Value In Sweat

April 12th, 2019

Fills critical need.

If every position were equal, Andy Benoit of knows what position he would draft at No. 5 if he was Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

But that position, safety, is ridiculously high to burn a No. 5 pick. So if Benoit was calling the shots, the Bucs are in perfect position to land that coveted edge rusher.

And if Josh Allen isn’t there in two weeks when the Bucs are on the clock, Benoit would be calling Montez Sweat’s name.

It’s an interesting crop of safeties, but none of them are worthy of a top-five pick. They do have the 39th overall pick, where multi-dimensional safeties like Florida’s Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Washington’s Taylor Rapp could be available. (Delaware’s Nasir Adderley might also fit the bill, though he didn’t do much blitzing in college.) As for that No. 5 pick though, the Bucs are more likely to find proper value in an edge rusher. If Kentucky’s Josh Allen isn’t on the board, Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat brings a similar fit.

Joe’s worn out banging the drum for Sweat (or Allen).

If people are content with no pass rush facing three potential Hall of Fame quarterbacks twice a year in a passing league, there’s not much Joe can say other than to offer assistance for those anti-Bucs pass rush people on where to buy rosaries because they will need them.

52 Responses to “Value In Sweat”

  1. ncbucsfan Says:

    Montez!!….not Marquez.

  2. ncbucsfan Says:

    Sweat = measurables actually better than Jadaveon Clowney. Compares very favorably to the Vikings Danielle Hunter. You absolutely take Sweat!!

  3. Sport Says:

    So this Joe has learned not to stake a claim Ala John Manziel. Good to know he has some malleability.

    Outside of the Big 3, I’m guessing Oliver, White or trade down and we just might end up with Sweat in that scenario.

  4. BucEmUp Says:

    I was never impressed with Allens film. He just ran by guys wide open. Sweat looks like he may not cut it either. I like oliver because he can play all.over the place and hes a dog.

  5. ROFOBuc Says:

    Would love to see them draft Sweat or Oliver. Almost want them to draft Devon White just to hear Lee DeKemper’s rant afterwards.

  6. Darin Says:

    Gota take a DE and stop this DT obsession. I think these new guys know this. Stopping the run was great Smitty. Time to step into the present. If they stay at 5 its gota be an edge rusher.

  7. #1bucsfan Says:

    Idk joe if cam cry baby newton is a hall of Famer but deff drew Brees an maybe Matty ice lol honestly I don’t care anymore who we pick as long as they make a huge impact on defense an I mean HUGE. WE NEED A GAME CHANGER SOMEONE WHO WILL SET THE TONE

  8. Bucs Guy Says:

    It’s a very simple equation for the Bucs if the big 3 DL are gone.
    Oliver or trade back > Sweat or D. White.

    The real question Bucs fans should be asking is “Do you draft Oliver or trade back at #5?” This is easily the most likely situation to occur, The answer to that unfortunately is more difficult.

    How far back do you fall and what package do you get? I openly admit I like DL, so I’m partial to Oliver. He’s produced. Production is more important than combine measureables. However, the Bucs need a lot so if you want to trade back, don’t go back more than #11. This limits our trade partners to the Giants, Broncos and Bengals. I say this because if the Bucs trade back, they are surely looking for a LB. I have concerns White and Bush would be there much beyond #11. If you trade with Miami at #13 or the Redskins at#15, I could see Denver and the Bengals drafting LBs in front of us if they decide not to trade up for a QB.

  9. Bird Says:

    I am ok with sweat.

    Only if they traded down (obtaining more picks ) and got him

  10. TDTB Says:

    Bucs Guy is right about the trade back scenario. To get a decent haul in a trade the Bucs would be in the 20’s. I think the they will have to focus on o-line in round 1.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Every year, at least two players predicted to go in the top of the draft fall. So we may have a better choice than expected.

  12. Not there yet Says:

    Atlanta is the only other team besides us who hold the ball. Bree’s no longer has the arm strength and gets the ball out extremely fast. Panthers have no receivers for deep balls and run a gimmick offense so pass rushers are not much of a factor against them. How do I know this? Our leading sack guy JPP zero sacks against New Orleans last year, one against Carolina, two against Atlanta. Carl nassib did have one against New Orleans and Carolina.

    Main two edge rushers 3 sacks between the two of them in 4 games against division rivals who get the ball out quickly, is a rookie gonna come in and outplay JPP? That’s the fans delusional fantasy every off-season

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “is a rookie gonna come in and outplay JPP? That’s the fans delusional fantasy every off-season”


    And after this free agency, it pretty much points to a very bad year.

  14. Not there yet Says:

    By the way Winston listened to your last podcast and thinks we someone should keep lee away from hooters girls.

    I could easily see drafting white at 5 but I want to replace Geraldine more than I want an edge rusher this year. Williams or Oliver is my pick at 5

  15. AlteredEgo Says:

    Sweat or Oliver….assuming QW/Allen/Bosa are gone…

  16. martinii Says:

    I recently read an article that in a nutshell said Buc’s need Playmakers. The more sacks, interceptions, fumble recoveries the higher the probability of winning. It also indicated that there was a strong correlation between how a player performed in college and how he would perform in the Nfl. Keep in mind this is only in terms of big playmaking ability. It is not scientific, and I am sure arguable from many perspectives. For years all I have heard from Buc analyst is we need a pass rush. We have not had one since Simeon Rice ad nauseam. White had 3 sacks in 2018, Sweat had 11, Allen 17. Question? If those 3 guys are on the board at 5 which one do you pick, and if Allen is gone which one would be your next choice?

  17. DooshLaRue Says:

    Agree with most of you …… but really waiting on NOS-MAAL’S updated and Uber-authoritive daily opinion so I can make an irrational yet passionate guess.

    I just hope he’s not mixing his meds again…,,,

    He is the Voice.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sweat……the draft pick du jour.

  19. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    In a 3-4 defense he would play LB anyway…

    Besides rookie pass rusher usually take a few years to develop and Joe keeps telling us Arians isn’t here to develop players for the next staff

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Darft talk was interesting the 1st couple years when the Bucs we’re bad under Jason Licht….now it’s just depressing….it’s becoming a cycle of dillusional hope each year with the question “who is Jason Licht gonna get that’s gonna make us win”?

    5 years of evidence and that answer is no one cause the Bucs are still picking 5th.

    Tired of losing tired of beating a dead horse with draft talk….it’s time to start winning games and I’m no longer gonna get my hopes up in the off-season cause Everytime I’m optimistic about a Bucs team they fail miserably on the football field.

    So going forward “Dont tell me, show me”

  21. Joeypoppems Says:

    I love the idea of Taylor Rapp in this defense to play the same role Jamaal Adams played for the Jets. He could fall to the 3rd after a poor pro day performance where he would be a steal. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is also a great fit in the early 2nd.

    I dont like Sweat at 5 overall. To me he is the 5th best EDGE in the draft behind Bosa, Burns, Allen, and Ferrell in that order.

  22. Joeypoppems Says:

    On a side note, really starting to believe Devin White is a smokescreen. There is no way everybody knows what the Bucs will do lol.

    2017, in the final weeks leading up to the draft, everybody thought the Bucs were in love with Dalvin Cook. Then they passed on Cook for OJ Howard.

    2018, in the final weeks leading up to the draft, everybody thought the Bucs were in love with Derwin James. Then they traded back and still passed on James for Vita Vea.

    I really dont think White at 5 will happen. If Bosa, Quinnen, and Allen (I refuse to call them “the big 3” because Allen isnt close to the other guys) are gone then they will either trade back or take Ed Oliver.

  23. BucHead5588 Says:

    Bucs will not draft Oliver at 5 White or Sweat

  24. Pickgrin Says:

    Sweat might be a good option if the Bucs trade down 8-10 spots and pick up a couple extra picks.

  25. Shane247 Says:

    White = smokescreen

    The pick will be Oliver.

  26. martinii Says:


    Every post I have submitted for the past year has been delayed for review, I sent one in over 40 minutes ago and for the most part the conversation has moved to another topic rendering my comment mute. I have never written an inflammatory, critical, or discriminatory response. This is a 73 year old Vietnam Vet, life long Buc fan and supporter. Why am I prohibited from participating like everyone else in a Timely fashion?

  27. AlteredEgo Says:

    I am thinking more and more about Oliver paired up with VV….Oliver is excellent slithering into the backfield…VV and Oliver would put more pressure on the OL than another edge rusher in 2019

  28. OBP Says:

    I’d be completely happy with Sweat at 5, he’s got the size/speed/bend combo to play DE and OLB in our base 3-4 and DE in our nickel. Get him and let him and JPP wreak havoc.

  29. R.O Says:

    Everyone who elevated Sweat in to the top 5 because of a fast 40 broke the cardinal rule.Combine should only confirm what you see on tape. If they didn’t see the speed on tape them Sweat doesn’t translate that speed to the field. He wasn’t a top 5 pick before the Combine he shouldn’t be one after. Plus JBF knows rookie DEs rarely make an impact year 1. If you are picking at 5 take a player who barring injury will start day 1 and make an impact!!!

  30. NOSBOS Says:

    R.O jbf land lead by the Joes don’t understand what you just said bro.

  31. AlteredEgo Says:

    Yo !..intern release my posts …geeshhh

  32. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Altered-Ego Says:
    “I am thinking more and more about Oliver paired up with VV….”


    Heyy Altered, DITTO.
    Thinking that would be tremendous.

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Sweat was kicked off Michigan State.
    Apparently he has matured.
    Sweat was diagnosed with a heart issue but was cleared to play.
    He has talent.
    Is he worth risking the 5th pick?

  34. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….

    VV & EO would be amazing together for years to come….

    then you could just about put any LB behind them and they’ll produce…


  35. 813bucboi Says:

    ed oliver is who i want at #5 because im pretty sure bosa and williams will be gone and i doubt oliver makes it past #10….not too sold on allen but i do believe he has a high ceiling and with the proper scheme and development he could be special….but my second choice would be sweat…..reminds me of anthony barr


  36. ncbucsfan Says:

    Sweat just seems like a freak that doesn’t show up all the time. I’m of the persuasion to trade back a few spots to take him. If he’s gone after trading back to say #10 w/the Broncos, then with adding a 2nd rd pick, my top 4rd draft picks would be:

    1st: DeMarcus Lawrence Clemson (NT, DE)
    2nd: Jacjai Polite Florida (OLB, Edge)
    2nd: Chris Lindstrom Boston College (RG)
    3rd: Vosean Joseph Florida (ILB)
    4th: Rodney Anderson Oklahoma (RB)

    Vita and DeMarcus Lawrence would definitely push the pocket, open lanes for early-down A-gap blitzes, and keep lineman off of my ILBs in the run-game (Lavonte, Vosean, Deone). Chicago Bears and the Ravens both use multiple 330lbs(+) guys as starters in their base packages. Both have elite run defenses also to compliment their blitz packages that get to the QB. Maybe we should look at their success doing so?And, BOY does Polite know how to pass-rush off of the edge!!! Lindstrom is consistent and fills a need. And if Rodney Anderson could stay healthy he would be a top 3 RB this year (watch him eat Oklahoma alive from 2 seasons ago).

  37. Dylan Krempel Says:

    MAD OVERATED. All the Bucs do is take gambles and they never pay off. Montez sweat is a pure speed rusher. He is not a Bradley Chubb nor miles garret who win on a variety of pass rushing moves. If your picking top 5 this needs to be an all pro player. Ed Oliver is a better prospect at 5 then sweat. Sweat does not look alpha and if anyone knows elite pass rashers in the NFL aren’t normal humans. Devin white or Ed Oliver please. Don’t choke again Jason…. Ferguson in the 2nd is better! Use the 3rd and move up and get an RB. Oliver, Ferguson and sanders first 3? Golden.

  38. ncbucsfan Says:

    Oliver at a 3-4 DE would be special I admit. I just need him to get better at his hand-technique…..much better considering he has them short arms. He will absolutely cause havoc in the backfield….I’m just concerned at whether he will be a finisher of that havoc on the next level…..which was GMCs issue for the entire time he was here. TONS of havoc, Average as a finisher at best!

  39. Lord Cornelius Says:

    stand pat

    R1-Ed Oliver DT
    R2-Chris Lindstrom OG
    R3-Jachai Polite OLB/DE

    I am kind of settling on these as my top 3. If we go OLB Josh Allen R1 then go for Jeffery Simmons in R2 and an OG in R3.

    Either way I like the idea of 2 front 7 pieces for the D + a RG in the top 3 rounds. The value of the draft matches up well with those positions and our primary needs.

    If we trade back then I am more open to a S / CB early along with OT/RB but we have no starter or even hope at RG right now. We have hope at OT with Dotson/Benecoch/Cappa

  40. CalebLee Says:

    If we can get Rapp in the 2nd.. I would be good with that.

  41. BucEmUp Says:

    vea will be a beast he reolaces gmc oliver will be all over the field

  42. Arian Nation Says:

    If they trade back to #10,11,13 or 15, there will be some excellent picks available. They may be able to grab Sweat, White, Oliver, Bush or Dexter Lawrence who may become the most dominant pro prospect of them all.

    Then with the extra pick(s) they can grab OL, LB or RB (Henderson in the 3rd)/

    I’m starting to get excited!

    Don’t blow it, Licht!

  43. DPBuc Says:

    Two words …. Mike Mamula

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    So if somebody don’t wanna draft a Edge player at #5 that means they are content with no passrush?

    Joe, that point makes no reasoned sense be ause this is one of the deepest drafts for DL and Edge players in history. Not to mention there others ways to upgrade positions aside from a first round choice.

    If the Bucs don’t draft a Edge player at #5 it doesn’t mean anything. This whole take about must drafting specific positions is nearing senseless rambling(to put it nicely).

  45. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Lord Cornelius

    The idea of Jeffrey Simmons in round 2 makes me hesitant to want a DT at 5. Value wise, Simmons in the 2nd >>>>> Oliver or Quinnen at 5. Simmons and 1 of the Devins is a dream imo.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    Arian ation that would not be a bad option. But my best option is to see the Bucs make the pick.

    There has gotta be a player or two that the Bucs are so in love with they would never trade him away…….That’s the guy I want on my team. A truely elite and great player for the defense……..Not like the last guy we had who half the fans thought was terrible. We need questioned greatness.

    Would just love to know which players, if any, would be a guy like that for the Bucs.

    Would hope Q makes that list.

  47. JimmyJack Says:

    But they can trade Bosa. Wouldn’t bother me much.

  48. 813bucboi Says:


    thats what im hoping for…. oliver, G, polite… that order….


  49. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    No comparison to Mike Mamula

  50. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    Hell yes to sweat !

  51. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I still can’t get over how fast this man is for his size. I’ve seen him used mostly as an edge rusher but I’m curious to whether he has any coverage skills? The answer to this would put this debate over White to rest @ #5. Let’s face it, not only is Sweat taller, he’s heavier, durable, and has longer arms than White, and to top it all off he’s faster than him too.

  52. SOEbuc Says:

    Round 1: LB Devin White (Big and strong enough to play MLB and get past the oline rushing).
    Round 2: OG BPA
    Round 3: DT Charles Omenihu (Big Steal. Big XII defensive lineman of the year 2018).