and still talk to the people who sat next to me and they say my seats are still open.

    Its okay, the Lightning get my money now.

  95. D1 Says:


    Have you been to the new hard rock, Dolphins, stadium?

    The east side cancer seats are miserable. I think it’s a reasonably smart solution to provide shade much in the same fashion as the Hard Rock has done. Not a new idea as the Roman’s used shades 2000 years ago.

  96. Mayhem41 Says:

    Joe, you started by saying “once upon a time in Tampa, games against huge market teams were guaranteed sell outs”. This is not completely correct. Once upon a time in Tampa, every game was sold out, regardless of opponent. First 7 years of the Ray-Jay you couldn’t find opposing fans.

  97. Steve bucs fan Says:

    Has to also do with the design of the stadium I’ve sat in several sections all around the stadium. The upper deck, when i have had seats up there, are terrifying. Yes i am afraid of heights, but it is very possible that some seats won’t fill up that high because of the stadium. The bucs will have an awesome season this year, but after several years of success attendance will improve no matter what.

  98. Allbuccedup Says:

    Put a good product on the field attendance will go up keep losing attendance will keep going down. This will be the make or break year for the bucs.