Jason Licht: “That’s Just Kind Of The Way The Game Has Morphed”

March 4th, 2019

Jason Licht prototype?

Are the Bucs in the market for a cornerback in the draft?

General manager Jason Licht seems like his eyes are wide open looking at this year’s cornerbacks class, and he gave a couple of reasons last week.

First, Licht said the draft appears to be loaded much more than usual with big corners in the 6-1, 210-pound ballpark, he told SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Then Licht went on to explain that big athletic corners are more important than ever because receivers don’t run true routes any longer.

“So the corner that had all the great change of direction and all that stuff, you know, that’s still a valuable asset. But if you’re long and you can run a little and you’re instinctive and you can tackle, you know, you’re going to be able to cover these guys now,” Licht said. “So that’s just the way the game has kind of morphed.”

Joe would love to talk to Licht to dig deeper on this fascinating subject. But it very much sounds like the Vernon Hargreaves type of corner, per Licht, has lost a bit of its overall value while the much longer, stronger Carlton Davis is the more modern prototype.

As of now, the Bucs really don’t have another “long” corner like Davis, so it sure smells like Licht is going to try and find one in the college ranks.

27 Responses to “Jason Licht: “That’s Just Kind Of The Way The Game Has Morphed””

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Maybe licht learned his lessons from flushing a first round pick down the toilet on vh3bust…. you can’t fix short, slow and stupid.

  2. Miller5252 Says:

    I really don’t understand how many CB he’s gonna draft while he’s the GM for Tampa…… Does he believe there is some proven fact if you draft 10 of them 1 will be a lock down corner???

  3. firethecannons Says:

    Oh Man–Heh Jason Licht–do not take a corner in the first 3 rounds–we have too many other needs–fix the lines first. I am still dealing with ptsd post VH3 pik. Coach up what we have and buy a corner in FA, get some udfa’s and coach them up too. Dump multiple players to get some money. Cut Unrein, Gholston, EDS, Beneneoch, Beau Allen, hate to say it–cut Dotson–no way that guy is going to play 16 games. Rework McCoy. Replace Kwon with Devin White after you trade down! No matter what don’t waste premium picks on a useless corner.

  4. Kyle Says:

    licht is awful…

  5. Mike Says:

    Agree with all of fire the cannons takes on personnel except letting kwon walk – try to restructure
    Love how this genius Licht lets Andrew Adams loose to test the waters and let the league set his price- FOOLISH- we actually found one guy who looks like he has an instinct for playing football and understands the concept of defense being out there to stop the other team. I don’t think we’ve had safety trouble- we’ve had personell decision making problems- mcdougald- good, Tandy, good,
    Shepherd on special teams- great, this guy wouldn’t see talent or a glue player if it hit him square in the face- hey light don’t let humphries walk-

    Koetter is history bug light is still Klueless

  6. DB55 Says:

    Everything Mike said like all of it. !!!

  7. Todd Says:

    I’ve done a dozen mock drafts on The Draft Network (a fascinating learning process)…not one corner drafted! It’s not like I know sh-t about strategic drafting, but come on. So many great players at other positions of need that can deliver YEAR-ONE production! Get a corner in free agency if need-be. A proven one.

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Uh so does that mean VH3 was a mike smith influence do pick or something?

  9. Bird Says:

    Miller 5252

    I guess if he drafts 10 , then that means he can hit on 2 or 3 ?
    Good call.

    We have so many dang holes on this team.
    But I guess the saving grace is maybe we don’t.
    Maybe the coaching was that bad and some guys just need a little push

  10. Andrew Says:

    The guy flip flops whichever the wind blows to save face. 3 Dlineman drafted in his tenure. The same amount as TEs and RBs drafted. One defensive end!!! How about that’s the way the game is going, Jason. He is clueless.

  11. Bird Says:

    With bosa , Allen , Williams , Oliver and white , they cannot go corner with top pick . Not with this talent and their major need ( and middle linebacker in 3/4 is huge need – especially with Kwon and Beckwith a question mark)

    And most likely cannot draft back now a few spots.
    I’m guessing these guys pro days will be a sight to see as well. Oliver forty time will be interesting

    Just to much of a need with guys listed above : all guys can get pressure on QB and I don’t care if it comes up the middle from DT

    And then you have Devin white who has the speed needed for nfc south . The kid can fly. And he is great in run and pass coverage . Our linebackers were not great in pass coverage (Lavonte the best ) his bio states white bites on a few plays but that can be corrected. His ability to read plays will be sped up with Bowles coaching.

    Luke Keukly has the instincts but slower out of college.
    Devin white has the speed to make up for it.

    6-4 240 and runs 4.4. Crazy.

  12. AlteredEgo Says:

    Size doesn’t really matter if you can play the position….of course if you can play the position size is an advantage

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You can only get good players in free agency if good players are actually available.

    ARIANS/Licht might be able to address any 1-3 positions of need in free agency, so I’m not going to say not to draft a CB at this point, or when to draft one.

    Another point to consider is Licht might be intentionally leading people to believe he might take a corner so they don’t suspect his real pick. I have yet to see a GM/Coach reveal his preferred pick early unless it’s the first or second pick overall.

    Teams like to muddy the waters during this time of the year.

  14. Bird Says:

    Here is the other thing

    It appears kyler Murray is going #1 so that pushes 2 guys now into our laps to pick from?

    So stoked for the talent on defense this year.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Bonzai … “Another point to consider is Licht might be intentionally leading people to believe he might take a corner so they don’t suspect his real pick.” Is that another way of saying “Don’t believe anything Licht says” Bonzai? BTW, it’s hard to ‘muddy water’ that’s already muddy.

    Firethecannons … Agree with your take on personnel moves except for cutting Allen & EDS. Neither is starter material IMO, but they are decent rotational players & quality depth at fairly reasonable salaries for their positions. In addition though, I’d also trade or release DJax ($10 mil) & Anger ($3 mil). All those moves together should put us around $45 – $50 mil CAP to play with. That should be enough to franchise Donovan ($15 mil) & Hump ($7 mil), sign a veteran Safety & CB ($15 mil), and still have enough to sign our draft picks & a couple of other FAs. Hopefully.

  16. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Trade down from #5 and pick up another 1 rounder then trade for Jacksonville CB Jalen Ramsey.

  17. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Draft Andre Dillard at LT , best pass protector in the draft. DSmith is a liability on the cap and JW’s health. Games are won and lost in the trenches , so cut MeSean , GMC , and Smith, sign Trey Flowers.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not happening…….we will pick one of the 5…….Bosa, Allen, Williams, White, Oliver……or we will trade down.

    Maybe a CB in round 5…….we will need to pick an OG in round 3 or higher depending on picks….unless we pick up one in FA….other than that….all Defense.

  19. teacherman777 Says:

    I still cant believe we drafted MJ Stewart!!

    4.56 nickle? In the second round?


  20. Bobby M. Says:

    The side of the ball that is closest to being finished is the offense….You HAVE to invest in solidifying the o-line and creating a running game. That’s the objective for year one with Arians trying to determine what he has in Winston.

  21. BucNole Says:

    This is a defense heavy draft
    That is what we need to pick from and later (3rd) look at OL

  22. Bculaw Says:

    I’m not absolving Licht I’d blame here, but Lovie and Mike Smith both prefered small, quick, zone but cover corners and “versatile” gadget safeties with speed. Grimes, Hargreaves, MJ Stewart, etc. all felt like Mike Smith corners to me, and R. Smith and Evans seemed like Smith safeties. He problem is that the league passed Smith’s scheme by, and these guys don’t seem to fit what many defenses are trying to do nowadays. Do we blame Licht or the needs of the prior scheme? I’m not sure, but we now need tons of help in the secondary. Let’s just hope the current regime can figure it out quickly.

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    first 3 picks have to be for the trenches….starting with drafting ed oliver in the first round….


  24. D-Rome Says:

    Backstabbin’ Jason Licht better not draft another CB that grades out as a TE or Punter.

  25. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I think you might be right
    Think Seahawks “ Legion of Boom”- physical, aggressive secondary.
    That’s where Bucs are heading with personnel moves

  26. unbelievable Says:

    And yet most of us have been screaming for long, athletic, big corners since 2014 at least, well before we drafted little VH3…

    Why does it take Licht 3 extra years to see things that we arm-chair GMs can see clear as day?

    I’m really liking Licht less and less these days. Maybe he should just keep his mouth shut and try working harder on his drafts and FA acquisitions. His “explanations” recently are mind-boggling. Basically completely contradicting what has come out of his mouth just a few months prior.

  27. Not there yet Says:

    Licht is all over the map and the prototype cornerback is whoever the head coach wants it to be. Just finished endorsing the tiniest corners in the league to guard all the big corners in this division now suddenly that has changed dude is a yes man for the head coach so Gruden would have loved this guy. I have been wanting big corners since Talib left so I’m glad he’s changing his mind about the roster once again.

    I don’t want them to go out in free agency and sign below average veterans, every other team like the ones in our division start rookies at corner who perform well. They are going to have to go cheap somewhere and I think that’s where it will be so yea we’re drafting a corner opposite Davis