Reloading In The NFC South

March 21st, 2019

Urgency from Bucs rivals

The unbridled euphoria surrounding the Bucs hiring Bucco Bruce Arians sure didn’t last long.

One big free agent signing would have kept the momentum going. Instead, the Bucs approached free agency like they didn’t trust themselves to nail it.

Yeah, Joe typed it. The Bucs played it scared and are hoping, obviously, to get big and instant production from at least two rookies in order to be a winner. That’s a huge gamble.

But at least next year the Bucs should have a mountain of cash to play with after they identify more guys who can’t cut it under Arians and shed the dead weight.

Joe gets it, but it’s certainly not exciting, especially when the Saints are making yet another move. Charean Williams of types that AFC Pro Bowl tight end Jared Cook is about to ink a deal with New Orleans. That’s one heck of an upgrade from retired TE Ben Watson, who caught 35 balls last season.

The Saints are stacked. Sigh.

At least Carolina has done a whole lot of nothing exciting in free agency, too. The Falcons? They’ve been active, and if their new free agent starting guards pan out, then Joe would expect Matt Ryan to put up 28 to 30 points a game this season and return to the playoffs.

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  1. Steven007 Says:

    After all this talk about coaching and the relative light touch we were forced to use in free agency due to the cap, this season becomes a referendum on coaching. let’s see what an entirely new coaching staff can do with basically the same talent pool. Should be interesting.

  2. zzbuc Says:

    Well, for sure we can be better in defense, in offense last year we were good without running game, at least what stats say………If we can equilize last year ofense and get better on defense I will be more than happy……

  3. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    I really hope Arian plans on getting his hands dirty & will be working with jameis not just clyde christiansen & byron leftwich

  4. Polkfan Says:

    Does anyone know if the draft networks scouting is credible ? It has Brian Burns ranked way higher than Sweat and I just don’t know about that.

  5. RustyRhinos Says:

    Did Gholston make the sack of Brees here or miss the play? Not exactly excited with his production for his cap space. Sure playing DE & DT is a plus, but only when you are producing at both, or at least one of these DL positions. “Maybe with better coaching” Though right?
    This is a tough division we are in. Every team has the potential.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    In the long run, there plan of tanking it this year, might work out for the best!!!!! The new GM could be in prime area to select a “real” franchise QB in 2020!!!!!!!! The only question is really when will the sheep think the biscuit is stale??????????

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, That the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. diggler Says:

    The talent in the NFL is just awful now and will be forever as kids play football less and less. The talent pool is drying up. The sport is dying and it’s heyday is over where the NFL was bursting at the seams with excellent players. Teams with the money and notoriety will hold on to the few remaining best players available while the rest of the league fights and overpays for the scraps (49rs etc…) The Bucs will forever be looking outside looking in watching the Brees’ and Ryan’s of the NFL, under the tree unwrapping 400 yards passing and 4 TD’s every game.

  8. Tim Says:


    Sweat was a combine star, but his college numbers are not all that impressive.
    Burns has better game tape, sitting at five it would be nice for the Bucs to trade down to the mid teens and pick up another 2nd pick.

    That would allow us to go LB, G, or RB in the 1st and DB, G, or RB with the two seconds. But we need to trading partner.

  9. D-Rome Says:


    I happen to think you are mentally ill, but a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s 10:07 AM right now so at around 10:07 PM tonight you may post something from your deluded brain that makes some sense.


  10. 813bucboi Says:


    if we wanted to “tank” we wouldve kept dirk and smitty…..

    get back to proof reading smitty’s cook books…..


  11. BADMAN Says:


  12. 813bucboi Says:

    i have a friend who’s a huge saints fan….he said they’re looking to do a draft day trade for robert quinn…..him and jordan would be scary…..


  13. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “I really hope Arian plans on getting his hands dirty & will be working with jameis”……hands dirty? LOL

  14. catcard202 Says:

    Have no fear…Worst to 1st, baby….Mark it down, Joe!

  15. Sailor Jerry Says:

    Saints got weaker up the middle of the O-line with the retirement of Max Unger.

  16. SCBucsFan Says:

    Realist –

    What happens when you look in the mirror and see a sheep staring back? Does it freak you out?

  17. neal Says:

    You guys seem to forget that we have “won” free agency before and still fielded a garbage team. I know i must be terrible that they can’t keep your hope up all off season. guess we all need something to complain about….

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Reloading” instead of “Rebuilding” is like “Used” vs “Second Hand”.

    There is no difference whatsoever. It’s a con.

  19. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    All the more reason to draft a LBr more than capable of running with. TE in this league. You’re nervous about our recent defensive draft pick going into next season but would be stoked about adding Allen a wiry olb that you assume would come in and take snaps away from Nas. Doubt it. What makes wonder is why has everyone seemingly thrown Spence on trash heap. His size,body and skill set says he would do well in our new system.

  20. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    LICHT HAS WHIFFED ON FREE AGENCY SINCE HE’S BEEN HERE. You think the Glazers didn’t notice that?

  21. ChanEpic Says:

    @Neal gets it. The players on this team were badly, TERRIBLY coached. That’s why Smitty is jobless and Koetter has taken a demotion. They did more harm than good so grabbing FAs just for the sake of change misses the point of hiring BA and giving him control entirely.

  22. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Jerry I think most here are unaware of that add inn they’re locker room is pist over the fact they decided to mess up the chemistry between Kamara and Ingram. I mean we’ve split games with under klueless I expect to be contention for the division under BA.

  23. Tbbucs3 Says:


    When was the last time the Bucs have won free agency? Revis? That’s all I can think of in recent times.

  24. BuccOff Says:

    Yep…Mickey Loomis is always one of the a very select few (Snead in LA, Roseman in Philly, Dorsey in CLE to a degree, Schneider in SEA, Robinson in TEN, and Caldwell in JAX) who always are kicking-the-financial-can down the proverbial road to allow their clubs to compete every damn year. Every year.

    WE….like our f*cking financial books clean, straight KITTEN-like, year to year. OTHERWISE, WE could be like the teams listed above, if we DIDN’T pull this NO DEAD MONEY BUT HUGE GUARANTEED SALARIES CRAP.

    It WILL ALWAYS be the death, because succeeding in the NFL, in the playoffs anyway, isn’t something that comes around every convenient 5-7 year window, when the Glazers (or their minion Greenberg) say, “okay, let’s start spending now, and overlapping”. IT HAS TO BE AN ANNUAL PHILOSOPHY, which means an NFL front office has to year in and year out, hand out SIGNING BONUSES to be pro-rated, sometimes cut early a star player to acquire 3 other needed medium starters, WHICH BRINGS IN THE DEAD MONEY ISSUE.

    AS LONG AS our financial freakin’ balance sheet is RUN THIS WAY, the Bucs will never be competitive in, or ever consistently reaching, the playoffs on an annual basis. DON’T believe me????…run out to Spotrac or OTC and look at the teams’ balance sheets of DEAD MONEY, SIGNING BONUSES PRO-RATED, look at the extreme consistent MOVEMENT on those successful teams of the GM’s that I listed at the top! They ALL do it, year in and year out, NEVER TAKING A YEAR OFF!!!!!

    –From one smart cat

  25. phattitudes Says:

    Poor Joe. So sad. Always under a dark cloud. Things are just never the way YOU would have them. So sad.

  26. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Realist was first to mention it this 3/4 is about to raise hell in this division. 3/4 schemes attack QBs.

  27. SCBucsFan Says:

    Tbbucs3 you keep forgetting how might ranked some of the FAs we signed were; Collins, Johnson, Goldson and Jackson. I know with your hindsight you pick amazing FAs but here in the real world the rest of us can’t; those guys were highly regarded when we signed them – including Jackson.

  28. Bucsace Says:

    So far, I’ve found Arians unbridled faith in Winston’s abilities to be way over the top, I also understand that this is a coaching strategy to instill confidence in Winston’s mind. I don’t see a veteran coach like Arians standing by very long if Winston’s turnover issues continue. My question is, who’s our backup?

  29. SCBucsFan Says:

    Bucsace, with what we are paying JW the ship sails or sinks with him. Doesn’t matter who the backup is, he isn’t playing.

  30. Tbbucs3 Says:


    You are making free angency way too complicated just like Jason Licht does. Anthony Collins And Michael Johnson each had 1 good season with the Bengals, they were clearly high risk players and it totally flopped on us.

    It’s not hard finding good players in free agency if you are willing to pay money. Jason Licht somehow manages to pay loads of money but he does not go after the obvious good players that are available (they are plenty obvious elite players in free agency every single offseason). It amazes me how Jason Licht is a professional GM but it’s also no suprise because he was handpicked by Lovie Smith. A real football owner would’ve fired this guy 3 years ago.

  31. Joeypoppems Says:

    If players in FA were truly elite, they wouldnt be FA

  32. Darin Says:

    I just don’t get how the Saints do this every year. Always over the cap before free agency then they sign free agents. I guess theyre restructuring alot cause i didnt see many cuts. Goes to show you that the cap can be manipulated. Yet the Bucs stood pat. I think Bruce wants it that way. Wants to show all these people out there that underestimate the value of coaching. I don’t coach. Show em. But still have a great draft.

  33. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Joey, not true at all.

  34. Bucsace Says:

    SC- Yeah, I see your point, it just seems like a risky and reckless way to run a NFL franchise…..unless you just don’t give damn… that possible?

  35. Todd Says:

    Everyone in here is SO f*cking pessimistic…you just write like fools.

    I’ll take the wisdom of BA (Alpha) to guide this team ANY DAY over you pathetic armchair quarterbacks (Gammas) who are probably fat and miserable.

    F*cking Gammas.

  36. SCBucsFan Says:

    Well Bucsace I think the thought would be to see if Winston is that franchise QB with a new “elite” regime over him… and you won’t see that if he’s on the bench. If we are losing, well, he isn’t coming back so keep losing, get in the Tua sweepstakes and throw JW to the wolves. Not the best way to run a franchise I agree but I’m tired of hoping for the playoffs – lets build a team that can actually win.

    And TBBucs3 who are these FAs of which you speak that we should be signing? Collins was the best lineman that year…

  37. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Todd, what have you seen from this franchise in past 5 years under licht and in the entire history to not cause bucs fans to be down on the team? I mean the browns & bills have much better upside & future than the bucs do

  38. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Should I state the obvious and say that the Bucs should’ve resigned Donald Penn instead of a lazy Anthony Collins? It was obvious then and it’s obvious now.

  39. SCBucsFan Says:

    I mean now Tbbucs. Looking back everyone sees Drew Brees was a great signing.

  40. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Kept Donald Penn* cause he was already under contract at the time. Even easier.

  41. Nick Says:

    This off seasons has truly opened my eyes to want an absolutely poor job the Bucs entire front office has done. This will not end good for them, that I am sure of.

  42. K2 Says:

    Joe…should we just forfeit the games and put a white flag over Raymond James?

  43. Don_RyJo Says:

    I’ve soured on free agency in recent years, so this doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it seems to bother Joe(s). I’d offer a counter-narrative to this article: Licht, Arians and staff didn’t approach free agency desperate because they believe (rightly or wrongly – we’ll find out in 6 months) that the problem with the Bucs has been poor coaching rather than poor talent.

    You’re selling the lack of FA movement as a sign of meekness; one could easily argue its more a sign of confidence.

    Just this guy’s opinion…

  44. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    What up 813,bro I wouldn’t be opposed to adding Q at all. It would just make me scratch my head a little considering our change in scheme. Vea’s 346lbs Samoan strength body suits a 3/4 perfectly.

  45. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    If we were remaining a 4/3 base I would be shouting Q from the nearest mountain top. He and Vea in our hat system would be devastating. I really believe most on here are not totally wrapping their minds around that concept bro.

  46. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    I’ve said a number of times just YouTube 2018 Mike Pennel highlights. You see the jets alignment all thru-out the video. It’s a clear 3/4 base,not a hybrid. Simply a 3/4 bro.

  47. AllhailJPP Says:

    When Jaemies does more of the same this season…I look forward to all the excuses that will be made this time around…. dood isnt that good…average at best..

  48. Todd Says:


    I answered…but the mods may choose not to post it because I didn’t use Sh*t as the silly word for the real on. Referring to SH*T FANS.

    We’ll see.

  49. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    And by the way I believe Vea can be just as destructive at the nose as Mike Pennel appears in that video. A dominant nose just destroys offense.

  50. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    All hail BA made Tim Couch look good. Fameis ain’t had pro coaching since entering this league. A top tier defense and a coach that doesn’t despise running the football should work wonders for him homeboy.

  51. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    And before one of you @$$holes says “top tier defense yea right”,understand my thinking is based on having seen something before which indicates to me something or someone is capable. I think back to that 5 game stretch year before last. Same cast of characters,looked like the best in the league during that short span. Why they fell off,who knows. All I know is it tells me they’re capable.

  52. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “The Bucs played it scared and are hoping, obviously, to get big and instant production from at least two rookies in order to be a winner. That’s a huge gamble.”

    Guess we see it differently Joe. Bucs didn’t ‘play it scared.’ They simply didn’t have any money to sign any big name FAs EXCEPT Donovan Smith & Jameis Winston … both in their 5th year with us … who had a combined $9.9 mil Cap hit last year but now represent a combined $33.4 mil Cap hit. That $23.5 mil INCREASE is a pretty sizable chunk. Add in Ali Marpet’s INCREASE from $1 mil Cap hit to an $11 mil hit and that 2015 draft class has cost us over $33 mil MORE in about the past year.

    Bucs could’ve gotten several quality FAs for that amount. And in fact we did … Jameis, Smith & Marpet. Now it’s up to them to earn their keep and play like they’re worth the almost $45 mil that the 3 of them are being paid this year.

    As far as needing TWO rookies to play big for us to become a winner, that’s been true with the Bucs since our SB year. But we’re not all that unique. Most NFL teams need their top draft pick(s) to contribute big (I’m guessing that Sony Michel’s almost 1000 yds rushing was probably important to the Pats last year). Bucs NEVER seem to have satisfactory depth and we get eaten alive when injuries happen. This year that’s exaggerated because we also have several starting ‘holes’ (like RG, MLB & CB?). Such is life in Bucsville I guess. Still, IF the Bucs can avoid the injury bug AND draft well (2 preferably 3 starters) we can have a decent year.

  53. Pickgrin Says:

    BuccOff –

    So let me see if I’ve got your take straight.

    Apparently you are contending that giving huge signing bonuses on big contracts – which lead to large dead cap liabilities more years than not – is how the “good” GMs in the league do business. So therefore, the Bucs should be doing the same.

    Because everyone can see that its better to have less money to work with every time you want to move on from a player than be able to walk away clean after 1-2 years with no dead cap hits whenever a player’s salary outweighs his benefit to the team….

    This is your contention – yes?


  54. Defense Rules Says:

    @Darin … “I just don’t get how the Saints do this every year. Always over the cap before free agency then they sign free agents. I guess theyre restructuring alot cause i didnt see many cuts.” Check out the Saints Dead Cap & it’ll tell ya everything you need to know. (Hint: Yes the restructure a LOT). Looks to me though like it only bites you in the ass if you cut or release players before their Dead Cap impact runs out. They seem to keep their players longer than we do & have fewer on 1-year tryout contracts.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Darin Says
    “I just don’t get how the Saints do this every year.”

    Two things…first, they know they don’t have to be under the cap until the season starts. They can sign whoever they want and them figure out the cap afterward.

    Second, Drew Brees has restructured nearly every one of his years there.

  56. BuccOff Says:


    Dude you’ve been beat down by several of my prior aliases on here also….not sure why you’re squawking now.

    For the blunt instruments……what happened when Aaron Rodgers signed his latest contract? He was handed a check, an ACH deposit of $58,000,000 UP FRONT by the front office. Drew Brees same, Matt Ryan same, on and on with large QB’s that have been paid recently. Any idea why that is? SO THAT they can balance the cap hit proportionately annually with minimum salaries included, and pro-rate that cap hit in FUTURE years. Jameis getting paid THAT WAY??…YES! So why the EFF NOT do it with other players on your roster??!

    Now….stay focused blunt instruments. Proportionately…….when you pay everyone on your roster that makes say $4 million annually or more THAT SAME WAY, you can still ANNUALLY field a competitive team for the same total cap hit by a mixture of LOW/LOWERED annual salaries and roster and pro-rated signing bonuses. You’re overlapping financial obligations into future years, likely every 3 years, FOR PLAYERS YOU LIKELY WILL NOT BE CUTTING.

    For example…what we have been doing for the past 3 years with Mike Evans’ contract is IDIOTIC. Giant annual salaries for your #1 WR??? He wasn’t going anywhere. AND, if some fool makes the argument, well Evans could have gotten hurt?! News flash, EVERYONE can get hurt at any time, in any year. Like @Joe referenced above, by not employing that strategy, the Bucs’ front office is “living in fear”. Fear of…what “may” happen. it’s p**sy attitude, behavior.

    What ALL the GM’s I listed do….for the short bus crowd…is every 3 years, they take their CORE PLAYERS (some of those may change), and they continually proactively restructure them with additional signing bonuses, pulling down salaries, spreading future financial obligations OUT. Why?!? To continually add FA’s, make needed trades assuming those contracts, but the KEY DIFFERENCE between those GM’s and Licht (Bucs) is…..that they DO IT EVERY YEAR to remain competitive. IF someone very freakishly gets irreparably hurt, then you restructure some more players, to then go get a substitute for the dude who got hurt.

    ….YOUR HANDS ARE NEVER TIED…’s THAT simple enough for you all. Your hands are never tied.

    You’re not thinking BIG ENOUGH fools….think bigger. Completely STOP caring about “next year” so much, in a vacuum. START worrying about managing your payroll in rolling 3 YEAR PERIODS. ONLY.

    Mic Drop…

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    They end result is that they cannot restructure Brees after this year, and next year he’s owed like 40m.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:

    All these FA signings in the past couple years has done nothing for us but made those players richer. Maybe staying out of the fray will benefit us more than you know. One minute one Joe is bashing Licht for his inactivity in FA and then the other Joe is bashing Licht for participating. This is the byproduct of being burned too many times, and the reason why we can’t seem to develop players ourselves.

    We need to refortify through the draft, and to that every season we need more than 6 picks. Since we remained out of the fray this offseason, next season we’ll have some extra draft picks with the loss of some of our key players like Kwon and Adam so far. JMO though

  59. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    346lbs 4.98 40,33in vert and an a eye popping 43 reps on bench and y’all thirsty for the next mutha.. Wooow, look Ima Nole but you don’t take Derwin over that any day.

  60. Bucsfanman Says:

    First, I would like to applaud Joe for finding a photo that a.) Gholston was in the line-up and b.) Gholston was actually making a play!!!

    Mr. Shtick is back, and with yet another new handle! Just can’t get enough of yourself, eh Mr. Shtick?!

  61. donuts Says:

    It could be the NY football Giants are not the only NFC team tanking for TUA! Listen, I like Winston but he is not a top 10 starting QB. He has not shown it in 4 seasons and that is a big red flag. The Bucs are going nowhere without a top 10 QB the way this team is setup. I want #3 to succeed but patience is now OVER. Winston has this year to play like the #1 pick in the draft. If he does not, then its time to move on. 5-6-7-8 wins wont guarantee him a Buc QB spot at $20M+; he will need 9-10 wins. Its really that simple. Go ask BA. The QB is the driving force of every NFL team. BA has no loyalty to Winston since he didn’t draft him. All the positive talk is just that talk; look at what he said about Fitz when BA took over the team if you need a reminder.

  62. destinjohnny Says:

    lets see what he can do with 5-11 talent

  63. Not there yet Says:

    It’s a huge gamble to bet on at least two rookies? What team doesn’t rookies who they depend on. When the saints draft lattimore thinking he shouldn’t start or be productive? Everyone expects their first and second rounders to be productive. As we have seen in this town free agency doesn’t equal wins. Free agents have worked out for teams that already have playoff potential or are trying to get back. Even if they went hog wild I. Free agency the wins still come down to Winston which is something this site has yet to say. Mighty negative about this team with BA running things when you refused to criticize Koetter early in his running the team even though fans could see he was an amateur

  64. Doctor_berto Says:

    donut, Tua is not the type of talent that you tank for. He’s undersized, injury prone and has a mediocre arm. Trevor Lawrence on the other hand…

  65. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    I just find it kinda ironic Joe. The perfect 3/4 nose tackle was drafted the year prior to a coaching staff that just so happens to run a 3/4 scheme comes inn. I think there’s more than meets the eye with our BA hire. But hey,I ain’t mad at all. Actually happy as hell.

  66. 813bucboi Says:

    just saw a mock that had:

    kyler murray-cardinals
    nick bosa- 49ers
    josh allen- jets
    montez sweat-raiders
    quennin williams-BUCS

    i pray thats how it all shakes out……..


  67. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Not playing scared, playing smart.

  68. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Huge gamble to rely on rookies when your GM sucks at drafting

  69. SteveK Says:


    I would be elated to get Quinnen Williams. He’s the biggest, meanest, quickest lineman in the draft.

    He’s a smart kid too. His favorite player is Jason Kelce. Definitely a student of the game.

    I pray we take him and let him play next to Vita. The future is now!

  70. down in the dirt Doug Says:

    Lets look at some facts.BA is a winner and was brought here and has been given the green light to make any move he desires.Licht will be answering to the owners and general Bruce.Do you think the team would have allowed such a large coaching staff if they did not totally trust Bruce to make the right moves.Licht will be on a short rope.It takes time to decide who to cut.I feel that we will be cutting or trading several more players.All players are being evaluated every day.I think Bruce wants to see the players on the field and how they react to his staff.THIS IS NOT A TANKING YEAR–WE WILL BE 10 AND SIX!!!!!

  71. SteveK Says:

    Doctor Berto,

    Lawrence is the next great QB prospect. Couldn’t agree more.

  72. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Read an article,he played RB in high school. That would explain the athleticism. We gone see who’s more dominant over the next few years. Don’t need Q I already got Mt. Silisili on my roster.

  73. SCBucsFan Says:

    Doc Berto – we are on a three year tanking plan

  74. 813bucboi Says:

    steve k

    and an extra bonus is that he has less wear and tear compared to previous bama DT’s…..spent 3 years refining his game and exploded once his opportunity came…..he’ll be the perfect running mate along side VV…..


  75. Bucsdelight Says:

    WalterFootball has the following Mock Draft:

    Cards – Kyler Murray
    SF – Quinnen Williams (previously Bosa)
    NYJ – Nick Bosa (Previously Sweat)
    OAK – Dwayne Haskins (Previously Williams)
    Bucs – Josh Allen

  76. Bucsdelight Says:

    In other news, the Colts signed Justin Houston to a 2yr $24mil contract.

  77. SteveK Says:


    You got it! He’s fresh. I hope we can take his teammate, Jacobs in round 2- but he will be gone before we pick.

    Quinnen is also good at deflecting and progressing off of blocks. I’d love to see the heart of our defense start with Vea and Quinnen. Two studs.

  78. 813bucboi Says:


    damn…..maybe we can sign ziggy to a 1year deal…..

    GMC & brate needs to restructure that sh!t!!!!!!!!!…..


  79. LongSeason Says:

    We shoulda got rid of all our defensive players and brought in Pee Wee league players. They would be better. Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp are already spinning in their graves. And they ain’t even dead yet!!!

  80. Rod Munch Says:

    You can not rebuild this team in one offseason, and when you go down player by player on the roster, the team is not a lost cause. If I’m wrong, if coaching makes no difference and the team goes 5-11 again then Licht is getting fired and you blow up the team, but talent wise the team isn’t in terrible shape outside of their DBs.

    Let’s see where the team is post draft, because if the Bucs do like they did last year and are able to trade down a few spots and pickup say a 2nd and 3rd, they could leave the draft with a legit #1 corner, a legit MLB, and legit G. If you’re able to address all three of those spots with your top 3-4 picks, then you’re in much better shape than you are right now.

    But addressing corner depth and finding an MLB are the two biggest issues to me, you can always get a G in the 2nd or 3rd round who can come in and start day 1, unless you’re Licht and you’re drafting guys some DIII ball who have bad combines in the 3rd round. But who knows, maybe Kappa shows something and is starting and then even G isn’t that big of a hole.

  81. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I would absolutely love Josh Allen. He is a beast OLB perfect for what Bowels does.

    A DT does not improve our football team, we already have DTs, so let’s start by drafting positions in need which would mean Josh Allen or Devin White.

    It would be pretty embarrassing if Licht drafts a DT in the 1st round 2 years in arrow. A DT does not effect the game like a great pass rushing OLB unless your Aaron Donald And I do not see that with Q Williams.

  82. Negative Nancy Says:

    Arians seems over-rated to me. Arizona never won a Super Bowl, and it’s real easy to look great as an OC to hall of famers like Big Dumb Ben and Peyton Manning.
    It’s such an intense business, you can get past your prime real quick… ask Parcells or Jimmy Johnson or Mike Shanahan.
    So I’ll be quite surprised if this team, esp. with Licht picking the bodies, does better than 7-9 before BA heads for Countryside Acres.

  83. Not there yet Says:

    Wow that’s a photo of Gholston with hands on brees, must be a photo from like 3-4 years ago

  84. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ Hahahaha, no doubt man