May 28th, 2019

Big expectations for Devin White.

So is Breshad Perriman dangerous? He could very well be with his ability to get behind defenses.

But Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report believes, pound for pound, no Bucs newcomer will have more of an impact on the Bucs than rookie linebacker Devin White.

In looking at the most dangerous newcomer for each team, Moton believes no new member of the Bucs will be more dangerous than White.

The Buccaneers may struggle to generate pocket pressure because of Jason Pierre-Paul’s expected absence following a car accident; he won’t undergo surgery but will likely start the 2019 campaign on the physically unable to perform list. Moreover, the team released defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. The two defenders combined for 18.5 sacks last year.

Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will likely use White’s aggressive style if the defense is unable to make quarterbacks uncomfortable in the pocket. White could push to be the team’s sack leader. If not, he’s certainly in the conversation to lead this defense in takedowns and tackles for loss.

During his last collegiate season, White broke up six passes. If he continues to develop in that area, he should be able to handle coverage duties on an island in the middle of the field.

With the loss of Jason Pierre-Paul, the Bucs almost need White to be a superhero. Even before JPP got hurt, the Bucs almost needed White to be Superman to help turn this defense around.

Joe just has a very, very uncomfortable feeling the Bucs are banking on way too many rookies to have a major impact. That rarely happens.

The last time Joe can remember three rookies turning around a defense was the 2016 Falcons, when safety Keanu Neal and linebackers Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell combined for 260 tackles, 2 touchdowns and 7 forced fumbles, and were catalysts on a Super Bowl team.

Before that? The 1981 49ers, when Bill Walsh drafted corners Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright (not the sleazebag that later played for the Bucs earlier in the Lost Decade) and safety Carlton Williams (and as today Joe can see White, one of the two rookie corners and safety Mike Edwards likely starting). That trio totally turned around San Francisco’s defense as the 49ers won their first Super Bowl.

(It appalls Joe to have to type the following but Joe just knows some smart aleck will chime in. No, Ronnie Lott was not a safety his rookie year. He didn’t flip to safety until halfway through his 10 seasons in San Francisco.)

Maybe by next year all of these young Bucs will acclimate themselves to the NFL, learn defensive coordinator Todd Bowles’ defense, and have an impact. Expecting several to do so right off the bat might be biting off more than one can chew.

38 Responses to “Dangerous”

  1. DB55 Says:

    Mike Edwards gets my vote as rookie mvp but I think White and Busting will have to step in and be major contributors.

    My question is who plays the other CB position? Is it Harris, Elliot? Is Elliot still on the roster?

    I think this roster is far from finished and I think we’re going to see major cuts to most of the secondary that was drafted in the past 3 years including Stewart, Smith, Evans, VH3, etc.

    Maybe I’m being naive but I think JPP will be ready to play come September, however I dont think the buc doctors will clear him bc of liability.

    Consider this, Ryan Shazier is walking and I think he even danced at his wedding. 🙏🏽

    If JPP can’t play then BA and Licht need to enact my master plan to get Chandler Jones, Patrick Peterson and Richie Incognito.

  2. Larry Says:

    The Bucs defense may surprise us. If the Bucs can be in the top 15 in Offense and Defense they could actually make the playoffs. I see them in the top 5 in offense and top 20 on defense. Not sure where that will put them but they will be a much better team to watch than the 2018 Bucs. Their schedule is brutal though. I see an 8 & 8 team. 9 & 7 team tops. Does this make the playoffs? Probably not!!

  3. GrayBalls Says:

    @DB55 I saw a video of Shazier running not too long ago. Made me feel like a pansy for limping around for about a month after losing a toe.

  4. Mike10 Says:

    Hey joe, didn’t you know that Ronnie Lott was a safety

  5. AwShbucs Says:

    The saints 2017 rookies helped them go from a 7-9 team to a SB contender as well.

  6. Magadude Says:

    First, assuming Perriman can get behind defenses, that doesn’t mean Winston can hit him. In fact, were I to bet money on Winston’s four years, I’d say that Winston cannot.

    Second, too much is placed on young White to save this team. One rookie can’t and wont’ do it. Like trying to row upstream, there has been so much bad happening, largely from decisionmakers like JL, that White’s overall efforts will be futile, even if we see him shine in games.

    More than likely, after the smoke clears from the 2019 season and maybe the Bucs have some cap space to work with and rebuild, we will be saying “Man, if we can get more guys like White (including a new QB who can lead this team), in 3-5 years we could be in the playoffs.” There is no reason right now to expect better. Yes, we can hope, but being in this for 40+ seasons, this is like watching Christmas Vacation again for another year–and yes, there is no Christmas bonus coming.

  7. Magadude Says:

    @Larry, I don’t see top 5 offense given a new one is being installed and by losing Hump (and still maybe Brate yet due to cap space…hopefully not) we did not get better in the passing game. That assumes Perriman for DJax is a wash. Add to that the big fat question mark and head scratchers by not shoring up the O line and realistically addressing the RB position. Not looking great. Worse…

    If the Bucs don’t have a decent run game they will not keep the other offenses off the field. And their ability to pass rush the QB looks worse this year than last (we though going into the season it would be pretty good with Allen, Curry, McCoy, and JPP. Notsomuch.

    I think 8-8 is a pipe dream. 3-4s, sad to say.

  8. KingBuc17 Says:

    I say if JPP can’t play in Nov we need to make an ugly decision. I know we only save $7M in cap space but we can look at possibly adding a vet…

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    See, therein lies the rub. This defense doesn’t have to be “top” anything so long as the offense controls the clock and scores TDs. COMPLEMENTARY football!
    Most fans could successfully argue that even an “average” defense last year might have netted us 3 or 4 more wins.
    And, let me just remind the fans out there that this defense was in the bottom two years running! There’s nowhere to go but up!

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Magadude- It will be real interesting to see if Jameis can connect with Perriman. It was alleged, A LOT, that DJax was half-a$$ing it (despite being WIDE OPEN!). Personally, I saw it different. I saw a QB who couldn’t hit a speedy open WR.
    I hope he can. We left at least 4-6 TDs on the field last year because of misses.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Could very well be wrong Joe, but I’ve long believed that NFL teams are sooo good at analytics that ‘something new’ ON OFFENSE often has an advantage of sorts … initially. We’ve all seen lots of rookies who do well their freshman year, only to fall back to earth their sophomore season. Same thing sometimes with new coaches with new ‘offensive schemes’. Once opposing teams have ‘got film on you’ the defenses seem to do a much better job of exploiting your weaknesses.

    Young defensive players seem to improve more in their 2nd year however (assuming good coaching of course). Maybe it just takes them awhile to learn their role within the defensive scheme & to build their confidence.

    You mentioned the 2016 Falcons & they’re a good example IMO. Yes they went to the SB in 2016 … with the #1 offense but #27 defense. Their offense carried them, but their young defense eventually bit them in the butt. That defense had 2 new key rookies (Neal & Jones). With a year under their belt, the Falcons’ defensive ranking improved a bunch in 2017 … to a #8 ranking. But then fell back down to earth in 2018 … to a #25 ranking … maybe because they didn’t keep adding new pieces (Falcons went heavy offense in 2018).

    Like you Joe, I’m uncertain just how ‘productive’ this Bucs defense will be this year. Other teams have zero film on this defense. They have zero film on these rookies (at the NFL level at least). Those can be advantages of sorts IMO, however, Todd Bowles is at a disadvantage in that he’s having to fit a bunch of new pieces into this 11-man puzzle. That’s a Herculean task IMO. Hard to tell how quickly this defense will come together, but I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ that we’ll see some significant improvement in our defense this season. I’m not expecting playoffs & SB, but I do expect to see a LOT of very aggressive defense based on good old-fashioned smash-mouth football.

  12. Bird Says:

    Geez – no pressure on Devin White

    If he plays like Superman he should be fine.

  13. Bird Says:

    Without JPP. No McCoy . – 2 guys that were responsible for large number of sacks.

    And a Different system

    I think devin white will have every opportunity to win rookie of the year. He already has a ton of responsibilities/ ton of pressure on his shoulders. He will need to play like a super hero
    Todd Bowles should have a sit down /breakfast with white every day just like mike smith and Kwon had. Get this kid ready to go !

  14. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I believe the 2019 Draft could have made the Bucs elite.

    If only they selected J Allan #1, Trayvon Mullen #2 and Darrell Henderson #3.

    All of these three were clearly the best at their positions, they were positions of need and they were available at those spots. Until Gump screwed the pooch!

  15. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans') ***Rhealist, louden annoying, & tminimum are the worst posters ever!!! Says:

    We will actually have 4-5 rookies on Defense and at least 1 rookie who will have a Major Impact and help us turn this Team around…

    On Defense: Devin White, Mike Edwards, Jamel Dean, & Sean Murphy-Bunting will all be Studs as rookies… And Anthony Nelson might be a major contributor as well.

    And I think Scotty Miller is going to be a solid player as a Rookie, and with the ability to be Elite in some areas…

    Also, my boys Rojo and Shaun Wilson are new guys who are ready to contribute at a high level after basically redshirting last year.

    Bucs will make the playoffs this year and those rookies will not play like most rookies, I can feel it…

  16. SteelStudBuc Says:

    @DB55 c’mon man u got scolded yesterday about the same garbage.
    Incognito??? U must be out your damn mind.
    Peterson? Ain’t he suspended for PED’s
    Jones… ok sure whatever u want… name recognition

  17. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans') ***Rhealist, louden annoying, & tminimum are the worst posters ever!!! Says:

    Typo above…. 1 rookie *on offense

  18. Youngbucs Says:

    Here’s the way I look at it we didn’t even have a mediocre defense last year if they can come in and make the defense something that is respectable before the end of the season that’s a win for the team and while we’re all here bickering about the defense all the time unless that offense stops giving the ball to the other team and starts running consistently that defense is going to be on the field the entire time I don’t care if it’s Warren Sapp Rice and Brooks on the team that doesn’t work the time of possession is key to keeping the defense fresh but this is all like telling you guys the sky is blue or that water is wet today

  19. TexBuc Says:

    Sorry guys but the draft is over till 2020, we have who we picked. Time to don our coaching hats now till roster cut down.

  20. DB55 Says:

    Name recognition? Dude had 13 sacks last year and 17 the year before. PP for 10 games is better than anyone we currently have on the roster. As for Richie go back and read yesterday’s thread, I left a response for you.

  21. Allbuccedup Says:

    Jets defense 25th under Bowles. Bucs defense 27th under Koetter(Smith). So I guess 2019 buc defense 26th.

  22. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Ok DB55 your opinion is blasphemous in my opinion.
    Give your head a shake man. So what do the Cardinals want as trade bait? 2 1st round picks?

  23. SteelStudBuc Says:

    So u think a deranged psychopath Incognito is good for this team? Guy is a cancer. Even Gruden hasn’t signed him and he loves him.

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Pressure can either break you or make you stronger.

    Yeah there is pressure on White…a lot! But have you been paying attention to his interviews…long before we even picked him?

    White WANTS to be in this position. He will thrive under the pressure. He craves being the straw that stirs the drink. This is HIS moment if he stays healthy.

    Even though I believe he is the critical piece and an agent of change for the defense…AGAIN…to steal from D.R. football is the ultimate team sport. White can’t and won’t do this by himself. See Dick Butkus who IMO is the GOAT at MLB…some may prefer Ray Nietchke or Ray Lewis and they’d have a strong argument…but Butkus never really led the horrid Bears to the promised land.

    It’s not like we expect White to do it alone. First he’ll have a former first team ALL PRO…not simply a Pro Bowler next to him.

    He’ll have a four time ALL PRO in front of him and a guy who won the defensive rookie of the year…perhaps he can help White get that award.

    There will be some surprises as well…I think like many here Edwards really surprises…Spence rediscovers his talent from the proper position with a good coach…Nassib continues his growth.

    After doing research on Suh yesterday I am now truly EXCITED about this team’s defensive prospects despite the daily dose of loserdom from the nattering nabobs of negativity. I’m no longer looking for respectability…I think we have the potential to be really good…IF we stay healthy.

  25. NOSBOS Says:

    To the clown,Allen is already missing snaps at OTAs. I guess the physical nature of pro football doesn’t quite mesh with his overly finesse style game.

  26. NOSBOS Says:

    As for that str8 line runner Henderson many of you were fund of. Three years in this league max. Kid doesn’t have nearly enough sizzle to stay in this league.

  27. Brandon Jeff Says:

    @ Defense Rules.
    Great post. Trying to keep my enthusiasm in check.
    Hard not to get excited when you finally see some major changes being made to the Bucs. Definitely won’t be the same old Bucs. Thanks for the dose of reality on the timeline for improvements to actually occur though.

  28. Lord Cornelius Says:

    We don’t need the rookies to all play well as if that’s our only hope for defensive improvement..

    VHIII – 4th year
    Noah Spence – 4th year
    Carl Nassib – 4th year
    Justin Evans – 3rd year
    Carlton Davis – 2nd year
    Jordan Whitehead – 2nd year
    Vita Vea – 2nd year

    It’s as if we are assuming the above 7 past starters have no chance of improving or something despite being super young… Hell just having all these guys healthy for the season would be an improvement over last year.

    Seeing some studs emerge from that group will go just as far or more than any rookie impact.

    Still – White should make a huge impact and improvement over Kwon IMO.
    Nelson should provide solid depth in the DL rotation IMO.
    At least one of those secondary players likely emerges as a legit starter going by the odds, if not 2.

  29. chopshopp Says:

    It’s an indictment of how pathetic this defense is when a rookie is going to set the tone. Anyway, if it gets the rest of the defense out of that loser mentality, then it’s a win-win any way you look at it.

  30. Phil Says:

    As long as he’s the next Ray Lewis everything will be find.

  31. tickrdr Says:

    SteelStudBuc Says:
    May 28th, 2019 at 9:06 am

    Ok DB55 your opinion is blasphemous in my opinion.
    Give your head a shake man. So what do the Cardinals want as trade bait? 2 1st round picks?
    SteelStudBuc Says:
    May 28th, 2019 at 9:16 am

    So u think a deranged psychopath Incognito is good for this team? Guy is a cancer. Even Gruden hasn’t signed him and he loves him.
    Check NFL.com, reporting Incognito signed to a one year deal by………….

    “da Raidahs”


  32. tickrdr Says:

    How come that post isn’t in moderation like all the others??


    BTW: That story on NFL.com reports that Incognito made the ProBowl in each of the three years he played there.

  33. tickrdr Says:

    Now that post IS in moderation??
    OK, just trying to figure out the rules.


  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lord Cornelius- One MILLION percent agreed! Even as depth, it’s an improvement. If we get any contributions from a couple of these guys, it will be pure gravy. I’m talkin’ the good peppered country gravy!

  35. 98bucsfan Says:

    @DB55 have you forgotten about Carlton Davis? He is more than capable of starting on one outside corner spot. If bunting turns out to be the freak player we heard about then he will be the other outside corner. Yes Davis had a subpar rookie year, but in that system who would play well? He’s been saying how Bowles defense is Tailor made for him and it’s the best he’s played in since starting football. Some of the picks from last year just might surprise a lot of fans.

  36. BucHead588 Says:

    Richie signed with Oak

  37. SteelStudBuc Says:

    My bad… that must’ve just happened today while I was working.

  38. SOEbuc Says:

    These people get paid to write Devin White is going to be the most dangerous addition??? A 100 year old person with dementia could make that call.

    DB55…Elliot has been a joke for years and the Bucs have been dumb enough to keep him on. Since there hasn’t been any media allowed at practice I have little info about the players play, but one thing I do know is Bowels is all about big CB and Dean is a 6’2″ ball hawk that played with Carlton Davis at Auburn. I’d say Bunting or VHIII for whoever wins the starting nickel.