The Josh Rosen Question

March 4th, 2019

Let Joe get this started by saying Bucco Bruce Arians saying publicly he’d prefer to have America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, not looking over his shoulder and distracted by the presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick is one big corporate misdirection.

Why? Because Arians could end any alleged potential distraction himself on Day 1 of players arriving on April 1.

Heck, Arians seems to think he can convince malcontent DeSean Jackson to be a team player. So are we to believe Arians couldn’t convince Jameis that Fitzpatrick, who turns 37 this season, is simply a No. 2 QB?

It’s all a pile of baloney.

This offseason, Jameis won’t be publicly humiliated by the NFL — and himself — and he won’t be suspended for the first three games of 2019. So Joe’s confident Jameis could handle any backup available. Last year was a truly unique situation. If Jameis is that mentally weak where he would have issues with a backup — and Joe doesn’t believe Jameis is — then he won’t advance much more in his career.

Joe brings this up because rumors are heating up in a huge way that the Arizona Cardinals will trade their 2018 first-round pick, quarterback Josh Rosen, before they draft QB Kyler Murray No. 1 overall next month. It would be a stunner. Rosen, who just turned 22 years old, was the No. 10 overall pick.

The buzz, including from Cardinals-friendly Kurt Warner, is that Rosen might only fetch a third-round pick in a trade. That’s largely because the Cardinals have zero leverage.

Should the Bucs at least consider a deal for Rosen? Absolutely, assuming his 2018 playcaller, new Bucs offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich, thinks Rosen is a superior prospect. Who would know better than Leftwich? And Arians thinks Leftwich is one of the great young offensive minds and QB coaches in the game.

This isn’t Joe screaming, ‘Trade for Rosen now!” But if there’s value, then it has to be considered. For too long, this Bucs organization has resisted considering intelligent moves based on bizarre logic. Rosen is basically due only $2 million per season through 2021.

You got the quarterback whisperer running the Bucs and Jameis in a prove-it kind of year. Maybe Rosen could be had for a third-round pick in 2020 and minor considerations. Joe suspects the Cardinals would love to trade Rosen to a team like the Bucs that would make him a backup rather than where he might thrive quickly and make them look bad.

Again, Joe’s not lobbying to trade for Rosen. But if Leftwich really believes the guy is a first-round talent, then how could the Bucs not at least consider a deal.

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  1. Joeypoppems Says:

    This is an interesting idea Joe. A good way to provide a safety net if Winston just simply doesn’t end up working out. Plus a top 10 pick who isn’t a bust available for a 3rd rd pick? That might end up being a deal of a lifetime

  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    me likee….I’d give this years 3 for Rosen !

  3. miken Says:

    Rosen for a 3 is pretty interesting. If jameis has a good year, could probably get a 3 for him next yr. If Jameis looks bad, you have your plan b.

  4. Justafan Says:

    Letting Fitz go is a way to silence the media from asking for Fitz if Winston struggles.

  5. Bird Says:

    Jameis is in arians trust tree right now.
    It’s about family and trust and accountability.

    Don’t think arians would mess with those ideals
    Jameis gets his chance with not having to look over shoulder

    They will draft young QB In 6th round

  6. The Fighting Schiano's Says:

    How about we trade for Rosen and then get rid of the crab handler?

  7. Bird Says:

    Plus redskins are enamored with Rosen

    They will jump all over him.

  8. SammyRebel Says:

    Hell no, Rosen is trash, overrated, just no no no, we need to fix other spots don’t waste a pick on this guy who’s self proclaim is revolting, he is Mike Glennon 2.0

  9. Bird Says:

    Cmon. He is not mike glennon. That’s harsh.

    Interesting take though joe

  10. catcard202 Says:

    Of course you pull the trigger on that scenario… a 3rd for Rosen is a deal worth making…But if the FO is in for spending a pick on a QB…Grab Lock if he’s there @ #5…Then go DEF the rest of the way.

    You grab franchise QB’s every time you can. Period.

  11. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    ThePats will do this because they make championship moves

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t see the Cardinals considering the Bucs. Their fans are pretty upset we got their coach. Not a smart PR move. Same goes for P.Peterson.

    Joe I love your premise to use Bruces skills with QBs and get a young one for him.

    If not Rosen I’m expecting us to draft somebody……….Let’s apply his own theory back at him………”don’t tell me what they can’t do tell me what they can do”………in Arians case what he can do is develope QBs. Get him a QB Jason.

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Well now that the whole world knows Jameis pressed to match Fitz’s record breaking numbers and got into his head, we will have to have a backup that is zero threat to Jameis’s pyschy and the media would be pressing BA the first time Winston struggles. Especially if we traded for Rosen.

  14. Darin Says:

    Not with Rosens attitude Joe. I could see that kid retiring if a team trades for him as a backup. Then again Leftwich knows him well. So if he did want him i guess maybe itd be ok. I think Winston needs a vet to lean on tho, not a young punk who will be saying he could do better after a bad game by Winston. No thanks.

  15. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    If you can get him for a 3rd now you do it!

    Not because he is the QB of the future but because a young QB like that is an investment. He might be worth a 3rd now but what happens if Kirk Cousins goes down? Or if R. Wilson, L. Jackson, N. Foles, or any other QB gets hurt and they don’t have a viable plan B? Well now we are talking about having a serious bargaining chip that could net a first or second round pick.
    What’s to lose? Worst case he is only 2 M and he never sees the field like most backups. Or maybe Jameis gets hurt and the dude steps in and straight balls out and we never look back. Low risk, high potential reward, sign me up.

  16. DooshLaRue Says:


    Careful talking about JW not being suspended for the start of this season.
    You might jinx him.

    Anyone who’s been paying attention knows Jaboo can eff up at anytime, especially now that he’s got his confidence back.

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    The best part of this rumor is if it’s true we are a giant step closer to getting Q in the draft………. Either Q or Josh Allen if your Joe or whoever yall covet the most in this draft!!!!

  18. John Says:

    Mike glennon 2.0

  19. The Fighting Schiano's Says:

    Byron Leftwich doesn’t think he’s Mike Glennon 2.0. I’ll probably go with his opinion over you armchair GM’s.

  20. AlteredEgo Says:

    Wait until BA and Leftwich see Jameis miss so many throws in OTAs turning and verbally correcting himself to the coaches…sure the WR’s will make a catch….but Jameis still missed the throw…excuses don’t fly anymore….absolutely need a starting caliber back up pushing Jameis

  21. Ndog Says:

    This is simple. Do you want a backup QB or a possible starting Guard or Corner? This is such a no brainier.

  22. ncbucsfan Says:

    If Byron Leftwich thinks he is that grest potentially….Do it! A 2020 3rd for Rosen.
    Just draft Montez Sweat please! At #5…..unless Quinnen is there! I will personally coach him to a 12+ sack season as a rookie with the tools he has!! I know someone will think its a combine reaction, but I’ve been a Montez fan since the Senior Bowl to be accurate! I then watched the Ole Miss tape (SEC team that passes) and I saw a guy who they couldn’t block. His length was a serious weapon on every pass play. If he can get JPPs technique with Nassib’s motor…..smh! Aldon Smith 2.0!!

  23. ncbucsfan Says:

    Aldon minus the mental issues!

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There seems to be another point that could be made……if Leftwich has so much faith in Josh Rosen….why is he being shopped?……I am assuming that Leftwich had considerable input on the drafting of Rosen. He was the QB coach in 2017 & OC in 2018……
    Inquiring minds want to know……

  25. adam from ny Says:

    arians spotted at the press box with jameis and djax today…all having drinks and buying rounds for the house…at one point arians climbed up onto the bar to dance, and flung his kangol into the cheering drunken crowd…wild lunchtime scene in there today…three cheers for jameis, djax and bucco bruce

  26. SOEbuc Says:

    Negative. Too many other holes everywhere else on this team to give up a third rounder. If BA is really the QB whisperer that he’s been titled as, he should be able to find a good back up in the fifth or sixth. Lots of people have had enough of Ryan Griffen but he looked really good in pre season last year. I say let Griffen and the new guy (FA or draft) battle it out for second and third string.

  27. StoutGospel Says:

    Hell no on this strange and misguided idea! Rosen’s a silver-spoon-in-mouth pretty boy from UCLA that everyone hated in the pre-draft interview process last year, and many staff said he was arrogant as hell, difficult to deal with around coaches, isn’t mobile, and this nutzo idea would divide the locker room, set us back, this is NOT a B.A. idea. The kid’s done squat. Besides, some other team will pay more to take on that friendly contract, likely the Dolphins or Redskins.

    STILL…NO free agent tracker out here…STILL. But word out tonight is NO franchise tag for CJ Mosley. That’s a bit of a shocker!! Licht might wanna run the numbers on nailing down Mosley, or as a backup, his teammate Z Smith.

    Go Bucs!

  28. Bobby M. Says:

    It would be a brilliant hedge for Winston not working out. Winston is in a prove it year but what happens if he blows his knee out in Week 2?…Then what? We franchise tag him next year for another prove it year? Why not have a decent back up plan that looks to the future?….Why not remind Winston this isn’t college, its the big leagues and its truly a “prove it” year? To me its a great move and makes Licht look like he has no ego when making roster moves that are best for the organization.

  29. EA Says:

    I don’t remember seeing much of Rosen last year, does he have potential ? I mean why would the cardinals shop him after only one year ?

  30. The Fighting Schiano's Says:


    Because they are supposedly drafting Kyler Murray #1 overall. No point having Rosen around if you’re drafting a QB first overall.

  31. Todd Says:

    Damn! That’s 4-D Chess! The cliche win-win-win!

    Good thinking!!!

  32. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    No thanks. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a consistent starter in the NFL. Throws a “nice ball” in shorts…there’s way more to it than that.

  33. sandwichman Says:

    “This isn’t Joe screaming, ‘Trade for Rosen now!””
    This is exactly what you are doing. #Shame on you Joe, #Shame
    Rank speculation and looking for click bait! This is beyond pathetic Joe. STOP THIS NOW!
    Not sure what you consider speculation here. Seems like you’re the one speculating. You might want to read what’s exactly written.–Joe

  34. Not there yet Says:

    Lol yea right trade for a guy a team is giving up on after one season after being picked 10th overall. There would have to be major red flags for an owner to agree to that without giving this kid a second year to develop. He’s not even close to an upgrade and after being picked 10th how long before he gets tired of sitting the bench before he starts acting like d jack. Nice try but this would be a wasted pick

  35. firethecannons Says:

    Rosen for Djaxx

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    Rosen is only a slightly improved version of Mike Glennon..slightly. I watched him with the Cards last year. Personally for now, I’d keep out no 3 QB as Backup.

  37. Mort Says:


  38. SB Says:

    All I can say is “Jeeeesh”

  39. DooshLaRue Says:

    Isn’t Rosen white?
    How is he gonna be able to overcome the racial barrier that Leftwich coaching him presents?
    They won’t be on the same page because of the color difference.
    I always thought all men were created equal…… but our genius high IQ QB brought it up awhile back and it really has me thinking 🤔…….

  40. tbbucs3 Says:

    I’m sure Josh Rosen will one day devolop into a great middle of the road backup QB but until then he had worse stats the 2014 Bucs Josh Mccown.

  41. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    3rd rounder would be a risk worth taken, especially for a QB that still has potential to be as good or better than Jameis.

  42. tbbucs3 Says:

    Than* but to be fair he was at least somewhat effective in an offense where Sam Bradford couldn’t do anything at all.

  43. Buc4evr Says:

    Josh Rosen is a waste of time and not worth a valuable draft pick. Let Fitzpatrick go and promote Ryan Griffin. Griffin’s salary is a little over $1.3M.

  44. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    This prick on his way to D.C. man.

  45. Buccanoles01 Says:

    No way you give up a 3rd for Rosen, and then have fans calling for him when Jameis throws a pick. That’s a big wasted pick lick a second round kicker.

  46. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    A hard no to Rosen. But, we have several players that need to be cut so we can get some of these talented players in free agency. CJ Mosley and or Z. Smith would both be great additions as would Mathieu. Mosley would give us a top ILB and Mathieu would help solidify our backend. Those 2 guys alone would have a major jmpact on a quick turnaround. I also think signing Ansah to a prove it deal wouldbe wise. Major upside and could potentially give us a freak to harrass oposing QB’s.

  47. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    As far as the draft goes I’m hoping for a trade down unless Allen or Q fall. Trading back would still allow us to draft a great player and pick up some extra picks. Ed Oliver, Jonah Williams, Sweat, or if we decide to go corner, only if we trade outside of the top 10, JoeJuan Williams from Vandy would be a steal. I also like Baker but JoeJuan would be my pick if we went that direction.

    Staying at 5 will give us an exceptional player but so would trading down, maybe even 2 trade downs. This draft is loaded in the 1st couple of rounds. If we could add an extra pick or 2 in the 2nd round again, we could really improve our team.

    Guys in the 2nd round that could really help out our team would be players like Darrell Henderson, Jeffery Simmons, Michael Dieter. Guys who could instantly fill holes and make us more competitive.

  48. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    We have a ton of potential moves but it all starts with shedding salary to sign impact guys. I would do whatever it takes to get Mosley and Mathieu here in Tampa. And as long as we stay far far away from corners at #5, I think we will have a great draft.

    If Arizona takes Murray at #1 we will either be in prime position to get a stud DL or we will be in the perfect trade down spot for teams trying to get ahead of the Giants.

  49. Dapostman Says:

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a threat to Jameis Winston. Sure Winston tried to match what Fitz did in the first 3 games, what young player wouldn’t? Remember Winston replaced Fitzpatrick when Fitz came back down to earth. Winston and Fitz know Winston is #1 and Fitz is #2. Actually I believe Fitz as a man and person is good for Winston. He’s a good mentor and a good backup QB. I hope the Bucs sign Fitz for another season to back up Winston. That’s the right play imo.

  50. lambchop Says:

    Rosen will be an even BIGGER threat to Winston. Might as well have dumped Winston’s salary this year and gone after a QB instead of making a train wreck at QB and creating a HUGE distraction for the upcoming season. The minute Winston sucks, everyone will be calling for the backup!

  51. Kyle Says:

    rosen for president 2020

  52. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I don’t see that working. If what they said about Rosen’s days in college he was sort of a demanding person, he questions authority, supposed very stubborn, difficult to coach, extremely opinionated. If this is true, would this be the ideal QB room for Jameis? I think it would be worse than with Fitz. At least Fitz helps Jameis. I don’t see Rosen coming in to play second fiddle. JMO

  53. Costa Rica John Says:

    While it sounds like a good deal giving up a 3rd for a top QB in last years draft I believe the Bucs need players that can produce right away. Keep the draft pick and let someone else pick up Rosen. I’m not afraid of keeping Fitz on the team. He’s a good back-up QB at this point in his career. Winston is the starter and Arians can make that clear in the locker room and to the media. Go Bucs!

  54. cmurda Says:


    You owe me my 10 minutes back for reading this article. Come on, you know you do. Trade for Rosen? Git outta hee.

  55. Buc21 Says:

    Fire up the Glennon mob or sorry the Rosen Mob. Fake news and thanks for the dumb idea Joe”s”

  56. pete Says:

    Bucs might trade for Rosen as a currency! A young, talented, 1st round pick QB would surely bring more draft picks and/or players.

  57. Rome Says:

    Thought we traded our third the year for JPP last year

  58. BUC IT Says:

    you know if they really trade him and only get a 3rd rounder…. this is something to consider for sure. Good thinking Joe. Jameis is definitely in a prove it year. Ive been saying the same thing about Kyler if he falls to #5… take him and let Jameis prove it while Kyler sits for a year…. we could always trade kyler or Jameis (if he improved his value). But trading for Rosen could be a great idea too…. if they see value.

  59. __TGH__ Says:

    This is like when the Blackjack dealer asks for insurance. Every time you don’t think twice about saying ‘no’ but this time you are down to your last bet and you are all in with $1000 on one hand. If you are Licht, do you dig deep in your wallet to come up with the money so you can keep playing after this hand? You betcha!

  60. THETRUTH Says:

    With on this Joe , one of most logical player acquisition post you have had.
    I only disagree with NFL embarrassing WInston comment. He embarrassed himself , don’t do stupid and people won’t talk about you

  61. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe’s not screaming for Rosen, but dammmmmmmm…….Joe certainly has embraced a entirely different attitude when it comes to protecting America’s Crotch Grabber !!!

  62. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    No thanks.

  63. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    StoutGospel Says:
    “Rosen’s a silver-spoon-in-mouth pretty boy from UCLA that everyone hated”


    Precisely. Could not agree more.

  64. LargoBuc Says:

    Rosen was the most mechanically sound qb in last years draft. Questions about his work ethic, both on the field and in the film room, were raised.

  65. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^^ Not to mention he is a punk, lol.

  66. Widerightandleft Says:

    If Will Grier is available round three,grab him.Hes under rated !

  67. BringBucsBack Says:

    If our GM didn’t leave us with so many holes after 5 years of high draft picks, this would be something to consider.

    The healthy organizations (& overtly QB needy teams) can swing this deal. We have no margin for error & a self-proclaimed genius as a GM who believes that the 2nd round is an excellent time to reeeaaach for players. Well, put that way, Licht will probably piss away the 3rd rd. pick, too.

    Those calling Rosen a brate may be correct; I don’t know the kid anymore than any other JBF poster. However, from what I’ve read about him, he is well-read, an independent-thinker, globally consciousness and very left, politically (which is generally the conclusion of well-educated individuals).

    I don’t know how good of a QB Josh is; I’ve not seen enough of his play to have a strong opinion. However, would anyone in the U.S. use the expressions, “well-read” or “conscientious” to describe Mr. “FHITP” Winston?

  68. StoutGospel Says:

    Holla @TampaBayDemon…


    Not an element we need here!

    Go Bucs! Get Quinnen!