Chris Godwin The Next Hines Ward?

July 17th, 2019

Compared to Bucs WR.

Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was one of Joe’s favorite players.

Ward could have played in any era. Dude was ornery and borderline dirty. He loved mixing it up with defenders and his opponents thought he was an instigator. Ward was certainly a wide receiver with a linebacker’s mentality.

Ward loved laying out linebackers and corners with vicious blocks, and then he would tip-toe away from a flattened defender with that toothy grin as if to say, “Don’t blame me.”

So when Joe was reading an excerpt from “Warren Sharp’s 2019 Football Preview,” Joe’s antennae went up when Sharp forecast Chris Godwin, with a move to the slot this year, to be the Bucs’ version of Ward based on the way Arians will use him.

“[Bucco Bruce] Arians has talked up Chris Godwin as a slot receiver solution in the same way Arians moved Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne and Hines Ward inside, maximizing their careers,” Sharp wrote.

This just has Joe stoked. Now last year former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter targeted Godwin a lot and he did pretty well. And Joe remembers Koetter was once asked in underwear football season by Jenna Laine of ESPN if Godwin could play slot and Koetter responded enthusiastically, “Oh sure!”

If Arians can create mismatches for Godwin to go up against linebackers and safeties, Godwin could absolutely blow up this season.

Invoking Ward’s name with Godwin has Joe staying awake at night, thinking of the possibilities.

18 Responses to “Chris Godwin The Next Hines Ward?”

  1. Magadude Says:

    Very plausible. Ideally, we see the day were Hines Ward and Reggie Wayne are compared to the great Chris Godwin.

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Great piece!!! Of course I am prejudiced. Godwin may be my favorite player at this point…I plan to buy a #12 Bucs Jersey as soon as they change from the ugly unis.

    BTW perhaps a poll might be helpful in dumping those POS. Not do we prefer or dislike them…but how many of us plan to resume buying Buc’s gear once they dump the hideous look.

    Hines Ward was an inch and ten pounds smaller than Godwin and yet Ward played tailback at Georgia along with WR. He was a very versatile guy. Hines had at least two attributes that Godwin shares. In the simplest terms they are both great ATHLETES. That what enables them to line up anywhere. And as pointed out they are both tough hombres. Ward may be a little nastier…as suggested perhaps even dirty…but Godwin seems fearless to me as well.

    I’m not the first with this….a poster here the other day in the discussion on our red zone woes pointed to a goal line offense of two TE’s two WR’s and Godwin as the RB in the backfield. I couldn’t agree more and given his Ward like athletic ability and drive I wouldn’t hesitate to hand it off to Godwin and let him run…obviously he’d be a huge threat on a swing pass…many ways he would help.

  3. diggler Says:

    Go watch Godwin’s Penn state highlights. Koetter seriously misused this guy. Love him in the slot but hands need to get better. Hopefully the previous org didn’t break him.

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    ward was a dirty player…..i’ll never forget that dirty block he put on keith rivers…..that was cheap and unprofessional…..i understand keeping your head on the swivel but he notoriously caught guys a split second before the whistle was blown…..

    regarding godwin, fans wanted him and other WR’s to move around last year to make the offense less predictable….but dirk was in over his head and clueless….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. Louis Friend Says:

    Ward was an incredible physical, downright intimidating slot receiver. He also never put the ball on the ground. Godwin averaged one fumble every 14.8 touches last year.

    He’s not mean enough to be Hines Ward, but he’s physical enough for sure. It won’t last long if he repeats what he did with fumbles in 2018.

  6. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Some history about Hines Ward, the pride of Griffen Ga. At UGA Ward was truely a football player. He started his time there at a fullback, think about that. Played tailback, quarterback ( with both wrists in braces for a bowl game) and wide receiver. He went wherever the team need him and usually played well. While I really like Godwin, I don’t think he will ever be Hines Ward. One of my favorite players of all-time, and I absolutely loathe the Steelers.

  7. BigHog Says:

    Hines Ward had a mean streak…if only CG could develop one!!

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    Why does everyone keep b!tching about how we need to have dumpster fire cap space by getting Melvin Gordon or Duke Johnson? Cheaper bills on a good QB blocking RB. And hopefully find a cheap gem RG and RT.

    The long list of great WR and TE with BA calling the shots? This is a no doubt make it or break it for Jameis’ on the Bucs.

  9. BA FAN Says:

    And if Godwin can’t handle it Watson can, and use Scotty sometimes on third and one from the slot.

  10. Buccaroo Says:

    Let’s hope Godwin keeps living up to all the praise. His job is more important than ever now that DJax is gone. It will be up to him to help keep Evans clean and not always in double coverage. If the defense can takeout our best wideout then we are in a world of crap if others can’t pickup the slack. That means hang onto the ball Chris.

  11. July Joe Says:

    Godwin has more natural talent than Ward did imo and he seems to have the work ethic and the non-diva personality to be a special player and have a special career; I love the dude!

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    BA Fan

    I was looking at another Bucs blog talking about how Evans, Godwin, and Perriman were set for the first three WR roles and Watson and Miller would fight out four and five. Total BS!!! Perriman has one half of good play being cut by three teams before he got here and the Bucs have been hyping him up so much.

    Watson at four or five over Perriman??? If Watson could get one ounce of playing time there is no doubt in my mind he will turn into beast mode. Perriman has good speed and started catching balls with Cleveland last year and still dropped him. Watson is a beast all around and the Bucs are gonna be losing much more talent on the field if Watson is on the bench more.

    WATSON FOR #3 WR!!! GO BUCS!!!

  13. Stanglassman Says:

    Who is the 3rd team to cut Perriman? Maybe you mean he’s on his 3rd team now. I love Watson and think he’s making great progress for a small college FA. But Perriman was a 1st round pick for a reason. If Watson remains the #4 spot on this Wr roster that’s great progress. He’ll get plenty of chances to show what he’s got this year.

  14. July Joe Says:

    Evans and Godwin give me Rice and Taylor vibes … give this team a Roger Craig and the offense would be unstoppable. Man I wish we could have drafted Saquon but I’m holding out hope Barber/Rojo can be an awesome thunder&lightning combo.

  15. PriMech54 Says:

    Godwin’s skillset compares much more favorably to that of a Chad Johnson. Quick feet with legit 4.4 speed, ballet-like body control on the perimeter/rear endzone, soft and dependable hands (when he’s healthy) with a wide catch radius. Hines was a grinder, excelled in the running game and was much more of possession guy willing to take shots over the middle. No where near as explosive as Godwin. I get that Hines is the focus of this article because he played under BA and went through the same type of transition from X to slot, but still. The proper comp for a guy like Chris is Chad Johnson; it’s who has come to mind every time I’ve seen this kid’s game since his time at Penn State.

  16. SOEbuc Says:


    Signed by Redskins in 2018 and waived 5 days later. Obviously wasn’t worthy.

  17. Stanglassman Says:

    I see that now. Thanks Soe.

    Looks like they signed he and Michael Floyd the same day and had to cut one of them shortly after because of a injury to Rb Rob Kelley in order to promote Bibbs to active roster. Skins have been as injury prone as the Bucs recently.

  18. #1bucsfan Says:

    Good article joe. I’m stoked as well. Go Bucs #endthedrought