PFF Tribe: O.J. Already A Star

June 28th, 2019

No breakout needed.

A lot of folks are typing as we inch towards Training Camp 2019 that Bucs tight end O.J. Howard could have a breakout season.

The PFF Tribe has spoken: Howard already is a star. Where have you been?

In an article typed for BSPN, the glorified tarot card readers masked as self-anointed football savants have broken down the talent of all 32 teams and determined the Bucs rank No. 26 (despite what Dirk Koetter, Father Dungy and Bucco Bruce Arians say). But in the analysis, the numberscrunchers give the Bucs big time props for passing targets, including Howard.

Biggest strength: The Bucs return most of perhaps the division’s best, if not one of the conference’s best, receiving corps in 2019. The emergence of Chris Godwin — who had the league’s seventh-lowest drop rate last year — the capable hands of Mike Evans, O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate and the team’s offseason acquisitions have set up Jameis Winston for a strong Year 5. In an injury-shortened campaign, Howard finished third among tight ends by averaging 2.26 yards per route run and was well on his way to stardom before being shut down.

Yes, the Bucs have a damn good receiving corps. Only one better, on paper, that Joe can think of might be Cleveland. That’s a maybe.

Yeah, Howard is a good tight end. One of the best in the game. It’s almost scary to think how good he can be if he can just stay healthy.

Joe has to wonder if the PFF Tribe is raising the roof for Howard in part to make up for its embarrassing nonsense two years ago?

14 Responses to “PFF Tribe: O.J. Already A Star”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Just needs to stay healthy.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Let me make sure that I’ve got this right Joe. The “glorified tarot card readers masked as self-anointed football savants” have determined that our Bucs have an outstanding receiving group (WRs AND TEs) to start this 2019 season with. But apparently in the same breath the remaining 45 or so players are rated very poorly (must be BELOW #26 if our receiving group is rated near the top). Am I getting close yet Joe?

    Doesn’t that IMPLY that the rest of our TEAM is REALLY BAD? Not just that the DEFENSE being projected to be really bad (again), but that our Special Teams (again) AND the REST of our OFFENSE is projected to be really bad. Oh woe is us, the PFF Tribe has spoken. We’re doomed; why even show up to play the season?

    I can only think of one reason Joe … THEY’RE DEAD WRONG. Lazy lazy analysis on their part. Wish that I had access to that PAID ESPN LINK so that I could determine for myself just how lazy their analysis was, but, oh ya, not gonna pay for it (don’t mind paying for quality products, but theirs doesn’t qualify).

  3. OBP Says:

    This coming from the site that had him rated as the worst 1st round rookie in the 2017 class following the 2017 season doesn’t mean much.

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Just like this year with Devin White – Joe was quite vocal predraft in 2017 that the Bucs shouldn’t draft OJ Howard if given the chance.

    Joe as usual was desperate to draft an edge rusher in the first round – “reasoning” that we already had UDFA Cam Brate so drafting a generational TE prospect would be a waste of a pick…..

    Sure glad the Bucs know better than to draft according to Joe’s wishes.

    We’d have taken JohnnyDrunk instead of Evans in 2014 and Taco Charlton instead of OJ Howard in 2017 – and Jason Licht’s record of 1st rd drafting success would be 2 hits out of 5 high picks instead of 4 for 5 in years 2014>2018.

  5. Billy_43 Says:

    Listen if you consider the commonly known 3rd year breakout for WRs and you are staring at the likes of Godwin and Howard, this offense could literally explode.

    It will seem to those outside the Tampa area as coming out of nowhere.

    I honestly fully expect it, which is another reason outside of the Rojo turnaround that I think Jameis has his best year.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    “When he’s on the field.” That’s the problem, he hasn’t played an entire season yet. Isn’t the best ability AVAIL-ability?! If he and Brate are finally used properly, this could be a dynamic offense.

    These rankings are a joke, always have been. It’s just fodder to fill in the time. I’d rather the talking heads just keep telling us how bad we are. This way we can under-promise and over-deliver!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am happy to be a Buc fan…..yes, I said that…..and OJ Howard is one of the reasons….He is an absolute monster and there is no match for him.

  8. Allbuccedup Says:

    Howard probably going to miss at least 4 games. Hes just one of those players thats always fights injuries. And now it looks like Brate is following the same path. So much for having to good tight ends time to trade.

  9. Bird Says:

    Well joe thinks defenses focused on our pass game to stop the Bucs offense. And therefore , our running backs underperformed. And should have had more opportunities to Make big plays

    When most viewers could see jail breaks on most plays with guys being tackled before they are even handed the ball

    Meanwhile , even players admitted to stacking the box and Making the Bucs QB beat them. Making us one dimensional and knowing our QBs were giving up INTs like an ATM

  10. Magadude Says:

    I agree PFF often doesn’t get it right too often. I had membership for just one season. But how many media/analysts guys really screwed the pooch in wanting guys like Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston, Ryan Leaf, and the like over the years when there was a high probability they would problem children? Those are the obvious ones. So of course they’ll get it wrong for less clear cases like OJ. And frankly, PFF crtics could probably consider that before thorwing stones. I’m just glad the Bucs have OJ and guys like Evans and Godwin. If we didn’t, there is no telling how bad our passing game would be, particularly with a weak O line, bad run game, and inaccurate/unreliable QB.

    Still, right or not, like ’em or not (I don’t), PFF’s got it going on.

  11. BucFan727 Says:

    I dont remember his first injury. But his ankle injury was a cheap shot by the DB. He didnt have to go that low. Its like chop blocking to me. Cheap and dishonorable. The whole game they ankle tackled him.

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that Howard is a top-2-4 TE in the NFL is admitting they don’t know what they are talking about, and don’t know jack about the Bucs.

    The only part of the offseason I hate more than the weeks of pre-draft hype, is the period between spring practice and TC.

    So in other words, I hate football when there isn’t football. That’s when small minds get to pretend they are big minds by writing garbage while thinking it matters.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    “Gronk” scored 27 touchdowns is first 2 years in the NFL I rest my case.

  14. #1bucsfan Says:

    Tampabaybucfan same here brotha