The Darrell Henderson Mystery

April 13th, 2019

The answer at RB?

We all know the Bucs need a running back. The rushing attack last season just blew chunks. Has for some time.

Joe wonders if the answer can be found along the Mississippi River in the capital of blues and barbeque? He would be Memphis running back Darrell Henderson.

Henderson puzzles some scouts. He has good speed but few are overly enthusiastic about his running style yet the dude racks up yards like a pinball machine. Or is it because of the weak defenses he played against?

The last two seasons at Memphis, Henderson had wild numbers averaging 8.9 yards a run and 6.2 yards a carry after contact, which is also nuts. Lance Zierlein of believes Henderson is a second-day draft pick.

About the best competition Henderson faced last year was in two losses to Central Florida. In the first meeting, Henderson carried the ball 31 times for an average of 6.5 yards a carry. In the second meeting, Henderson had 16 carries for an average of 4.5 yards a carry. Henderson also faced Missouri last season and in 15 carries averaged 20 yards a carry.

Could the Bucs somehow luck out and get Henderson early in the third round?

59 Responses to “The Darrell Henderson Mystery”

  1. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Pass…UCF Knight.

  2. Bird Says:

    Take him in 3rd. No brainer . And a ucf Knight

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs are fine at RB. Barber is a starter. Jones should be given a solid look in camp and preseason. Ellington, uh, whatever, he knows the offense. If you still need someone then there will be tons of back available in the preseason after guys are cut. Wasting a pick on a RB when you don’t have a #1 corner, are missing 3 starting LBs (if we’re running a 3-4), have serious questions at S, don’t have a starting RG, have Bobo Wilson as your #3 WR… Uh, no thanks on a RB. The team wins by passing the ball, but even then if you can’t hold your opponents to less than 35 points then you’re out of luck.

  4. Bucsfan951 Says:

    If bucs have to pick a rb, cb or safety, then our GM isn’t doing his job properly. Premium draft picks have already been used to “fill” those positions.

  5. Lunchbox Says:

    THIS is the guy I hope we get….IF we can get him in the 3rd, or maybe trade back up into the end of the 2nd. Our first two picks should be DL and OL, in that order. If we can get Henderson after that, that’s cool with me.

  6. Bad Influence Says:

    Good pick – in the 4th round.

  7. Buc50 Says:

    3rd or 4th round talent gets us nothing. When will people learn that later round RB hits are just not what we do in Tampa…no matter who is coach.

  8. TDTB Says:

    Holyfield in 6th or 7th

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Or is it because of the weak defenses he played against?” IF you have to ask the question … oh well, you know the rest Joe. Actually Henderson MIGHT be a good pick as ‘Bad Influence’ says, in the FOURTH ROUND. Too many other higher priority NEEDS to take a gamble on a MIGHT-HIT RB. And besides, we already have one of those on our roster.

    @Rod … “The Bucs are fine at RB … The team wins by passing the ball”. Uhhh, check the 2014-2016 Saints (7-9 all 3 years without a decent running game) versus their 2017-2018 teams (playoffs BOTH years after improving their run game to COMPLEMENT their passing attack). And oh ya, what happens IF Barber goes down? Bucs have ZERO depth & we’d be totally screwed. Seems like it’s happened before to us, doesn’t it?

    Still believe that a team with as many starting holes as we have NEEDS to draft to FIX THOSE NEEDS if we can’t fix them in free agency. Priority #1 NEED is in the center of our defense … MLB … because of the LEADERSHIP role that position plays & the potential impact of that position on virtually EVERY PLAY. I prefer Devin White as our #5 pick, but Devin Bush is a very close second IMO. Mack Wilson (Bama) & Tre Lamar (Clemson) are also strong candidates, probably going in the second round.

    Other PRIORITY NEEDS (as of right now at least) are RG, RB & CB (since we’ve failed to address that NEED in FA). DT may become a priority NEED IF Bucs let GMC walk. IF we do (more & more likely), DT & MLB would BOTH be our highest priority NEEDS IMO. The only DT I see of GMC’s caliber is Quinnen Williams (they’re even the same height & weight) and if he’s there at #5 AND we’ve moved on from GMC, I’d draft him and pick the best available MLB with our #39 pick. If Williams isn’t available at #5, I’d still go with Devin White in the 1st Rnd.

  10. JA Says:

    Like many of you armchair coaches and GM’s, with the possible exception of Jeff Fisher (I’ll leave Matt Millen out of this because of his questionable health), I do not claim to have a higher football intelligence than any NFL general manager or coach, but something appears to be askew with the Henderson marriage between his left arm and the football.
    Henderson’s highlight reel was impressive (reminds me of Ronald Jones’s college reel), but it seems to me that he wouldn’t last a game in the NFL if he didn’t learn to carry the ball with his right hand/arm when he ran right.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess is that Henderson is left-handed. Since we all know that most left-handed people are gifted with superior intelligence, let’s hope the ability to change arms during a run can be easily coached into him.
    With that in mind, I still cannot figure how his Memphis coach lets him get away with it. Don’t they teach the arm switch in pee-wee football?

  11. TDTB Says:

    With BA’s personality, you wonder if a trade for Fournette is being discussed. Jax could use a TE and/or DL. Coughlin doesn’t care for Ramsey either. Maybe the Bucs can package GMC (at a reduced salary and guarantee), Brate and a pick to get both of them.

  12. JA Says:

    Say Joe, what does “awaiting moderation” mean? Do you have a team of editors that scan and correct each post for typos and syntax errors? Wait! I take that back–highly doubtful. Still curious though, what is being moderated? I get this “moderation” note on almost every post.

  13. JA Says:

    Wow! Even my comment about being moderated is being moderated. Bet this one will too.

  14. BucHead5588 Says:

    Why are people calling him a UCF knight he didn’t play at UCF I don’t know what would give it away the article or the Video

  15. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    All depends on how the draft unfolds. If a QB like Daniel Jones or Drew Lock somehow slide to the 3rd when the Bucs are on the clock then I’d much rather see them use the pick on either one of them than a RB. We have plenty of uncertainty going into this year at both positions…might as well get the best value on the board with the pick.

  16. Bird Says:

    Buc head 5588

    Thanks for joining the party


  17. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I won’t take a RB this year at all…go with the current group and pick up a vet released after the draft….

  18. Jason Says:

    I personally think Benny Snell if available would be the pick. He played much tougher defenses and had better results. Benny plays with a chip on his shoulder and he is so enthusiastic about playing. I watched a couple of KY games and he was interviewed afterwards and his enthusiasm was just infectious. These are the kind of guys we need in the locker room IMO. I think if the Bucs trade back and pick up another 2nd round pick he may still be on the board, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Go Bucs

  19. WhatTheBuc Says:

    The problem with the run game is the right side of the offensive line. It doesn’t matter who you put at RB if we can’t block. Henderson looks pretty good though.

  20. Bird Says:

    I mean the picture in the post has “Memphis “even perfectly shown on his jersey
    To think I thought he was from ucf is actually kinda funny and to get called out for being a moron

    JP 09 …

    Thanks for the laughs


    And yes. Agree with defense rules.

    I like barber even though his numbers have been average. He runs hard and gets pummeled Behind a line that is better at pass blocking then run blocking.
    If barber goes down …then they are looking at some joe smoe who was working at Walmart. It sucks cause they need to go all defense and guard in draft. But this kid is special and he can catch which is something we really don’t have

  21. WhatTheBuc Says:

    The Bucs have a car with no wheels and Joe keeps suggesting to replace the engine. Fix the obvious problem and the car will go.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No running back will be worth picking unless we have chosen a RG first…….we need to improve our Oline run blocking.

    I am also not convinced that Rojo was a bust……let him play.

  23. John5 Says:

    Wow. This kid has incredible speed and really smart running. Those cuts and moves right through the defense are incredible. I’d be amazed if he’s still sitting in the third round. His tape looks far more impressive than Ronald Jones’ college tape and we took him early in the second round last year. When Rojo would have big break aways, defenders would often chase him down and tackle him anyway. You don’t see that happening to Henderson. He gone. Just like he should be before the third round.

  24. Bird Says:

    3 year stats at Memphis (even though it’s really 2 cause he was limited in 1st year)

    Around 3,500 yards rushing . 8.2 yards per carry average . 36 tds
    750 receiving yards and additional 8 receiving tds

    Kinda Kareem hunt type body /traits . Not super fast but fast enough and big enough to run through and over guys.

    Again , they have so many other needs (especially defense and guard ) but a Kareem hunt type runner only helps Jameis further.

  25. TOM Says:

    The first three rounds should be OL, DL & LB. Not necessarily in that order. RB maybe 4th rd.

  26. Joeypoppems Says:

    Production matters more for RBs. I posted this on another article a couple days ago, but Henderson had 43 carries of 15+ yards and 11 TDs of 50+ yards in 2018 alone. Henderson is a great fit for this RB group with his explosiveness and receiving ability out of the backfield. He also split out wide and in the slot for Memphis occasionally which is something BA did with David Johnson in Arizona.

    If they do decide to draft a RB on day 2, then this is the guy imo.

  27. BucEmUp Says:

    Offensive line should be addresses prior to a rb.

    More pass plays to rbs

    Better coaching for rbs

    Better defense and playing with the lead will help rbs

    Ronald.Jones wont be a bust after this year.

    They need a rb but not with a third rounder

  28. Bird Says:

    Z31 Bucs

    Classic coming from you. You change your name every once in a while. Don’t run cause you are scared little guy.

    Don’t worry. We know where you went to college.
    The man handler of that guys man luggage

  29. humblecrusher Says:

    David Montgomery….3rd round.

  30. Ndog Says:

    We need to focus on the LOS and mainly defense in this draft. Just get the best defensive player available for us at 5 then fill the gaps (RG, LB, DL, RT, CB depth, kick/punt returner) after that. We need great football players on defense again. On offense we have Evans, OJ and Jameis that are elite caliber and young, on defense we have an aging JPP and an aging LVD then a bunch of hope. This draft needs to be about getting elite levels player(s) on defense and hopefully a RG and future RT to boot.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Only ranked team was UCF. I’m not overly impressed. He had a couple of good reads but otherwise wasn’t very impressive running the ball. He has great hands though. He’s Sims 2.0

  32. J Says:

    I’m not worried about where a running back has played any longer, I’m more interested in a RB’s mentality i.e. Rojo. I think he’s a tremendous athlete but, watching his tape in college I saw a kid that when stacked against real competition he was more timid, dropped more passes because he could feel the hit coming, kept his back to the QB too long because he didnt want the ball etc etc etc. If you’re gonna survive in the NFL you cant be running scared and that’s what I saw in Rojos tape…I do not see that mentality in Henderson, not a whiff of it.

  33. Z31 BUCS Says:


    🙂 LOL

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I thought the uCF Knights were saying, that they are Knights and watched this guy play against them, but I could be wrong, you know like the guys that say they like Jameis even though they are a Gator

  35. Jonzey Says:

    What the hell yall mean we are good at running back barber is not a starting back, Jones was terrible, knight is not a starter. We need a do it all running back at lease in the 3rd. Every team has to have a 1,000 yard workhorse, to open up the passing game. That will help take the pressure off of our quarterback.

  36. JP_09 Says:

    @ bird, words mean things. Being clear and concise will help you out. Your first statement makes it sound like you’re talking about him. Also, why would anyone care if you went to UCF or are going there, because you saw this kid play them two times where he gashed the knights D.

  37. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jonzey….sorry but Barber is our rB in 2019…simply can not use a high draft pick on a RB in 2019 …absolutely have to fix the trenches first…all else will follow

  38. Z31 BUCS Says:

    JP_09 Says:
    “@ bird, Being clear and concise will help you out.
    Also, why would anyone care if you went to UCF?”


    LOL. Well done.
    Bird being Bird.

  39. Z31 BUCS Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    “I thought the uCF Knights were saying, that they are Knights and watched this guy play against them,”


    Um, ok “Anonymous”. aka BIRD.

  40. Arian Nation Says:

    .I’ve been banging the Henderson drum for quite a while. Thanks to the Joe’s for finally recognizing this once in a lifetime talent.

    The UCF fans are just butt hurt because Darrell has made them his b!tch for the last couple years. The mere mention of his name and they start mumbling incoherently.

    Watch the video at 3:50 where he makes a 360 degree adjustment on the ball without losing even half a step for a TD.

    His most impressive run last year went for about 94 yards but was called back for a penalty. That run would have put him past 2000 yards rushing.

    Memphis fans were bragging that he would run a sub 4.4 in the 40 at the combine and he did. His 2nd run was 4.37 with one of the fastest 10 yard splits in combine history. For some reason they scrubbed that run and adjusted it to 4.49.

    Next-Gen stats has him rated #1 with an 86 rating, the #2 is rated at 70. Head and shoulders above any and all running backs.

    My opinion was that we select a RG (Lindstrom) in the 2nd and DH with the 70th pick. After further research, and learning that the Chiefs are targeting him in the 2nd round, I think the Bucs should draft Henderson with the 39th pick. This will end Licht’s 2nd round curse and really piss off some UCF crybabies.

  41. Z31 BUCS Says:

    Arian Nation Says:
    “The mere mention of his name and (UCF fans) start mumbling incoherently.”


    Even more so than usual and as evidenced by today.
    Well said, LOL.

  42. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, I got a kick out of JP and his lack of reading comprehension. I also am a UCF Knight and watched him play. I think he looked like a stud against us and would not have a problem if the Bucs used a 3rd rounder on him.

  43. Arian Nation Says:

    Just imagine if the Bucs had a running back that pissed off the Saints, Falcons and Panther fans that made them cry in theur beers like that?

  44. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^ I agree, TDTB. Henderson would be a good pick up for the BUCS.

  45. Bird Says:


    Dude. You are just making yourself look worse.
    “Let’s be concise cause words mean something. “

    Dude. Have you ever kissed a girl ?
    Nerd alert.

    Pretty tough calling people a f ing moron when you were the moron.
    Again , the first poster said the following :

    “Pass . Ucf Knight “

    So I was having a little fun and responding that I would take him . No brainer and also a ucf Knight. Called banter. . I could care less if people knew where I went to college. Never posted the same here. And clearly not a homer.

    So let me be real clear and concise for you.

    You are amazing. You really are. People really like you. Z31 Bucs already does.

  46. Bird Says:

    Arian nation

    Angry today ? Who is butt hurt?

    You have ucf fans that are wanting him here. No homer here. Read the posts. He is a stud. I agree.
    And just FYI pretty sure Memphis lost both games. He is a no brainer in 3rd but probably will go sooner.

    But stay angry man. You and Tmax should exchange bodily fluids

  47. Jonzey Says:

    Alteredego you don’t have a clue, if you think Barber is a #1 runningback you are crazy. He didn’t have 900 yards he had 871 yards on 3.7 yac. We need a homer in hitter, New England got Sony over 1,000, Cleveland got Cubbs 1,000

  48. Z31 BUCS Says:


    By the logic of your last entry, apparently being “concise” makes you a “nerd”.
    I guess I understand why you might say that.

    Letting it alone now.

  49. Bird Says:

    Using concise and nerd as a joke upsets you

    But agreeing with yah boy that someone is a f ing moron is great and funny to you. Oh bird just being bird

    Hypocrite much?
    Hanging out with you must be as much fun as having diarrhea

  50. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^^^^ Do you ever have a good day, Z?
    Always in a nasty mood.

  51. Z31 BUCS Says:


    A “nasty mood” IS a good day.
    Today Bird was kind enough to set the table.

  52. CCHead Says:

    Grab D’Ernest Johnson and save the draft pick. Great all around back.

  53. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jones… sure I’d like the type of RB describe… simply can’t put the horse before the cart… have to build the DL & OL so that doesn’t allow a high pick this year for a RB

  54. unbelievable Says:

    UCF Knight here as well… no thank you.

    Love my team but the defenses in our conference are a joke!

  55. unbelievable Says:

    “The UCF fans are just butt hurt because Darrell has made them his b!tch for the last couple years. The mere mention of his name and they start mumbling incoherently.”

    Yea, no our point was that UCF defense along with all the other teams in the conference are garbage, so his production is over valued.

    Also, we beat Memphis every time, so why would anyone be butthurt?

    How shocking that someone who’s username is ariannation isn’t very smart…

  56. Arian Nation Says:

    Is it DH’s fault that UCF and the conference have bad defenses? He shared the backfield with two other running backs and put up 2200 yards and 25 TD’s last year.

    He was Mississippi high school player of the year in 2014. Was that because they can’t play football in Mississippi?

    If he played for Lou Saban and Alabama, he might have run for 4000 and 50 TD’s.

    If you watch the video, every time he sees green, he scores. Nobody runs him down from behind.

    When they throw him the ball, he makes adjustments while the ball is in the air, catches it with soft hands and doesn’t break stride. Bucky Brooks said he was the best receiving back in the draft.

    Chris Simms called him “Lightning in a bottle.”

  57. unbelievable Says:

    LOL of course it’s not HIS fault he played against bad defenses… but you can’t not factor that in, when evaluating his production.

  58. Dapostman Says:

    As Chief Martin Brody once said, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

    Translation, get a better OL.

  59. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – You’re counting out Ronald Jones, I’m not doing so… YET. I’d give him camp and the preseason and see how he looks, but again, review every single run he had last year and tell me why he’s at fault on 90% of them. I think there was maybe 2 plays all season that I can remember where he, from what I could see on tape, seemed to not read the play right and missed his hole. The rest of the time he’s almost always being hit in the backfield. To be clear, again, I hated the pick last year, and if you were going to choose someone Ronald wasn’t my choice, but it’s not like the Bucs were the only people that had him as a 2nd rounder, so he clearly has talent. As for if Barber goes down, sure, that’s a big deal – but just like with the Rams last year, you can find people that can come in off the street and perform. One guy in particular I’d have complete faith in, who has done it before, that would be Doug Martin, who looked good last year in Oakland when their offense stunk – but he at least got acceptable blocking. Also you can always trade like a 6th or 7th rounder to someone for a quality back if you get to the preseason and don’t like what you have.

    My point is you can’t spend a high pick, two years in a row, on a RB when that’s not anywhere near the top of your need chart. I hated the idea last year, I hate it even more this year. Wait until after camp and get into the preseason and if Ronnie still doesn’t seem to be getting it, then make a move.