Gameday Tampa Bay

August 9th, 2019

Preseason Game 1

Bucs at Steelers

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m.

TV: WFLA-TV Channel 8, NFL Network.

DirecTV customers and cordcutters: DirecTV and Nexstar, owner of WFLA-TV, are in a contract hassle and the Tampa Bay area rightsholder to locally-produced Bucs preseason TV games is blacked out on DirecTV. However, Bucs fans in select Florida and Alabama TV markets, including the Tampa Bay region, can watch the game streamed free on and via the Bucs’ official app. Click here for more details.

Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (WXTB-FM 97.9 in the Tampa-St.Petersburg region; 97.9 FM ESPN Radio in Tallahassee); Spanish language broadcasts on WTMP-FM 96.1 and WMGG-AM 1470 in Tampa; SiriusXM Channel 380.

Weather: Per, expect a really nice night for football in Pittsburgh in August. Kickoff temperature is expected to be a comfortable 74 and could drop down into the 60s by game’s end. All of this under clear skies along the Allegheny River.

Odds: Per the Mirage in Las Vegas, Steelers -1.5; O/U 37.5.

Outlook: Joe will keep this brief (for a couple of reasons). It is the preseason. A preseason game is little more than a glorified scrimmage. How players perform and, more importantly, stay healthy is far more important than the score. So Joe wants to see right guard Alex Cappa look competent; see something resembling a pass rush (it would be nice if Noah Spence did anything on the field); see if the Bucs can find someone to replace injured Vita Vea; see Ronald Jones with positive production; see remnants of a pass defense. … One cool thing would be to see if long-range field goal artist Matt Gay can conquer the notorious winds of Heinz Field. In the 18-year history of the stadium, the longest NFL field goal is but 53-yards.  … The main goal, again, is for Joe to see every Bucs player walk to the plane tonight under his own power.

31 Responses to “Gameday Tampa Bay”

  1. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Yes, air quotes around “money throws” are appropriate here!

  2. Clodhopper Says:

    I looked for the game last night. I bout shat myself when I saw it was on NFL Network live. How often does that happen in preseason? Guess it pays to play against one of the most popular teams in the country. Anyways. Stoked to see it live. Usually I have wait like 30 hours to see a preseason game after Joe has already written 20 articles about it. That takes the fun out of watching it.

  3. JimmyJack Says:

    I’ve never liked seeing chicks in enemy gear on Our fan site. Screw that!!

  4. EvolvingBucsFan Says:

    Really a steeler’s girl? c’mon now.

  5. Francisco Menendez Says:

    Joe, thank you for adding your signature Gameday post for today’s game. When I logged on earlier and didn’t see it, it felt like we were still in April. Now upon seeing I feel pumped up and ready! Best of luck to you writing crew this year!


  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So nice seeing a game day post!

  7. TampaBay55 Says:


    What if I have NFL Network via DirecTV? Thanks.

  8. BucAllNight Says:

    God Bless you Joe!!

    Here’s to a hard hitting injury free game and and WIN!!

    GO BUCS!!!

  9. Phil Says:

    NFL NETWORK is carrying the game.

  10. OBP Says:

    Still bummed about the Vita news, love that he’s still available for most of the regular season but potentially not having him when we go about against 3 really good rushing teams in the Panthers, Giants, and Rams is rough. At worst I’d hope he only misses the 49ers game (and maybe the Panthers game since it is on TNF that same week).

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    Steelers girl, can’t we all get along?!

  12. DB55 Says:

    Kickoff temperature is expected to be a comfortable 74 and could drop down into the 60s by game’s end
    Oh man VV could have actually dominated in those temps. Too bad Licht passed up a FL manneast for a NW manbeast.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    Jay-Miss has no business throwing an INT or a bad pass tonight. Vanilla coverages and a supposed franchise QB trying to earn a contract extension should end in nothing but a TD on their first drive.

  14. Buccaroo Says:

    I actually can’t wait to see the bottom of the roster perform. If they perform well it would be a positive sign that this team is building depth. Just injuries alone makes today’s 3rd stringers into tomorrows starters. Guys to watch, Zach Bailey, Bruce Anderson, DaMarkus Lodge, Cortrelle Simpson, Kahzin Daniels, Nate Trewyn, and many more.

    Good Luck! Go Bucs!

  15. Eric Says:

    Happen to be in Pittsburgh so going to the game.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m not sure if I saw a team last night play their starters for more than one series, so lets hope there isn’t a 3-and-out on offense.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    D-Rome – It’s game 1 of the preseason in a new offense. If Winston comes out and goes 5-for-5 with a TD you’ll say it’s game 1 of the preseason and means nothing. That holds true the other way around as well cupcake.

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The Panthers cheerleaders mugshot(s) is still the best enemy pic ever on this site.

  19. J Says:

    Jenna has far too many garments on..again.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Just hoping to see tough, solid play by all 3 phases (O,D,ST) and get everyone back on the plane healthy…

  21. D-Rome Says:

    It’s game 1 of the preseason in a new offense.

    I watched Baker Mayfield march his team to the end zone last night. I watched Daniel Jones (a rookie) look like a seasoned vet by marching his squad to the end zone going 5-5. Both in a “new offense.”

    Pre-season performances don’t count but they matter. An INT would be very telling for a 5th year QB. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw it up.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m hoping Vinny throws for 6 touchdowns…just to stir things up on the backup QB stuff.

    Not really expecting much from the starters. Anyone who is should expect disappointment…just like any year in the first pre season game.

  23. Joe Says:

    What if I have NFL Network via DirecTV? Thanks.

    Depends where you live. If you live in one of the TV markets that carry the Bucs (see link), you likely will have to watch online (like Joe).

  24. kyle Says:

    Jenna, Looking good!!!

  25. BucsBandit Says:

    3-4 Defense
    5-11 Winston

  26. Rob Tanner Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    August 9th, 2019 at 5:07 pm
    I’m hoping Vinny throws for 6 touchdowns…just to stir things up on the backup QB stuff.

    I thought he got cut.

  27. rrsrq Says:

    looking at the defensive line (Ledbetter, Buckner, Gholston, even Beau)

  28. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    I’ll be happy to see the CBs play within 15 yards of the receivers and if the kickers make their kicks

  29. Bucnjim Says:

    Funny some guys are just noticing the girl is almost always from the opposing team. We did get some good usage out of the two Panthers chicks and their mug shots. Was working in Ybor city back then good times.

  30. Bucnjim Says:

    Does it really matter what half shirt she’s wearing anyway?

  31. Lunchbox Says:

    For you guys complaining about the “enemy” cheerleader pic at the top of the gameday post, Joe has been doing that for the preseason and regular season games for years. And personally, I think he gets some pretty good pics, who really gives a damn what gear they’re wearing?