Niners Watch: 13 Days

August 26th, 2019

Opening day against San Francisco is just 13 sunsets away

Of course Joe cuddled up with a cold beer and NFL GamePass to watch the 49ers and Chiefs preseason game played Saturday night in Kansas City.

And what an amazing game it was.

Joe had never seen a wild, packed and nearly deafening crowd for a preseason game. It was as if Chiefs fans didn’t get the memo that the preseason is a boring waste of money. It literally was a playoff-type atmosphere from the opening kick.

That got Joe a little alarmed because it represented an A+ road test for the 49ers, who head to Tampa for Week 1 of the regular season.

And the 49ers passed the test.

After the 49ers’ opening drive stalled on 4th-and-1 at the Chiefs’ 30 yard line, Kansas City scored a quick touchdown on a short throw taken to the house on a busted tackle by a 49ers safety. But 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo settled in like he did in the opening drive and marched the Niners back down for a quick score, 7 plays, 78 yards. There was another long Garoppolo-led drive, as well. He finished the first half (and his night) 14-of-20 for 188 yards and a touchdown, a beautiful 20-yard touch pass over the top to running back Matt Breida.

Again, this really impressed Joe because of the crowd noise, as well as the balance of the 49ers attack. The Chiefs are hardly special on defense, but it showed Joe that Garoppolo has shed a ton of rust after missing most of last season.

For Kwon Alexander fans, it was interesting seeing him play plenty of outside linebacker. Despite having his knee carved up in November, Kwon looked rather fast flying around and he certainly wasn’t shy about mixing it up. He had two solo tackles and an assist in a half of play.

Opening day is shaping up as a very strong test for the Bucs. But it’s one they can and should pass. This is one game just about every Bucs fan has circled on the calendar as a “W.” Anything less would be an instant disaster.

17 Responses to “Niners Watch: 13 Days”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    With our Bucs I don’t circle ANY game on the calendar as a ‘W’. On any given Sunday any NFL team can beat any other NFL team. It’s not that talent is so uniform across all teams … it’s not IMO, especially as the season progresses when injuries occur and depth becomes the critical factor. It’s more-so about preparation, want-to, and players making plays, big plays and avoiding ‘mistakes’, big mistakes (as in turnovers?).

    And I’m convinced that Garoppolo is the real deal. Still remember what he did when he came over to the 49ers from the Pats near the end of the 2017 season. Reeled off 5 straight wins with a team that was 1-10 when he came onboard. The last 2 wins that season were particularly impressive … beat an excellent Jaguars team 44-33, a team whose defense gave up LESS than 17 PPG that season. No, SF has a very good defense, but folks better not sleep on that offense.

    Not a Kwon fan, but it’s interesting to hear that the 49ers are using him, not at MLB, but rather outside … his natural position & where he played in college. Bucs have a history of trying to fit the square peg into the round hole. Duh.

  2. Figures Says:

    49ers are looking at the Bucs as game they should win too.

  3. Licht Headed Says:

    Over/under 2019 Bucs season wins: 4 1/12

  4. JA Says:

    Let’s face it. Nobody in the NFL will know what kind of team they’ll have until after week 4.
    All we know, so far, is that our defense appears to be better and our offensive line, as all predicted, is in sore need of an upgrade. Most likely, if another bad season is on the horizon they will be our undoing.
    The 49ers practice in Northern California, perhaps the most humid free, coolest part of the nation in the summer. Despite the late start it will still be a cooker out there. Hope BA has the sense to make em’ wear dark jerseys to retain some of our hot, humid weather.
    We will need all the help we can get.

  5. JameisNOT Says:

    I was listening to CBS Sports radio this morning and they had the local Indianapolis beat writer on. They asked him if they thought Luck was truly done. He stated that the only way he thought he would ever come back is if it was with Bruce Arians. This poses a question; why not trade JW for the rights to Luck????

  6. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    If the “instant disaster” happens, and Winston has a hand in it, is Joe ready to declare Jameis a bust yet?

  7. Bob Ross Says:

    In my experience as a failed gambler, opening week is the one with the most upsets.

  8. LargoBuc Says:

    At this point, i’m very conxerned about Donovan Smith matching up against Dee Ford.

  9. Pittsshore Says:

    Morgus: you know the answer to that question… he will stand behind JW even after he is long gone. I would be willing to bet that there will be articles on this site about JW as a backup on another team.

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    With our murderous schedule, this game is almost a must win for us.

  11. DooshLaRue Says:

    Unfortunately we’re probably going to sh!t the bed on this one.
    SF looks pretty good on D and if they watched the Browns destroy our “1s” on the OL, all they need to do is replicate and we won’t have a chance.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  12. tickrdr Says:

    @Chris etc.:
    Not almost, but yes a must win.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe that “Playoff-off type atmosphere” is brought on because Kansas City’s first round quarterback looks like a stud after two years while ours, after four years, looks more like a dud!

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yikes, my thinking also it being a disaster to let the 49ers come in here and leave with a win. This account of that preseason game turns my stomach sour. Jimmy G splat.

  15. Casey Morgan Says:

    KC may be the most overrated team in the NFL. No defense at all and they lost their two fastest players on offense…

  16. Buczilla Says:

    Just about every niner’s fan has our game against them being a W for them. Ahh the joys of loving a scrub team. 😜

  17. Howard Cosell Says:

    49ers 96
    Bucs -3