“You Heard Wrong”

June 13th, 2019

Disputes information.

If you are going to interview America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, you better have your stats right.

Adam Schefter learned that first hand.

Recently, Jameis appeared on Schefter’s podcast, where the BSPN uber NFL insider was trying to make a point that would prop up Jameis. Instead, it was wrong information and Jameis gently let Schefter know.

Schefter was trying to make the point that picks in practice don’t matter, especially in underwear football.

Adam Schefter: Now I’m not trying to bring up a bad subject or anything. But didn’t I hear you threw three picks in the first day of mandatory minicamp, Jameis?

Jameis Winston: Nah, you heard wrong.

Schefter: (Laughs) I say that because I was in a meeting and they said, “Hey, Jameis threw three picks.” And I was going to ask you last year we heard a lot about Patrick Mahomes throwing a lot of picks in minicamp and sometimes it doesn’t matter. Quarterbacks are experimenting with things they are trying out things. I was wondering if there was any validity to it. Obviously, it was not true.

Jameis: No, I didn’t throw three picks but I threw two.

Schefter: (guffaws) So I was off by one.

Jameis: Yeah, yeah. I threw two. But it is all in learning the scheme and man, I’m out there, I’m taking chances at practice. I want to go through my reads and I want to be in the right place. But when it is time to take a chance, I’m going to take it.

Jameis later added there really is no good time to have turnovers, underwear football or the regular season.

Underwear football is the time for Jameis to throw picks. Remember, he’s only been around Arians for five months in Tampa. To suggest he has Arians’ offense down this early might be an overstatement if not a downright inaccuracy.

Joe would much rather have a quarterback throwing picks now seeing what he can get away with throwing in a new offense to some new targets, rather than trying to learn on the fly in games and having those picks turn into six points going the other way.

87 Responses to ““You Heard Wrong””

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL….Joe is trolling the readers

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    set em str8 winston….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    When I read Zach’s play by play report. I read 2 ints also. IDK where 3 came from

  4. Magadude Says:

    I think there are so many outings where Winston throws multiple picks, it’s easy to mix them up. Honest mistake.

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I think it will take some time to get this offense going like it was last year. Last year was year 4 of the same offense/coordinator. This is back to year one so I imagine there will be growing pains such as miscommunications, bad reads, wrong routes, and it will just continue to get better through the season.
    I don’t expect them to come out on fire week one like last year, lighting it up, but I would be pleasantly surprised if that happens.

  6. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Megadude that’s funny, I bet Jameis is laughing all the way to the bank when he gets that second contract.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Was listening to a ‘Locked On’ Podcast today, and they made a good point. Traditionally, Jameis takes a lot of risks during the off season practices. It’s his time to test his limits and the limits of his team.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lamarcus Says
    “When I read Zach’s play by play report. I read 2 ints also. IDK where 3 came from”

    I think the third did not count because of a penalty the special ref they hired called.

  9. pick6 Says:

    with the exception of some of the greats (of which Winston is not one), often the guys who are flawless in practice are unwilling to try tough throws on Sunday. Those are the “game managers” everyone loves so much.

  10. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Alaskan, it is MAGAdude, not megadude. That screen name is all you need to know about him.

  11. Figures Says:


    3 better QB’s in the division. And that’s not debatable.

    I watched every pick he threw on YouTube and you morons claiming it’s always someone’s else’s fault couldn’t be more wrong. Soooo many were just bad decisions. You’re just too stupid to take those nut s out of your mouth and admit that your boy is an average QB. Not top 5 or even top 10 and that’s also a fact.

    So go back to your room play your stupid video games like the little boys you are and just STFU.

  12. Bird Says:

    Cmon. This is bucs football site.
    No politics necessary
    I can turn on news for that

  13. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    He chose the screen name, not me.

  14. Figures Says:

    He’s so great that even the idiot Glazers haven’t signed him to a long term deal.

    It’s YEAR 5 and he still isn’t signed to a deal. Lmao. That’s funny for someone who is supposed to be your franchise QB and face of the team. And he will have another up and down year and we will be asking the same questions about him next year just like in year 1 and he’ll probably get franchised tagged if he is even still here. BA isn’t gonna put up with the dumbas s throws and decisions that he’s got away with before. And he will melt under the pressure.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    Can’t wait to see what Bruce’s offense looks like. I feel like Dirk ran a lot of things that went against Winston’s strengths…….. Primarily all the deep sideline throws. Winston has much better accuracy throwing deep down the middle. What not call more plays there? I hope Bruce sees this and utilizes it and Winston’s deep ball issues may just go away.

    It also seemed like Jamies was coached not to run the ball which is a weapon of his. Why was this not utilized? Using it could go a long way in cleaning up our red zone failures.

    It would also be really nice the see Winston get get some easy throws to RBs in the flat. We did a lot of damage on those plays in With stons rookie year then inexplicably got away from it once Dirk took over. A lot of times it seems like Winston has to work way harder with tougher throws on a down to down basis then is necessary. It would be refreshing to see him make more easy throws and let his teammates carry their load.

    I’m sure there are more things we could utilize if you deeply study the film. Anticipating some suddle changes that will pay dividends. As good as the yard totals and stats have been I see untapped potential with Winston. Call me crazy.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Figures. Cam Newton may have had a better career but he is not a better QB then Winston at this point of their careers. You must not have saw Cam play last year. Trust me he was bad bro.

  17. Figures Says:


    Who gives a sh$t what his screen name is? You got a problem with it snowflake? And what are you gonna do? Whine and cry and go find a “safe place” and tell your feelings to a stuffed animal?

    Go eat your chicken nuggets little boy. You’re about as smart as a wet paper bag full of sh&t anyway.

  18. Todd Says:

    “Joe would much rather have a quarterback throwing picks now seeing what he can get away with throwing in a new offense to some new targets, rather than trying to learn on the fly in games and having those picks turn into six points going the other way.”

    Aaron Rogers golf nods with approval. No one gives him any sh!t for throwing picks in practice.

  19. Todd Says:

    How “golf” got inserted is beyond me. Must have been an intentional interception.

  20. Figures Says:


    Lmao I doubt very seriously that anyone outside of Tampa would agree with that lol. But like the rest of the Winstonittes you believe you are the voice of Winston’s greatness. Literally the only people who believe Winston is better than Cam are Winston fans.

  21. BucsFan90 Says:

    The people who never fail are the ones who never try. Or as BA so eloquently put it: “no risk it, no biscuit.”

  22. Figures Says:


    Yea when you win a Super Bowl things like that are forgiven.

    It’s not rocket science dude.

    Sheesh. I mean seriously. Is thinking hard for you?

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Figures I don’t care about name recognition and popularity votes.

    You’re right nobody outside of Tampa would say Winston is better. Cam has had a stories career been on Primtime a ton and made it to a SuperBowl.

    You’re talking image more then anything. I’m talking film. Film don’t lie bro. Cam was crap last year whether you wanna believe it or not. But you may continue on selling what the media tells you if you wish. It don’t hold no water with me so don’t even try me with that bent logic.

    Now go forth with your little schtick trying to get under the skin of Bucs fans. It’ll work for most of em but there’s plenty fans like me out there that know your full of hot air…..just to let ya know.

  24. BucEmUp Says:

    When it is time to take a chance, Im going to take it.

    Now think about that. When a qb is slapped in the face with a 21 point deficit by the middle of the second quarter every Sunday, and his defnese allows 78% completion percentages to backup qbs, dont you think its always time to take a chance.



  25. Figures Says:


    Yea well history is on my side. You can cherry pick one season and say Winston is better but history says another.

    Ok how about this: Winston had a better season than Cam last year but Cam is the overall better QB as of right now. That could change. Cam has peaked and is on the downward slope and Winston….. well it’s year 5 and we STILL aren’t sure which QB he is yet.

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:

    “But when it is time to take a chance, I’m going to take it.” <— This is exactly where he gets in trouble.

    Instead of taking shots when they are available, he will try to force it at times, and put the team on their collective heels. Giving it back to an already weakened defense is why we've consistently been losing. If he plays careful football like he did those last 6 games of last season then our young defense could have a shot to win. But if he doles out turnovers like sweet candy then expect the same sort of results from last season.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Figures that is fair but I harldy see how looking at last year is cherry picking. Maybe we got different parameters but when you say that Cam is better I take that to mean he is better right now in 2019. I could care less what Cam did in 2015. What he and Winston did in 2018 seems more revelant if ya ask me.

  28. Ndog Says:

    Jameis Winston is a better QB than Cam Newton and it’s not debatable.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Hahaha……… Y’all say it’s not debatable for each side. That pretty much means it is debatable. Meanwhile we are debating it currently.

    Y’all say some funny sh!t sometimes.

  30. Figures Says:


    LMAO Winston can only hope to have the success Newton has had.

    Don’t choke on those nuts 🥜.

    BA isn’t gonna put up with those stupid INT’s.

    Hey NDOG go watch all his INT’s on YouTube and keep blaming every single thing except the guy throwing the ball and making stupid horrible decisions.

    You’re an FSU absolute clueless moron. All you have ever done is blame everything under the sun for his mistakes. You can’t admit one wrong thing by your messiah. You literally have zero credibility.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Cam Newton is over rated, you put a little pressure on him he folds. Jamies is better than Cam almost as good as Ryan. But if course Drew Brees is head and shoulders above all three.

  32. AlteredEgo Says:

    Ndog Says:
    June 13th, 2019 at 7:31 pm
    Jameis Winston is a better QB than Cam Newton and it’s not debatable.

    I just saw a 2020 mock draft with the Bucs and Panthers taking Fhrom and Herbert…I don’t remember which to which…but it tells me what those outside of the 813 think….as I’ve said…the BEST deal going in the nFL is taking a QB with a high first round pick….best bang for the buck !…5 years of QB play relatively cheap…..Patrick Mahomes is going to sign a 200 million dollar deal next offseason ….Jameis has not even shown to be middle of the pack much less elite…I hope you are right…but as I say…”There ain’t NO Hope in football “

  33. Ndog Says:

    Jameis Winston is a better QB than Cam Newton and it’s not debatable. Not even close.

  34. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’ve learned that with some of the people on this site it doesn’t matter if Jamies throw 20 TDs and no picks. They will say it doesn’t mean nothing cause it’s just practice. But if they here he threw 2 or 3 interceptions then they criticized him saying he sucks. So with this fan base he will always be in a lose lose situation with this lack of football knowledge fan base. They just rather they’re quarterback to be white and they just can’t admit that with some of these guys.

  35. Figures Says:

    Atleast Cam has been to a Super Bowl.

    It’s year 5 for Winston and we still don’t know which QB he is. Not a good look for the “face” and “franchise”.

  36. Bucnjim Says:

    Maturity has so much to do with being successful! This isn’t just for Winston the NFL QB but everyone in the workforce. For some like myself it was mid 20’s before I figured things out but some never do like Freeman. When you become a real responsible man a light goes on and all of a sudden the partying slows down the work ethic starts to exceed expectations and the results speak for themselves. I’ve met Winston several times and love HIS work ethic and his crazy passion to be a winner. That passion can also eventually make him a leader. Please Jameis I’m begging you to become the man and leader this team has needed since the beginning of time. You have the passion now just lose that college kid frat boy mentality and grow the F up.

  37. AlteredEgo Says:

    Figures Says:
    June 13th, 2019 at 7:59 pm
    Atleast Cam has been to a Super Bowl.

    It’s year 5 for Winston and we still don’t know which QB he is. Not a good look for the “face” and “franchise”.’

    Jameis was on Hard Knocks

  38. Todd Says:


    You’re a gamma ankle-biter and are thus irrelevant. Consider yourself rightly ignored. Back to the child’s table for ya, little guy.

  39. K2 Says:

    YOU PLAY LIKE YOU PRACTICE. I think the best thing I hear is Jamies talking about cutting down on turnovers. Instead of “I just working to get better every day.” Arians is trying to teach Jamies about situational football. You don’t win in the first 5 minutes of the game, but sometimes you can lose. Meaning you can’t start the game with a couple turnovers and win…they don’t go together. I’m hopeful that Jamies will improve this year.

  40. Ndog Says:

    For the record the Panthers in a 15-1 season had the 24th best passing offense in the NFL. They had the 6th best defense and the 2nd best rushing attack on the league. Yeah the QB did nothing that year outside of running like a running back. So yeah Jameis is clearly a better QB than Cam Newton, and it’s not even close.

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    This team has been starting slow since Gruden and Kiffin left. BOTH the offense and defense for the better part of a decade have sleep walked through the entire first quarter and early second. BA has his work cut out because first they have to grow a set of balls then be able to use them right out of the gate. No more fore play men.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Todd I see that Figures has pulled you into his little childish game of namecalling. Guaranteed he will get off so hard when he reads your response.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Cam Newton did nothing when they went 15-1. I’m sure opposing defense only worried about stopping Jonathan Stewart that year to shut down their offense………what a ridiculous statement………ai get it we are Buc fans and hate Cam but no reason to tell lies.

  44. Figures Says:


    Took you 2 hours for that 3 sentence thought to form.

    You’re too stupid to even respond to.

    “No one criticized Rogers for throwing picks in practice whaaa whaaa”

    I wonder why that is? Cause Winston and Rogers are certainly on the same level so how could that be?


  45. Figures Says:


    NDOG May be this biggest moron on here. It’s a toss up between him and NOSBOS.

    YEA Cam did absolutely nothing going 15-1 and that’s why we laugh at Ndog. Completely stupid.

    Ndog go defend all those INT’s on YouTube. Maybe it’ll open your shut eyes to the truth that Winston doesn’t walk on water.

    But you don’t wanna know the truth.

    It’s gotta be hard to be so dumb. I feel like it would take a lot of work to be that stupid. Or maybe it comes naturally for you.

  46. webster Says:

    @ ndog

    Idiots that think cam playing in the superbowl had noting to do with a top 6 defense are just that….IDIOTS!!!!! In defense of Cam, he did have a busted shoulder last year. His passes were clearly not the same. Manning, luck, winston etc passes were all garbage when they had shoulder injuries.

  47. Ndog Says:

    I love people saying I said Newton did nothing when I clearly said “Yeah the QB did nothing that year outside of running like a running back.”. See fellas it takes the ability to read in order to debate. All of your above comments clearly leave that ability very much in doubt

  48. Figures Says:


  49. Figures Says:


    Go watch those INT’s.

  50. Figures Says:

    YouTube Winston interceptions

  51. Figures Says:

    You won’t because most are not defendable.

    You don’t have anyone to blame when the footage is right in your face.

  52. Figures Says:

    And don’t forget the fumbles

  53. Ndog Says:

    The simple test is if you have one drive with 2:00 on the clock to drive and win the game who you taking? I’m taking Jameis over Cam every day and twice on Sunday. Now if I need a guy to jump over a pile for a yard I’d take Cam but that’s about all.

  54. Ndog Says:

    Unlike you Figures I don’t need to watch YouTube cause I actually watch the games.

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Cam vs JW depends on which metric you base your debate.

    If it’s “scoreboard”…achievements then it’s Cam hands down. JW still has plenty of time to catch Cam if he’s truly better. I think he will but I understand the doubters.

    If the debate is which QB do you want taking the snaps for the Bucs this year? Then JW > Cam. JW’s career is on the upswing…Cam’s body is breaking down and his style of play puts a lot of strain on it.

  56. Pete I Says:

    Interceptions in practice are irrelevant.

    Cam Newton 68-53-1

    Jameis Winston 21-33

  57. OneBuc55 Says:

    Loved “But when it’s time to take a chance, I’m going to take it”…

    “No riskit, no biscuit” has been Jameis’ montra

  58. westernbuc Says:

    Maybe avoid using the word Uber when it involves Winston, unless of course he’s getting another suspension

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Ndog I apologise for putting words in your mouth but your statement was ridiculous. Didn’t Cam win an MVP award from that year? I’m pretty sure they don’t hand them out easily.

    Personally I’m not big on Cam Newton and agree with your assessment of having one drive but at the same time I gotta give credit where it’s do.

    Not sure why you feel a need to discredit a great season from another QB but it was great bro. Not sure why you don’t wanna admitt it. Now I have to remind you and myself that it was a better season then our QB has ever had……….and I didn’t wanna do that. Thanks a lot

  60. Ndog Says:

    I seriously want to know why some of you dislike our starting QB so much? I mean for real you are actively rooting for him to fail and if you get your wish then it hurts this team. You dislike him so much you want your own team to lose?

  61. OneBuc55 Says:

    Pete I know how much you hate Jameis but even you have to admit that the Panthers defense and running attack has been pretty solid Cams entire time in the league; the same can’t be said about Jameis here in Tampa….

    Yes people like to hang wins and loses on the QB but realistically, how many wins would Cam or any young QB have if he has to go out and score at least 30 points every week to get a W…I don’t think guys like you and Figures really understand football; its either that or you guys are just flat out blinded by hate…

    Either way most of the stuff y’all spew is so ridiculous that it can even be taken seriously…

  62. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack I am not saying anything bad about Newton the football player I am simply saying Jameis is a better QB. As an overall football player I would probably take Newton but if I want a QB I take Jameis everytime over Newton. Plus I was simply responding to the ridiculous notion that keeps getting repeated that we have the 4th QB in the division. It is simply not true Jameis is better, think about it who’s better McCaffrey or Barber, Norman or Grimes, Peppers or Gholdston, Kuecely or Kwon, Kahil or Evan Smith, Gano or Aguyao, Greg Olsen or ASJ? It is simple folks one runs the ball a ton and doesn’t have to worry about scoring 30 every game or throwing for 400 a game to compete the other just turns and hands it off over and over again and then he keeps it for huge gains or throws a screen pass that goes for 70 and a TD.

  63. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Figures – so you think a lifelong republican is a snowflake. Just because I don’t rely on Fox News for my information and follow this illiterate conman/PT Barnum clone doesn’t mean I am a snowflake. And yeah, that maga dog whistle thing makes it perfectly clear that that dude ain’t gonna like a black QB.

  64. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Jimmy, In reference to your 6:20 Post. Agree with you on the go routes not being a Jameis strength. Toward the end of 2016 ,Jameis overthrew 8 or 10 of them to Evans. But Koetter admitted on one occasion that Jameis had called one. Arians will undoubtedly work the middle more. Also thought he and Evans
    connected pretty well on the toe tapping cuts to the sideline.

    The only reason I can think to justify the Go routes, is they might take less time to develop than the deeper post or flag routes.

    One possible reason for the lack of passes to the flat in 2016, was Charles Simms was out for 9 games due to injury. He was our best threat out of the backfield. One thing I will be watching this year is how he throws these and other short passes. If he can limit some of the high hard passes in the short game it may prevent some of the tipped balls that turn into INT’s.

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Unfortunately the sad fact is that QBs in the NFL are judged based on W-L record. It doesn’t have to be fair and you don’t have to like it. It is what is is and it will always be that way.

    The good news is that we have upgraded our coaching and leadership across the board this off-season. This will be the best chance we have to put a winning team on the field around Winston.

    That’s why I don’t get all the negativity. This team has very little support it seems like. Hey if you wanna be negative that’s fine. Just support this team cause they need it. We need a real home field advantage and y’all better be there. If you are giving up before it even gets started you are part of the problem. Get your ass to Ray Jay and support this team dangit!!!

    If we start getting blown out and aren’t even competitive then I’ll be with you sitting at home. But if you can find a way to help us get our home advantage back there’s no excuse not to do it. You gonna give up before the bell rings the team gonna see empty seat and hear Redskins chants. They are gonna care a little less. Get your ass out there, leave your negative bagge at the door and bring some energy. It makes a difference whether you believe it or not!!!

  66. tickrdr Says:

    Just a reminder for anyone following the above debate.

    Cam Newton in 2015 had 35 TD passes (7.1%) and only 10 INTs (2.0%) and also scored 10 rushing TDs, while winning the NFL MVP award.(45 TDs total)

    1) JW3 has never had a TD/INT ratio for a season of even 2:1 in his career.
    2) JW3 had his first season with a TD% > 5.0 last year.
    3) JW3 has never had a season with INT% 3.0
    JW3 has never had that difference > 1.8 (4.3-2.5 one year)


  67. tickrdr Says:

    * never had INT% < 2.5%.


  68. tickrdr Says:

    The fourth point got deleted.
    4) Most playoff QBs have the TD% minus the INT% > 3.0
    JW3’s best year to date is 1.8 (4.3 – 2.5)


  69. Jean Lafitte Says:

    At least I think we can all agree that it’s up to Jameis to prove he deserves a team crushing raise. If there ever was a season that they are going to make a move into post season play, this is it. Because when he gets his huge multi million $ salary bump after this season, which he will this team will never have the cap space to put a great team around him. He’s already proven that without great talent surrounding him he can’t carry a team to victory. Basically after he chews up at least 20% of the cap next season this team will probably decline in talent and be devoid of many veteran players in the future.

  70. JimmyJack Says:

    Bob it really is perplexing with them Go routes. Have no idea what the reasoning was. I never saw a team be so bad at a specific play like that and just keep repetitively trying it over and over.

    And I’m mainly talking about to Gos to DJax. Like you said, Winston did pretty good at hitting Evans on the sidelines……….There was definitely something strange about the relationship between the HC and Djax.

    I’ve maintained the thought that if I were the Glazer’s I would have figured out whoever’s dumb idea it was to waste $10,000,000 on that scrub and fire that bastard………Don’t know if that’s why they canned Dirk but I’m pretty sure signing Jackson was his idea.

  71. Rod Munch Says:

    Schefter is fake news.

  72. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Djax was a bad teammate , aside from that Jameis did not do a great job of getting him the ball when he was open. Which brings me to my next point, Jameis is better at timing routes when there is angle to route, with the
    exception of the seam routes up the middle which is one of his most successful passes. I Understand Arians loves these routes so that should be good for Jameis.

  73. Buc1987 Says:

    Figures…you need meds or something.

    Is there something wrong with rooting for Jameis Winston to succeed?

    If so …that makes someone a what is it? A nut hugger? Or FSU nut hugger.

    Dude you need meds.

  74. Buc1987 Says:

    That goes for the rest of you too…..

    Is there something wrong with rooting for Jameis Winston to succeed?

  75. Buc1987 Says:


    I think he better dayum well have his best season yet.

    Then again we have some fans on this site that claim he could take them to the playoffs and they’d still want him gone. That person to me is either NOT a fan or sh**ty one. Pretty much not a fan as far as I can tell. ONLY comments on Winston articles. Always repeating the same old crrrap. Guess who it is yet?

    I think Winston WILL have his best season yet, but it won’t be good enough.

    7-9 and he’s off to greener pastures. Buh bye Tampa.


  76. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jimmy Jack . Even if the bucs was to win the super bowl they will find a way to discredit Jamies anyway. Ain’t no Team is a quarterback away from wining a championship. The national media push the quarterback position only when it’s a quarterback that they like. Russell Wilson won a championship in they said that the Seahawks won because of their defense and running game. And every body in the national media still would pick Luck over Wilson. Right now Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in the NFL . But he will never get his credit. I wonder why ???? But when someone bring up race then yall say race card. But the only difference I see is his race one is black and other is white. So I really don’t think that Jamies will ever get credit if this team win this year. Football is not a quarterback game go ask Andrew Luck. Why he never gets judged when his team suck?? They never blame him for no losses that his team has . But when the bucs lose its always Jamies fault but not Luck, Rivers, Rogers, Wentz, Ryan, ect ???? I will loved for any body to answer that question.

  77. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Magadude Says:
    June 13th, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    I think there are so many outings where Winston throws multiple picks, it’s easy to mix them up. Honest mistake.

    Like when you mistake your bed for an out house? Honest mistake.

  78. Bucsfanman Says:

    Um, interesting “banter”!
    Whether it’s two or three, it doesn’t matter. It’s too many!
    You guys with this defense talk! There’s not a single defense in the NFL that is going to be able to overcome turnovers EVERY game.
    Jameis has to stop turning the ball over if we are going to be competitive. We don’t know what our defense will look like. Why chance it?
    Protect the football.

  79. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    TWO or THREE interceptions? The number is irrelevant without knowing how many ATTEMPTS and the situations. BUt Winston be Winston still…..”But when it is time to take a chance, I’m going to take it.” Just like Joe’s post last week about tossing the ball to a receiver covered by THREE defenders. This ain’t good. Still.

  80. cobucfan Says:

    reading anything on this site is like watching a bumfight.
    I hate myself for doing it, but the entertainment value of miserable ball-chewing toolsacks like Figures insulting everyone with his weak-sauce insults …

    … makes it so easy to feel superior to at least this product of inbreeding. LOL.

  81. TexBuc Says:

    Figures here are some FACTS for YOU to consider 2018 season ending NFL QBR:

    Brees 80.8 QBR, #2
    Winston 68.3 QBR, #8
    Ryan 67.9 QBR, #9
    Newton 55.6 QBR, #20

    Seems your facts are really just YOUR opinions, QBR rankings says Winston is the #2 ranked QB in the NFC South.

  82. Saymore Says:

    Figures is not a fan people. He is a hater and should be treated as such.

  83. unbelievable Says:

    Ooooh hey everyone check out this tough guy “Figures”

    What a big bad keyboard warrior he is.

    I always laugh when I see someone throw out the “snowflake” insult, because 10 out of 10 times they are actually a massively sensitive snowflake themself. Every time.

  84. Figures Says:


  85. Figures Says:

    I’ve seen every game since 1987 am a huge bucs fan. I just don’t wear rose colored glasses like you morons and believe everything Winston does is someone else’s fault. Snowflakes

  86. webster Says:

    @ bucsfanmann

    BS on your comment. The packers won a superbowl and went to another one with farve and his turnovers. Go look at the packers defensive rankings those years. Also, just because winston turns the ball over (most of his turnovers occur when the bucs are down according to leftwich, arians and games i watched) it does not mean your defense has to be 32nd. Trent dilfer turned the ball over and sapp and crew was still top 5. Gtfooh with that BS you are spewing.

  87. Bucsfanman Says:

    webster- I guess you missed the point. I said defenses can’t overcome turnovers “every game”. And the point, if you actually chose take off your blinders, was that we don’t know what we have on defense yet. Is it too much to ask for fewer turnovers?! At least until we figure out we can play some pretty good defense?!

    Being tied, with or even remotely close to Blake Bortles in turnovers is not conducive to winning.
    Improve the defense.
    Improve the run-game.
    Improve special teams.
    Cut down on turnovers.

    That doesn’t sound like BS to me! That sounds like a football team that’s going to win some games.