Derrick Brooks Talks Gerald McCoy, Suh & More

June 7th, 2019

What does Derrick Brooks think of the swap of Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh? You’ll find out on this edition of TAMPA TWO, presented by Caldeco Air Conditioning & Heating!! It’s another A+ production from The Identity Tampa Bay and

15 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Talks Gerald McCoy, Suh & More”

  1. Marine Buc Says:

    Simple equation. Bucs – Koetter – Smith – McCoy – Kwon + BA + Bowles + Suh + White = improvement…. If Winston is ranked in the top ten QBs in the NFL we will be competitive…

  2. RTG Bucs Says:

    I’ll put it this way Ira, if McCoy goes into the Ring of Honor so should Aguayo. Yes, I am serious!

  3. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I believe the majority of Bucs fans like and respect Gerald McCoy. Unfortunately, the haters speak the loudest and most often, giving the false impression that McCoy is hated in this town. The man gave his all, fought through injuries and the adversity of frequent coaching changes and incompetent management, and still produced and made the Pro Bowl most years. I feel bad for him that the team around him was always in flux and produced so poorly. This is not a reflection of McCoy; rather, McCoy’s success in spite of all the adversity is a reflection of him. If he played for a better Bucs team, he would no doubt be a Ring of Honor guy, and so he has my endorsement at the end of his career. I wish him only the best. All you idiot haters can suck a lemon, because you’re all miserable people anyways.

  4. martinii Says:

    Honey Bear:

    Agree 100%. Haters got the loudest voices. I too wish McCoy the best.

  5. Dan McLaughlin Says:

    Jeebs you’re right. I have much respect for Gerald McCoy. It’s a shame that sometimes idiots have the loudest voices. I think there is much love for Gerald in this area. Gerald surely will be missed.

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    Come on guys get real!!! He was a very average player on very bad teams. He was highly overpaid for his production on the field. I’m sure, like me, 99% of Buc fans wish him well. This defense needed a major adjustment and McCoy needed to go. End of story…

  7. Todd Says:

    I say this with love.

    Seeing the stories on GMC’s Instagram feed, the dude seriously needs to think about family eating habits. SERIOUSLY not trying to be a judgmental d!ck, but diabetes is real. My sister and her husband had horrible eating habits and their children became obese very quickly, very young. They suffer to this day.

    Use some of that $8 million to hire a healthy chef. Your kids will forever thank you.

    Joe, feel free to delete this comment. Just an observation but one I’m sure others will ridicule, which is fine.

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    Still don’t understand why so many who post here..hate GMC. The guy played his but off for 9 yrs. And arguably, 7 of those 9,l he had very little help on Defense. But then again, I guess when a team loses consistently, They gotta have somethin to dislike other than their record right? hating seems to be in style ever since our big election… GMC will be just fine in Carolina.

  9. RTG Bucs Says:

    What I don’t understand is why when someone states that they don’t think he is great they are labeled a hater? No hate here, I rooted for him in every snap he played as a Buccaneer. Been a fan since 76 and always root for every player that wears the uniform. Just have never seen much from him that made me think he is all that. Nice guy, great in the community, probably a good husband and father, looks good in pictures, etc. I watch football for what happens from the snap of the ball until the whistle blows, that is what I judge all players on, football and football only. Please, please tell me about specific plays that make him stand out. I can think about maybe 5 plays in his 9 years here that stand out. Shoot watch the video above, even Brooks won’t say he belongs there. The Ring of Honor should ONLY be for the very best. No Bucs player in the last decade deserves to be there.

    Hopefully some current players will become worthy of that honor!

  10. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    RTG you present as a hater when you put McCoy and Aguayo in the same sentence. You can list credentials all you want, what you said in your first post was pure HATE. Plays that stand out? That’s how you judge the man? That doesn’t even make sense. Any sack he ever had would “stand out”. The made up statistic of “plays that stand out” depend on the person watching, the result of the play, the game situation, the TV angle, and then is still up in the air debated. I can only think of a few plays in Bucs history that “stand out”, and one of them is the Bert Emmanuel non-catch. You are a hater trying to rationalize your hate as nothing. Get out of here with that.

  11. RTG Bucs Says:

    Ok Jeebs, I’ll admit that the Aguayo statement was harsh but the point is McCoy certainly does not belong in the Ring of Honor, at least in my eyes. You asked “Plays that stand out? That’s how you judge the man?” First off I don’t judge him as a man, not my job as a fan and my opinion on that doesn’t mean anything as I do not know him personally. But he does appear to be a decent human being. I judge him as a player only.
    As for plays that stand out, you are completely off base in my opinion. Not every sack stands out, not just for him but there are many coverage sacks or plays where the QB is eluding other players and runs into the waiting arms of a player who had actually been blocked out of the designed play.
    I have actually focused on him a lot and yes he does make a play now and then, heck he is a big strong dude and should make some. I would be more impressed if he held his gap and clogged up the interior more often, which is his main job anyway and is why he doesn’t have gaudy stats, people get lost in sacks and tackles but there is much more to it than that.
    But far too often I see him pushed back or down on the goal line, vacating his gap and the RB going right through the hole he created and my biggest peeve is when the play goes away from him and he just gives up on it. Great players never give up, that is why they are great and make plays that others don’t is shear determination. And in my opinion, only great players should be in the ROH. I’ll admit it again, the Aguayo statement was harsh but my point was that McCoy does not belong in the ROH, if he goes in I think the bar for entry is pretty low. Again, watch the video, even with some prodding Ira couldn’t get Brooks to say he belongs there. That is a huge no by not saying yes.

  12. Matt Says:

    Beta Boy McCoy jumper off sides in critical situations time and time and time and time again and consistently got dominated at the point of attack by bigger guards. He has great quickness but a terrible base and can easily be manhandled and shoved out wide giving huge holes to run thru. He has very few meaningful sacks or splash plays and takes plays off. He’s like the NFL version of Dwight Howard. He has zero leadership skills and is perfectly fine with losing as long as he’s paid. He never had a determined and focused look on his face during a single interview and almost looks lost or disinterested. He stepped into one buc place as the richest player on the team and never had to prove himself and has the typical spoiled rich kid attitude. I’m sure he’s a great guy outside football but I’ve never been so glad to see a player leave as I am with beta boy McCoy. Can’t wait to see us run all over Carolina’s D.

  13. BucFan727 Says:

    Im glad McCoys gone. We got better period. Its a business, get over it.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    “Why is someone labeled a hater just for saying their opinion?”

    :: minutes earlier ::

    “I’ll put it this way Ira, if McCoy goes into the Ring of Honor so should Aguayo. Yes, I am serious!”

    Hmmm, can’t imagine why? Lol this fan base sometimes…

  15. RTG Bucs Says:

    Unbelievable, then label me a hater. I honestly do not care. McCoy DOES NOT belong in the Ring of Honor, if he does go then you might as well put in every Buc player that has suited up since 76. I cannot believe this fan base either but for the exact opposite reason of the nuthuggers.