Matchup For JPP

March 28th, 2019

Bucco Bruce has plans for JPP.

Just from listening to Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians, he seems to be a big believer in matchups.

In other words, try to put a player’s strength against an opponent’s weakness and watch out.

Earlier this week at the coaches breakfast during the NFL owners meetings in Arizona, Arians was breaking down the defense in depth when it came to edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul. It seems Arians wants to use JPP’s speed and intelligence against slow, bulky guards and get JPP away from more nimble tackles.

“JPP hasn’t played over a guard much,” Arians said. “But he’s going to. And I think he’s going to like it.”

No, it’s not like JPP hasn’t played over a guard before. Predominantly, JPP has played over a tackle. JPP can handle himself quite well on the inside as well. He did it all through training camp last year but not much during the season.

This will be very interesting and Joe likes how this Arians thinks. Why not try things out of the box for a change? Not like the conventional way has led to playoff appearances the past decade.

55 Responses to “Matchup For JPP”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    creativity…..good to hear… go draft Ed Oliver…..


  2. Lord Cornelius Says:

    We are definitely going to have some confusing looking fronts and lots of blitzing along with press coverage base on all the coach speak I’m hearing.

    Now go draft Ed Oliver at 5 IMO. This guy would be a top 1-2 pick in most drafts but we may get him at 5 due to the depth of the class.

    4.71 40 at 281 lbs (down 6 lbs from combine)
    33 bench press
    crazy shuttle / 3 cone

    Athletic angry game wrecking freak. I kind of just straight up want him over anyone right now.

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    i know some folks want devin white but idk about his character…..seems a little “me first”…..skills and talent cant be questioned but its comments like this that give pause….

    “People know ‘Devin isn’t going to be on the board long, and we’re not going to find another Devin 10 years from now. He’s rare,’” White said, via Roy Lang of the Shreveport Times. “Draft me, because when I hit free agency in five years, the price will go up. I’ll be looking for $100 million then.”

    first kid is talking in the third person like he’s a super star already….i get being confident but damn dude….lol…play 16games in the NFL before running your trap…..

    second, he’s saying there wont be another player like him for 10years, thats laughable…….hell, i dont see much difference between him and devin bush…..white’s a little bigger but bush has the pedigree….his dad played in the NFL….

    third, the only LB i know making $100mil is mack and he’s rushing the passer every snap….i doubt white will be rushing every play…..

    not bashing the kids talent and skills…..but pump your brakes on this young man…..he’s already thinking about hitting FA and cashing in before taking a snap in the NFL….lol….


  4. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…..

    great minds think alike….lol….


  5. Polkfan Says:

    It will be Devin or Oliver if Quinnen and Allen are gone.

  6. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Y’all really are 😆 funny. 813 you not caring about some of us feel in regards to wanting Devin White a clear better fit for us considering next seasons scheme doesn’t mean diddly squat bro. Your desire for Oliver has no bearing on decisions that will be made inside that building.

  7. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    As for the 100million dollar remark,BA has already stated publicly he is totally good with swagger from his players. A young man feeling like he’s about to ball out at a level high enough to garner a 100million dollar deal sounds like music to my ears bro.

  8. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Is there any other fans upset?

    Mo clairborne wants more than the vet minimum that the Bucs can give to sign to play for the Bucs

    Our Great Gump has spent all our money and we have nothing to acquire competent players to fill our holes

    “Bucs want to give me scraps when I have to be starter and get paid 5x less than all these 15 POS cornerbacks?”


  9. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Leads me to believe he feels he’s about to be first team all defenses every year of his rookie deal. If he does that he’ll deserve 100million. Cause his numbers will be ridiculous. Kobe told y’all a few days ago don’t get too overly attached to players on your team in this era of free agency. These boys don’t just dream of making it to league one day they dream of getting paid handsomely. It’s a business bro.

  10. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Now riddle me this will-ya,you or corn. Where exactly are you playing Ed Oliver next season when this team clearly already has a dominant nose tackle in Darf Vea??? You know 6’5 346lbs. And keep his 33 reps on bench,Vea gave me 43 bro.

  11. Polkfan Says:

    Ed Oliver is a 3,5 tech what are you talking about Jamaal.

  12. Locked In Says:

    Locked in says speaking in the 3rd person is a sign of a major character flaw

  13. JA Says:

    Locked In—

    Joe lives in the third person— both of them!
    JA tried that once and two days later his wife left him for a first person kinda guy.
    For those seeking a divorce or a quick out from a relationship, take note …

  14. BuccOff Says:

    Quin-nen, Quin-nen, Quin-nen…

    Gotta be careful with run contain, when creating newer schemes with people out of typical position. The opposing QB could just audible to a play action pass out the right side of JPP or zone run that way…juss sayin.

  15. Lord Cornelius Says:


    He would line up everywhere OTHER than nose tackle / where Vea will line up.

    He is too undersized to be an NFL nose tackle. He fits as a 3-4 DE / 4-3 3 tech / DE and can even play OLB because of how athletic he is.

    Give me Vea’s 340 lbs + 43 bench + 5.1 40 AND
    Oliver’s 285 lbs and 4.7 40 + 33 bench

    Good luck to interior O-lineman figuring that out. We have no good starting DTs after Vea for the future. Own those trenches

  16. 813bucboi Says:


    if BA was all about “swag” he wouldve kept djax….

    clearly you havent watched oliver play because the kid can line up anywhere along the line(see @ polkfan)…..

    white is a great talent no doubt…..but this is a LOS league and we have been losing the LOS for years….

    when the giants were on a roll, they drafted DL every year….JPP had to sit behind tuck and strahan…..panthers drafted DL after DL and were running this division because of their DL…..bronco’s stacked their DL year after year with 1st round picks…..

    drafting EO would give TB another mismatch piece and running mate for VV for years to come…..

    as i said earlier, devin bush is right up there with white followed by mack wilson who has the best coverage skills in the LB class….

    your desire for white means nothing either….lol….he can feel any type of way he wants to but ive watch the NFL long enough to know the league crews up and spits out guys that come into the league overly confident…..

    white will do nothing if the guys in front of him are getting whipped every play….but a dominate DT can make joe dirt look good….


  17. 813bucboi Says:




  18. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Okay so you two are of the belief he wishes to play somewhere other DT/Nose I doubt highly especially after he made the comment about being just as good if not better than Aaron Donald right now(wrong). But let’s examine why he would say that. He clearly has patterned his game after Donald and pundits everyone compare him to Donald. Might he have made that assertion because Donald just signed the highest paid contract for a defensive player in league history. Probably so bros.

  19. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Now who exactly is going to the bench for him to start over??? Don’t fix your mouth to say Nas cause he ain’t beating out Nas for his job. He ain’t that good,they’re are film sessions out their on Oliver.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When a player talks like White….he has to produce….period…..if not, he would flame out immediately…….give me a producer…..but I would be just fine with Allen, Oliver or Sweat in that order….
    We should get a plug and play defensive difference-maker at #5.

  21. DB55 Says:


    I have t seen much tape on Oliver but from I have seen it seems like he breaks free when he’s unblocked unlike Q who completely owns double teams, am I wrong in this?

  22. #1bucfan Says:

    813 I’m deff one of those ppl that want white an now you just shared some good intel on his character. If that is tru then idk about him now lol thanks a lot haha

  23. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    As for the Djax thing C’mon bro,you know BA ain’t into @$$kissin. If yo @$$ want out yo @$$ will be acomadated.

  24. 813bucboi Says:


    he’s been crafting his game after donald for years….lol….way before donald got paid…..he’s been a fan of donald’s since he was a kid….lol….

    not sure who nas is?….unless you mean nassib……

    the beauty of picking EO @ #5 is that he creates depth, competition and he’ll also be allowed to develop properly…..

    we’ve been losing the trenches for too long…..time to stack them….


  25. 813bucboi Says:


    no problem but you can thank @joe for the link….

    if you go to the “morning cup of joe” page and click on the first link talking about the AAF folding next week, it’ll take you to the PFT page….look on the right hand side and you’ll see headliner #9 that says, devin white will be looking for $100mil in 5years…..

    i thought it was a joke but he was as serious as a heart attack….

    i wouldve had no problem with his comments had he played 16games in the NFL & made all pro is rookie year like q.nelson but DAMN DUDE….lol….get drafted, go thru OTA’s, TC & PS first…..and the speaking in third person thing was weird too….lol….

    we all know about his talent…thats undeniable….but character is very important especially since we’re trying to clean up the locker room….


  26. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “he (Bruce Arians) seems to be a big believer in matchups. In other words, try to put a player’s strength against an opponent’s weakness and watch out.”

    Wow, what a concept. Exploit your adversary’s weaknesses by creating mismatches with your strengths. Sure am glad that no other NFL coaches have caught on to that idea. Oh wait, they have. And have been doing it year-after-year against the Bucs’ defenses for a decade now. My bad.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    @813bucboi … “great minds think alike….lol”. Yes they do bucboi. So you’ll get a chance to be WRONG TOGETHER come draft night.

    Devin White will be the Bucs pick at #5. Who cares what he says about 5 years from now. Big deal. All we should care about is his performance on the field. And the Bucs desperately NEED a FIELD GENERAL which Devin White has the POTENTIAL to become. He’s also got the size to clean up the middle on run plays and the speed to cover on pass plays. But right now it’s just potential, as with every other draft pick. Not one of them has accomplished a single thing at the NFL level … YET. Only time will tell.

  28. Doctor_berto Says:

    Bucs are not picking White at 5 lol

  29. 813bucboi Says:


    you brought up swag and how BA likes it…..who had more “swag” on the team than djax?…..GMC?….him and his swag might follow djax outta town….

    and white talking about $100mil before getting drafted sounds like he wants someone to kiss his @$$ all the way to the bank…..

    great talent but we need DL help in the worse way…..

    mack wilson, tre lamar, vosean joseph all good LB’s that could be day1 starters(with good coaching)…..and as good as DW is, he’s still going to need good coaching to success….


  30. 813bucboi Says:


  31. 813bucboi Says:


    youve been wrong all offseason……

    im still waiting on the “major turnover” you kept bringing up…….

    as ive said previously the problem has been poor coaching which has been backed up by BA…..

    his comment now are what you should care about….i would rather him say he’s looking forward to winning a SB in 5years not getting paid….that just shows where his head is at….it aint on winning…its about getting paid….my first attitude….sounds like GMC imo….only worried about the $$$$ and not winning…..

    im hoping Oliver is the pick but im sure DL will be the pick….williams, oliver or sweat…..

    you’ll be wrong as usual….cant wait…..


  32. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Point I’m making bro since you make it your business to mention Devin White is expecting 100million one day,my thinking is your guy has the same idea in the back of his mind. But all that bouncing up down the los you and corn keep mentioning can’t be backed up with any evidence. That want to go to a 4/3 defense so he can play 3 tech just like Donald does why. Cause he looking for the money.

  33. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Since he’s patterned his game after Aaron Donald explain to me why he would want to come to Tampa and play 3/4 DE???

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I hear everybody’s concern about White’s comments. They seem pretty run of the mill to me in today’s world. It’s a trash talking big mouth world we live in. I’m old school so it took awhile for me to adapt.

    Started with Muhammed Ali and at the time it peoed us “old school” guys. But I eventually realized that Ali was the MASTER showman. He knew how to drive a gate and positive thinking never hurt anybody.

    White didn’t say anything sacrilegious to me because he didn’t compare himself to another successful player. Just pointed out the HE believes he has “generational” talent.

    Where would he get that idea? Could it be his 62 SOLO tackles?
    Assisted on 61 others. 3 forced fumbles..2 fumbles recovered. Dick Butkus award winner. Consensus All American. Could it be the game comes easy to him? He simply knows how good he is.
    Whether he should boast about it? It’s certainly nice to get the positive word out there before the draft. Perhaps White is simply selling himself before the draft.

    IMHO I want either Allen or White.

  35. 813bucboi Says:


    lol….have you seen donald play?….lol…he lines up all over the line….at NT, DT, DE…..its call versatility……

    BA has spent this offseason talking about how he wants players that can play multiple positions…..

    as long as a player keeps his $$$ thoughts in the back of his head, its no big deal….but when he comes out and starts talking about his 2nd contract before he even signs his first sounds like he’s all about the $$$$….he could care less about wins… him $100mil, just like GMC and he’ll be happy collecting “L’s”….

    EO would want to come to tampa because of Todd Bowles…..he wont be like smitty and stick him in 1 spot his entire rookie season….TB will move him around…line him up at NT, DT, DE just like the way phillips used donald…..

    your striking out man!!!…lol….


  36. GhostofSchiano Says:

    813bucboi Says …..but this is a LOS league and we have been losing the LOS for years….

    I refer to this as the Bucs Post Sapp. Totally agree.

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m not saying the Bucs WILL pick anyone because I have no f*cking idea and neither does anyone else right now.

    I’m saying Ed Oliver is in my top 4 along with Bosa/ALlen/Williams and I’m OK with that dude at 5 all day


    Williams is a freaking beast. Would prefer him probably over Oliver if given the choice but Oliver is close. Kind of has a nastier personality too which would be a welcome thing to all McCoy haters.

    Oliver was misused at Houston. PLayed the nose tackle position the vast majority of his snaps while Williams got to actually rush the passer / play 3 technique/etc. When PFF isolated just his non-nose stance snaps he was top 3 in QB pressure in the country as a DT – in similar range of Williams

    Would love either

  38. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    C’mon bro,you can’t be naive if you don’t think all these young men aren’t thinking about the money. They all see the deals being signed bro. For the love of the game my @$$. Cats trying to get paid homie.

  39. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    As for Aaron Donald he didn’t get that money because he occasionally lines up outside you know this. He got that payday as a result of what he does in the interior.

  40. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Now you want BA to draft a kid with the 5th overall pick an immediately make him do something other than what he did in college. Nall man ain’t happening. That’s some klueless kutter s&)@ right there.

  41. Polkfan Says:

    Jamaal literally in Ed Oliver’s combine presser he said that he agrees that he was misused and would fit better as a 3 tech. Come on now son.

  42. PriMech54 Says:

    JPP has long been considered a top tier run stopping defensive end. He will be plenty effective as a 5 technique because he doesn’t struggle shedding his blocks and sealing the edge. I imagine he will get looks both over the guard and coming off the edge, with some stunts & games involved here and there depending on who they have standing up next to him.

    His usage rate will stay sky-high and as a result he’ll end up with another double digit sack year.

  43. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Polkfan,bro re-read your post dude😊.

  44. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    54 ageed..

  45. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    He says he was misused,but 813 confirms he’s patterned his game after Donald. Corn and polkfan says 3 tech. Did I miss something??? 3 tech is what 93 plays right. That’s an interior D linemen right. If so why would he want to come to a 3/4 scheme team. I pose the same question for those that want Quinnen.

  46. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Point I’m making is we no longer have a need for a 3tech.

  47. PriMech54 Says:

    Jamaal keep in mind that Arians has already stated that there in fact will be a penetrating 3-tech DT in this defense. The base scheme won’t affect that at all. I’m not advocating for anyone in particular to play there, just pointing it out. If Gerald will restructure to a base of about $6M with incentives that can recover the lost salary then I am definitely on board with keeping him.. Ed Oliver however I am not drinking to kool-aid on. Hard pass. Q imo can play anywhere on the line so if he’s there at 5 it should be a no brainer, even if McCoy sticks around.

  48. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    54 I get where you’re coming from and I understand in a nickle there will be 4 down linemen on the field you are correct sir. I’ve tried to stay away from the Xs and Os when it comes to Ed Oliver out of respect for their wishes. What I will say is there are film sessions on him on YouTube. They give pros and cons,I’m not so sure he’s worth drafting at 5.

  49. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    That’s why I feel my guy Devin White is more valuable,he doesn’t have to come off the football field in the 3/4 (in my lowest voice possible) or the nickle🤫.

  50. Bradentonbuc Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if teams go to the run when we slide JPP inside. I also saw JPP play a decent amount as a stand-up rusher last season. I have a lot of faith that Bowles will get the most out of his defenders, most of the players the Jets have had the past few seasons on defense are not house hold names. The safety Adams is about the only one with ‘name recognition’

  51. Bradentonbuc Says:

    Trade up to the 3rd spot with the Jets and get Josh Allen. It’s not like Licht has a lot of great picks in the second round with the possible exception of D-Smith

  52. D1 Says:


    I’m all in with White as well. You also make a great case about Oliver wanting to play in a 3 spot. Here’s the thing, you’re thinking 3 4 like it was in the past. There’s no space eating nt, big huge dline men who keep backers clean. It’s the same 4 3 except, a linebacker is a substitute for a linemen. Sometimes, depending on the player, the linemen just stands up and plays like a backer. It just depends on if the guy can cover.

    The idea is simple, put an extra guy on the field who can cover. This is a reaction to the fact that offenses spread the field with 5 possible receivers. They’ve been doing this in college for awhile now. The pros are merely catching up.

  53. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Aaron Donald plays DE in the Rams 3-4. Almost the exact same scheme Bowles runs. So yes he models his game after Donald. And Donald just won DPY as a DE

  54. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Jamaal Darth vea that sh!t had me bust out laughing. Love it man hope the nickname sticks

  55. Owlykat Says:

    I would be perfectly happy with a trade down for Bush and Lindstrom.