Pulse Of The Fans – Day 4

July 30th, 2019

The fans react to GM Jason Licht

Fans have thoughts and opinions of their own regarding their beloved Bucs. Here is just a slice of what was going through their minds yesterday at One Buc Palace:

Question 1: Give general manager Jason Licht a letter grade, A through F. Please provide a reason.

Summary: Outside of two fans, every single person gave Licht a grade of a C. Many acknowledged his successes in the draft, from Ali Marpet to Mike Evans and Chis Godwin, as well as O.J. Howard. He has had success finding undrafted free agents such as Cameron Brate and Adam Humphries. However, there have been many failures. Examples include Swaggy Baker, DeSean Jackson, Anthony Collins, Michael “Ghost” Johnson and the 2016 draft class, which included his biggest bust of all, Roberto Aguayo. The biggest knock against Licht was his failure to win. Many fans feel that it could have been a coaching issue, though, which Bucco Bruce Arians is now here to fix.

Question 2: How many regular wins this regular season would satisfy you? Why that record?

Summary: The fans had a wide range of answers. Their win totals ranged from 6 to 10 as some were optimistic and felt this was a playoff roster that needed different coaching; others felt that the team needs a year under Bruce Arians to get their feet under them before they would compete next season. Bucs fan Miguel Mejia took the more optimistic route. “Acceptable for this team is 10-6,” he said. “I feel like they need to win, and they need to win now. We’ve had, and especially Jameis has had time to learn the NFL and know how things go, so last year was a bust, I considered [it] a bust, so this year he’s got to redeem himself. And we’ve got all the players, we’ve got all the pieces. They just got to learn how to play together.”

Question 3: Who is your favorite Bucs offensive lineman and why?

The overwhelming majority answered “Ali Marpet.” Fans cited his toughness and blue collar mentality and being from a Division 3 school. The most unique answer came from Bucs fan Nate Robinson. He said that the Bucs should toss all five offensive linemen out and start from scratch. But besides him, and one vote each for Donovan Smith and Demar Dotson, it was all Marpet.

JoeBucsFan.com manbeast intern Zach Seifter pounds the pavement for the daily Pulse of the Fans feature.

30 Responses to “Pulse Of The Fans – Day 4”

  1. Magadude Says:

    These are all great questions to be asking Joe, thanks! Of course, we know folks actually there at practice are the die-hards. I think the “C” is probably fair overall for Licht. But frankly, a “C” doesn’t cut it year over year. Here’s to hoping attendance gets better and that ticket sales get better.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    Magadude- I don’t think a ‘C’ is fair. At best he’s ‘D+’ in my book, and frankly, should’ve been out the door already. Pointing to his successes like Howard, Godwin, or Evans is like saying a broke clock is right twice a day!
    He gets a d+ over an F because of the hidden gems he’s found like Brate and Nassib. THAT is the only reason. His record is indisputable.
    10 wins will be remarkable. I really do believe that we will catch a few teams napping on us on defense. If we can establish balance on offense and make 85-90% of our FGs, there’s no reason to believe this team can’t win more than 9 games.
    Of course, I predict 16-0!
    I don’t have a favorite lineman yet, not on offense. I am fast becoming a Vea fan however.

  3. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    C minus. Not much talent in the offensive line. D line only a bit more. He’s had what, four years? The line talent indicates 5 or 6 wins but maybe the skill guys can bump that up a little. Anything more than last year and Arians has earned his pay.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Manbeast, three GRREAT questions, all with some very reasonable answers. If a grade of C is considered ‘average’ (say #16 or #17 out of 32 NFL GMs), then I would’ve given Jason Licht a D (more in the #23 or #24 range). Of course there apparently is a lot of ‘grade inflation’ in our schools today, so maybe Jason should benefit from that inflation also.

    Ali is my favorite OLineman too, but because he’s consistently performed better than any of the others. It concerns me that not a single one of our current Bucs OLineman has been voted to the Pro Bowl, much less been selected for All-Pro. Their terrible performance as run-blockers especially is a sad indictment as to their ‘group ineffectiveness’ IMO.

    Unfortunately ‘fixing the OLine’ isn’t something that can be done in 1 or even 2 seasons it seems. Improving wholesale by ‘buying FAs’ isn’t really a viable solution (too expensive, thus negatively impacts procuring talent for the other position groups). The only viable way to build a quality OLine IMO is to consistently DRAFT WELL, then DEVELOP WELL, then retain the best. Not hard to figure out where the Bucs have failed.

  5. richbucsfan Says:

    For those who want Licht replaced, the question is with who? The NFL GM list is not exactly a hall of fame of high production. Outside of 4 teams with perennial winners, the rest of league has very average GMs.

  6. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    A freaking “C” for Licht??? I didn’t know they had a full bar for the fans at camp.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    richbucs- Classic case of Buc-Stockholm Syndrome!
    I don’t know about you but, I am expected to do the job I’m paid for. If I don’t, they will replace me with someone who can. There is ALWAYS somebody out there who’s hungry. And guess what? We think we are irreplaceable. We’re not. We CAN and SHOULD be replaced if we cannot perform our duties. Just like Jason.
    I don’t find Licht’s record acceptable on any level. Fans deserve better, YOU deserve better. Buc fans have suffered long and hard. Enough is enough!
    His saving grace is Bruce Arians!

  8. down in the dirt doug Says:

    The thinking around the league is that Licht is in the bottom level of GMS.bUT AT THIS POINT IN TIME WE MUST BE PATIENT WITH HIM BECAUSE I FEEL BA TRUSTS HIM.Also I feel it will take seven wins to make fans relax their paranoia!!!!!
    And Joe –thought it was cool calling me Dirt–and keep up the many great articles!!!WE are all spoiled and disappointed with less reporting on other sites

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Today I learned that tmaxcon’s real name is Nate Robinson. Sounds like a tmaxcon kind of answer. 😀

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “8th week

    Reality sets in

    Peeps stop believing the BS from BA

    More people will be watching alabama and Oregon college football saturday than the Bucs sunday


    Will be Bucs Armageddon”

    Kobe Faker

  11. passthebuc Says:

    D: He overpays for has-beens in free agency. He waits too long to renegotiate contracts for good players causing them to leave or he is forced to meet current market demands. He has a terrible , terrible draft record. The fact that this question needs to be asked says much for his abilities.

  12. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    C- and declining

  13. Pittsshore Says:

    GM grades out with a “K”…..for kicker.

  14. Pittsshore Says:

    To my point: why draft a guy in the 5th round and keep Santos??? Santos will be cut and has a family to feed. Give him a chance at a real position opportunity with another team.

  15. Bucnjim Says:

    Probably have to give an incomplete grade. After this season we can probably give out his final score. There has been some big swings and misses though and I feel he tries to outsmart himself with these project draft picks instead of being safe when it’s time to be safe. I know the coaching staff and the organization expects 10 wins this year so that will be my expectation as well. As far as lineman go I like Jensen even though he struggled a little last year. I’d rather have an offensive lineman who gets penalized for hitting someone after the whistle than a lineman who doesn’t play to the whistle and takes plays off.

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I feel he has sort of redeemed himself, by getting us Bruce Arians. I think he will be ok, with the guidance of Arians. But, w/o the coming of Arians,, I have to give him a D
    He has us in Cap hell, w/o a winning team.

  17. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Cap hell for a losing team gets him a D.

    2nd highest paid o line, yet the line is awful run blocking and inconsistent in pass blocking

    I could go on, but I’m in a good mood

  18. Bob in Valrico Says:

    a D for Licht his free agent signings haven’t been good or are injured for the entire year. his UDFA signing raise his grade somewhat. so I ‘ll give him a D +.

    Marpet is probably one of his picks, too bad he was convinced he could be a center.

    As for wins ,Im trying to stay optimistic and hoping for 8-8.

  19. D-Rome Says:

    Question 1: Give general manager Jason Licht a letter grade, A through F. Please provide a reason.

    D+. The Buccaneers has had a worse overall record during his tenure than under Mark Dominick. The 2016 draft class was a giant swing and a miss. His free agent signings have largely been a waste of money. He drafted Roberto Aguayo because he foolishly believed the team was a kicker away. He wasted draft capital on a kicker in the 5th round when that guy would have likely been there in the 7th or after the draft. He’s failed to address the running back position. He gave Drug Shamster a 5 year, $35 million contract extension when he should have franchised tagged him. His handling of the salary cap has been abysmal and the team is now in salary cap hell. Acceptable if the team was playoff bound but unacceptable with back to back 5-11 seasons. I could keep going but there’s probably a character limit in this comment section.

    Question 2: How many regular wins this regular season would satisfy you? Why that record?

    Nine wins. Over the years we’ve kept hearing the problem is with coaching. This season is going to prove it. I believe the team is going 6-10. Nine wins would satisfy me. Anything less, then the failures are with the players which ultimately falls on Backstabbin’ Jason Licht.

    Question 3: Who is your favorite Bucs offensive lineman and why?

    Donovan Smith because I believe he is talented and that his best years are ahead of him.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Question 1: Give general manager Jason Licht a letter grade, A through F. Please provide a reason.

    Overall, I think a ‘C’ is a fair grade…so I’ll go with that. Here’s why: Outside of the one draft, I think he’s done a better than average job. Free agency is an obvious weakness, and while I know there is a contingent of fans who believe Free Agency is thee most important aspect, to winning teams it really isn’t. I would prefer he be better at it, but over the years I have come to realize GMs tend to have strengths leaning in certain directions. McKay was good at Free Agency. Dominick was could at Contracts and Cap. Licht is good at drafting and excels at trades. He’s also reasonable acceptable at cap management.

    I know, some will scoff at that given the current situation with the cap, but really, this is the first year cap has been an issue since he has been here, and when a team gets good players, cap suffers. It happens to all teams when they improve.

    But let’s review Jason Licht’s drafts:

    2019 – 1 – Devin White LB
    2019 – 2 – Sean Bunting CB
    2019 – 3 – Jamel Dean CB
    2019 – 3 – Mike Edwards S
    2019 – 4 – Anthony Nelson DE
    2019 – 5 – Matt Gay K
    2019 – 6 – Scott Miller WR
    2019 – 7 – Terry Beckner, Jr. DT

    We don’t really know how this one will turn out yet, but I am optimistic about White, Bunting, Edwards, Gay and Miller. That’s 5 of 8. Possibly more good picks. 62.5 Probability of success.

    2018 – 1 – Vita Vea DT
    2018 – 2 – Ronald Jones RB
    2018 – 2 – M.J. Stewart CB
    2018 – 2 – Carlton Davis CB
    2018 – 3 – Alex Cappa T
    2018 – 4 – Jordan Whitehead S
    2018 – 5 – Justin Watson WR
    2018 – 6 – Jack Cichy LB

    I still think it’s ironic that Bucs fans wrote off Vita Vea as a bust before he even took the field. I believe he will be a historical Bucs player. Jones was also written off…far too soon. This year he is surging, and I believe in the kid. I don’t think he got a fair chance at all last year. Davis is playing like a starter. Cappa is starting (and don’t fret about the oline issues. OTAs and minicamps do nothing for Oliners, and so they are really only just starting off this year) Whitehead is looking good.

    Watson has shown a tiny bit…too soon to write him off. Cichy is a complete unkown because of injury, and though one or both of the Joe’s thought his career could be in jeopardy early this year, I’m hoping he’ll work out. As to MJ Stewart, I’ve always said he’d do better in Press Coverage, so I have hopes for him…but given the number of CBs we have to choose from, I know his chance to make the team is low. 50% Success. 50% Undetermined.

    2017 – 1 – O.J. Howard TE
    2017 – 2 – Justin Evans S
    2017 – 3 – Chris Godwin WR
    2017 – 3 – Kendell Beckwith LB
    2017 – 5 – Jeremy McNichols RB
    2017 – 7 – Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT

    Howard. Godwin. Bechwith. Those were great picks. Justin Evans is undetermined. It’s a shame about Beckwith. Hopefully we’ll see him on the field again someday, and he’ll still be good. 50% Success.

    2016 – 1 – Vernon Hargreaves CB – WE’LL SEE THIS YEAR
    2016 – 2 – Noah Spence DE – WE’LL SEE THIS YEAR
    2016 – 2 – Roberto Aguayo K – BUST
    2016 – 4 – Ryan Smith CB – POTENTIAL BUST
    2016 – 5 – Caleb Benenoch T – BUST
    2016 – 6 – Devante Bond LB – PRODUCTIVE
    2016 – 6 – Danny Vitale FB – BUST

    This is considered Jason Licht’s worst draft…but was it a total bust? We do not know for certain yet, but it would not surprise me. Most GMs have an occasional bad draft. Most consider Roberto Aguayo Licht’s biggest mistake. I don’t agree. Okay, so he was taken too early, and he was a bust either way…but Licht knew that finding a kicker was going to be an issue and he gambled big to nip it in the bud. He failed, but I appreciate the effort. 28.6% Success. 28.6% Success.

    2015 – 1 – Jameis Winston QB
    2015 – 2 – Donovan Smith LT
    2015 – 2 – Ali Marpet G/C
    2015 – 4 – Kwon Alexander LB
    2015 – 5 – Kenny Bell WR
    2015 – 6 – Kaelin Clay WR
    2015 – 7 – Joey Iosefa FB

    Winston. Smith. Marpet, Kwon. Four great picks out of the bunch. 57.1% Success.

    2014 – 1 – Mike Evans WR
    2014 – 2 – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE
    2014 – 3 – Charles Sims RB
    2014 – 5 – Kadeem Edwards OL
    2014 – 5 – Kevin Pamphile T
    2014 – 6 – Robert Herron WR

    This came close to being Jason Licht’s worst draft. Really, the only successful pick was Mike Evans. However…Charles Sims did perform for the BUcs for a number of years, so he could be considered a successful pick. Not a starter, buit depth counts. Now, the question here is whether Jason had much say in this draft. Lovie Smith had full control, and most fans blamed Lovie for it. Personally, I think Lovie had a lot of control, but it was on both their shoulders.33.3% Success.

    That’s an overall draft success rate of 47%, well above the league average of 25-30%

    Question 2: How many regular wins this regular season would satisfy you? Why that record?

    I’m not going to make any predictions…but I do believe kicking and defense cost us the playoffs two of the last three seasons, and thos seem to have been addressed. Here’s a bit of interesting stuff: in the past 5 years, the other three teams in our division have each made it to the NFC Championship game. It would seem to be our turn.

    Question 3: Who is your favorite Bucs offensive lineman and why?

    Obviously Marpet, but Jenson is growing on me. I like his mean streak.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think the drafts have been good. After that, it is up to coaching to win, not the GM.

    And I do not believe Licht had much say in who was hired as coach.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I deny the myth that the Buccaneers are in Cap Hell. Up until this year, there have been no cap issues at all under Jason Licht. This is the first time.

    The Bucs are Cap Challenged. How Licht responds to this status this year and next will determine whether we are in Cap Hell.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Pittsshore Says
    “To my point: why draft a guy in the 5th round and keep Santos??? Santos will be cut and has a family to feed. Give him a chance at a real position opportunity with another team.”

    Because the general idea is to see how Gay handles the pressure of a true competition. It is entirely possible the Bucs will keep both kickers for the first few games of the season, just to play it safe. We have a suspended player for the first 4 games. That gives us a cushion.

  24. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Bonzai….So with that thinking, my wife loses her mind and serves me with divorce papers because I tailgate too much…. I’m not in marriage hell I am “marriage-challenged”. 🙂

  25. DB55 Says:

    I’m assuming Ira was the one who said Demar Dotson?

  26. Rob Says:

    I know this has been a theme on Ira’s podcast for Bucs not getting their hopes too high on coaching fixing this team. But I don’t see how anyone who knows anything about football with two eyes not seeing a marked difference in how this team is being coached. I have little doubt that this team will play with much more accountability due to the culture that BA is creating. He has the gravitas to get more from this team, especially considering that in the last two years, we were a deceiving 5-11. A lot of close games…with BA, I see us winning the last 2 minutes more and being significantly more disciplined. Not a Super Bowl team by any means, but expect to surprise and make the playoffs. Does anyone remember what a coach with gravitas did Year 1 with a Bucs team that Dungy couldn’t get the most out of? Totally different situation with a losing team compared to those 2002 Bucs, but think we’ll see a similar rise…

  27. Magadude Says:

    @Bucsfannman…I personally think it’s a D. When his whole stint as GM culminates in Winston being a guy they regret wasting the #1 overall pick on for various reasons, he’ll slip to an F and be fired.

  28. ben Says:

    ..How can anyone say Licht is worth keeping ?? Other teams with winning records have money buy not the bucs!!.. a bad record and no cash …Its a joke ..F for complete failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. delson Says:

    Licht sucks. I’m sure we could pull somebody from the college ranks who has their eyes on the field. A guy with foresight to balance contracts and position needs. Also upcoming draft classes to fill those heavy contract shoes. I dont imagine itd be hard to pick no brainers at the top of the draft

  30. Echase Says:

    C??? The team sucks, we have no salary cap space and he gets a c??? The only c I want to see is. C-ya