Ozzie With Special Guests Jay Jacobson & Leo Haggerty; All Kinds Of Bucs Talk On The Docket

August 22nd, 2019

Ozzie The Sports Junkie is here talking all things Bucs! This show is not for children, but it’s definitely for grown-up Bucs fans who want all kinds of Bucs analysis and laughs

Yes, Ozzie is a dynamic radio pro, but much more important, Ozzie bleeds Bucs and has for many decades.

Click above and dive in to Ozzie’s Podcast No. 4. Great fun. Stick it out til’ the end. Ozzie will be coming through 2019 in various forms. Enjoy! And yes, he’ll be coming to the national podcast platforms.

6 Responses to “Ozzie With Special Guests Jay Jacobson & Leo Haggerty; All Kinds Of Bucs Talk On The Docket”

  1. TonyC Says:

    Really enjoyed this show! Thanks Joe for adding it.

  2. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    no disrespect to the Ira podcast but this is AWESOME and seems like a nothing held back voice of the fan…. love this podcast!!!

  3. RiceCakes Says:

    Great show! Love Ira and the boys, but Ozzie this is great. “McWeapon” was a 5th round pick but the guy was no bueno. Keep comin with these man, I’m pimpin’ you out to everyone!

  4. Easy Says:

    “GM Todd Licht” WTF

  5. Ozzie Says:

    Thanks for the fact checking fellas !!
    Yer right about McBumpick I thought he was higher..
    Jason Light ToddWright Bob white
    Stylze White was over abd i lost all focus ..thanks for the kind words I will continue to BRING IT HARD all season ..I’m going to make the JoeBucsFan pregame a GAMEDAY tradition in the RayJay lot or laying by the pool !!
    Now let’s get our Buccaneers back on the good foot and Bucs pride high again !! Ozziethesportsjunkie

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    I’m with Big Dust about Ozzie. Its a great podcast, really enjoyed his guests on this one with their insight and no nonsense assessment about our Bucs! Keep ’em coming Ozzie! BTW, loved the Burl Ives reference and the forgotten factoid that John McKay was younger than Bucco Bruce is now when McKay finally called it a career in 1984, definitely can win a few bar room wagers with that one!