Cameron Brate’s Recovery (Video)

June 1st, 2019

Cameron Brate at practice this week

Our beloved Buccaneers practiced in the fancy, climate-controlled GlazerShed yesterday, but Cameron Brate and his injured/recovering hip were outdoors getting in work.

It was sort of football work. Brate was running a series of short and long sprints with a trainer. Lots of them. Typically he was was breaking for the run like you might see him off the line of scrimmage from the slot.

Inside the GlazerShed, Joe fired up his video camera and zoomed in on Brate outside to watch closely.

You can take a peek below:

Joe has seen Brate around at spring practices and Joe believes he looks thinner than in past years. That probably means a whole lot of nothing, but it’s worth noting since the Bucs have been so secretive about his injury/recovery.

32 Responses to “Cameron Brate’s Recovery (Video)”

  1. Bingo Says:

    Trade the guy…after tomorrow. We have plenty of player and scheme alternatives to fill his spot, and we need that $7 million back!! There’s plenty of teams that need starting TE’s. Jameis and the offense will be more than fine, OJ in all 16 games…OR NOT.


  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow….not really encouraging……looked very labored…..looked like me & that is not good.
    We may be in a tough spot with Brate……can’t trade him, can’t play him, don’t want to cut him…..
    We need to get smart with some of the injured….if they can’t go…..let them go.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “That probably means a whole lot of nothing, but it’s worth nothing since…”

    Feel free to delete this post, Joe, but I think you meant ‘noting’.

    Just a head’s up 🙂

  4. Unimpressed Says:

    He always said he had trouble keeping weight on. Adios Brate!

  5. tmaxcon Says:


    who is a dumb arse gm that will give up pick and pay 7 million dollar for a injury prone gamble that MAY NEVER recover…. The only team dumb enough to make a deal like that is our beloved buccaneers…

    no one is trading for an injured player who is severely overpaid. especially a hip which he may never come back from our maybe it only takes one hit to set it back…. there are too many questions with hips. just like cancer93 brate has no trade value based on history and being overpaid.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bingo Says
    “Trade the guy…after tomorrow. We have plenty of player and scheme alternatives to fill his spot, and we need that $7 million back!!”

    Trading Brate would be a bonehead move. We need him. Besides, there is no way you can convince me that William Gholston is more important to this team than Brate. Cutting William Gholston would save us $3,750,000.

    Demar Dotson is making $4,803,125 this year. We could and should cut him (he’d probably retire).

    There’s your $7,000,000+.

    Gholston has had years to prove himself and has not, plus we actually drafted his replacement this year. Demar Dotson has been solid, but we will have to replace him next year anyway, either with a guy on the team already, a draft pick or a free agent. Rip that band-aide off now and let the young guys fight it out for the spot so we know if we have to look elsewhere next off season…otherwise we waste next year finding that out.

    On top of that, if JPP is mpt able to play, we save at least his $7,500,000. That puts us at $14,000,000+. Heck, his guaranteed amount may not even count against the cap because it was a non-football injury. That would double our savings there.

    No need to make the team worse to free up cap space at all. There are plenty of ways to free up money.

    Clearly, the Bucs are not that concerned over it, so why should we be?

  7. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    How is Gerald’s Ice Cream tour doing ?

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is plenty of time and there will be ample opportunities to make roster changes…..
    At this point, I don’t think you could say that any player who doesn’t have a guaranteed salary is safe and not even some with.
    There will be trades and cuts…..

    If Brate is healthy….he’s a keeper…..Jameis loves him and we need him in case OJ goes down.

    Dotson & Gholston are replaceable…..but would both need to be replaced…if we can find cheaper/better…..go for it.

  9. Slugglife Says:

    Armchair GMs are the best. And the Buccaneers have the best of the best.

  10. Slugglife Says:

    Tmax- why don’t you pick another team to follow. There are 31 others that would love to have you.

    I suggest the Patriots. Maybe then you can find some joy in life.

  11. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trade him to oakland, houston, new england or anyone for a 7th round pick. If he plays less than 8 games return the pick. At least you unload 7 mil.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    These comments are brutal. Why do you freaks want to trade Brate so we can save 7 mil?

    Why? So the Glazer’s can get richer? Might make sense if y’all wanted that 7 mil to use for another player but no. Y’all just say trade him just cause of money. Like the post above that says trade him for a 7th rounder…….Y’all let me know when a 7th round pick is worth 7 mil. Very foolish.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    There is absolutely no need to get rid of Brate. Click my name and see how we can easily free up cap space. Plenty of it.

  14. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Bonzai . I’m not a Gholston fan , but he is decent against the run and seems to fit the mold of 3-4 DE . I think the coaching staff wants to give him a chance. He hs stayed fairly healthy throughout his career and is sold depth .

  15. TexBuc Says:

    In Bruce I trust.

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Bonzai I read your list and the only one that don’t make sense is DeMar Dotson. They just resigned the guy. They would have already spent that money elsewhere or for another tackle if they didn’t want him. Even if he gets beat out in TC he will still likely make the roster because we would be left extremely thin at Tackle depth.

    If they were going to move on from Dotson it would have been done already.

    Also I think you could add VHIII to that list. Don’t know his salary situation but he’s a first rounder and is making a decent chunk of change. If he gets outplayed in TC and the Bucs feel confident with their depth he might get the boot……..In fact I think a big part of the decision to draft 2 corners this year was because they don’t see Vernon as a longterm solution at that position. This is all contingent on how our other corners(and Vernon) play this off-season. But it’s a salary saving nonetheless

  17. Kobe Faker Says:

    “This is why Gump is the AOC of NFL GMs”

    Kobe Faker

  18. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Yeah, let’s trade our best red-zone target!!!

  19. Bird Says:


    He is not even a buc fan. He is a troll
    I think he is saints fan that comes on here and gets people fired up

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    He doesn’t look ready but still plenty of time. This one’s a toss up, trade or keep. He’d do well with the Patriots and maybe get a 4’th round pick for him.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Saints’ fans are welcome here. Why not? They balled out last year. This year is going to be different though and Mr Brees isn’t getting any younger, but he’s still the Best in the NFC by far. Todd Bowles has something for him though. So bring it!!!

  22. OneBuc55 Says:

    I’ll probably be crucified for this but imho Brate is overrated and overpaid…

    Jameis got Brate and now Humphries big pay days…Many forget that Brate was briefly with the Saints who quickly cut him…He’s solid when healthy but certainly not irreplaceable; Humphries as well…I wouldn’t mind keeping him, but not at his current salary…He got his contract the year we drafted Howard; nobody foresaw Howard falling in our laps…

    It would’ve been interesting to see what Brate would have gotten on the open market; personally I feel like we overpaid him, especially considering he’s basically useless as a blocker…. We’ll see how this plays out, I think this may be his last year in Tampa ..

  23. tmaxcon Says:

    Slugglife Says:
    June 1st, 2019 at 10:03 am

    Tmax- why don’t you pick another team to follow. There are 31 others that would love to have you.

    I suggest the Patriots. Maybe then you can find some joy in life.

    why don’t you have higher standards and demand more???? Accepting failure is sad….

  24. OneBuc55 Says:

    Tmax I respect your opinion but no one in their right mind chooses to “accept failure” when it comes to their favorite team…

    Most fans just do their best to be optimistic; we have zero control over anything that happens with our team other than choosing to watch or attend games…other than that you can only hope, and try to find some positives…

    Personally I think bringing Bruce Arians was a huge step in the right direction; it also took away some of Lichts power with personnel decisions which imho is a good thing…I really believe we’re gonna surprise people this year, maybe even you…

  25. Brandon Says:

    Though Brate has long been listed at 235 his playing weight has usually been closer to 250. Whether he looks thinner or not matters very little. He’s been hurt kas has plenty of time to get back to his most effective weight.

  26. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Hello people! We have struggled in the red zone. Why would we get rid of the man that has scored more TD’s than any player on this team over the last few years?

  27. Allbuccedup Says:

    Then trade OJ Howard you don’t need two tight ends. Howard probably going to demand 12 or 13 million a year when his rookie contract is up. So I guess we will have 20 mil in TEs. NOT!

  28. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Patriots may want him as they’ve recently pursued Kyle Rudolph at around the same price. Plenty o’ other receiving weapons on the Bucs now. Another shaky Licht Weight contract doled out…

  29. BucsBall80 Says:

    Howard ant going no where bud. Brate is trying to get healthy. If anything he will get places on IR. There not done bringing guys in. Coach just said there going to bring some vets in to compete for a spot here soon. Finally got this ship going in the right direction. Fire the Cannons.

  30. Slugglife Says:

    Demand success. Uh huh. Why didn’t you just say so?

    I demand that the Bucs take it all the way this year. My 2002 SB shirt got worn out. I demand a new one!

  31. Hodad Says:

    Brate looked terrible in that video, didn’t even look like he wanted to be running at all. Brate was worth 3 to 4 mill a year tops.

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    Jimmyjack thinks like Jason Licht another 5 years of 5-11.