The Speed Upgrade, The 10-1 Gap & Final Days?

August 10th, 2019

Rough night

Joe’s noted a handful of stuff out of last night’s preseason opener, and there is plenty more to over/under react to.

Joe really enjoyed watching new linebacker Deone Bucannon play, aka “The Moneybacker.” His speed and physicality was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Rookie savior linebacker Devin White noted to Joe this summer how freely Bucannon plays and it showed against the Steelers.

Joe likes the attitude, even though it’s just an early-August exhibition. It got Joe thinking about White, Bucannon and a healthy Lavonte David transforming how Bucs fans think of their linebacker unit. Hopefully, David gets healthy.

Speaking of attitude, Jordan Whitehead came out swinging early with an early play on special teams and a run stuff on the Steelers’ first play from scrimmage. He’s not talked about much, but the Bucs need him to make that second-year leap that most good players do.

Evan Smith might have been the worst offensive lineman on the field last night. Dude was blown up big-time, and the late-first-half false start by the veteran was inexcusable. Joe suspects the Bucs will cut the 33-year-old and take back the $2 million in salary cap cash he’s eating up. They can probably do better on the waiver wire in a few weeks.

Lastly, No. 5 overall pick White was just fine last night. Joe has no problem with the guy. Had had one tackle, looked fine in coverage and had an impact blitz that Joe detailed last night. But what a contrast it was to see Steelers No. 10 overall Devin Bush racking up 10 first-half tackles. The guy was fantastic.

White and Bush were linked through the draft and, in March, Bruce Arians went out of his way to say how much he liked Bush. It’ll be interesting to see how their rookie seasons stack up.

43 Responses to “The Speed Upgrade, The 10-1 Gap & Final Days?”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Bush will have a better year because he plays for a better team.

  2. NOSBOS Says:

    Noah was a Demon,no worries he’ll finish some of those during the season. It’s not like QB are paid to stand still. Mazzi’s late game FF was a thing of beauty. Scotty better heal quick, Schnell on his @$$. And my O line Salute, great first showing.

  3. casual observer Says:

    The biggest disappointment for me was the frequent confusion in the defensive backfield. I thought they would be more organized. Hope they can get their act together for the next game.

  4. Leighroy Says:

    Maybe not apples to oranges, but it’s at least Fuji vs gala. Bush has an advantage of stepping in to an established defense that was tailor-made for Ryan Shazier, who’s spot he’s now filled. White is leading a defense starting fresh.

    Plus, most of Bush’s reps were against our 2nd team and he didn’t stop our 1st drive. So I wouldn’t read too much into it yet!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We have a couple of UDFAs that stood out in Hudson & Schnell…..

    Bush had many more opportunities than White because the Bucs dominated the clock early…..but, yes….>Bush played very well.

    Not worried at all about Devin White……

    Keep in mind the Steelers gave up their 2nd round pick this year and 3rd round next year to move up 10 spots to get Devin Bush… he cost them 3 picks.

  6. BetterBucFan Says:

    Bush got his ass beat by our 1st team offense. Put our backups in and all of a sudden he’s flying around making plays.

  7. BetterBucFan Says:

    Also, on that one final Rojo run for negative yards you notice Evan Smith, who was pulling, trip and fall? Missed his block.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    do you really want the mentally weak lvd on the field to bring this guys down… what if the game matters and he can’t recover from a bad call or big play… just get rid of him he was core leader along with cancer93 and the walking drive killing penalty machine dotson of the losing culture and has no clue how to win. not to mention he simply just is not that great. with the exception of his one good year with schiano he’s average to below average at best but hell buc fan lables anyone with one good year a legend

  9. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Most impressive depth guy was Tanner Hudson. Great hands. Very similar to Brate as far as skill set. Definitely someone to keep an eye on. If he can prove to be a better blocker and more durable than Brate we might be saying goodbye to one of my favourite, but highly paid, buccaneers.

  10. Todd Says:

    I’d be fine with Matt Gay replacing Evan Smith. At least we know Gay can KICK ASS!

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Simply because a player makes many tackles, it doesn’t mean that the defense he plays on is effective……we should know this by some of the great games LVD & Kwon had for us….even when out defense was torched…..

    Not taking anything away from Devin Bush……but…..just sayin’

  12. BucEmUp Says:

    Schnell looked like a really tough kid. Adam.humpgries 2.0 but this team is so stacked at wr is stupid

  13. Race to 10 Says:

    Yeah they making a big deal over devin Bush 10 tackles but I barely noticed because it was a barrett Rudd type performance, all the tackles except one were downfield and came after positive plays for us. The one tackle for loss was just an assist.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    Anti-Redbird discrimination. What about Schnell? For those with German ancestry among us…(90% of Midwestern origin folks)…you do know what Schnell means, don’t you?

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    The guy has never played a reg game but he plays preseason well enough to make people wonder. Every instinct tells he’s not starting material…but then I think of how 6th round pick Tom Brady wasn’t expected to be good, or how Kurt Warner couldn’t even make a team until he was older.

    Make me wonder.

    And Gabbert outright sucks.

  16. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Think White and Edwards are going to be big time players esp in Bowles scheme which still needs a few parts but, if you get to watch todd grantham’s defense for the gators it is what the bucs want in terms of players size & speed. The big thing with the bucs backend will be communication because I saw a few time where corners were in cover 2 and safeties were in quarters but they will get it figured out

  17. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Despite comparisons to HOF QBs by a self appointed analyst, it’s pretty clear Griffin doesn’t quite have the arm strength to be a difference maker. He sure has hung around for a while, however. I’ll give him that.

  18. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    No question about it, Bucannon was a bigger slash than White. It too early to tell who will be better this season but Bucannon definitely showed what he was capable of. Wouldn’t surprise me if he edged out White as the rookie of the year.

  19. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Sorry got Bucannon and Bush mixed up.

  20. Bird Says:

    Evan smith is gonzo

    Santos gonzo


    That’s 3 mil right there. We need more depth on oline and Dline

  21. Bird Says:

    Ryan griffin gonzo

  22. July Joe Says:

    Devin Bush is a magnificent player … but … he’s not as talented or physically gifted as White is. That said, I expect Bush to be better “faster” but for White to become the more dominant player and stay better “longer”.

    I’m thrilled with the Devin White pick, even if Bush is the better all-around player for the player’s first 1-2 years in the league.

  23. Ndog Says:

    It is amazing that so many people that say they enjoy football have no idea what they are watching. To make any judgements after last night is beyond ridiculous and idiotic. People saying we picked the wrong Devin, people saying Murphy Bunting is garbage, people saying Bush is really good! Let me ask these questions, Where was Bush when our staters were in? How good was Ronde Barber in his first preseason game, heck his first 10 regular season games? Some people are just clueless!

  24. July Joe Says:

    ^ I hear you brother, but Bush is a magnificent player. I’ve watched him for years at Michigan, the kid can play. However, I’d take White 100% of the time over him in the draft as he has more talent and raw skills and a much higher upside.

    As for Murphy-Bunting … give the kid time.

    Go Bucs!

  25. ALBucsFan Says:

    Enjoyed the first team fast start. I heard Arians explanation for going for 2 early and trust him. However, I am curious, with all our kicking woes, why we wouldn’t want more opportunities to test both guys a few more times.

  26. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans') ***Rhealist, louden annoying, & tminimum are the worst posters ever!!! Says:

    Tanner Hudson allows us to trade Brate…

  27. El_Buc941 Says:

    Man can we please acknowledge how much of a difference everyone else made on the OLine last night?they kept.Jameis vertical and allowed RoJo to haul tail for big chunks.8,7,&6 yarders. Thats the reason our offensive operated the way it did. You keep the defense tight to the LOS for fear of another big chunk run and your allowing your WRs to play mano ah mano vs the DBs. And dont even forget to mention the Defense! Total domination even with the absence of Vea and LVD and JPP. If jpp makes it back this season can you imagine the hell him Vea,Suh AND Spence will bring?! Spence sure has done a complete 180 in this defensive scheme. I know everyone is saying it was only one drive or one quarter but its a sign this team is ready. You start fast and finish strong!!! My prediction before week one is we cut about $8mil worth of cap casualties and have 2 solid signings. Preferably an Olinemen and DE for depth. Oh and as for the kicking game…lets see what Santos does next week. As for now Gay has the leg up in the competition.

  28. Kobe Faker Says:

    “You ready for some high scoring?

    Games going to be in the high 30s and 40s

    I think our best defense will be our offense

    need to be in the lead, ahead by 2 scores and dictate to make the opponent’s offense 1 dimensional

    if we allow our opponents to choose to run or pass, we will be helpless burnt biscuits”

    Kobe Fake

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    Kickoff returns were terrible.

    Several #2 & # OL were terrible, Smith and Benenoch among them. There was some massive OT who moved like a 350lb snail.

    Too many penalties. Gotta clean that up.

    But all-in-all, a solid first PS game under a new coach and system. There is a lot there to build on.

    I suspect we don’t know the names of the back-up OL yet, but will after the cuts.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jonathan Limpchimpi Says
    “Despite comparisons to HOF QBs by a self appointed analyst…”

    Wow. Hate much?

    Why is it that you can voice your opinions, but you insult those who voice their own?

    And for the record…I am no, nor shall I ever be, an analyst. I don’t even know why you would make that statement.

  31. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    “Don’t tell me…show me”. Buckaroo Bonzie to all three of his pre-teen elf erotica fans.

  32. Pittsshore Says:

    Let me break it down for you minions:
    + our OLine is horrific
    + the Steelers DLine is better than average.
    + The Steelers LBs run lose when the Bucs OLine lose their blocking battles
    + This results in Steelers LBs making many tackles and this is exactly what they should be doing.
    ***now you can flip that around as it pertains to the Bucs DLine and Steelers OLine…. with one additional variable: our DBs are hung our to dry because we get zero pressure on the QB. Both of our lines are both way below average and even worse, we have no depth behind them. Games are won and loss at the line of scrimmage

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jonathan Limpchimpi,

    Ahhhh, I get it. You have envy. You hate on people who accomplish things. I get it. You need to make yourself feel big and strong by belittling others. A common troll. And incidentally, by saying that, you revealed who you actually are, DooshLaRue/Joc. Or maybe it’s a feminist thing. If you had ever actually read my stuff, you would understand how far you are from the truth…but then, truth doesn’t matter to people like you.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh, and btw, there are a LOT of Tamps Bucs fans who have a ‘Don’t tell me – Show Me’ attitude right now.

  35. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Buckaroo Bonzie:
    This is what we know:
    ✅ Balding, pear shaped 55+ year old writing elf erotica
    ✅ Lures people to his site with a hot link declaring insider info
    ✅ Greeted with lousy humor and a 80 year old lady jumping on a trampoline
    ✅ Rarely right on anything Buc related…but never in doubt

    Envy? If i were you…I would have taken a self-inflicted dirt nap long ago…so I give you credit for somehow seeing yourself through fun house mirrors. A popular author with a huge following bragging about a crypt keeper bouncing on a trampoline. Congratulations.

  36. Rod Munch Says:

    White played like 2 series, maybe a couple of plays on a 3rd series, and was pulled.

    Meanwhile the Steelers sat out a lot of starters and still Devin Bush played the entire first half.

    You know what that means, right?

  37. Father Rico Says:

    limpchimp and bonzai,

    peace my sons….. I happen to like elf erotica.

  38. Ron Burgundy Says ... Says:

    … “Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yep. Let’s just go ahead and put Bush and Kyler in the HOF now. Both just simply perfect!

  40. D1 Says:

    Elf erotica! !!

    What type of twisted perversion is this ???? Just spit balling. ….the octopus erotica. .niche got to big and it washed out the really hard core tentacles fans.
    Along comes Elf…..jeez just thinking about it…I gotta take a shower and rinse off the stench of rotting canvas and old lady pants…….I’ll never buy cookies from those tree dwelling freaks again

  41. Brandon Says:

    Bush had all those tackles but the Steelers D was run through by the Bucs woeful running game on the 1st series. You know who else had tackles? Barrett Ruud.

  42. delson Says:

    10 tackles one half… Holy sh

  43. adam from ny Says:


    regarding ronde, they were actually not thrilled with ronde’s development over his first couple of years in the league, if i recall correctly…then he started to blossom more and more as time went on…he was kinda like a fine wine…getting better with age…it’s a rare thing in the nfl, but sometimes it does happen that way