PFF Tribe: Boom Or Bust For Jameis

June 17th, 2019

The tribe has spoken.

The monarch of the PFF tribe and his gang of Dr. Zaius-like football elves hijacked Peter King’s “Football in America” column this morning on as Mr. King drinks snobbish stout at a Red Sox game.

(King can’t bear the drudgery to type about football in the month of June.)

And Cris Collinsworth will have you know you don’t know football unless you subscribe (for $39.99 a year before taxes!) to his outfit’s gibberish and swallow it whole.

(Collinsworth brags how NFL teams cut a check to his syndicate, yet he fails to mention they don’t give two farts for those damn grades of the nerds but in fact pay for quality control data that saves position coaches hours a week in grunt work a well-trained orangutan could cobble together.)

Still, the tribe ran its Excel spreadsheets and monitored data to conclude America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, very likely will be a boom-or-bust quarterback. And they are inclined to believe Jameis will be a boom.

We think Jameis Winston will challenge for the passing yardage title in 2019. Last year he trailed only Josh Allen in average depth of target. These throws put Winston in a position to do great things at times (he was second among quarterbacks in the percentage of throws we grade as “positive”), as well as bad things (he was 21st in limiting negatively-graded throws). New Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has a track record of succeeding with high-variance quarterbacks like Winston. In 2015 Carson Palmer had an MVP-caliber season under Arians, posting roughly the same average depth of target as Winston in 2018 and leading the league in percentage of positively-graded throws. With Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard a very capable trio of pass catchers, look for Winston to either make good on his 2015 draft position or give the Bucs no other option but to find his replacement the following year.

Last year was simply a train wreck for Jameis. First was the hassle with the Uber driver that delayed the start of his season. When he was eligible, Jameis pressed a whole lot trying to put the team on his back and it all imploded.

After his benching, when Jameis did return to the lineup, he was a far different quarterback.

If that quarterback can continue this season with Arians behind him, a lot of good things can happen. If Jameis implodes again, well, it may be his last season with the Bucs.

And you don’t need to drop $39.99 (before taxes) to figure that out.

Joe’s of the belief that Jameis will return as your Bucs quarterback in 2020.


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77 Responses to “PFF Tribe: Boom Or Bust For Jameis”

  1. WyldKat Says:

    High-variance QB. That’s a polite way of saying it.

  2. Jordan L Says:

    Just win baby! Go Bucs!

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    It will just be much of the same, then the sheep and local media will cry to “franchise tag” him, for one more year to “prove it” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its just more wasted time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answer to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. T REX Says:


  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    Boom or bust for Jamies, boom or bust for Rojo and boom or bust for Vernon. Sure got a lot of boom or bust.

  6. tye Says:

    Bank on BUST!
    wildly erratic

  7. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Jameis will have a career year sign to an extension then never play as well again

    It’s a Bucs life

  8. Slugglife Says:

    So we’ll be getting some boom boom.

    And some bust. Sounds good.

  9. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Second highest percentage of positively graded throws. Hmmm but the trolls will have you believe all he throws are inaccurate passes and interceptions.

    I can’t wait, this season should be a lot of fun watching our franchise QB continue to blossom.

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Jameis suspension really did destroy our QB room / season last year, as much as anything else

    Ryan Fitzpatrick played his best ball early when there wasn’t really much to debate about who was going to be starting. Team was all-in on him.

    Fitz fell off a cliff around beginning of week 3 / then week 4 when Winston was going to be available.

    Winston comes back, after seeing fans wearing beards and falling in love with Fitzmagic, and plays the worst ball of his entire career . Team at this point is split on QBs / not all in on anything. Coaching scared for jobs.

    Fitz goes back in – but without a ton of job security – and continues to suck.

    WInston finally re-inserted as the starter, remembers that Fitz really does suck and that he should have been starting, and proceeds to play some of the best football of his career.

    Fitz/Winston when not looking over their shoulders / not feeling worried over who the starting QB would be:

    8.5 games (2 for Fitz, 6.5 for Jameis): 21 TD, 5 INT (2 of which were Hail Mary)

    Fitz/Winston during the QB carousel stretch where neither probably had any idea how the staff felt about them going forward long term:

    19 TD, 21 INT

  11. Sport Says:

    Boom or Bust QB. You’re right Joe, those guys are genius! Where would we be without them?

    We don’t need Jamies to lead the league in passing, that would mean we are down in points too often in games and/or our defense isn’t doing their part.

    If we end the season having showed improvement in all 3 phases, we should be good to extend quite a few players, not just our QB.

    In BA I Trust!

  12. TexBuc Says:

    Lord C. nicely written!

    Not a lot of QB’s can play without a running game and from behind with the defense knowing you have to throw. When a defensive play is called the DC is trying to guess what the offense is going to try based on film study and the same is true for the OC. When your team is down big on score the opposing DC can basically disregard any run plays and play pass every down.

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I hope Perriman and Scotty Miller catch a couple deep balls early in the year. Make defenses respect our speed and open things up for #13,#12,&#80. opens up the screen passing game also.

  14. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Right turn, Clyde!

  15. Dapostman Says:

    All you will need to know is if the same WDS simpletons are posting about Winston during the year then he is busting.

    If you see a bunch of new posters or the WDS simpletons aren’t posting at all then Winston is booming.

    Here’s to the WDS simpletons fading out like a fart in the gulf breeze.

  16. Todd Says:

    Well, reporting here in Tampa at 5:45pm, it’s been raining with nasty lighting. Yep. Summer. Tampa. Rain and thunder late afternoons. You can set your watch to it.

    Now, regarding football…what time are most of the practices being held again?

  17. Dave Pear Says:


    Thanks for the photograph of The Buc Realist.
    He is as ugly as I imagined.

  18. BrianBucs Says:

    With all of the coaching that Winston has now, plus the talent around him on offense, if he sucks next season then he just plane sucks. Period.

  19. Magadude Says:

    Well, at least the PFF tribe understands Jameis’s issues to start the season were a lot more than just a “hassle.” Jameis is lucky charges weren’t pressed, guilty or not. Sexually touching a female stranger without permission is a crime. Those who get convicted of that in ARI commit a 5th degree felony and would have to register as a sex offender. Of course, we know Jameis was not charged with a crime. The NFL says it happened. Winston’s violation of NFL conduct policy hurt his team, a la Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel, and other bright bulbs. When will Winston strike again? For his sake, hopefully not. Right now, the Bucs are looking for reason to get rid of Winston They are looking for a reason to keep him. On and off the field, it’s all question marks.

  20. Magadude Says:

    ^^^they are NOT looking for a reason to get rid of him, they are looking for a reason to keep him.

  21. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Why do all the Jay Miss supporters want to bring up statistics. Reminds me of politicians. With Jay Miss you get some good, some bad and some ugly. Unfortunately, that’s not what you’re looking for in the number 1 overall pick in the draft.
    Unless he has an excellent year, it’s time to move on. Lots of good QBs coming out in the draft. Also, no matter what happens on the field, there’s always a question about Jay Miss’s decisions off the field. That concern is never going away until Jay Miss has hung up his cleats and his clipboard.

  22. Magadude Says:

    At leaast one of the Joe’s clearly doesn’t get it on the seriousness of the Uber incident. Jameis is lucky the girl didn’t call police. Wonder if Joe knows a girl who had a “hassle” and diminishes it with her? People talking about the incident like Joe does is what eggs on the mentality that grabbing a women that way when she is a mere stanger is no big deal. Sad.

  23. tnew Says:

    “Last year was simply a train wreck for Jameis. First was the hassle with the Uber driver that delayed the start of his season. When he was eligible, Jameis pressed a whole lot trying to put the team on his back and it all imploded.”

    It did this for 1 game last season. Not the entire season.. First Atlanta game as well as Cleveland were both solid games. The Cinci game was abysmal. From the Giants second half on it was very solid, to the tune on a QBR ranking of 8 per ESPN.

    Been sitting on this a while, as good as anytime. Koetter, tried to do his best to remove himself from Winston. Instating Fitz as the defacto starter in preseason due to the suspension told a huge story. This is not how the Steelers or the Patriots handled their situations when the starter was suspended by the NFL. Koetter set the table for controversy. Koetter was way over his head on several levels from Winston to the play calling fiascos from last year.

    Winston absolutely has issues that I am very concerned about. I don’t look at him with any filter. I’ve been called both a fan boy and a hater on this site. The remainder of his off field conduct must be spotless. It has been since his rookie season, that is promising. No player in the NFL cares anymore than Winston does about winning. This leads to pressing and then turnovers, which are very common game situations if you go back and chart them. The common factors are down multiple scores, third down in the middle of the field or, and this is my most concerning, at the end of the second quarter driving for a late score. However, I worry most about his overall athleticism. The QB in the modern NFL has to be an elite athlete. I feel like Winston is a pretty average athlete (for the NFL QB) with amazing creativity. He’s a 4.9 forty guy with marginal agility. He does have great balance, but many times it would be better for him to just go down.

    Koetter should not have made it into last season as the coach. He has been passive aggressive towards Winston at best. That is not the way to bring along a young QB and keep your own job. Who knows, maybe this Arians deal was in the works even a year ago but there was no way that Koetter/Smith should’ve been allowed to return last season. The only way the Koetter/Smith gameplan worked was with near QB perfection. When the QB slipped up, just a little, it was a loss. If the QB was just solid, it was a loss. When you really look at film, you have to wonder why the QB, both Fitz and Winston, were constantly asked to make such high risk throws. Scheming of easy throws is a mainstay of the modern NFL. Koetter didn’t do that.

  24. Dapostman Says:

    @Magadud, if it was as serious as you state please tell us why she didn’t call the police. He grabbed her crotch allegedly then she told him to knock it off allegedly and then she found out who he was and cashed out. Allegedly.

  25. Magadude Says:

    The CLE game was not a good game for Winston. That is a game where he almost lost the game by running a ridiculous play that put them well our of scoreing range, because he chose to run his own play. Didn’t even start with the play that was called. Winston does what he wants, on and off the field. Add that to his poor decision making and that is why you have suspended, troubled turnover machine.

  26. Magadude Says:

    Because of him disgracing his team mates, the game, his coaches, his owners, his family, and his community, and getting completely showed up in the first couple of games by Fitz, Winston felt the pressure to perform. Winston isn’t carrying anything on his back but his own load of sorry deeds. Carrying his team? Not.

  27. D1 Says:


    If you consider that Winston’s deep ball accuracy ranking is #35 or last in the NFL, and since entering the league is the leagues leader in turnovers . The trolls have a point.

  28. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    So…. the LIGHTNING should once again be a Stanley Cup contender.

    The young RAYS are battling it out with the Yankees, and making us proud.

    That brings us to the BUCS.

    I am a HUGE Lightning & Rays fan.
    HUGE… i watch every single game for both teams.

    But, i just cant help it.
    My favorite of them ALL…. is the BUCS.
    They just are, man.
    They always will be.

    I LOVE these damn BUCS.
    Now… lets get it DONE!!!
    Its TIME.

  29. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    And YES.. i do believe in you, Jameis.
    I believe you can be great.
    Get it DONE.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    Still on the ‘look what Jameis did last year’ tear I see Joe (nice touch using the “hassle with the Uber driver” entry, but that photo is just wrong, on so many levels). I do appreciate you saving me $39.99 a year on Collingsworth’s ‘gibberish’ though, not that I was gonna rush out a drop two $20s for access to whatever he’s selling.

    Most JBFers seem to be at least trying to turn the page on last year’s debacle. IMO every player has a clean slate starting this new year under BA & company … and that includes Jameis. Let’s see how he does from this point on with new coaching & a number of new teammates, a different schedule & (hopefully) a better defense. Out with the old … in with the new. Or, as an alternative, you could keep using him as a catalyst for resurrecting bad memories, at least until training camp starts next month.

  31. NOSBOS Says:

    If Andy Reid can raise the level Mike Vick’s play(a guy known more for being runner early his career) I have no doubt about what BA,Clyde and Moore are about to do with Jameis. It’s like you always say right Joe,no one ever questions the talent. Give the whisperer a few minutes to show him how to properly utilize it. Bout to make him a 100 million dollar man.

  32. NOSBOS Says:

    They also (rightfully so) feel Vea about to feast and O.j about to launch. All this young hungry talent and folks outside of the organization see things clearer than this fanbase.

  33. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Defense Rules – though Jay Miss may have a “clean slate” with you, he does not have a clean slate with the league.

  34. Magadude Says:


  35. Magadude Says:

    Dapostman, most crimes of that specific nature go unreported. I don’t know why SHE didn’t and I don’t care. But could be because of the many reasons (mostly) females don’t report it, from public embarassment, personal shame, fear of reprisal, lack of confidence in the authorities who often aren’t effective. Until the NFL’s investigation concluded, I was looking at it as a her word against his. The NFL determined it happened. And everything public on it showed Winston lied. Still hasn’t fessed up. How do you she cashed in? Your use of “allegedly” is pretty misplaced post-investigation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the lies since are against all…can’t spin it. I think he is a lucky man.

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    Alvin & Maga … Was talking about Jameis’ PERFORMANCE which I (apparently wrongly) assumed most would understand, since that was pretty much what the article was addressing (passing prowess, etc?). Different strokes for different folks on the other ‘stuff’

  37. Dapostman Says:


    If she thought it was that serious she would have notified the police. The facts are she handled the situation herself then found out later who he was and received a payout. That’s cashing in. Of course he’s lucky. He’s lucky she wasn’t some woman like the one who sent Brian Banks to prison for 5 years on a bogus rape charge. Feel free to google the name. Just because the NFL determined it happened doesn’t mean it actually happened the way they say it did. See….Brian Banks. BTW, how do you know she didn’t lead him on? Maybe he’s the one who has the shame of falling for a femme fatale and getting played. You don’t.

  38. Magadude Says:

    DR…I didn’t say a thing about what you wrote. Didn’t have any thoughts pro or contrary. My comments were strictly on Joe’s words, and the only issue I had with the article was the continued diminishment of the Uber thing. He keeps saying it, I’ll keep retorting…but nothing about your post.

  39. Magadude Says:

    Oh…I was rogering up to Scissor’s post..according to the NFL, he does not have a clean slate. Doesn’t matter to me what you think about it.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    Still don’t give a rat’s ass about the Uber BS no matter how many times a day Magadude tells me I should.

    I expect Winston to BOOM.

    If not then he’s gone.

    Same thing I said yesterday….

    Oh the off-season…Sigh….I’m uber excited to read Maga’s next post about how much he hates Winston and why.

  41. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    I’m offended by the monkey.

  42. Magadude Says:

    I took the picture to be about the primate way PFF looks at things. Nothing else. That said, that is an edgy and not outrageous way to portray it, certainly should not be offensive. I am a little skeptical if someone reads anything wrong into it in any other way…wow, PC to the point of being nuts. As for PFF…I agree with Joe…I only like stats when they come with wins, or are used in a way to find out why there not more wins. I admit I was on PFF for 2015 and realized it wasn’t worth it. But I like to get info from lots of places.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga…….Ho ahead and have your fun condemming Winston about his Uber hassle all offseadon. The rest of us has forgiven and forgotten.

    Just know each passing day your points become less and less relevant.

    By the time the games start you will be rendered totally insignificant. So have fun. You got about 2 months.

  44. Magadude Says:

    JimmyJack…do you have a mouse in your pocket. Who is the rest of us? That said, that’s up to you.

  45. Succaneers Says:

    That is actually a pretty good picture of Jameis

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga the rest of us is the brunt of the fans.

    Just look up at all the comments and you’ll see. There’s just one or two still holding a grudge on Winston about the Uber thing. The rest of us have moved on and are worried about what happens on the field.

    I haven’t read all the comments but am willing to bet you are the only one that brought it up. And I know you are the only one who brings it up on a daily basis…….Which really says more about you then it does our QB.

  47. Ndog Says:

    I asked this question last week, why do you dislike Jameis so much that you root for him too fail thus rooting for your team to lose. You have to understand it makes zero sense right?

  48. Magadude Says:

    JimmyJack…so not to dismiss Joe’s number of posters, but you think the “brunt” (I know you mean) of fans are here? I’d say those who post here are clearly Bucs fans…they are not the ones who have left here and to be accurate, every other aspect of supporting the Bucs. Now you know, Joe regurlarly brings up what he calls is an “Uber hassle” and other things that harken to Winston’s past. I’m not bringing up anything.

    NDog, I think I answered you last week, and if not, say it often. I hope Jameis wins, I hope he scores every play. I am a Bucs fan. I’m in it for the long haul and Winston has torched the long-term plan of getting this area back behind their team in a unified fashion. I love this team and have never rooted for Jameis to lose or fail. Do those who don’t like GMC root for him not to make a play? I’d hope not. Jameis is not good for business. And I don’t think he will be. I don’t care if you agree..that is up to you. But that is that.

  49. Magadude Says:

    JimmyJack…so not to dismiss Joe’s number of posters, but you think the “brunt” (I know you mean) of fans are here? I’d say those who post here are clearly Bucs fans…they are not the ones who have left here and to be accurate, every other aspect of supporting the Bucs. Now you know, Joe regurlarly brings up what he calls is an “Uber hassle” and other things that harken to Winston’s past. I’m not “bringing up” anything.

    NDog, I think I answered you last week, and if not, say it often. I hope Jameis wins, I hope he scores every play. I am a Bucs fan. I’m in it for the long haul and Winston has torched the long-term plan of getting this area back behind their team in a unified fashion. I love this team and have never rooted for Jameis to lose or fail. Do those who don’t like GMC root for him not to make a play? I’d hope not. Jameis is not good for business. And I don’t think he will be. I don’t care if you agree..that is up to you. But that is that.

  50. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    He has MAGA in his screen name. You think he is going to support a black QB.

  51. Ndog Says:

    So you don’t think he is good for business due to what some people say? Cause there is certainly no proof of anything, like zero charges against him for instance, for all the things that have been said. So you give every thing you heard your full faith with zero knowledge of the truth? The facts are he works hard, is great in the community, has a ton of ability, cares about his teammates to the point of his own demise, see DJax, and his efforts to make that guy happy. Now that he actually has a coach here that wants him, believes in him and will play to his strengths his play will speak for itself. So it is not a matter of me liking it or not it is a matter of you, and several others, actively trying to devide the fan base but the sad part is once we do start winning with him you all will turn around and act like you always liked him. It’s really sad but just look at some of the things you say and is anyone really surprise.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga no the commenters here are not the brunt but they are good to use as a sample.

    And just like Joe has said before about his polls that if you study the a sample of the percentage after just a portion have voted it almost always will represent the consensus opinion.

    But I’m also taking about more then just the fans here. I am talking about every Bucs fan I see in personal life. Any I’ve ever talked to never brings up the Uber incident. The concern is on his play.

    Also talking about the many many random fans I’ve talked to at the games & at tailgate. Their concern is the same.

    Deny if you wish but it’s a fact and you are in vast majority of fans still hung up on the Uber hassle. Some may be critical of Winston for various reasons but it’s a broad opinion and not as narrow-minded.

  53. Magadude Says:

    TDTB…you pulled out the race card over a screen name you clearly don’t get. Yup, announce disapproval of Winston and for expressing that opinion, get branded a racist. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple. Man, you are a sorry thinker.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    And you most certainly did bring it up Maga. Your posts from 6:03 and 6:50 proove this.

    Quit lying to yourself.

  55. Magadude Says:

    JimmyJack, how are they good to use a sample? You realize for all fans here, you’d have to consider non-fans as a “sample.” Uh, don’t remember’s Joe saying that. That would be incorrect. Joe’s polls would show data for those on this site and decide to vote. That is “your” experience, not mine, and not represenative. You don’t know if it’s a “fact” or not. Did you ever take stats class or something that taught about this stuff? Did you pass? Yeah, make it about me, but I think you have a lot of self study to do, and you should realize there is a lot you don’t know. And I mean a LOT.

  56. Magadude Says:

    No, Joe brought up Uber today, yesterday, and I think the day before, and when he says he expects Jameis to be here next year etc, I put in my opinion about why I disagree. And when guys like you play the race card, personally attack me, and start talking nonsense about “facts” and speaking for every one else…I’ll have the dialog with you. Notice how I don’t attack other posters…only disagree Usually I say why. That’s what the comments are for, right?

  57. Magadude Says:

    And for Joe and others, when he brings up the Uber deal and anything projecting about Winston’s future here, and varous factors, I willl bring them up and disagree, just as I comment on all the things Joe (and others) writes that I agree with. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. Outta here for 2nite.

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga you aren’t fooling me.

    The article is about Winston booming or busting this year.

    That was the main topic that was brought for discussion. Go back and re-read the dialog and that’s what everybody is discussing.

    Your brought a new narritive into the conversation about the hassle. And you do the same everyday in other articles that have nothing to do with that.

    Be real man.

    And if you think this is me attacking then sorry. But I will always have something to say if you wanna keep driving the Winston story from last year because it creates a divide in the fanbase and it divides us in our support. There is a voice that does have this QBs back and we will speak our minds about it. If you don’t like it….well…..too bad.

  59. Magadude Says:

    NDog, you would be correct up until the NFL concluded its investiagation. They’d not suspend a starting QB and #1 overall pick in the NFL if they didn’t actually find the whole thing credible and consistent as stated. As I said, just the stuff out in public indicates he wasn’t telling the truth. Now, I say bad for business because he is bad for business. Also as I have said, he is not the only reasons fans don’t come out to watch this team, but he is one very key reason. Winning will help, Arians may or may not help, but as I’ve said, that won’t be enough. If he was good for business, people would want his hame and endorsement. Haven’t seen Winston around in the community much at all as a rep of his team over the last year. Why? Bad for business. Oh, we’ll see how much his organization tests the waters this year. The low key is telling.

  60. Lamarcus Says:

    The only entity should be a ” boom or bust” on this team is the defense! I’ll probably never ever see the day of blowouts by halftime.

  61. Lamarcus Says:

    Aww man hit the button by accident. Anyway Jameis is no concern for me. It’s the defense. Losing 48 -10 to bears was bad. Trubisky blew us out

    We need the defense to hold the opposers to 21 -30 points and we get to 11-5

  62. Magadude Says:

    Yes, booming our busting this year, and what happened last year, and comning back next year. What I addressed is relevent. I’d also suggest I’m not the one splitting the fan base up. It is the man you are defending. He has never acted contrite, never apologized or admitted, only denied, said stupid things like he was sorry he put her in that position, even said she was the one confused. Then he still didn’t settle until it made the news again. Dude doesn’t get it. Not a leader, not a face of the franchise. This isn’t PIT where we have a large metro area where it won’t matter when you a Big Ben type.

  63. Magadude Says:

    Lamarcus, sadly, there are too many problems to count. Some can solved this year. I think the D has the best chance of turning it.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Lamarcus to not forget Special Teams either.

    We have lost quite a few times with uniquely bad ST play & not just kicking. Our coverage had been bad and our blocking has been pitiful. They also mangange to throw in a lot of pentalties.

    Fixing STs & Defense was for sure a focus of this draft. That’s why we passed up on all the RBs that went in round 3 of the Dtaft. With that pick we got 2 defenders and 2 ST players. I think getting guys who could play ST was a hidden agenda of our draft stragety.

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga are your points are valid. Nobody’s denying that.

    The problem is with have discussed it and nauseum for the last entire year. The teams has moved past it now and so have the majority of fans.

    The focus is now on the future and what Winston will do under Bruce.

    You are right Winston is the one who did divide the fanbase. But time has healed that wound and the focus is now where it should be for a Pro QB. Results.

    The uber debate you bring up had been settled and you bringing it up only opens old scars.

    I am only here to tell you that your argument is irrevelant. By the time the games start you will be insignificant. The rest of us will worry about results. Results will determine whether booms or busts not the Uber hassle.

  66. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Yes… Jameis definitely made a mistake.
    He F’d up.
    And it upset alot of us, including we who are his biggest supporters.
    But it was that.. a mistake.

    It seems fairly obvious that Jameis has a good heart. And he is trying to do great things on and off the field. He doesn’t do the off the field good because he thinks he should… he does it because he wants to and because he loves it.

    I want to let him continue to blossom into who he really is…
    On and off the field.

    There is ALOT of good there.
    People can overcome mistakes.
    I have recovered from some very bad ones.

    I believe in JW.

  67. D1 Says:


    Two points.

    One, the facts about Winston’s transgressions are well documented and in the public domain. It’s obvious that there is a certain amount of fans who will never entertain the idea let alone evidence that Winston is a bad guy. You’ve read the reports and sided with the evidence and facts. So who are you looking to convince?

    If you believe that you can convince some of these folks that you’re correct …and that every point you make is cogent I’ll say flat out you’d have more success whizzing up a rope in high winds. It’s not possible. But proceed as you wish.

    Two, You claim Winston is bad for business.
    Let’s accept that as true .
    He’s bad for business. Who owns the bucs ?
    Lets say , not you.
    Do you have a business relationship with the team?
    If yes, are you still in business with the team. It’s your option to not be in business with the team for any reason including winston.
    Winston’s brand is his and whoever else is part of his business group. His brand is worth …well…not much.

    I need to seperate these points, the business side is none your concern unless you do business with or did business with the team. The decisions on that side are financial at the core and if you have financial capital invested then you should pursue this in the business sections of somewhere….

    Most likely you are a fan. A consumer of the product. Like everyone else. A fan. Did you forget about the fan part as you’ve focused on the Glazer’s well being? Phuc em, ..They have hundreds of specialists to handle business decisions. Be a fan

    What hurts this team is losing. It’s a inferior product from a to z. Improve the product , improve the team and the business will grow.

    Heck, we could have Hannibal Lecter and Charles Manson in the backfield with Richard Ramirez as our QB if they went 16 and 0 on the way to a bowl victory I bet you ..nigthstalker jersey sales would be all the rage. Manson could host a summer camp for troubled youths and the waiting list would be a mile long. And you know , the Bucs would brand cans of Fava beans and chianti. .. Cam Newton is for dinner tonight. .

    Last, make a case for winston having a boom or bust year …I know uber has little to do with a legitimate discussion of his skill set and how it possibly translates into the new season.

  68. DB55 Says:


    You had me at Hannibal Lecter

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    D1 … Very creative. SCARY … but very creative. (I’m surprised that you left out the Donner Party in that next-to-last paragraph).

  70. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, NFL players do not get suspended for multiple games for a “hassle”…….be real.

  71. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Which Joe is that in the picture?

  72. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bruce Arians poor mans Andy Reid.

  73. Buccfan37 Says:

    Love the orangutan picture, he or she just said Go Bucs!

  74. jameis winston Says:

    I’m going to lead us to the promise land

  75. D1 Says:


    I was thinking about Donner at LB. .and one of those banners players have around the stadium.

    “Donner’s D ….The Food Bank”.

    Thanks DB. ….

    I think it’s a good thing to remember that everyone here is a fan first and foremost. And as a fan we should all want the team to win.
    Losing has turned fan against fan, brother against brother , fan against players and so on.
    It’s like watching Bums fight but with less dignity.

    Fans just want this team to win.

  76. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    “It’s like watching Bums fight but with less dignity.”

    OMG I’m so ashamed!

  77. Magadude Says:

    D1, thanks for the story. The business side is my concerrn. It’s thriving is also the only way the Bucs stay viable here. We almost lost them once.