Belicheat Wanted Adam Humphries Bad

March 15th, 2019

Wanted by the best.

Some Bucs fans, and a couple of regular commenters on this site, always mocked Adam Humphries as a low-level runt only good enough for loser teams.

One poster (DB55) didn’t see in Humphries what he believes to be the skillset in his version of a receiver (speed). Another poster (tmaxcon) is of the mind only third-rate organizations would even bother with Humphries.

So now Bill Belicheat is third-rate?

Per multiple reports and Humphries himself speaking at his Titans news conference yesterday, Belicheat was hot after Humphries. In fact, per Mike Herdon of MusicCityMiracles, Belicheat made two runs at Humphries.

So reading between the lines a little bit here, it sounds like the Titans and Humphries agreed to his four-year, $36M contract on Monday after winning a bidding war against the Patriots. Then on Tuesday the Patriots came back and beat the Titans offer, putting both a higher average salary and more guaranteed money on the table to try to entice him to back out of his agreement with Jon Robinson. Humphries turned them down and chose to honor his commitment to the Titans.

The way Joe understands it, the Bucs wanted speed first and foremost at receiver (enter Breshad Perriman).

Joe isn’t a huge believer in getting rid of guys who produce. And Humphries was the most consistent receiver the Bucs had. And he was affordable after the Bucs jettisoned malcontent DeSean Jackson to Philadelphia. Replacement Breshad Perriman is earning $4 million in 2019.

Joe hopes this decision doesn’t come back to bite them in the rear end. If Belicheat is drooling over one of your players, perhaps that is a sign to keep the guy?

76 Responses to “Belicheat Wanted Adam Humphries Bad”

  1. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Good for Hump. Let it go ginger. America’s QB will have to survive without his pacifier. Next man up.

  2. Mord Says:

    Your last two paragraphs. Precisely.

  3. Not there yet Says:

    Lol calling out his posters by name, DB55 you made it to the big leagues lol. Pats may have been after hump but you can believe it wasn’t for 9 mil a year. Hump wasn’t worth that to this team either and your third or fourth option should never make that kind of money. This is the one area licht didn’t screw up.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    DB55 and TJMaxx got called out. LOL!

    Anywho I was against Hump being brought back at more than like $6m, then Funchess got $13m, with a base of $10m. That resets the entire market and makes Hump at $9m seem like a bargain.

    But will fans in Tennessee be OK with Hump getting 500 yards and 3 TDS on the season with the scattered arm Mariota attempting to throw at him? I’m guessing they’ll be yelling bust like 6 weeks into the season. But outside of playing the Bucs I hope he does OK, which would mean repeating last year.


    Love the call out on that Joe lmmfao hope perriman works out for us n Bobo n Watson turn out to be at least good enough

  6. Max Says:

    Wonder why he didn’t go to New England? Maybe he didn’t want the pressure of being the next Welker or Edelman and Tennessee is closer to his home state.

  7. Mike Says:

    Sounds like his agent is a moron- could have been catching balls from the best on a super bowl run- and for more money

  8. Mike Says:

    Oh and lichts an even bigger moron-
    The worst

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    I wanted Humphries to return also Joe, BUT … reality is that we couldn’t afford him. Forget these ‘hometown discounts’ and ‘Florida no tax’ advantages that some talk about, the NFL is a BUSINESS and Adam deserved to be paid for putting in the hard work and being a great teammate. And kudos to him for honoring his commitment to the Titans.

    The Bucs losing out is just another sad reality of the salary Cap hell this ‘front office’ has gotten us into. IMO we’re paying big-time $$$ for several average performers & that’s the kiss of death to building a championship TEAM far as I’m concerned. The players getting the big salaries HAVE TO be difference-makers; they HAVE TO be key cogs in the wheel for the TEAM to be successful. And yes, they HAVE TO be TEAM LEADERS who set-the-tone on the field AND in the locker room.

    I only see TWO players on the Bucs who fit that description right now: ME13 & JPP. One is ‘home-grown’, the other is ‘imported’. BOTH are top producers & deserve to be well-paid for their performance (just like Adam Humphries does BTW). Bucs NEED more of the guys making the big bucks to step up this year … players like Winston, GMC, LVD, Donovan Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Brate, Dotson. Our Top-10 players are sucking in two-thirds of our salary Cap $$$. It’s past time for them to start earning it.

  10. Mike Says:

    From a blog I read

    there has never been a better evaluator of slot receiver talent in the history of football than Bill Belichick. Since he arrived in New England in 2000, there have been a constant stream of highly productive slot receivers that have come through that system. It started with Troy Brown and then continued with Deion Branch, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and finally, reigning Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. The fact that Belichick was so desperate to get Humphries on board to be Edelman’s counterpart in the short term and heir apparent in the long term should make Titans fans feel pretty good about the player they’re about to add.

    Like I said lichts a moron- beyond repair- his incompetence
    is a disgrace
    Seahawks are doing well with McDougald- now this

    Just sell the f*****g team and take your heads out of your a***s

    I’ve been pushed pass my limit.


    I am now “CLEAN HOUSE”

    Newest celebrity poster

  11. CLEAN HOUSE Says:

    The gloves are off…

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Really Rod? “Scattered arm Mariota”? Why do some ‘fans’ find it necessary to denigrate other teams’ players? Mariota played in 14 games (started 13) last year and completed 228 passes of 331 attempts for a 68.9% completion rate. Also rushed for 357 yards for a 5.6 YPR average. But in the process he got beaten up pretty badly (42 sacks in 14 games is like 3 sacks per game?). Mariota does what the Titans ask him to do … manage the game … and he’s doing it well enough to have 3 winning seasons in a row despite taking a beating. Not sure I’d call someone completing almost 70% of their passes ‘scattered arm’.

  13. Says:

    rudy simply is not worth 9 million dollars per year… kudos for him on his big payday though & like Joe has said numerous times… what player on a back to back 5 & 11 team is really worth keeping?

  14. German Buc Says:

    Absolutely no surprise! Rudi is the most BB-type of player in the entire NFL. All odds against him but made the roster as UDFA and prodouced big time when it counts the most (which is on 3rd down here in Tampa as we don’t make the post season).

  15. Bird Says:

    Patriots don’t pay up for players.

    The patriot way is : you come get for less and win a championship.

    Hump still has a chance to play in New England. He just wants to get paid 1st

  16. Bradentonbuc Says:

    LOL good on you for calling out that senselessness

  17. Bird Says:

    Db55 response – BWTFDIK

    Tmax response – cancer93 made my dumb arse do it

  18. PriMech54 Says:

    I’m pretty sure being one of only 3 players in NFL history to record 5 straight 1,000 yard seasons and capping the final year of that stretch off by breaking the franchise single season record for receiving yards is THE definition of consistency… And that guy was most definitely NOT named Adam Humphries… Enough of the hyperbole, Joe. Adam was a solid receiver who was undrafted and worked his way into a role on the team by constantly repping with the franchise quarterback and developing timing, but struggled mightily when the team had injuries out wide and he was asked to step into an X or Y spot against better corners. Really good football player, somewhat of an average receiver. And we all know guys like that are tailor made for the New England system. It doesn’t mean guys like him or Julian Edelman would be superstar slot receivers anywhere; kind of like how Wes Welker struggled with the Dolphins for years as a special teams ace and again years later after his stint with Peyton in Denver (both before and after having HOF quarterbacks).

    And @ Mike, you have to remember BB is both the coach and GM. When he sees a specific skill tree in a player he knows exactly how to coach that for his system, and he knows Brady will execute the Same coaching on the field almost perfectly. It’s a formula. Jason Licht doesn’t have any of those luxuries whatsoever. So, to bring up two undrafted players that were riddled with absolutely lame duck and bush league coaching staffs as a testament to the GMs lack of ability is a reach of gigantic proportions…

  19. PriMech54 Says:

    ^ that should have read “…5 straight 1,000 yard seasons to start a career…”

  20. ncbucsfan Says:

    @Joe: I understand where you’re coming from and the percentages are on your side, but just because Belichick wanted Humphries doesn’t legitimize you wanting Licht to pay him or make the perspectives of the two posters you called out invalid. Belichik knows slot receivers…..FOR HIS SYSTEM, but I would argue Arians knows what works for the slot, get this…..FOR HIS SYSTEM!! It’s not like Belichick hasn’t whiffed on free agents (what has Phillip Forsett done the last 2yrs in New England as a free-agent WR? Nothing). Does Edelman and Larry Fitzgerald have remotely the same qualities? NO! Yet Arians told Hall-of-Famer Fitz to get his a** in the slot and he caught the most balls the next 3 seasons than he ever had in his career. So, the article makes an argument, but its not as strong as you think with the evidence you presented. Fyi: I am NOT defending DB55 or tmax because they absolutely have made some outlandish post on here, but their opinion of Humphries isn’t one.

  21. Bird Says:

    I love when people continue with The Who is better Mariota vs Jameis debate
    People dog Mariota like he is garbage

    New flash :

    Neither has lived up to the #1 and #2 pick.

  22. Bird Says:

    Bring in Tre Boston – free safety (cheap)
    rashad Melvin Or Morris Claiborne (cheap)

    There isn’t a guard worth a damn left in free agency so will have to draft one now. Great job guys.

    We needed to go defense with first 3 picks. Now we need to add guard

  23. DooshLaRue Says:

    Fancy Man Rod doesn’t like Mariota.

    He only likes Winston.

    So angry.

    Careful Rod…….. you’re tmax is showing!

  24. Figures Says:

    Someone on another post said 10-6

    Lmao that’s hilarious.

    That’s why every year people are all mad and pissed. Believing that kind of crap.

    10-6 lmao. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    6-10 at the very best and that may be a stretch.

  25. Buc believer Says:

    Hey Joe look! There is a dead horse! Get your bat and let’s go beat it! Get over it. Another stupid move by the stupidest GM in NFL history Dominick included. (Joes favorite source)

  26. Bird Says:

    Buc believer

    The DJax story after story is even worse. At least people liked Humphries and want to hear about him/how he is doing.

    There is a rumor that PETA has contacted jbf for all these related dead horse beatings

  27. Buc believer Says:

    I liked Hump too, he by far was the most consistent and IMHO the HARDEST working Buc by far! He was and is a great human being and it makes me really pissed he moved on to another team. (Lichts fault) I just hope that Bruce knew what kind of ship show he was coming to!

  28. richbucsfan Says:

    The Bucs are now not only talent poor they are paupers. No more FA signings. Perhaps they will have money for the draft. Watch for draft trades for future years. That will confirm how cash strapped they are. Why BA agreed to come here is beyond me.

  29. geno711 Says:

    Apparently based upon reports, Bellichek went after Humphries, Cole Beasley and Golden Tate. He obviously thinks all those guys would be an upgrade. Wide receivers getting all kinda dough.

  30. SCBucsFan Says:

    Belicheat lol.if Arians gets us to 8-8 using spycameras, secret agents and phone taps we will build him monuments. Belichek wins 6 SB and this blog makes fun of him.

  31. Maze Says:

    Will see how long fragile Mariota lasts next season while Brady makes another playoff run

  32. patrickbucs Says:

    Waiting on those 2 replies

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    Poor form calling out posters by name on the front page….

  34. Mort Says:

    But using your logic Lee, if we sucked with him, then he must be the problem, so why pay the guy any money? That’s always the argument with Gerald, right? That’s the argument you try and make with Kwon, right?

  35. Bird Says:

    Still no replies from you know who

    I can’t use their names or I go into moderation . Not kidding.
    McCoy will get blamed for sure. C93 will be used. And we know what C stands for. Arse will be used. Clown organization will be used

  36. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Licht Weight needs to “declare bankruptcy” a la Michael Scott from The Office lore. He has maxed out the company credit card with very little to show for it…a stained couch, a wonky stereo system and a lemon vehicle with a bashed in ( Buccaneer ) orange door.

  37. TheCollegeBuc Says:

    Lol the callouts won’t convince them. I’m sure DB wanted to run off DB in ‘04 lol

  38. Bird Says:

    Morris Claiborne and rashad Melvin only somewhat legit free agent corners left. Jason Verrett (injuries ) signed with 49ers.

    Claiborne knows Bowles

    He made 5 mil 2017
    He made 7 mil 2018

    Give him 1 year prove it deal for 5 or 6 but he would probably take 5.
    Need to go Dline and linebacker 3/4 with all quality picks. And right guard

  39. Bird Says:


  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s about the money, stupid. Sure Hump was productive and it would be nice to keep him…..but $9million?……Give me a break.
    Day after day…..potential high-priced players featured…..none of which we can afford….
    No wonder fans are negative and frustrated.
    Who’s next?

  41. Jimmy Says:

    Humphries was consistent, relatively productive (though arguably may have more or less reached his ceiling), reliable, and by all accounts a great teammate. The Buccaneers will undoubtedly miss all of those things.

    Notwithstanding all the above, as things currently stand, Humphries would be never be more than the 4th receiving target (after Evans, Godwin and Howard).

    As much of a shame as it is to see him go, from a purely business perspective $9m is too much to spend on your 4th target.

  42. passthebuc Says:

    Many bloggers can determine bad, its the winners that can determine good

  43. Destinjohnny Says:

    I have been whinging about Licht for 3 years now
    I think people are finally waking up to him being the problem

  44. rrsrq Says:

    If we win, Hump who?

  45. D-Rome Says:

    I think this may be the first time Joe talked about commenters by name in an article. This is very surprising since according to Joe (I have no reason to doubt this) most readers don’t look at the comments.

    As for Humphries, this “choosing to honor commitment” talk is curious to say the least. That could be agent-talk. The better deal and better career move would have been with the Patriots.

    For all the talk that some posters espouse here with regards to certain players being career losers, it makes me wonder if Humphries was concerned with the pressure and scrutiny of playing for a winner. Regardless, it’s not like he’ll be making a pro bowl in New England or Tennessee.

  46. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    If this is the case then goodbye Hump. I can’t believe the financial compensation was so much different. So choosing the money over the chance to play with Brady for a championship tells me enough about where Hump’s head is at.

  47. D-Rome Says:

    So choosing the money over the chance to play with Brady for a championship tells me enough about where Hump’s head is at.

    Humphries took the *worse* deal. Not only did he turn down more money, he turned down an opportunity to play for another Super Bowl and to play with the G.O.A.T.

    Don’t anyone give me “it’s not all about the money” crap. Let’s say New England’s deal was another million a year. That’s 10% more than what the Titans offered. Any one of you would take a job making 10% more a year especially if it was with a better company.

    The Titans aren’t going anywhere this year and Marcus Mariota is not their QB of the future.

  48. The Coroner Says:

    Can you spell Wes Walker 2.0 ?

  49. SB Says:

    ABSOLUTELY Flippin’ Awesome how you called ’em out JOE!! One of him has lost his way a bit IMO the other is simply a troll!!!!

    On the subject though Hump will Totally be on my FF team this yr. Mariota being a master of the check down and Hump knowing how to get open will be a match made in FF heaven as a 2 or 3 WR

  50. SB Says:

    The Coroner Says:
    March 15th, 2019 at 9:17 am
    Can you spell Wes Walker 2.0 ?

    Can you?

  51. joestang Says:

    glad to see Hump move on, he may finally play for a winner.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Adam Humphries was stupid to honor that commitment. Going to the Pats would have gotten him rings AND made him the next Wes Welker. His career would have been made great within a season.

    So far as Breshad Perriman, he is a known bust. He’s no real replacement of Desean Jackson. Godwin is. Breshad Perriman will be a 4th stringer at best. They are probably hoping he can replace Humphries…but don’t count on it.

  53. Steven007 Says:

    SB, funny how they haven’t commented right? Trollmax is simply a gray matter deficient OneNote troll. Okay two note, he pretends Dungy was worthless too. if you eliminated the words basement and cancer his post would be three words long. The other one has potential but is also so delusional about Trollmax’s obsession. Sad.

  54. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Humphries would excel with Patriots because of Brady.
    Should Brady retire or get injured, Humphries would have been stuck with Massachusetts taxes and weather.
    Tennessee is more affordable, lower taxes and young qb.

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL I called out Tmax when Hump signed his deal….

    I was first.

  56. Coburn Says:

    Eh maybe he wanted to help build something instead of just latching onto the coat tails of a team that wins the SB every other year.

    I find fans too often overrate the better pure athletes. When talking about floor and ceiling they tend to only look at thr physical. Like some guys will only ever be good athletes and never be great football players. . That’s their ceiling. . It’s just thay you can’t see it because it’s between the ears. Some guys can be coached up, but some guys are limuted that way. I’ll take the guy who crafty, works on mastering his craft, doesn’t give up etc. Over the guy who can run the 40 a tenth of a second faster. Ite not like Hump is even that slow and he’s still got good change of direction. It’s thr same guys who say Barber isn’t that good. McCardell is another crafty dude really liked and had a couple years there where he was amazing. And Yeah. .. I would have liked to spend a few mil more than Perriman and kep him but guess th ey are also looking at having to pay Godwin and Howard soon and couldn’t commit long term so much to just pass catchefs when rest of roster has holes. They need to have a cheaper option they can groom and keep at a low salary for a few years

  57. “That guy” Says:

    My point is proven. I knew NE would go for hump if TB didn’t resign him. I was honestly surprised when he signed with Tennessee.

  58. BucsFIRE Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    “Adam Humphries was stupid to honor that commitment. Going to the Pats would have gotten him rings”


    Typical crap from you. Who the F are you to say that he was “stupid” to do what was right for him and to honor his commitment? Maybe he is excited to build something with the Titans towards winning a championship rather than join a team that has already been there 3 times in the last 5 years. There are many people who prefer to do it that way, rather than to take the easy path.

    But you always need to be the smartest person in the room, and tell everyone else what they should have done. Right?

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Humphries is from Sparanburg SC…..and I presume most of his friends and family are there…….easy trip to Nashville……would you want to go to Mass?

    Also…..better taxes in Tenn……far more pressure to perform in NE….national spotlight……can really help the Titans…..and….maybe, just maybe a commitment means something to him……a welcome change….shows good character.

  60. miken Says:

    What a post!! Joe calling out a few idiots in the tribe. Going to really miss Hump!!!! Guessing Perriman replaces Djax and Godwin in the slot.

  61. Adrnagy Says:

    I met hump last in year in person. Cool guy. Nice guy. He deserves that contract. Hopefully he builds chemistry with whatever qb titans have. If not he will be a bust. Winston put him in this position. Titans are a better fit than patriots since he wants to be a #1 or #2 receiver or more focus on him than patriots playing collectively dink and donk.

  62. FireJasonLicht Says:

    So, its a known FACT on this site and any other site they are a prt of im sure that DB55 and TMAXIPAD are absolutely clueless. Well ALL know they never know what they are talking about. No need to waste time addressing it. That’s certainly not fact. –Joe

  63. D1 Says:


    It’s obvious that you don’t watch titans games. Master of the check down is never in the bottom half of yds per completion or attempt. Kinda reminds me of your greedy Williams had a bad showing in the positional drills at the combine …complete fabrication.

  64. gambelero Says:

    I’ve been mentioned by name, given credit for saying something if I remember correctly, so it’s not the first time.

    There’s very few people here I agree with most of the time and almost nobody, including the Joes, I agree with all the time.

    My opinion about what we should do now is to roll with compensatory picks instead of signing guys who are mediocre and/or unhealthy.

  65. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Joe must’ve ran out of other media members to call out so he’s turned to message board posters ha ha ha

    It’s all good as long as he’s ok with the posters calling him out for wanting Manziel drafted here and thinking Dominik and Licht are good at their jobs

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – You should watch an actual game of Tennessee, Mariota, stinks. If you think he took them to a winning season then I guess you think the 99 Bucs were all about Trent Dilfer and Shaun King. LOL!

  67. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Hump is a perfect fit into the New England offense…Edelman..Welker etc come to mind. He was solid in our defense but he was never going to be the straw that stirred the drink in BA’s offense.

    IE…he IS worth more to the Pats than the Bucs.

    Like a couple of others here have mentioned…what is with making fun of a guy who has freaking INTEGRITY and honors a commitment. He’s still a multi millionaire many times over.

    Man do we live in an obscene, greedy, spitty country right now when a man living up to his word is ridiculed.

  68. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    this is the worst free A so far. let Humphries goes is pathetic….. we are set for a long lasting failure team…. I don’t like any thing BA is doing. I thing most important to him is PR then the football…

    BA = LoveS 2.0

  69. D-Rome Says:

    ….. we are set for a long lasting failure team….

    Um, the team has been a long lasting failure team for over a decade.

  70. The Coroner Says:

    Obviously not 😂

  71. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – The Titans just traded a 4th and a 7th for Ryan Tannehill… but yeah, keep telling me about how great Mariota is. LOL!

    Bad timing on your behalf, like last year when you said the defense would be fine and you had confidence in them with Ryan Smith and Chris Conte starting. LOL!

  72. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucsfan – We get it you bore, Hump is white, and the Pats receivers are generally white. Stunning observation, thanks for sharing. Next up you’ll bless us all with your amazing insight, like Adam Thielen would be a good WR for Tom Brady. WE KNOW.

  73. SB Says:

    D1 Says:
    March 15th, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    It’s obvious that you don’t watch titans games. Master of the check down is never in the bottom half of yds per completion or attempt. Kinda reminds me of your greedy Williams had a bad showing in the positional drills at the combine …complete fabrication.

    Well sir then you weren’t watching as I was when Primetime called him out on his backpedal turn around drill saying “The kid was lost the moment he turned around. But hey what does Dion Sanders know about CBs anyway.
    He was just fabricating and I was quoting said fabrication

  74. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Only you could bring race into it. How about small slow receivers with a gift for getting open and great hands and cojones.

    Of course I know YOU get it. Why you’re the self proclaimed stable genius here. There is NOTHING you don’t get. LMAO

  75. Dapostman Says:

    Adam Humphries would be the 4th or 5th option on the Bucs behind Evans, Godwin, Howard and if the Bucs got a pass catching back there he is at #5. In 4 years he has improved but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He’s a good player but not a CORE player. He’s replaceable. He’ll have more opportunity in Ten than Tampa for sure.

  76. Dave Says:

    Horrible decision by the Buccaneers. The wide receivers on that team were awesome and deep. They just let two starters walk. Now they suddenly have two receivers and no depth