“Maybe Eight Games Or He Is Out Of The League”

July 18th, 2019

Trashes America.

Joe has to give the devil his due. Anyone who can take an Ezekiel Elliott story and twist it into a prediction that America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, “maybe” has but a handful of games before his NFL days are done has some kind of a gift.

FS1 personality Colin Cowturd went on a bizarre rant recently that began with him griping about Elliott threatening to sit out until he gets a new contract and moving to a diatribe that Jameis has “maybe” eight games to prove he belongs in the NFL or he will have to find gainful employment in the real world.

Cowturd railed that Elliott is “immature” for looking for a pay raise and then began a rant about Johnny Football and Jameis.

“I don’t have time for you to grow up,” snapped Cowturd, who notoriously has stated in the past he is not concerned with accuracy. In other words, he is a blowhard.

“Jameis Winston has got about a year — maybe eight games — or he is out of the league,” Cowturd declared.

You want to know why the Bucs are the Bucs? This team has a rich history of using the Cowturd mentality on quarterbacks, which means giving up on them too soon only to see them blossom and win when playing for better teams and coaches.

How about Steve Young? For those who believe a quarterback’s worth is judged on wins, his winning percentage with the Bucs was atrocious. He was traded to a good organization with an excellent coach and now people pay to stare at his bust in Canton.

Vinny Testaverde is another guy the Bucs gave up on too early. He had fine success playing for Bill Parcells and Bill Belicheat.

Joe has wondered about this very same result if the Bucs dump Jameis citing his win-loss record. He might go to an organization that has a clue what they are doing and he will shine. Meanwhile, the Bucs will still be slumming along with glorified construction workers at quarterback, moored forever in Buccaneers Cove (last place in the NFC South).


You can watch Cowturd’s full rant below. (Hat tip: @Chrisbell323.)

120 Responses to ““Maybe Eight Games Or He Is Out Of The League””

  1. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Truth hurts….WinSTUNNED kinda sucks…

  2. Sport Says:

    Colin is provocative, it gets ratings.

    My biggest concern with Jamies will be in meaningful games, whether its a division game, a playoff push or do or die situation. If/when that happens, what do you expect from him. Currently, I hope he doesn’t go on the field of play and hit a player, throw a Joe Cocker scramble ball up for grabs or have an off field situation be feels.is better to try to cover up rather than tell his own team.

    Pretty sure Steve Young nor Vinny Testaverde didn’t have those brainless issues on the regular like Jamies has.

    I am hopeful with Jamies. However its probably even money, based on his own history, he could wash himself out. I’ve always said, JW is JW’s worst enemy.

    In BA I Trust!

  3. Magadude Says:

    Much nonsense from Cowherd. Winston will be given the whole season to take the next step, but I think he’s going to have to play lights out better than ever, plus be (back) in good graces with fan to get a new contract–and that means to act his age, lead a football team, someone who is exemplary in the community by ALL of his actions. No need to dwell on that now–but I am not sure he’s got that in him.

    I agree, Cowherd can be a blowhard. I pay no attention to him. But I agree on a common denonominator of Zeke, Manziel and Winston being immaturity. He is using his platform to call out three guys he doesn’t think are cutting it. That is not unreasonable.

    But seriously, Joe:
    1. He is not trashing America as the caption says. Did I miss somethign? If those guys are “America” we are in big trouble. I think that line is sad to use given the dynamic in this country today. Just my thoughts.
    2. I think you don’t make yourself…your site…look professional in twisting people’s names into words desribing feces. That’s elementary school stuff. You are better than that! Hey, it’s your site…I get it. Just very surprised.

  4. Gerald McBezos Says:


    Vinny was 24-48 here and ended up with more passing yards for his career than Joe Montana.

    77 touchdowns 112 INT in Tampa.
    77 touchdowns 58 INT in New York.

    In an alternative universe where Vinny stays in Tampa long enough to QB the mid-late 90s Dungyball Bucs, we have multiple rings.

  5. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, you mock the guy as an immature blowhard……then you constantly refer to him as “Cowturd”….hmmmm

  6. SmoothBayRider Says:

    The National narrative on Winston is so much different than the local one . I’ve been all around the country , and I can tell you that when Jameis Winston gets brought up , most people give a chuckle and insinuate that Jameis is trash . And TBH , I don’t blame them . Throughout his NFL career , Jameis has had a lot more negatives than positives . It could even be said that on the field , he has shown more negative than positive . If this Guy’s name was anything other than Jameis Winston or went to a College other than FSU , The Bucs fans that still support him , probably wouldn’t .

    As far as Cowherd goes , I think he’s a little off . I don’t think Jameis has 8 games to prove himself or out of the league . I’d say he has 8 games to prove himself or he will be a full time clipboard holder . I’m rooting for the guy to take the next step , but I personally feel like we are spinning our wheels with him behind the wheel .

  7. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Only 8 games? Is Cowherd anticipating another suspension?

  8. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    8 days…..

  9. Bird Says:

    Get him joe. No one talks about your man like that . dang poop head.

    Jameis gets the entire year.
    I think Jameis will play his best football this year with proper coaches
    He is called the quarterback whisperer for a reason

    Let’s wait and see what that looks like cause let’s face it – Wins need to matter.

  10. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Cowherd mentioned both Johnny Football and Jameis in the same sentence? Joe must’ve been in heaven

  11. Gerald McBezos Says:

    The NFL top 100 list is for entertainment purposes only, and can be seen as something of a popularity contest. Same as the pro bowl really.

    That being said, it’s still a thing. And allegedly, it’s voted on by the players themselves.

    Jameis was #57 in the NFL in 2017. That’s not borderline, that’s easily in the top 100.

    People act like he’s turned into Trent Dilfer circa 1995 since then. The most inaccurate QB in the history of the league, with a 61.6 completion %. Right behind notoriously accurate Brad Johnson (61.7%) and just ahead of notoriously accurate Troy Aikman (61.5) and Andrew Luck (60.7%).

    Jameis has thrown 58 INT in 4 years. Luck has thrown 56 INT in his last 4 years. And we’re comparing Jameis at age 21-24 with Luck at age 25-28 here.

    People are going to be surprised this year. They shouldn’t be.

  12. Pittsshore Says:

    I give him 4-6 games.

  13. Magadude Says:

    The ONLY reason Luck (and Trent Dilfer for that matter) wouldn’t be there to LEAD his team is injury. That’s much much much than anyone has been able to say about Winston. He’s a joke nationally for EVERYTHING, not just what’s on the field. It if fair, yet still a shame that he’s spoken in the same sentence as Zeke and Manziel. We can only hope this is the year Winston PROVES he has matured. Not holding my breath.

  14. J Says:

    Love how Mafield made Coward look like a fool, LOL.

  15. JA Says:

    Coming from a guy that has called baseball easy because Dominicans play it and stating that CTE is a overblown because Steve Young and Troy Aikman had multiple concussions and can still announce is not someone that deserves a coherent listen.
    Cowherd has made a career out of sticking his head up his ass to gather information. Musta got a head-full when, in 2016, he called Aaron Rogers “just inside the top 20” as he rated NFL QB’s. Then, ten months later, he called Rogers a first ballot hall of famer.
    Rest assured, if Jameis has a good year Cowherd will be claiming he predicted it before the season began.
    Like Skip Bayless, Cowherd will say anything to get attention. And it’s paying off. The new America has a craving for fools and Cowherd can proudly say he is among the best.

  16. Allbuccedup Says:

    Steve Young was the only QB the bucs gave up on too soon. Vinny never was that good with the bucs or anyone else. The only reason his passing yardage was so high it seemed like he played forever. I guess he stayed in great shape.

  17. Clodhopper Says:

    Jameis has years left. Even if he stinks it up this year and we dump him, plenty of qb needy teams will be happy to take a chance on him.

    He’s half right though. It’s past time for Jameis to show us his high football IQ and situational awareness we were promised by every expert under the sun 2 years before he was drafted.

  18. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Smoothbayrider…that’s the primary local view of Winston too.

  19. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Gerald McBezos…..uhhhh, here’s the top 100 list by players…..straining my eyes, but Winston ain’t there…..


  20. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The Only thing worse for a team that is looking for a franchise QB, is thinking they have one when they don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since this is about the t3rd staight ” make it or break it” season for jw3, ( and we know hie did not make it!!!) It is easy to see even the sheep turning on jw3 midseason!!!!!!!! While he might play almost a full season, How long will his public opinion among the fan base last????????? My advice to all the coaches is that they should not buy property, but to rent!!!!!!!!!! Month by Month if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Look closely at Cowturds eyes. This entited Narc has some Marv Albert in him. Something very strange and evil behind those eyes”

    Kobe Faker

  22. Pete I Says:

    Well he shouldn’t be wrong. Jameis hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt. All he has earned is doubt.

    It’s now or never for Jameis “meaningless stats” Winston.

    BA and his golf cart are hear to “participate” in changing the ONLY stat that matters for a QB (particularly a first pick in the draft QB) wins and losses. 21-33 and he can’t carry a team when it matters.

  23. Bobby M. Says:

    If I ran the team, I would repeat the formula that worked for Vinny with the Jets. Workhouse RB (Curtis Martin)…possession WR (Keyshawn Johnson)….and solid defense. I believe we can compete for the playoffs with that. Right now we are built completely backwards for Winston. No running game….patch job defense…all our eggs in the WR/TE positions. Licht has had the wrong vision from day one….He thinks he has Tom Brady….He’s really got Vinny….at best.

  24. Pete I Says:

    “2. I think you don’t make yourself…your site…look professional in twisting people’s names into words describing feces. That’s elementary school stuff. You are better than that! Hey, it’s your site…I get it. Just very surprised.”

    Agreed! Not a good look.

  25. BigHog Says:

    If FAMOUS doesn’t shine, it will mean something that the real fans already know ….GO BUCS, GO FAMOUS, GO SUHY!!

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Cowhurd is one of those media guys with no accountability for what he says. Which is why nothing he says is important.

  27. Bucsdelight Says:

    I have to agree about Zeke, he agreed to his rookie contract, he should honor it. Coming in 2 yrs before it ends is ridiculous. I can’t blame him for trying, but he should realize that Dak and others are up for extensions and they are more important. He can work his extension next year when he has a year left.

  28. TDTB Says:

    Jameis gets full season regardless of performance. Bucs draft a QB in first round regardless of performance. If Jameis plays well the likely franchise tag him to see why they have in drafted QB. If Jameis stinks it up, then it’s Gabbert or somebody similar in 2020 while developing the drafted QB.

  29. ATLBucs Says:

    Don’t forget about Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams

  30. Race to 10 Says:

    I’m a fan of colin but that was the worst incoherent idiotic rant he ever had and it made no sense about anybody he talked about. That wasn’t even about his play. If you agreed with his rant you’re an idiot to if you think BA would get rid of him midseason. Really he’s such a problem he’s almost out the league? Lol he lost so much credibility I don’t know if he ever had much and I doubt anyone worth a salt took that seriously.

  31. ATLBucs Says:

    He’s half right though. It’s past time for Jameis to show us his high football IQ and situational awareness we were promised by every expert under the sun 2 years before he was drafted.

    I think he has done a great job considering the fact that we played from behind a lot and had no running game. He forced the ball at times but given the circumstances he was forced to take too many chances. What would our fan base think of him if he threw the ball away in crucial third and long situations to protect his TD – INT ratio?

  32. BucsminsterFuller Says:

    5 years is enough time to show us he isn’t good enough.

  33. Buccaroo Says:

    I don’t think this “Cowturd” is too far off. At some point, if Jameis continues to be a turnover machine, you have to consider moving on because exactly how many chances do you give someone? Guaranteed if he hadn’t been 1st pick 1st round he probably wouldn’t even be in the conversation for a second contract or franchise tag. He might not even be the starting QB.

  34. BUCLUV55 Says:

    Just one blowhard ranting about another. Peas in a pod.

  35. AwShbucs Says:

    Big difference between Johnny and Jameis. Jameis has actually produced in this league. Where Manziel, despite the off field issues, flat out did not have the tools to make it in this league. He was Struggling in the damn AAF.

    Just another in a series of many, many terrible takes from this clown. One of the Joe’s on this site isnt quite as bad but is in the same general realm…

  36. Jeff Says:

    Out of the league? Lol! He’d get another starting job in a second. JW is going to make the “turd” look silly! Go Bucs!

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Cowherd is right about all the players mentioned. Teams and fans should be patient when it comes to a player’s development but they should have zero patience for a players to mature as a person.

    Joe, your point of view on Jameis’ fifth year and making comparisons to Steve Young and Vinny Testaverde is flawed. Jameis has been given ***EVERY*** opportunity to succeed. You can’t say the same for Testaverde and Young. Backstabbin’ Jason Licht fired Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter to bring in personnel he thought was better suited to help Jameis. He has brought in free agents and drafted in a way to bolster the offense. That sick criminal who used to have a podcast would blather on about #WeaponsForWinston and that’s exactly what the Bucs have done.

    If Band-Aid and his staff cannot fix Winston, there is no fixing him. His record as a starting QB is not the only problem and you know that Joseph! He is a turnover machine and if that isn’t fixed then he needs to go.

  38. ben Says:

    Winston has had 4 years to prove himself ..keep up the excuses for the 1st pick in the draft who has failed ….so far !!!

  39. Magadude Says:

    @Ben…right on…folks should quit putting up for Winston until he puts up for himself. As stated above, the common thing with Zeke, Manziel and Winston, is their immaturity. And that has led to disastrous things for all three, and their teams. It is ALL their OWN doing. And other than their own poor decisions, it pervades somewhat due to their “fans” coddling them, looking the other way, and even egging them on in some cases.

    Folks that care about Winston and his future need to be hard on him every day, not making excuses for him, not trying to cover for the obvious things. Toughen the young man up so he can face the real world, where the sports media is not gentle and kind, especially if one has or has had character called into question.

    Let’s get through one complete season on Winston without him being in the news for the wrong reasons, AND have him play lights out consistently on the field (has to do better than he has) to prove he’s got what it takes physically and mentally. The more people keep coddling him, the weaker he will be, the greater are the chances he will ultimately fail.

  40. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    This man a fool! They said we’d go 0-3 last year lol

  41. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I think folks like D.R. who love defense are going to be happy this year. I’m hoping for two all pros in this draft. White and it may take a few years and ints but eventually Edwards.

    So the defense under Bowles improves dramatically we make the playoffs and JW plays well. But he manages the ball well and only takes shots where appropriate thanks to BA’s coaching.

    Then there will be the folks who say we didn’t make the playoffs because of JW but because of our defense. JW is not going to be able to please a certain segment.

  42. mike Says:

    Joe has wondered about this very same result if the Bucs dump Jameis citing his win-loss record…. if they give up on Jameis, it will be because he has turned it over more than any other starter in thenfl and year 5 doesn’t show better results and he wants 20 plus million…thats why they would give up on #3…. it won’t be the record

  43. 813bucboi Says:

    if he cant get it right here, he’ll be a career back-up….just like ej manuel…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  44. Gerald McBezos Says:

    Morgus, no need to strain your eyes.

    Just need to slow down a little bit to catch the details. #57 in *2017*.

    Thanks for the link, though.

    To say “Jameis has been given every opportunity to succeed” is ridiculous.

    In 2016 he was handing the ball off to Doug Martin’s 2.9 YPC, statistically the worst RB in football in 20 years. Our leading rusher didn’t have 600 yards.

    He was throwing footballs to virtual unknowns in Brate and Humphries, who had less than 50 career catches combined prior to 2016.

    Jameis MADE Adam Humphries a rich man.

    Just like Brady does with Edelman.

    This offense, over the past 5 years, has produced the franchise’s greatest all time WR – no question – a guy who is legitimately on a Hall of Fame pace.

    It has also turned two UDFA unknown guys into very rich men. Who was throwing the football to these guys? Hell, Jameis was throwing to Freddie Martino, Cecil Shorts, and Danny Peebles in 2016 and we went 9-7.

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    Nothing new here. Both Colin and Steve Smith are commentators who..Keep the gravel agitated. And their fans love it. Nothing surprises me when they open their mouths. Ratings a bit down? Fire’em Up baby! I don’ place a lot of faith in what either of them say for one minute. Matter of fact, They are Comic relief.

  46. gotbbucs Says:

    How is he wrong?
    They’re paying Winston $20 million this year to prove that he belongs. If he continues giving the ball away and acting like a clown on the sideline then eight games may be too many.
    If he comes out and looks like garbage the first game of the year then we all know how the rest of the season will go.

    I wont be a believer at this point until he puts a legit good eight games in a row under his belt and quits puking the bal upl all over the field.

  47. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    If Jameis doesnt make it here, it would be interesting where he ends up. The Pats & Chargers as a backup would probably be the top of the list which would give him a shot to start there in 2 years

  48. D-Rome Says:

    if he cant get it right here, he’ll be a career back-up….just like ej manuel…

    Yes, exactly. If he doesn’t turn it around this year he’s going to have a similar career path as Ryan Fitzpatrick. The only difference is that he’ll have better looking “stats” because the NFL is different now.

  49. Sauron's eye Says:

    I agree JW has this year to prove he is a starter. If we let him go there is a high chance he becomes a back up. Out of the league, no way unless it is an off the field issue.

  50. Dapostman Says:

    Bottom 5 defense.

    Bottom 5 rushing game.

    Bottom 5 special teams.

    Oh the excuses. Give this guy a half way average team around him and let’s see what he can do before clowns like Coward want him run out of town.

  51. RustyRhinos Says:

    What is it about earning your new contract with quality play and Wins and no off season issues. Sure we can all jump in Joe’s boat and say we should just sign Winston before he goes to another team and becomes successful. But if we sign him and he is not what we hoped he could grow to become, we are stuck with that $120 million anchor. Why are we still so undecided about this franchise’s first round draft choice abilities in his Fifth season. Does that scream this guy is worth $25+ million a season for the next five seasons. I have not yet seen enough of those Wow moments. Sure a few great plays a season, not offsetting those WTF!! UGGH!! moments. Glad it is not my responsibility to sign or not to sign this “franchise” QB.
    Show Me! Do not tell me, Show Me!!!
    Go Bucs!

  52. Greg Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare the quarterbacks from the Coverhouse time as owners. There was no salary cap and no salary Cap floor. They simply did not spend money on the team. The glaziers rather you want to believe it or not are actually pouring money into the team. That’s why we kept Mike Evans. Plus it’s a different NFL then it was in the 80s as far as rule changes to support the passing game. Basically if you can’t make it as a passer in 2019 you just suck. I’m not totally putting the win loss record on Jameis Winston. Obviously our defense sucks our running game sucks and were in the toughest division in football. I am however convinced of his immaturity. I think it’s part of his personality not something temporary. On and off the field the guys a train wreck and an embarrassment to our franchise. Let’s bring in talent we can actually route four. Jeff golf is not a great quarterback but he’s on a good team. Does not make sense to overpay for a quarterback anymore since it’s more about the system and the coach.

  53. Greg Says:

    Sorry for the spelling errors. Voice texting

  54. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh the off-season.

    How many stories about dudes saying this is a make it or break it year for Jameis Winston can we find?

    Now Cowturd.


  55. Race to 10 Says:

    Its unreal the number of fake fans flooding your website rooting for winston to fail meaning hoping the team fails.

    Still waiting for someone to explain how colin said anything about stats or quarterback play when all he said was he came into the league with maturity issues which was obvious by all the investigations done into him predraft. Not once did he mention turnovers or on field play. He said hes immature that’s why he’ll be out of the league? Mentioning him in the same breathe as Zeke and Manziel doesn’t make him right especially when he backed up his claims on the others but said nothing about winston. Haters and it’s sad what this fanbase has become. I’ll admit it’s a real possibility hes not a buc after this year but out of the league that’s idiotic considering Freeman was signed by 3 nfl teams after he was cut. Way too many haters on this site very few buc fans

  56. jmarkbuc Says:

    Think about how close JW is to actually becoming Ryan Fitzpatrick. Journeyman/Backup who can light it up for a few games a year, then go in the tank.


    Make or break (again) indeed.

    Hope he makes it.

  57. SteveK Says:

    I hope Jameis goes off this year and has a career year. We are away from home for 7 straight weeks, and Jameis hasn’t won an away game in a minute.

  58. mike Says:

    @raceto10… very few are wanting him to fail. Lotsherejustdon’t see giving him big big money for another 4 years if its going to be like the last 4. Lived in Denver and saw cutler, he was amazing at time but careless at times, and he never really improved much. Of course out there, he was to blame… not the defense, not mccoy, not the run game. He needs to make a big jump for another 4 years.

  59. mike Says:

    @gerald… umm Humphries made Humphries a rich man. Just bc Brate and Hump were unknowns doesn’t mean they aren’t great players. I guess Adam Thelin is a probowler because of Kirk Cousins and Big Ben made a 5th rounder in AB a pro bowler. Give me a break. Jameis has tons of weapons!

  60. Greg Says:

    Race day o 10 don’t get confused. You don’t have to be delusional to be a fan. People who have watched the Buccaneers as long as I have can see what’s working and what’s not. The articles point was that he would not have drafted someone that immature and deal with the growing pains. You’re right he did not bring up the fact that Jameis Winston leads the NFL in turnovers Every year between interceptions and fumbles and for the hundredth time writing out checks to two different girls for sexual misconduct is not immaturity. It means he’s an a-hole! There is a reason so many people are sick to their stomach about the personnel decisions that have been made in this organization. Nothing changes till we change the front office. If Jamison lights set up this year? Awesome! But if he is just mediocre and get a five-year deal and then goes back to being the guy he’s always been? Tragedy for the organization. Be careful what you wish for. And be careful calling out people that know more about football than you.

  61. Greg Says:

    Stay classy Tampa. Mic drop exit stage left. LOL

  62. D-Rome Says:

    Its unreal the number of fake fans flooding your website rooting for winston to fail meaning hoping the team fails.

    No one is rooting for him to fail. You read what you want to read, I guess.

  63. AllhailJPP Says:

    Five more years….yea, thats all he needs…keep dreaming fsu homers

    Cowturd nailed it..sorry not sorry

  64. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    Earth to TB Bucs fans: The Bleacher Reports have the Bucs picking fourth and go with an Edge rusher from Iowa.

    Agree with the position but it ill be QB (likely another flop if Licht is involved).

  65. July Joe Says:

    Cowherd is funny. He praises the crap out of players he personally likes even if they stunk (Sam Darnold!!!) and just rips players he doesn’t like even if they’re great (Russell Westbrook!!!). He hates Jameis, Baker Mayfield, and a bunch of others.

    Guys like him aren’t reporters they’re just ish talkers with big personalities, so it’s fun and stupid all at the same time.

  66. July Joe Says:

    The “8” games thing is just dumb though and one of those “hot takes” that will be laughed at later. JW is still so young and so talented and has all the tools coaches look for that if this is his last year in Tampa, he’ll easily be the #1 free agent when the season ends and probably sign a monster contract with the Bengals or Raiders or 49’ers (Jimmy G’s on his last year of real guaranteed money) or Titans or Dolphins or Bronos, etc. Then, if he just does the same in that city (put up big numbers and top 5 metrics every year but the team fails to make the playoffs), he’ll likely be a free agent again and get another big contract and on and on and on. The guy is easily talented and productive enough to start for 15 years in the NFL just like Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer and a bunch of other guys … dudes like Jameis last a long, long, long time in the NFL so that the media doesn’t get that or someone like Cowherd just likes ripping players he doesn’t like, doesn’t change that.

  67. Gerald McBezos Says:

    Fitzpatrick completed 164 passes last year.

    20 went to Hump. 12% of the passing offense.
    9 went to Brate. 5% of the passing offense.

    Jameis completed 244 passes last year.

    56 went to Hump. 23% of the passing offense.
    21 went to Brate. 9% of the passing offense.

    Both players were, by the numbers just a shade under TWICE AS PRODUCTIVE with Jameis as QB.

    408 completions total.

    Project those numbers over 408 completions, for what a full season would look like.

    If Fitz had started all 16 games, using last years actual averages…

    Hump was on pace for 50 receptions.
    Brate was on pace for 22 receptions.

    If Jameis had started all 16 games….

    Hump was on pace for 94 receptions.
    Brate was on pace for 35 receptions.

    The slot WR with 50 receptions does not get paid, the slot WR with 90 receptions does. Jameis played about 65% of the season, if he’d played the other 35%, Hump would have caught 90 balls and gotten paid even MORE.

    And the loss of Humphries is a major setback, more than most people think.

    He caught more passes from Jameis (56) than Evans (52) last year. He caught more balls from Jameis than Godwin and Desean combined…

  68. Alstott up the gut Says:

    Winston’s career has not lived up to expectations…. not even close! I don’t need dominant stats and pro-bowls, I need the playoffs!! I’ve posted this before, many young QBs have already gotten their team in the playoffs, while our #1 pick is taking a deal to avoid us knowing what really happened in an Uber, sucking on his fingers, and putting Mike Evans in a bad position during that game with the Saints. The biggest acquisition this offseason is Bruce Arians. Winston doesn’t have 8 games, he has 3!! Those first 3 opponents at worst need to be 2-1. The next 5 games are ALL away from Tampa. Must connect quickly and get that 3-0!!

  69. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Cowturd is proof that you don’t have to be good at your job to keep it.

  70. mike Says:

    We only tradedYoung because Vinny was coming and supposed to be the best thing ever. Vinny took a long time just to be a better than average qb. Too bad we drafted Steve Young ahead of Reggie White, one pick later…. Its a buc life.

  71. Gerald McBezos Says:

    The only way Jameis gets yanked after 3 games is if we fire Arians, lure Schiano out of retirement, and trade for Glennon all before training camp starts.

  72. July Joe Says:

    @Jameis Almighty,

    That is a great post, it got me laughing as it’s so true!

  73. Alstott up the gut Says:

    @Gerald… I don’t believe he will get yanked, but if he doesn’t start fast, that 5 game stretch will destroy the season. Bucs get screwed by the schedule-makers again, but a strong start to this season is paramount, or well be 2-6 after week 8.

  74. D1 Says:

    July joe,

    would you be so kind as to clarify your last post. Are you suggesting that if Winston has , statistically, similar numbers this season as last or the previous
    but doesn’t make the playoffs that he will be the #1 free agent?

  75. BucsBandit Says:

    My favorite “Winston Excuse” is the old…

    “How can Winston be expected to win when we have a Bottom 5 Running Game?”

    OH YEAH?

    Doug Martin rushed for over *1,400* yards during Winston’s first season and we had one of the best running games in the league that season… and Winston produced… SIX. WINS.

    Yes, 6.

  76. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I think JW should decline any option with this team. I don’t know if there is a single poster on this thread that supports him. They are anxious to go back to the glory days of scrub QBs like Glennon and McCown. Winston should finish out this year and then see who is interested in his services and take the best one financially and for him personally. I would prefer to see him go to an extremely well run organization like NE. He has had plenty of success here but because he is surrounded by trash on the OL, defense, and special teams the team has not won. Run, don’t walk Jameis, and get alway from this train wreck of a franchise and clueless fan base.

  77. mike Says:

    @touchdown… Jameis doesn’t have any option… If the Bucs want him, then they offer him a contract or franchise him. If the Bucs don’t want him, they don’t offer him a contract.

  78. mike Says:

    @touchdown… so if you say the d sucks, the oline is trash,the special teams is trash but the qb is great, then you are a smart fan… but if you say the oline and run game is average and there are weapons but the qb is average or below, then you are a clueless hater…. got it

  79. Bucsfanman Says:

    Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. ALL the reasons for, and ALL the reasons against.
    He either IS the QB of the future, or he isn’t. I’d say this is the year that tells us.

  80. Gerald McBezos Says:

    Winston won six games as a rookie. With a 26th ranked defense that was so bad we PAID LOVIE SMITH NOT TO COACH anymore.

    With a team that won two games the year before he arrived. Yes, two

    So a team has two wins before it drafts the QB, 6 wins his first year, 9 wins his 2nd year. And the conclusion drawn by some is “this guy sucks:.

  81. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    The run game is complete trash. JW was our leading rusher last year. The right side of the o-line is very bad, and the left tackle is extremely inconsistent. If you think this two pieces are average you are sorely mistaken. Don’t worry though, if the Glazers are on this site, the fan base has spoke and they may just let him walk to appease you guys. If that happens he will have plenty of options to choose from. Once GMs really start looking at film they will see a guy that has had plenty of production for a reason. They may also realize that the defense has given up multiple fourth quarter leads as well. Cowherd’s take is absurd and I have no doubt he has watched very little Bucs football the last few years. Jameis will be starter somewhere else next year if the Bucs don’t franchise him.

  82. Tye Says:

    “mentality on quarterbacks, which means giving up on them too soon only to see them blossom and win when playing for better teams and coaches.”

    Weakest argument out there… The same could be said the opposite… We see he isn’t the guy… Go ahead and sign him out of FEAR and stay in ‘Bucs cove’ 5 more years… They have been in ‘Bucs Cove’ With him at qb…

    Sign him to a multi-year deal and WATCH the other 3 NFCS teams step on their neck twice a year as they fight year after year for the title…
    Whether they sign him or wisely give themselves a greater chance at a better future by not settling for mediocre, they will likely mess it up…

  83. D1 Says:


    Here is an opinion from a former GM and DB.

    Louis Riddick explained what the team’s biggest worry is right now:

    “The Buccaneers hired Arians first and foremost to get the best out of Winston, and that is the biggest area of concern for me as far as their future is concerned. In his four seasons in the league, Winston has thrown 58 interceptions, tied for second-most among QBs, compared to 88 touchdowns, which ranks 15th. There is no question that the Bucs need to get a competent rushing attack established to help take some of the pressure off of Winston… but this team is going nowhere in the short term if Winston doesn’t improve.”

  84. Clay Travis Says:

    Louis Riddick is a great friend of mine, because he hates Jameis like all wise men do!

    He was a great GM, ignore the fact he was fired fast and then his team said he wasn’t even qualified for another job!

    Ignore the fact he has hated Jameis for years and takes every chance he gets to bash him, that’s why I love Riddick, he’s doing the Lord’s work!

    WE will run Jameis out of Tampa!

    I will make sure that “Magadude” and “Thursday Joe 5 of 7” and “Fragis” and “Morgus the Magnificent” and MANY, MANY more of my friend, errr, I mean my friendS, as in plural, yeah, more than one, my friendS, trash Jameis and trash anyone who supports Jameis!

    I and my friend, crap, I meant friendS, as in plural, I and my friendS will not stop bashing Jameis until we run him out of town! We don’t want his kind in Tampa and WE ARE LEGION, WE WILL WIN!!!!!!

  85. D1 Says:

    Weak minded and lowwattage,

    The “Haters” by in large have no problem with seeing both the upside and downside. This isn’t the case with the jameis-baters. Not sure why , but they seem unable to mentally process two opposing opinions.

    @ Winston does not make quick in game decisions. He had 18
    interceptions this past season, many of which were because throws
    were late. He was sacked 17 times in 2014 and 27 times in 2013

    @ Difficulty reading defenses: throws into double coverage

    @ Too much confidence in his arm, throws himself into trouble

    @ Accuracy is inconsistentStreaky player, who infamously starts off slow.
    In college and in the pros game.

    Final Thoughts:

    Winston is an unbelievable talent. Which is why He was drafted #1 in the first round. The potential is there, but it would not be shocking to see him being a bust. Winston will either be amazing or horrible. His game is unpolished, he needs the right situation to be a star.

    After 4years nothing should surprise Buc fans, Winston, is good and bad.

  86. Magadude Says:

    @ “Clay”…looks like the opposite is happening from what you state. Those critical of Winston’s maturity, play, etc are being bashed by YOU and the mysterious new posters. This guy who comes on to plug the new book…one that I bought..gets his feeling hurts when people talk about the marketing, foreword, picture of Winston, premise, title, etc of the book being….terrible. They are IMO. Those who can’t stand the heat shouldn’t be in the kitchen. When a book is put out there that starts off with a “Jameis vs Jesus Christ” discussion and how religoius the “unbisased” author is, and how he is willing to go on any show (as long as he’s disguised) to set the “false narrative” media straight…over an embattled young QB…is wierd. I didn’t put the book out there, and opinions on it were solicited. I look forward to reading the rest of it. But as I also stated, the way to get Winston on the HoF track is not to go around flaming the very mainstream media that needs to vote him in one day…if he’s worthy. Doing young Jameis no favors with that book.

    I’ve also stated I don’t “hate” Winston, hope he scores on every play, and does well. And I’ve stated he has a tall order to fill because he’s dug himself quite a hole here in Tampa and yes, his team’s bad play and bad coaching didn’t help. Yes, I’m very unhappy with him for his off field stuff and think he’s got a road to how to get back in with fans who Don’t go to games anymore. I’ve said with all that, the clock is ticking..and it is. I’ve also stated what I think needs to happen for Winston to stay in Tampa. None of that is unreasonable.

    So back to this…Cowherd…who I say up top I think is a blowhard….isn’t all wrong on this one. Why do you insist on flaming me and others who don’t think Winston…the topic of his article…and about 8-10 weekly from Joe (because they ARE relevent), is the second coming?

  87. Magadude Says:

    “Giving up to soon” is one of those things you never know until it’s all played out. Did the Bus give up on Glennon too soon? Freeman? Gradkowski? Craig Ericson? Randy Hedberg? I don’t think so. And looks like I’d be right…as the Bucs were.

    Maybe Robert Kraft is an idiot because was too stupid to see from the start that Tom Brady needed to be the starter? How stupid all those scouts and GMs and owners were for mising Brady as the #1 overall. Hindsight is 20/20. It’s about risk. Hold a guy and watch him implode in front of you, and you get beaten up for waiting too long. Let him go and he balls out somewhere else, and you’re a fool. Who’s got the crystal ball? It’s quite fair to say you can’t wait forever on a guy.

  88. Buc believer Says:

    No thanks Joe…. I will pass on watching that pissant.

  89. Ndog Says:

    What I think is funny is that people actually believe that the Bucs would be a better team if Jameis is gone. Yet the ONLY part of this tram that has been any good is the passing game. So how exactly would changing (downgrading) the one thing we do well make is better?

  90. Magadude Says:

    @Altered Ego…thanks for the reminder.

    On a positive note….all set up for this year’s VIP passes to camp! The best news for me is also finding I will indeed be in town and not in sorry LA for camp start. Gettin’ close…

  91. Magadude Says:

    @Ndog…I agree on the passing game. It’s good Winston has those stud receivers. Man, I think they can catch just about anything thrown their way, don’t you?

  92. Ndog Says:

    So I guess the Lakers should have worried about “fixing” Lebron and ignored all the broke down parts around him. Or the Colts should have gotten a new offensive minded coach when they brought in Dungy, cause who cares about a god awful defense, lets “fix” the one part of the team that is productive. You see how little sense this makes but keep on hollering from the hill tops that Jameis is the problem while all the while ignoring that we will need to score 40 points a game to win. SMH at some of you people, it really is hard to figure out how you even enjoy football considering you have no idea what you are watching. Get to the point where the rest of the team is at least close to average then we can truly evaluate the QB. Until the defense, running game and kicking is somewhat corrected what the QB does or does not do is meaningless as we wont win games anyways. There are many examples of that over the last 4 years.

  93. Magadude Says:

    @Ndog…who says “it really is hard to figure out how you even enjoy football considering you have no idea what you are watching.”

    Man, you’re right. Question for you. What is that thing called when Winston throws the football to the other team? I see it all the time, but not sure about stuff.

    Just kidding.

    I don’t see anyone saying Winston is THE problem. His play and other stuff has been one of MANY problems.

  94. Magadude Says:

    ^^^Some of those problems have been the coaches, and THEY are gone. Who is next if they don’t get it done?

  95. Ndog Says:

    Mag we have some very good receivers but not an overly diverse group. What we have lacked and still lack is the ability to do much after the catch. This is proven by the fact that Jameis and even Fitz for a awhile, was leading the league in yards in the air. No one on this team can catch a screen and go 70 yards and that really makes it hard on the QB. That means you have to either A.) go on long sustained drives with no drops, no penalties, no missed blocks and no poor throws or B.) hit multiple throws deep downfield which of course is pretty hard when they know you cant (or wont) run the ball so they sit back and wait for a throw to come and jump routes. I am hoping Godwin develops more in this area and maybe just maybe Rojo and Scotty Miller can bring some after the catch ability to us this year.

  96. Magadude Says:

    NDog…good points on screens. Did see Hump go crazy once, then got stuffed trying it later. Def the run game gets better and it will open it up. Hope so.

  97. Ndog Says:

    Guys this is not hard, when a defense knows you have to throw, they know where you have to get to (1st down marker) they can rush more freely, drop in zones quicker and jump routes with more anticipation cause they know you have less time and all of this makes TO’s much more likely. One can say they are excuses and thats fine but they are also facts and cannot be refuted. Being behind and not being able to run the ball makes playing the position that much more difficult and that is what people just dont seem to understand. Of course Jameis can get much better and he will, due to this work ethic and dedication, but if you want to rank the things that need to get better on this team he is about 12th or later on that list. So I think it is laughable that people want to blame him for us not winning when we literally have sucked at every aspect of the game but the one part he plays a large role in.

  98. Magadude Says:

    Brutal start to the season….indeed, with a new scheme on D, and a slew of youngsters and rookies…to have a chance in the season the offense may very well have to score 40 points a game….and hopefuly the D starts to pick up the slack. Here’s to hoping Bowles has it going on.

  99. Magadude Says:

    “Of course Jameis can get much better and he will, due to this work ethic and dedication, but if you want to rank the things that need to get better on this team he is about 12th or later on that list.” I think I agree with that 100%.

  100. Ndog Says:

    I just want to win man all these people saying we are going 3-13, 4-12, 5-11. If I was BA I would having that crap dripping from the walls so every second of every day these guys can see what the world is saying about them. Guys like Vea, LVD, White, Suh, M. Evans, J Evans, Jamies, Godwin, Murphy-Bunting, Marpet, Smith, Jensen and many others have been looked at as the best at one time in their lives and now EVERYONE is telling them they SUCK. If that being shoved down their throat EVERYDAY doesnt piss them off and get them to hold every player in that locker room accountable nothing ever will. Heck put it up in the flipping stadium take a us against the world attitude every second of every day. Then go out and take the respect dont ask for it TAKE IT with every run block, every pass rush, every filling of a gap, every 50/50 ball, every kick, every gunner opportunity, every throw, every tackle. Make them remember what everyone thinks then when youre done get up and do it again but even harder and even better!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. BucsBandit Says:

    NDOG – the Raiders had all sorts of problems on both sides of the ball when Jamarcus Russell was their high draft pick QB.

    Why didn’t they just keep him and BUILD AROUND HIM like you’re suggesting we do with Winston.

    As far as your comment “people think we’ll be a better team if we just get rid of Winston.”

    Actually… that’s probably very CORRECT. His potential upcoming $30 MILLION per year extension salary, on a team already in Cap Hell, would definitely improve the team if we drafted a solid rookie QB prospect and put the money into other players for the 5 years the rookie QB is on a lower contract.

    It would be different if Winston was consistently winning games for us and not making terrible mistakes over and over and over again.

    You don’t pay your inconsistent young QB top salary which hurts the rest of the team UNLESS he’s a STAR QB that by himself wins games.

    Inconsistency + Max Salary at the sport’s most expensive position = BYE BYE WINSTON if they want to win long term.

  102. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man I’m just tired of the Jamies bashers all together now . With national media doing it and we all know that they don’t watch none of the games the bucs play and people on this site believe everything that comes from ESPN and Fox as long as they bash Jamies. If yall noticed how they never talk about the bucs defense or running game all they talk is Jamies when it comes to the bucs cause they don’t watch the games. But with Wentz they can spot a bad offensive guard on the eagles and the Falcons . And other teams as well. With any other quarterback they loved to say a running back is a quarterback best friend. But they never say that about Jamies. They say if the saints win the division the running game has to be their and the defense has to play good to win . Now 1 question why don’t they say the same thing about the bucs for us to win ? So now I’m ready for Jamies to leave this team and maybe we can really focus on the team and not try to find a scapegoat for every lost we have. Jamies will be the scapegoat for every lost regardless how good he plays.

  103. Magadude Says:

    Ndog says: “If I was BA I would having that crap dripping from the walls so every second of every day these guys can see what the world is saying about them. Guys like Vea, LVD, White, Suh, M. Evans, J Evans, Jamies, Godwin, Murphy-Bunting, Marpet, Smith, Jensen and many others have been looked at as the best at one time in their lives and now EVERYONE is telling them they SUCK.”

    Interesting take. I’ve seen saying folks need to stop coddling the Bucs and especially Winston and bust their chops. I remember well in 1977 when the Bucs went to New Orleans with an 0-26 record and Coach John McKay told his team that QB Archie Manning said “It would be a disgrace to lose to Tampa Bay.” That fired them up so much they went out and turned it around. Apparently Manning never said that, and absent electronic media, who would know? Today, with electronic media everywhere, use it the same say. That is brilliant NDog.

  104. B-Rad Says:

    So after possibly a 5th poor season in a row, are we allowed to move on? Not sure how many seasons it takes before we can move on without the fear of him winning the Super Bowl with another team and going to Canton. Another 5 years of Winston losing just to ensure we do not repeat history and the Bucs may follow the Rays right of Tampa before Winston does!

  105. Magadude Says:

    Yes, there’s Jameis. What to do? I think all agree he needs to be beyond lights out this year in his play. But here is something I’ve noticed and seen “new” folks come out of the woodwork here on JBF with this new book. That is, I took a lot of crap for saying the new Winston book stinks from what I’ve read (it does)…because it gets in the media’s face, Winston critics face, calling them delusioned, illogical, even liars and tries to use stats to pump Winston up say he’s undeniably on the HoF track. I don’t put any of that on Winston, but on those who THINK they are helping him by doing tuff like that. You can’t hit critics over the head like that and then expect them to have an epiphany. Let Jameis worry about his stats. Were I Winston, I’d distance myself from that book and just play. I think he’s trying to do that, and his coaches are doing that.

    But seriously, if guys want greatness from Winston, they need to demand it and not make excuses for him. Let him make his own record…on the field…add to what’s there. Not bad, great in some areas, but must improve in others to get a shot…and I’ve loudly said he’s not good enough on the field to make it worth the headache of the other stuff. I just so happen to give a lot of weight to his fan vibe as the face of the franchise and know a bit about that stuff. I get junk for that all the time because people tell me that’s not important, no one cares, they forget, etc. Well, wrong. That’s all I’ll say.

    But I do want Winston to win and succeed so the Bucs succeed (and am just not convinced he can stay out of trouble–prove is guys wrong). Moreso I jsut want the Bucs to win…and if it’s not with him, I don’t care. So how to do that with Winston…to get him endeared back with the whole fan base?

    Cut the low end school visit stuff and do real things, like BIG TIME, monumental things…get into Wounded Warrior, Habitat for Humanity, things that don’t have any social or political bent. Jesus, stay away from Kap even if he supports it. Think ALL folks. Ditch the crowd he’s hung around and stick to family stuff–his son and hopefully commit to his fiancee…that stuff matters with image. He MAY have done that, and yes, his business, but does he want to be great? Or a chance at it? Image. And walk the talk. Again…he needs to be endeared to all. C’mon, does he have to be perfect? Well YES! Pretty much. He needs to be the squeaky clean guy and distance himself from those who stir the pot against the alleged “false narrative” media, “Jameis haters” and prove his critics wrong. That will take time. He may not have it but maybe he does. I was all in on him after initial skepticism and I do feel like he screwed his community. But I’m not unmovable forever. So he needs to work on that for other folks like me…probably the hardest thing for him to overcome but doable. And yeah, at 10K a year in season tickets and growing up with my Bucs, it’s pisses me off when he wastes MY money.

    That’s how to freakin’ fix Winston. I’m pulling for him but I’m not just giving him the keys like I did the first time. I don’t think many are. My two cents.

  106. Clay Travis Says:

    Serious question for everyone, including all my Jameis-bashing friend, I mean friendS, as in plural, yeah more than one … WHICH QB would you offer the bigger contract to at the end of this season:


    GP: 16
    Passing Yards: 3rd in the NFL
    TDs: 10th in the NFL
    INTS: 20th in the NFL
    Passer Rating: 11th in the NFL
    QBR: 6th in the NFL
    Passing +-: 10th
    Team Rushing Rank: 26th
    Team Defense Rank: 28th
    Team Record: 6-10


    GP: 16
    Passing Yards: 11th in the NFL
    TDs: 20th in the NFL
    INTS: 17th in the NFL
    Passer Rating: 20th in the NFL
    QBR: 18th in the NFL
    Passing +-: 20th
    Team Rushing Rank: 14th
    Team Defense Rank: 12th
    Team Record: 10-6, make playoffs but lose first game.

    ANYONE that says “JAMEIS A” isn’t worth talking to as those are the Jameis-loving idiots that think Matt Stafford who’s never won a playoff game is a better QB than Mark Sanchez who made it to TWO AFC TITLE GAMES, and think that Warrren Moon who never even made it to a Super Bowl was a better QB than Trent Dilfer who WON a SuperBowl … and the same idiots who think Jameis is better than our beloved Marcus Mariota who CARRIED his garbage team to the playoffs while throwing more INTS than touchdowns and having one of the worst passer ratings in the entire NFL.

    Ignore such clowns and always remember “stats are for losers” because WE know that it’s not stat QBs with no rings like Fouts, Moon, Marino, Tarkenton, etc., that are in the Hall of Fame, but true “winners” like Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams and Jeff Hosteetler!

    Those clowns don’t understand how to evaluate players and have no concept of what NFL GM’s value and which QBs will stick in the league … WE know the truth brothers for WE ARE LEGION!!!!!!!

  107. Magadude Says:

    @Oneil…Winston is supposed to be the leader of the team…whether that’s actually true or not, and whether losses are always his fault or not, that’s what $140M and $25M a year is all about. Nothing is “fair” and it’s not always even justified. Let Winston’s own skin be thick; let him take the heat…it’s HIS money at stake anyway. The QB in today’s NFL is the de facto leader and face of the team because of the game but also due to the money bring expectations.

  108. Swamp Buc Says:

    Ndog yes!

  109. Magadude Says:

    Case in point: See “Clay Travis.” Oh…You got me. He’s better than ALL Those guys. Wow, Winston “haters” are all so stupid. Now I see the light. And it helps to call of us idiots. Heck, write a book about it.

    Do any of us as Bucs give a crap how Winston compares to Sanchez, Moon, or Dilfer. What the he11 difference does that make. Here’s what matters:
    1. Season starting, play lights out. Bolster the record on field.
    2. REAL community involvment, real make-a-difference stuff; stay of out the news fro the wrong reasons.
    3. Hope like hell the Bucs win because that’s why all fans exist.

    Game, set, match.
    Let’s go try to win some games early. Stats are for losers.

  110. Clay Travis Says:


    There’s my buddy; you’re doing great kid, no one can touch ya. Yeah!

    Your two cents and my two cents are the same two cents. Yeah!

    Tell em that J-MISS needs more fan support to sound like you actually want him to be supported, but also make sure to trash the book that proves how unfairly he’s been treated by the media and that proves his stats stack up well when compared to every Hall of Fame quarterback!

    You’re doing great kid, no one can touch you, yeah!

    Tell em you’re behind J-MISS but then in the same post, rip not only on him as a player but even rip on his charity work and foundation, yeah! You’ve got the stuff kid, you’re great at trashing this J-MISS clown while getting people to think you support him, yeah!

    But buddy, don’t forget to comment on your own posts with one of your many other screen names, that’s how to really work your magic, yeah!

    Keep doing the Lord’s work buddy, until WE run that J-MISS clown out of Tampa!

    WE will win because WE ARE LEGION!

  111. Clay Travis Says:

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @Magadude – WE will be BFF’s forever!!!!!!

    STATS ARE FOR LOSERS!!!!!!!! Dilfer & Hostettler were better QBs than those HOF LOSERS like Fouts and Moon, yeah!

    WE are doing great, no one can touch us, yeah!

    WE will run that J-MISS clown out of Tampa for WE ARE LEGION!!!!!!!!!

  112. Oneilbucs Says:

    Magdu you haven’t answered my question. Why do Wentz need a running game and defense, why did Andrew Luck needed a running game and defense and o line , why do Ryan always need a offensive guard, and defense to be healthy, why do Brees need a running back and a defense to help him win and Brees is great, why do Rivers needed a running game and defense to win but Jamies shouldn’t need the same thing to win please answer the question anybody??????? And if you can’t then you are not a real bucs fan or you are a Jamies hater and for some his race may play apart of the hate. Just answer the question?????? Lol lol lol !!!!!

  113. Magadude Says:

    @Oneil..that all need Ds and a run game. Stop whining. I don’t CARE about them. I care about the Bucs.

  114. Magadude Says:

    ^^^Who is the freakin’ guy?

  115. Oneilbucs Says:

    So if they all need it to win than why do yall blame Jamies for this team being so bad ? How be we push for the bucs defense to it’s job and we push for the running backs to do their job. And let’s stop using Jamies as the scapegoat and build a real team.

  116. Magadude Says:

    What is this “yall” stuff? I write it often, and have even said in this thread that Winston’s play is just one of many reasons why this team has problems winning football games. And most of my concern on Winston has not been with his play but his overall decision making–that I am hoping he has addressed. Only time will tell that.

  117. Gerald McBezos Says:


    If real coaching can harness the undeniable talent, we’re set. Spin it however you like. When a QB is ranked *TOP_TEN_ALL_TIME* in terms of his ability to move an offense up and down a football field, you work with that talent. You don’t declare him a bust at 24 or 25 years old.

    The fact that he put up these numbers throwing to a collection of UDFAs, Martinos, Dyes, and Shortses for his first 2 years is even more impressive.

  118. BucsBandit Says:

    Gerald – not if the majority of those passing yards came against Defenses playing soft coverage and prevent for the entire 1/2 or 3/4 of a game.

  119. Gerald McBezos Says:


    In games decided by 7 points or less, he averages 275 yards per game.

    In games decided by 14+ points — blowouts where defenses are in prevent, where you suggest all his yards come from — he averages 239 yards per game.

    But let’s not let the facts get in the way of you repeating something you heard someone else say and decided to repeat it as if it’s fact.

  120. July Joe Says:

    ^ GREAT post!

    Jameis haters HATE facts & love opinions.