Monday Training Camp Notes & Nuggets

August 5th, 2019

Another down day for Donovan Smith. Check out all of today’s practice happenings at One Buc Palace.

Good crowd early this morning as current and former military members file into the bleachers at One Buc Place. Training camp marches on with a half-underwear football session: shoulder pads and shorts. Here’s what went down, via manbeast intern Zachary Seifter:

*Warmups begin and Clyde Christensen is wide awake as he is yelling at the QB’s during footwork drills.

*The cheerleaders come out and they’re rocking red, white and blue uniforms with a Bucs logo on them.

*The QB’s and RB’s head over to Field A and begin individual drills. Then the RB’s take off and tight ends replace them.

*7-on-7 drills start over on Field B.

*Jameis Winston begins with some dink and dunk check down passes. Blaine Gabbert steps in and it’s more of the same.

*The QB’s are not looking sharp in this first session. A few overthrows on deep shots.

*Jameis looks for Ronald Jones on the left sideline 10 yards downfield but RoJo drops the ball as he leans out of bounds. RoJo is having a strong camp but he looked like the rookie version of himself on that play.

*More drills for quarterbacks and receivers before 11-on-11 work begins on Field A, and Arians floors it in his golf cart down the field as the players run after him.

*The first play is a play-action fake and Jameis dumps it over the middle to Chris Godwin. Godwin has plenty of green grass in front of him and gets past the markers for a 15-yard gain.

*Jameis takes the snap and it’s a draw play to RoJo. Jones looks caught in the backfield but finds the hole and bursts through it for a big gain.

*Vincent Testaverde, the son of the Bucs’ former No. 1 overall pick, gets his first 11-on-11 action of training camp. He only gets to run a few rushing plays.

*Jameis comes in and takes the snap out of the shotgun. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles throws a blitz at Jameis but he steps up in the pocket and throws a laser to Justin Watson. Another drop! Watson has the ball go in and out of his hands. He has not had a particularly strong camp.

*Jameis is looking sharp again today. He hits three passes in a row, two to O.J. Howard over the middle and one to Breshad Perriman on the left sideline.

*On the last play of the 11-on-11 session, RG4 (Ryan Griffin) lines up in the shotgun and tries to hit Anthony Johnson on the comeback route toward the right sideline. Griffin is late on the throw and Mazzi Wilkins jumps it for the first interception of the day!

*Red zone work begins as the Bucs offense lines up inside the 10-yard line.

*Jameis is under pressure on the second play of the session and chucks it into the back of the end zone. Another smart decision by Jameis.

*Next play, Jameis gets plenty of time and sees Howard streaking over the middle and fires a dart past Jordan Whitehead for the TD! Jameis continuing to have a strong practice.

*Gabbert now in. He’s in the shotgun and finds himself under heavy pressure. He is “sacked” by Beau Allen. No, you can’t touch a quarterback in practice.

*Jameis back in. He gets another Todd Bowles blitz thrown at him. He sees Godwin in the back of the end zone and throws a 50-50 ball his way and Godwin makes the catch but rookie Sean Murphy-Bunting pushes him out of bounds before Godwin can get both feet down. A heads-up play by the rookie, who continues to have a strong camp.

*Griffin finds Dare Ogunbowale in the flat and Ogunbowale walks into the end zone untouched. On the next play, Griffin tries to hit his tight end on a quick slant but the ball is tipped by De’Vante Harris and intercepted by Isaiah Johnson in the end zone!

*Matt Gay getting the reps again today in the latest edition of the kicker battle. Not a strong day for Gay, he hits his first two PAT’s but has three misses, one from under 40 yards and two misses from 50+ yard kicks. He is able to nail a 59-yarder and it would’ve been good from 70 yards.

*7-on-7 work starts up but some of the fans are distracted as a fan in a Julio Jones jersey walks past the bleachers.

*Testaverde in now and he shoots a laser over the middle to O.J. Howard past the diving hands of Jordan Whitehead. A nice first pass from the undrafted rookie.

*Jameis is in now and he looks for an open Mike Evans on a slant but overthrows him. Evans had Ryan Smith beat but the ball sailed well over his head.

*Gabbert comes in and immediately finds Justin Watson over the middle on a short crossing route. Watson turns his head and is able to pick up a few extra yards before being hit.

*Jameis comes back and throws an incredible pass to the right sideline to Godwin. Godwin has two defenders on his back but Jameis threads the needle on a pass that is low along the sideline where only Godwin can get it. Godwin shows his great, reliable hands on the play with a nice catch while falling out of bounds.

*11-on-11 resumes and Peyton Barber gets the carry and he bounces forward for a 5-yard gain.

*Interesting note, Cole Boozer is getting reps as the starting left tackle. Not sure what’s up with Donovan Smith but he isn’t practicing. Perhaps it’s the Achilles again. As Joe noted Friday night, Smith was doing a lot of hobbling.

*RoJo gets the next carry and puts his head down to bull his way through but is met in the backfield by three defenders for a loss.

*The next play is a work of beauty. Jameis gets rushed but holds off just long enough for Ogunbowale to turn around on the screen. Jameis flips it to him and it’s nothing but green grass for 20 yards for Ogunbowale.

*The offense is rolling now. Gabbert comes in and runs a play-action fake, then finds Watson in the flat and flips it to him. Watson turns and able to pick up another 15 yards.

*Griffin hands off to Andrew Ellington, who has a huge hole on the right side. He bursts through and takes the ball 25 yards upfield.

*First string offense takes the field for their first drive against the defense. It’s 1st and 10 at the 30-yard line. Jameis fires over the middle on back to back plays to Godwin for a total of 16 yards.

*1st and 10 at the 46. Jameis’ pass falls incomplete.

*Now 2nd and 10. Jameis goes to Howard near the right sideline but it hits off Howard’s fingertips. Deone Bucannon claps his hands in delight of his tight coverage on Howard.

*On 3rd and 10, Jameis goes to the left side and finds Godwin again for a first down.

*1st and 10 at the 41. Jameis hands it off and Ellington takes it 5 yards. On the next play, Jameis is under duress and just throws the ball away.

*3rd and 5 at the 36. Jameis hits Evans at the 25-yard line to move the chains and then spikes the ball.

*Now the clock reads 13 seconds left. It’s 2nd and 10. Jameis heaves the ball to the end zone to Perriman but Hargreaves breaks it up. Hargreaves hit the ground hard and was slow to get up.

*Gay trots onto the field to attempt a 43-yarder with a few seconds left and he sends it through. A successful drive for the first team offense.

*It’s the second stringers on now. On 1st and 10, Gabbert takes a long time to get rid of the ball. He’s sacked by Shaq Barrett. On 2nd and long, he hits Ellington over the middle for a short gain. On 3rd and long, Gabbert is under pressure and chucks the ball out of bounds. Punt time.

*First team returns for 1st and 10 at the 50. Hargreaves is back in and appears fine.

*On first down, a safety blitz is sent but Jameis gets it to Howard over the middle for 6 yards. He then spikes it.

*3rd and 4 with 10 seconds left at the 44-yard line. Jameis is in the shotgun and floats the ball over Mike Evans’ head out of bounds. Evans was covered well and didn’t really have a chance to make a play.

*Matt Gay comes in for a 61-yarder and he nails it! A big kick from the rookie out of Utah!

*Second team in again. Same situation. 1st and 10 at midfield with 22 seconds on the clock.

On 1st down, Gabbert hits Brate over the middle for an 8-yard gain before spiking the ball. Practice ends on the spike.

31 Responses to “Monday Training Camp Notes & Nuggets”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Donovan Smith following the Cancer93 business model to a T…… get paid shut down but that’s what coaches and players do when they get paid by the glazers. bucs are retirement franchise not a competitive on field nfl product.

  2. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Lol… maybe Testaverde will become Shaun King in December…

  3. Lazy Animations (week) Says:

    After the offense started camp slow things seem to be doing good now. Offense and defense are both making their fair share of plays. Which is what we want in camp. A balance of both sides of the ball scoring/preventing scoring lol

  4. Koby kilpatrick Says:

    Also nice to see tmax spewing more nonsense that makes no sense. You clearly aren’t a bucs fans so I’m trying to figure out why you’ve been reading and commenting all these years >thinking emoji<

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    tmax mus be a blast at parties.

  6. Magadude Says:

    Winston did look to have another good practice today.

    I noted Zack’s interview questions today included best backup QB. Of course, three guys interveiwed sitting right in front of me all said it should go to Gabbert. What Zack didn’t catch was after he walked away…they lamented “Does that mean we’re stuck with Winston?” and another responded “Well, if that’s the case, not going to any games this year either.” I asked them after Zack left…do you know who that guy was with? One said “Joe Bucs or something like that.” I told him who, and mentioned Zack was an intern. One of them said do you see this number and name on the back of my shirt? I said, “Why yes, Batman Wood (#54)?” He said, exactly. When I came back here after retiring from the Army, I was looking to get season tickets. And then they draft Winston.

    Just a couple of folks. But the sentiment is not a small segment.

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    August 5th, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    tmax mus be a blast at parties.

    ah my favorite poster… how’s life in carolina ??? I am assuming you followed her!

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    i will return to my cheerful positive self when this franchise earns it on the field not before hand… you people give more free passes than the public education system… earn it

  9. November's biggest slut Says:

    Tmax is the type of guy that washes paper plates btw great read joe keep at it

  10. TOM Says:

    Lazy ass Smith got his money. Now semi retirement. Nice signing Licht.

  11. SOEbuc Says:

    Joe and Zach…I’d really like to know who’s playing first team LT with Smith on the bench. Liedtke?? Man I hope he plays lights out again in preseason this year so I can tell the Bucs how f#cking stupid they were for over paying Smith about $10 million or at all. He really comes off as the type that after he got paid and didn’t try his hardest to stay in shape. Cheeseballs and the twilight zone all day.

    “Jameis looks for Ronald Jones on the left sideline 10 yards downfield but RoJo drops the ball as he leans out of bounds.” My little sister has better hands than this guy.

  12. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If D Smith does have an Achilles issue NO ONE ! can dog him for his apparent play…IMO he is in there for reps and communication with his OL mates…and is on orders not to do any power or explosive movements…. and I’ve been plenty critical of his healthy play

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    SOE it was in the notes it was Cole Bozer at LT today. Didn’t hear his name aside from being mentioned as getting the reps so that’s good. Also didn’t read about a extreme amount of pressure on the QB like a lot of the other reports so hopefully that means our OL is telling.

    I think I remember hearing Benechot getting the reps last week but that might have been at RT……Those were same days that our OL was getting beaten badly.

    I’ll stand by my prediction that D.Smith with the Pewtey for comeback player of the year but so far it’s not sounding very good.

  14. sarasota garey Says:

    Sounds like Winston is doing considerably better, thats great news

  15. SCBucsFan Says:

    TPAx has finally resurfaced on a regular basis after blasting the Bucs for drafting McCoy instead of Suh… of course after Suh was picked. Tells you what level of intelligence you are dealing with. Why oh why didn’t we draft Kyler Murray or Nick Bosa this year?

  16. WestChap Says:

    JW is sounding better… who knew, maybe throwing the defensive kitchen sink at a QB in practice actually helps them out in games? We shall see. #everHopeful

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    Donovan Smith $27 Million Guaranteed. That’s like winning the lotto 5 times in a row. I’ll bet he wasn’t hobbling when he signed that contract! I know the Bucs where in a tough spot but when a player is basically wearing a huge gold chain that says buyer beware you should probably roll the dice on finding someone else.

  18. Rob Tanner Says:

    I cannot trust all of these reports from Joe, due to the bunting interference he had. Amiwrong @Joe?

    [Only obstructed some plays. P!ssed Joe off. Only reason he didn’t b!tch to the Bucs was that it was just for one day. — Joe]

  19. SCBucsFan Says:

    For everyone that says we should have moved on from Smith please, please, please supply a viable alternative there.

  20. DB55 Says:

    That’s not the real Hawaii.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    SC…….Matt Kalil and the pro bowl LT who wants out of Washington could have been 2 very good options. New England also had a couple of Tackles on their roster that could have been options…..Not sure if one of them has been moved or not.

    And those are only three names I know just cause they were high profile……Let’s not pretend like they were not other viable options out there that a common fan like me don’t know about.

    The ridiculous narritive of throwing that question into fans faces was some wierd type of media stunt……..I mean what type of freaking fan knows all the starting LTs in the league? Not to mention that there are capable guys all over the league on other teams depth charts(see Philly going on a SB run without their ProBowl LT).

    Now the truth comes out and the media was dead wrong and their we’re multiple options for other LTs. I just named 3 and I guarantee other teams have signed new LTs that we haven’t heard about. None of this even mentions we could have drafted one but I’m glad we went defense there.

    And I am one of the few rare D.Smith fans around and am glad we signed him but that narritive pushed by the media made no sense and was absolutely wrong.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    And a shout-out to Bucs Observer cause they are the only outlet I know that went against that narritive.

  23. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Why in god’s name is everyone saying smith is being lazy? The dude has an Achilles issue there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO reasons for him to be practicing with an Achilles issue. Yeah guys lets have him practice. Watch him blow out his Achilles and we are starting Benenoch or the third stringer. God its like you are rooting for this team to be bad.

  24. diggler Says:

    Ah summer almost over, training camp is started, kids about to start school and slowly the JBF trolls awaken out of their slumber, like a shadow they eek out of the their holes and basements, stretching their fingers and grinding their teeth they stumble to their keyboards. Their simmering vitriol and bitter disappointments of so many lost bucs seasons start to bubble as they open their home page to JBF and like a volcano erupt at the first headline of the day and so begins another year and the life of a JBF troll. Love it! 🙂

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    SCBucsFan Says:

    hey dummy you can change all 53 players every year for the bucs and still produce the same basement title results all these bums you are scared to death to let go of have…. again you could literally swap all 53 players every damn year since Superbowl and have the same or better results than these losers you low standard fans hang onto….

  26. tmaxcon Says:

    they need to trade brate before the hip goes out for good. he’s finished might as well get something for him 6 or 7th maybe.

  27. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Trent Williams sure would like to leave DC.

    Just saying.

  28. SCBucsFan Says:

    I said that TPax? Cmon buddy back on your meds you poser

  29. BA FAN Says:

    SCbucsfan Liedtke is better than D. Smith and he took D. Smith’s place last year for two games in Preseason and gave up no sacks or pressures and no penalties for holding. What they like about D. Smith is he has stopped big DEs before but the problem is he is not quick footed enough to stop speed rushers and he has to hold them resulting in drive killing penalties. That is why Spence has been embarrassing him. No wonder he claims his leg hurts. The major problem is in our opening game with the 49ers they will have Dee Ford, a speed rusher, paired with him! But BA does not like drafting a rookie to play LT because too many LTs in college now are trained in spread offenses and it takes too long to train one to NFL standards (and they had other plans for their first pick and felt this was a weak draft for LTs.)

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon Says
    “i will return to my cheerful positive self when…”

    Hah! You don’t have a positive self to return to!!!

    And you are not a Bucs fan, so don’t even pretend to be.

  31. tmaxcon Says:


    you have no skills man…. isn’t time for you to go breast feed one of your elves….