Lightning Continues To Ignore The Real Problem

April 23rd, 2019

In episode 19 of The Todd Wright TODDcast, Todd compares the Lightning open letter from two years ago to the one from days ago. Todd also points out that the number of head coaches in the NHL Eastern Conference with a Stanley Cup resume continues to grow, which only makes it more difficult to justify keeping Jon Cooper on the Lightning bench. The TODDcast is presented by Brandon Legal Group and Pin Chasers.

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For the last three years, Todd Wright has been podcasting here almost exclusively on fantasy football and Lightning playoff hockey. While those podcasts are alive and well, Todd has a new podcast for 2019. And it simply covers pretty much anything that Todd finds interesting. No limits. Sort of like he did for nearly two decades on national radio as host and creator of AllNight with Todd Wright on ESPN, in addition to other roles with Fox Sports Florida, Sirius/XM, Sporting News Radio, etc. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Lightning Continues To Ignore The Real Problem”

  1. csidedave Says:

    The Lightning have lost 6 STRAIGHT playoff games and were outscored 26-8. There is a serious problem here that needs to be addressed.

    It’s like they brought a Ferrari to a demolition derby. It was pretty and fast but it was pretty useless when it was banged on, boxed in, and never allowed to get up to speed.

    The problems were exposed last year and this year, they brought the same car.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Get rid of Cooper? Tampa fans are idiots.

    How about instead get rid of the guy who gave Ben Bishop away.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Jon Cooper=Andy Reid

  4. Crazy Old Fan Says:

    I told so many fans that the regular season is great but they MUST be ready for playoff-style hockey and they were NOT.

    Will losing our GM make a difference?? Don’t know.

    Will the organization LEARN from this disaster?? Don’t know.

    Will ownership get pissed and MAKE SURE they are ready next time?? Bet so.