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June 19th, 2019

Joe has a new feature!

It’s called Behind the Paywall. It costs money to read all the stuff about the Bucs on and at They make you pay. So, Joe has decided to summarize what’s found there that wasn’t really touched here. It’s not that exciting, of course, but the perpetually Bucs-hungry probably will appreciate it.

Compiled by intern ZACHARY SEIFTER

(Today’s edition sums up May and June at, and June at

Bucs DB’s showed up, but who were they covering? The three drafted rookies in the secondary look mature and showed significant improvement, but an unhealthy Mike Evans and Breshad Perriman did the offense – and the defense — no favors.
Publish Date: June 5                                                                          

O.J. Howard Chasing Greatness: Get excited about O.J. Howard, who wants to be the very best. He’s chasing greatness this offseason working with last season’s MVP, Patrick Mahomes.
Publish Date: June 5

O-line lost valuable chemistry-building: All five projected starters missed practices in the spring. Bucco Bruce Arians says there’s time to make up for it. Despite being the 3rd-highest paid O-line in the league, questions linger.
Publish Date: June 5

Two simultaneous practices get Bucs in football shape:  Coach Bruce Arians likes coaches watching all players while they get consecutive reps and push themselves.
Publish Date: June 11

Bucs uniforms take another hit: Tadd Haislop of Sporting News ranked the uniforms of all 32 NFL teams and the Bucs ranked 26th — good helmet but terrible alarm clock jersey numbers.
Publish Date: June 12

Randle-El the Coach: The former Steeler acknowledged Bruce Arians is just as he was 15 years ago when they first met.
Publish Date: May 3

Sean Murphy-Bunting Draft Process: It was a long road to the Round 2 pick. Greg Auman tracked it.
Publish Date: May 9

Diamonds in the rough: Nine undrafted free agents might have a prayer of making the team.
Publish Date: May 16

Answers from the experts: Writers that covered Ndamukong Suh as a pro have different takes on what the Bucs got.
Publish Date: May 24

From duds to studs: From 0-26 in their inaugural 1976 season to the NFC Championship Game in 1979, ex-players remember those days.
Publish Date: June 12

17 Responses to “Behind The Paywall”

  1. Swamp Buc Says:

    Great idea guys

  2. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Diamonds in the rough: Nine undrafted free agents might have a prayer of making the team.
    Publish Date: May 16

    Just out of curiosity, Joe, can you tell us which Buc(s) undrafted FA was featured in this article?

  3. JGhoti86 Says:

    This sounds awesome. And yes, very much appreciated. Great idea Joe’s!

  4. Magadude Says:

    Good idea Joe, as you are good at, don’t forget to cite the references to keep you from the others wrath. I liked some of the reporting Auman did but never thought his analysis was good. I dropped The Atlantic after a week. So now, you save us money AND time.

  5. SCBucsFan Says:

    Kaptain it was 5, not 9. Anthony Johnson, Zach Bailey, David Kenney, Bruce Anderson and D”Cota Dixon. Also mentioned were DaMarkus Lodge, Nick Fitzgerald, Kahzin Daniels and Spencer Schnell who “shouldn’t be counted out”.

  6. Buc45 Says:

    This is AWESOME!!!! Them charging money has always annoyed me and to the commenters that belly ache about your articles, I just want to tell them “then go pay TheAthletic and Tampa Bay Times to read their garbage!”

  7. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Perfect! Now I don’t have to remove my Tampa Bay Times cookies to read for free.
    Saves me time.

  8. Buc45 Says:

    “It was 5, not 9″… [goes on to list off nine names]

  9. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    @Buc45 & SCBucsFan:

    Thank you for the update!

  10. SCBucsFan Says:

    Buc45 sorry if I accurately quoted the name of the article

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    The 5 UDFA’s I believe have a chance to latch on.

    G Zack Bailey – South Carolina
    RB Bruce Anderson – North Dakota State
    DE Kahzin Daniels – Charleston
    WR DaMarkus Lodge – Ole MissQB
    Nick Fitzgerald – Mississippi State <— He has PS eligibility. Ryan Griffin has none

  12. JA Says:

    GREAT article by Greg Auman in The Athletic on the 79′ Bucs.
    Worth every penny with the free subscription!
    The 22-minute video was something to behold. Too bad we couldn’t time-travel that defense to 2019 to play for us today.
    I was a youngin’ in those days and it brought back fond memories. For those of you that were alive in 79′ it is a must read.
    For those that weren’t, watch and read and you’ll have a hard time convincing yourself that the 2002 team had a better defense.

  13. BetterBucFan Says:

    Fun fact Joe:

    This person online did a poll where over 5000 NFL fans ranked the home jerseys of each team and the Bucs got DEAD LAST. Behind the hideous new Jets and Titans uniforms.

    I hope the Glazers see that.

  14. TOM Says:

    Always root for the underdog.

  15. Joe Says:


    What will get the attention of the Glazer family is if people stop buying jerseys.

  16. FortMyersDave Says:

    RB Bruce Anderson and Gamecock Guard Zach Bailey both were pleasant UDFA signings by the Bucs as both had day 3 draft grades but somehow slipped through the cracks. Andrson is a local kid out of Newsome in South Hillsborough. Given the mediocrity and lack of depth at both positions it seems to make sense that these guys have a decent shot at cracking the roster or at least getting on the practice squad.

  17. chopshopp Says:

    I’m interested in what people think about Sports articles behind a paywall. What if the quality is great, what if it is unique articles, no ads anywhere, no one tracking and selling your data (ideally), less trolls, etc.

    Would it be worth it to you at $5/month?