“Duke And A Draft Pick”

May 4th, 2019

Trade ransom established?

It seems to be rather quiet on the Gerald McCoy front since earlier in the week when a speculative piece was written in an Ohio paper linking the Browns to GMC in a trade.

(Well, it hasn’t been all quiet. GMC paid a visit to a Tampa Catholic spring practice to give pointers to linemen.)

Few folks in NFL Media seem to have behind-the-scene sources like Denver radio man Benjamin Allbright. He must be very tight with several agents and coaches. He’s sort of like the hidden Jay Glazer.

This week, Allbright appeared on a British podcast devoted to the Browns and was asked about the GMC rumor to Cleveland. He said the Browns are kicking the tires on GMC but how serious they are he isn’t sure.

Allbright said if he had to wager, he believes a deal could get done. Obviously, the hangup is GMC’s $13 million salary this year but Allbright added the Browns do have the cap space to take on GMC’s contract, which is not guaranteed after this season under the original contract.

When asked what the Browns might have to give up to obtain GMC, Allbright said, “Duke and a draft pick.”

“Duke” would be Cleveland running back Duke Johnson. The fifth-year Browns running back is reportedly disgruntled and wants out of Cleveland.

Statistically, Johnson may be coming off one of his best seasons. Though his numbers of touches were at the lowest of his career in 2018, he ran for five yards a carry and averaged 9.1 yards a catch.

With the Bucs flipping to a three-man front and the Bucs barely addressing what was one of the weakest group of running backs in the NFL, if the Bucs somehow got a draft pick thrown in with Johnson for GMC, that would be a nice move by Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

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  1. Petra...Sec147 Says:

    And watch him Go win a super bowl with the browns lol .

  2. LakeLand Says:

    John Dorsey is building a powerhouse team in Cleveland. They have some solid young players. A proven vet like GMC will fit nicely!!

  3. LakeLand Says:

    If GMC is playing on the D-Line alongside Oliver Vernon, Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richard, Larry Ogunjobi, he will have the best season of his career. The Bucs has mostly placed nothing but trash alongside him.

  4. LakeLand Says:

    **Sheldon Richardson**

  5. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    If the Buccaneers have a desire for new leadership to emerge on this defense, they need to do something with GMC.

  6. PriMech54 Says:

    John Dorsey is an elite general manager. He’s a guy who can blatantly evaluate talent and build a football team. Him willing to give up assets for good ole GMC tells me he’s got quite a bit more in the tank. Part of me hopes McCoy sticks around at a reduced price and somehow this coaching staff can piss him off and challenge him. Getting rid of a 6-9 sack player on the interior creates a pretty massive hole that you’d now only have mini/training camps, and preseason to fill with very limited resources – all while installing a brand new defense that’s dependent on one gap pressure, something Gerald still does very well. I don’t know if it’d be very wise to inflict that onto the roster unless you’re getting a cornerback or a right guard in return. Duke is nice and all, but people have no idea how badly they’re underrating this stable of backs. There is a reason they haven’t been urgent in upgrading it, and that’s because with better communication up front and a better run blocking scheme, these guys can all be serviceable and/or even effective out of the backfield. BA knows it and he’s said it repeatedly.

    You could also argue that this is the ONLY legit NFL calibre coaching staff that GMC has ever had in his entire career. Think about that for a second… an almost decade of obsolete retreads, 3rd or 4th option lower level college coaches, and failed coordinators. As I said, I kinda want to see if these guys can challenge him. It would give him a chance to elevate himself above all the noise and naysayers, or he could also be exposed once and for all… but the real question is, what in the hell is taking so long?

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    If it seems too good to be true then it probably is…… This applies to the suggested GMC trade as well as the Browns having a Super Bowl run with inexperienced coaching, a qb that will likely be targeted by the defenses of the rest of the AFC North and a bunch of talented me guys like the ex-Giants wideout who I can easily visualize butting heads with above mentioned coaches and the egotistical qb. The Browns could have a magic season but they are only a couple of injuries or bruised egos away from another losing season….. I don’t buy their hype its like the NFL and Vegas are setting a huge over/under trap….. However if the Bucs can get some return for Gerald then by all means do it One Buc!

  8. OBP Says:

    Hold up, we’d get Duke AND a draft pick? I would do Duke for GMac straight up, hell I’d be willing to lose a draft pick to move him and clear up cap space, but to do it for Duke and getting a pick in a return? Couldn’t confirm that trade quick enough.

  9. THETRUTH Says:

    A trade would benefit Browns cap next year , they won’t have to pay duke who has 3 years left Forbes 4-6 mill a year. Trade would get them off the hook cause they can cut GMC after this year and it’s onjy 8 million difference from duke this year. They would onjy be adding 8 mill and free next year of 14 mill.

    The Bucs would benefit cause 8 mill less towards cap and now can sign rookies

    Still cut gholston and free up another 4 mill

    Do the trade now !!! Duke is for real he has proven it and hasn’t even gotten the touches

  10. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    If we can get anything for McOverated it would be awesome but let’s be real.

    No other NFL team would be dumb enough to pay 13 million for 17 tackles.

    There will be exactly ZERO teams trading for his candy ass at that pay rate, either we cut him or we do the typical Bucs dumb ass nonsense and pay him stupid amounts of cap space for little to no production. I’m so sick of hearing/reading about McSoft. We picked up a so called “JAG,” that was cut from the Browns and he had more sacks and tackles than McCottoncandy and playing less games.(Fact, look it up for yourself) It will be a great day in Tampa Bay when the local media decides to stop fluffing him and moves on.

  11. Jonzey Says:

    We should keep GMC

  12. El_Buc941 Says:

    @Lakeland Yea he played alongside trash in 2018….Vea,JPP,Nassib….all guys that balled out with the exception of GMC.lmao. because like you said….he played along trash…let’s revote each ones season…jpp….12.5 sacks.nassib…9 sacks.vea..a force up the gut that even double teaming couldn’t stop..gmc….4…maybe 5 or 6 sacks?lmfao…right….played along trash but then again he’s theonly one that didn’t meet performance standards.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    PriMech54 … Excellent analysis; spot on about GMC & previous coaches & rosters. Personally think that folks are ‘anointing’ Cleveland way too early as a SB contender … they’ve accumulated lots of young talent (POTENTIAL) but so have a lot of other teams. Have advocated that Bucs acquire Duke Johnson for quite awhile now because I see him as the perfect complement to Peyton Barber, but Gump continues to overestimate his bargaining position (and prowess).

    And Joe, while I agree our RB stable is ‘suspect’ shall we say, I’d much prefer to FIX our RG problem before chastising the RBs. We MAY have a diamond in the rough (or 2 or 3) in RoJo IF we FIX THE OLINE. Shaun Wilson may surprise some folks in specific roles. And the 2 guys who MIGHT surprise are Dare Ogunbowale & Bruce Anderson. Ogunbowale’s only converted to RB in his junior year at Wisconsin (DB before that) so he’s still raw. And Anderson (former Newsome HS standout) could well be the biggest surprise of all.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    Its time for the face of the basement years to simply go away. It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they can’t win with cancer93…. you cancer93 apologists will always have the blowouts, down double digit dance parties and disappearing acts to remember your failed hero… unfortunately you don’t have a single meaningful win or signature game to rember the bum for.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    At this point getting rid of GMC would be a huge mistake.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    The excuses amd assumptions you people make about the crying clown are hilarious…. unfortunately you ignore the actual results and hang on to .meaningless personal BS and unrelated propaganda to simply ignore your heros failures and the fact that she makes no one around her better and every attempt to build around her as failed for multiple regimes yet she gets free pass after free pass…. SCOREBOARD does not lie nor does it have feelings to cloud reality

  17. Buc4evr Says:

    Btw has anyone looked at Duke Johnson’s stats ? LOL. Joe please publish his stats for the last 5 years.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    Note to pansy arse safe spacers:

    Results matter your feelings are 100% irrelevant

  19. geno711 Says:

    Benjamin Allbright – Here goes Joe again trying to give some random person a resume who just says lots of random things (just like this site). What makes you say that he has more behind the scenes knowledge than others?

    In March this year he said 5 teams were interested in Brandon Marshall LB of Denver and a trade was imminent.

    On April 24 2018 he referred to himself as a genius. That same day, he said that Sam Darnold was definitely the Browns choice at quarterback. Guess who did not own that after he was wrong. Deleting his tweet. Benjamin Allbright.

    The year before that he said that Mahomes would not make it past the Browns pick at 12.

    He said that the Jets were hiring Mike McCarthy.

    This year he compared Dwayne Haskins to Jameis Winston.

    He also said that if the Bucs had a choice between White and Josh Allen that the Bucs should take White.

  20. Bob in Valrico Says:

    GMC has given up his body for 9 years.He’s played hard and hurt,IMO. Too much attention is paid to how much he is making,again just my IMO. for the people that
    say we are paying him too much for 18 tackles, Fletcher Cox had about the same stats in 2017. No question he had a down year. Can he get back to form with better coaching who knows.
    Some of the best D lineman,including Sapp ,J J Watt have suffered injuries and have been sidelined or played hurt through their career.s An understanding of what
    goes on in the trenches would enlighten some Bucs fans. Thats why we sit on our couches or sit in the stands. Some Buc fans would do well to focus on
    performance,with just a little thought about what it takes to be an NFL starter, before they start calling a player a candyass ,soft as icecream etc.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob … 👍

  22. Maze Says:

    More like GMC and a draft pick

  23. Maze Says:

    He’s not random Geno lol

  24. Bird Says:

    Since they really didn’t address Dline , I am not sure they could do it.
    If they did , they would have to overpay SUh
    Or bring in Ziggy Ansah and then move someone inside

    I got ripped for saying what happens if Vea gets injured the other day ? The poster responded he doesn’t have a injury history? …that made zero sense…in the trenches ..all it takes is one weird play where a guy rolls up on the side of a guys leg and he’s done.

    Who else we got in the middle besides Vea.

    A little surprised McCoy hasn’t gone to the table to restructure. I know a player doesn’t need to do that. And shouldn’t. On the flip side , the Bucs have made him a very rich man and let’s face it …his numbers have been average at times and he has missed enough games. Figured he would be the good guy that he is and realize that and get something done.

  25. Bird Says:

    Unlike the NBA , there is still loyalty in football

    Cmon McCoy , restructure your deal so we can move on and get everyone signed

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    Buc4evr Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 6:06 am
    Btw has anyone looked at Duke Johnson’s stats ? LOL. Joe please publish his stats for the last 5 years.

    Did YOU look at Duke Johnson’s stats? SMH…

    He’s exactly what we need – A good pass catcher out of the backfield. Duke is averaging over 60 catches per season – 9.2 yards per catch. Has 13 total TDs in 4 years. All as a back-up.

    He sounds like the perfect 3rd down back for the Bucs to me…….

  27. JA Says:

    Safe travels ❤️😘
    Hope you don’t end up in Alaska😂

  28. JA Says:

    Thought I was texting my girl …
    Guess that makes me an idiot!

  29. Elita Vita Says:

    I understand that negotiations take time but I sure hope one way or other this is decided soon. Either keep him and announce it, or trade/cut him. This seems like a thorn in a lion’s paw. It’s also an extra pain to the fan base. It’s a distraction to the team and having a disgruntled McCoy is no good for anybody. Love McCoy, but let’s decide one way or another. and move on for everybody’s sake.

  30. JA Says:

    I need more coffee!

  31. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, gotta lot of respects for you and your posts. But is there any body else on the team that can afford to give up a million or two to help sign
    these players ? It does look McCoy’s play is declining but having a true middle linebacker playing behind him might make also help him.

  32. geno711 Says:

    @Maze Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 6:35 am

    He is not always wrong but he is wrong often. I do not see him as being right on his predictions even 50 percent of the time. So for me that is more of a random guy with an opinion.

    I prefer to follow Greg Auman on Twitter. He has only a 3rd of the followers as Allbright. Why? Auman > Allbright on factually based tweets.

  33. Bird Says:

    Bob In valrico

    Not sure they could restructure another player that is worthy off top of head other then Lavonte but that would be tricky as he has only one year left. Would need to extend him now

    but they can cut enough guys.

    Ryan Smith , gholston , the kicker that doesn’t make it , 2 safeties since we have like 7. Etc etc
    Don’t think they cut VH3 yet but if he gets injured again or plays 💩 he is gone next year.

    They can do it without having to touch McCoy contract. Was just hoping for McCoy to be good guy he is.

  34. Maze Says:

    I hear ya Geno. Greg is the man

  35. JabooBuc Says:

    We could all want to keep GMC but is he really a 3/4 DE? Probably not and if that is the case, there is no way to justify paying $13M for a guy playing DT in Nickel. He could be serviceable as a DE but he’s really never played there for any length of time and again, that’s a lot of money for an experiment.

    When I look ok at the draft pick Nelson, it gives me a pretty good idea of what they want in a DE. Honestly, Gholston looks and fits better into that spot than GMC, especially at $13M.

    So… my belief is that he is gone. If they can get Duke and a pick then that might be swell. However, I’d almost rather have the pick and free up the money which could be the holdup. They need money freed up to fix holes which would then include another possible DE. Not sure adding Duke is a real difference maker if they don’t first address the line and they need cash for that.

  36. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    they need duke & antonio calloway for GMC

  37. Magadude Says:

    If the Bucs can make something like this deal happen, that is great. However, their bargaining power of course gets lower as time rolls on unless someone’s stud DT gets injured or they need a DT for some other reason in the next couple of weeks. It will be a shame to cut McCoy outright….clearly that is what every other team, including the Browns would like. The Browns are probably hoping the same thing happens regarding Duke.

  38. NOSBOS Says:

    Precisely what Ft.MeyersDave said. That’s situation is a ticking time 💣. Waaayy too many mouths to be fed. And only one spoon to serve them all.

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d like to keep GMC if for no other reason than to be able to laugh at the idiotic berating posts about him……

  40. ButtMonkey Says:

    Lakeland, so what was his excuse this year with the best dline we’ve ever had around him?

  41. ButtMonkey Says:

    Not the best ever btw, just the best group with him. I can just see some idiot posting “what? You’re stupid, what about Rice and Sapp, etc.

  42. JabooBuc Says:

    All this back and forth about GMC is really irrelevant at this point. I’ve never understood the hatred some have for this guy. He was a very good player that played on really bad teams for his entire career. Again, fact is that he is probably not ideal for this defense and at his age and cost is probably gone.

  43. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe is wrong!!!!! “A nice move by licht weight” would have been to trade him last year when there was “real” value and knowing that the 2019 draft was full and deep with lineman!!!!!!!!!!! what is happening know is trying to get anything from the garage sale before just dumping it for nothing!!!!!!!!!!! just another example of licht too late to the party with no real plan!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, That the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Doug Says:

    He has plenty of ability left he just doesn’t want it bad enough is the issue.

  45. lowercaseg Says:

    Do it

  46. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    The correct thing to do with GMC at this point is….nothing.

    You hold your cards, say nothing and do nothing.

    Let people speculate, do nothing and let others show their hand.

    Do I have confidence that Gump will do the right thing? No, not intentionally, he might be petrified and panicked after the draft debacle and fan revolt He might accidentally make the correct move. Frozen with indecision.

    Never under estimate the stupidity of others.

  47. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    The way I see things the problem with GMC had always been that he was drafted to be Warren Sapp, which he is not and never will be. The defense continues to stink because year in year out we line up and run plays like Warren Sapp is there and he isn’t. Long ago we needed to admit we don’t have Warren Sapp and should no longer build our defense around the 3 technique. Plenty of teams have good defenses without a great 3 technique. It killed me all draft session to hear that we needed to draft GMC replacement in Ed Oliver (also not Warren Sapp), by people who can’t comprehend that we are no longer running the Tampa 2. No Tampa 2, no need for the “next Warren Sapp”

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    @JabooBuc … “We could all want to keep GMC but is he really a 3/4 DE?” Not all that relevant Jaboo. Todd Bowles defense is a HYBRID, not a pure 3-4 or 4-3. Several very good analyses have looked in detail at the percentage of time his defenses have spent in various formations. IMO Todd Bowles would love to have GMC in his defense, providing that GMC WANTS to be there. Last thing this young Bucs team needs is disgruntled veterans getting in their heads. We’ve had enough Swaggy Bakers to last a lifetime.

    @ButtMonkey … “So what was his excuse this year with the best dline we’ve ever had around him?” Hopefully I’m not one of those ‘idiots’ you speak of, BUT … you might want to go back & review GMCs’ stats for 2018 vs the rest of the DLine. Yes, his sacks are slipping some, but he was used as an INTERIOR lineman, not as a pass-rushing DE (GMC had 6 sacks in 14 games … JPP had 12.5 scks in 16 games as you know & Nassib had 6.5 sacks in 15 games).

    But look at the OTHER stats that are meaningful to DLinemen. GMC had 21 QB Hits in 14 games (missed 2 games for injuries), as well as 6 TFLs. Only ONE other Buc came close on QB Hits … JPP who had 20 in his 16 games, while Nassib had 14 QB Hits in his 15 games). In my opinion, those 3 things (Sacks, QB Hits & TFLs) represent PRESSURE). For our DTs, GMC’s combination of the three was 33, Vea’s was 11 and Allen’s was 5. For our DEs, JPP’s combination of the three was 48.5, Nassib’s was 32.5, Curry’s was 14.5 and Gholston’s was 9. GMC might be getting older (aren’t we all?) but he was still second on the Bucs (to JPP) in terms of getting pressure on the play. Do you really think that Todd Bowles wants to lose that impact without replacing it with an equivalent capability?

  49. Ndog Says:

    McCoy is and has always been a really close player. When watching his tape during the draft process I didn’t want him simply because he was always about to make a big play. All we hear about him to this day is that he is a disruptor and that is what he has always been nothing more. He’s a great athlete with a tremendous get off but he just can’t and never could finish. No matter how much one likes him this is not really disputable. He’s not a bad player and I am not one that has tried to run him off but he is not worth 13 million he is not a leader and he never should have been viewed as one. It’s time to start over on defense, new scheme, new attitude, new face of this defense. If one can’t tell this team has moved on by their comments this week then you clearly are not listening. He is gone and there is .000000000001% chance he is on this team again.

  50. JabooBuc Says:

    DR: for the record, I’m not anti GMC. I could be convinced to keep him. However, if they were going to cut bait now seems like the time.

  51. SCBucsFan Says:

    Well I’m glad the one writer is keeping this alive. Well, counting here, two.

  52. Johnny Says:

    if he can still play, adjust his contract and keep him.

  53. ATrain Says:

    I hope this happens

    So we can see GMC have his Best year

    That’s all we have heard GMC need help stop the double teams

    We have JPP and Nothing

    Double teams very few and nothing GMC had a worse season

  54. Big Slick Says:

    Sounds like a trade that could benefit the Buc’s. Maybe we can sign Suh ( 8 mil) for one year and draft a replacement lineman in 2020. Suh is a better fit in 3/4.

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    JabooBuc … IMO the time to ‘cut bait’ was right after last season, at the latest. This is no way to treat a seasoned veteran who’s worked his butt off for this team. There’s a very good chance that it’ll end up costing GMC money (if he’s released, his present contract becomes null & void and he has to renegotiate a new contract at a time when most teams are already set … and cutting DTs rather than adding DTs). Jason Licht knows that full well, and like I said, it’s a crummy way IMO to treat employees who’ve been loyal to you.

    Ndog … McCoy’s ‘problem’ is that ‘he is who he is’. He’s NOT Sapp, he’s NOT Suh, he’s NOT Fletcher Cox or Aaron Donald or any of the other excellent DTs who’ve played & are playing. If his contract was for $3 mil instead of $13 mil and he had the productivity he’s had, people would be screaming right now to keep him. GMC let the Bucs promote him as ‘the face of the Bucs’ for years I think to try to ‘compete’ with Warren Sapp. Everyone from Day 1, including the Joe’s, constantly compared him to Sapp and that was the kiss of death because … tada … HE’S NOT SAPP, and never could be. The game has changed dramatically since Sapp roamed the trenches, and my gut feel is that even Sapp couldn’t compete with ‘yesterday’s Sapp’ in today’s NFL.

    And IF we had beaucoup salary Cap $$$ right now, we PROBABLY wouldn’t be having these discussions about keeping, trading or cutting GMC. THAT’S ON LICHT. Gump is the one who got us into this salary Cap mess, and yes, he’s also the one who negotiated GMC’s current contract back in 2014, not Dom. I know it’s a business, but that doesn’t excuse treating people badly.

  56. LakeLand Says:

    Gerald McCoy 21 QH hits in 14 games led the Bucs

    Not Nassib or JPP

  57. LakeLand Says:

    GMC wants to leave Tampa

    He want to be in Cleveland

  58. tmaxcon Says:


    Qb hits does not OFFSET a decade of blowouts he has captained nor does it OFFSET the life and desire to be great that he has SUCKED out every staff, free agent and draft pick that has crossed his path over the last decade… cancer93 must go… they tried to build around her multiple regimes and failed give the old man BA and these new kids a chance at success without the face of the basement years cancer93 infecting them with his undisputed losing ways… you cant rewrite the record books because you like the bum

  59. Mike Johnson Says:

    To all of my fellow..Lovely..disgruntled Buc fans..I hope GMC does leave. Many of you have consistently trashed him, despite all of his Pro Bowls and the fact he’s given his all to this Buc franchise. And I hope the Browns pick him up and win a superbowl with him and he contributes significantly to their cause. Remember Tony Dungy..Doug Williams ..Trent Dilfer..several others? Goodness always shines thru. the old sayin of, You can’t keep a good man down is applicable here. Good Luck GMC!

  60. gotbbucs Says:

    Exactly what Ndog said. Exactly.

  61. tmaxcon Says:

    Mike Johnson

    cancer93 failed. his best clearly was not good enough and the popularity contest you call a pro bowl is meaningless… The object of nfl football is to WIN not pro bowls, not bs good in the community garbage. anyway you look at it free pass cancer93 has failed at making others better in fact every accomplished successful free agent brought in regressed when joining the face of the basement years.. he has destroyed almost as many coordinators as bad character lovie smith and the family plan gang. the only thing cancer93 great first step to nowhere ever translated well to is his great first step to the nearest camera….

    you people have selective memory about the past too.. Dungy the clowns offenses were equally as embarrassing as mike smith’s defenses so when does Mike Smith get enshrined to the Ring of Underachievement!

  62. MadMax Says:

    Bird, thats exactly why I was hoping we’d draft daylon mack, still there in the 5th I think….whose the bu to big V? And I agree, RG is much more important than rb at this point. Demar is known for not being a run blocker and Benenoch, well we all know. Hell, trade for a LG and move Marpet back where he started if needed!

  63. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    More speculation based on the original article.

  64. TOM Says:

    GMC for Duke straight up. OK or GMC 3mil for Duke & 5th rd pick. OK Do it.

  65. Mobuc Says:

    Good players stand out on bad teams GMC doesn’t stand out he can only get off fast to get stopped he’s not powerful and can’t shed blocks quick enough his hands is the problem can’t beat double teams either

  66. Mobuc Says:

    He’s just average we need above average we need aggressive play mean play this is football not flag football

  67. Mobuc Says:

    We need toughness in the trenches

  68. JL Says:

    Qb hits don’t win games! McCoy is not worth 13 million,time to move on.

  69. Mike Johnson Says:

    Luv yas Tmaxcon. You are truly.. A hater. Stay hatin.

  70. tmaxcon Says:

    Mike Johnson

    nothing but respect for you sir… you been around… tmaxcon turned into a bitter old man fast thanks to your hero cancer93…. there was a time when tmax was a very polite positive fan but the glazers have won… now my mission is to counter the non stop selective memories and rewriting of history of a failed past. raise buc standards that championship expired long long ago. no free passes

  71. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Pull a Brady and take a pay cut wtf?! You wanna be a leader, then lead… cut your contract in half and give the other half to ummmm let’s say Suh… imagine that duo on either side of Vea!!! But thats a pipe dream. I could never live on just 6.5mil a year lmfao!!!!! Right?!!!

  72. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Still gotta pay the rooks too, ya?!

  73. ATrain Says:

    JPP 48 solo. 12.5 sacks

    Nassib 22 solo 6.5 sacks

    GMC 17 solo. 6 sacks

    But he had more QB hits. Hahah maybe for 13 million a team may want u to tackle


  74. ATrain Says:

    By the way Lakeland Vea had more tackles also

    QB hits are like being close in horseshoes

    But that’s the stat you bring out for the ELITE DT


  75. GoBuxFla Says:

    The heck with the draft pick. Just get Duke here and dump GMC’s salary.

  76. ElioT Says:

    Can’t keep McCoy, he’s the “leader” by default and has no real leadership ability. That’s been proven.

    Real leaders don’t allow their squad to push the boundaries of futility year after year.

    I think McCoy may actually play better on a new team where he can follow established leadership.

    It ain’t going to be in Tampa.

    The Bucs need to let White take command of this defense.

  77. D1 Says:


    While I agree with the first part, the second the no longer needing a 3 tech is highly questionable.

    If you have a top of list guy at the position it is so much easier to pass rush.
    Blitzing is easier and redirecting the running game is another benefit that all can be gained from that one defensive lineman. There’s not one single position on the defense that has the ability to contribute across a wider range than 3t. zero..none..zilch.

    Another point, is it’s wrong to believe that the position is antiqued because it was used 20 years ago. BA and TB have already explained in detail that the position isn’t going away . That’s the coaches. They are keeping it, frankly I don’t understand why people wanted the last group fired, this group hired, then ignore what comes out of their mouths.

    There’s no discussion about the position just who will be playing it. So wtf is the point of labeling the position outdated , useless…the points you get are for “oh you didn’t hear” clueless comments.

    No worries, you don’t get many points.

  78. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Good trade. But what do the Bucs need a draft pick for? So they can pick another kicker? Fireeee Licht!

  79. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 3:37 pm
    “there was a time when tmax was a very polite positive fan”

    That was clearly before you came here.

  80. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Hits on the quarterback means he is getting pressure on the quarterback.

    Now, I realize the haters will criticize any positive thing said about McCoy, so these words are likely wasted.

    Incidentally, why does it matter to any of us what he’s making? It’s not our money. It’s advertiser’s money. It’s Glazer money.

    I’ve said it before…Scott Smith was asked during two different Bucs Insiders whether the money for draft picks was already factored into the Bucs cap. The first time he said he thought it was. The second time he said he asked the proper people in the organization and was told it was. He was also told that Spotrac and OvertheCap both commonly get their facts wrong, but that teams just don’t care to correct them.

    The Buccaneers, for example, do not discuss contracts with the media, so ask yourself how those websites get their information.

    It’s all based on media speculation.

    But even so, if the Bucs rework McCoy’s contract, it will re-add guarantees and the Bucs will losing the option to cut him next year without penalty.

    And, as far as the above trade? It’s not a good idea. Duke’s abilities are being exaggerated here. He has not proven he is any good at all. Some claim he lacked the opportunities…well the same can be said of most of our running backs on the team…including Jones.

    No…this is really about the McCoy haters finally seeing a chance to get their way, when any fan with common sense knows that the defensive line, as it stands at the moment, is better with McCoy than without.

  81. ATrain Says:


    Love your defense of GMC

    However you use one positive but ignore the BIG ONES LIKE TACKLES

    YOU see if GMC makes a tackle it means the payer got negative yards or very few yards this is important

    But you ignore salary and those stats because you like him

    FANS bring up salary because the team could have another Nassib and a second or third player for his salary NOT because it comes out of our pocket

    Don’t mindlessly defend a player