Bad Shoulder Not An Issue

March 8th, 2019

Insider offers reassurance.

Joe is of the mind that if the Bucs can get a nasty edge rusher and draft a defensive tackle at No. 5, that would be a helluva start to the offseason.

And while Joe knows signing or trading for a proven edge rusher likely means the end of GMC, it may be what the team needs to do both for the present and the future.

Yes, Joe is hoping beyond hope the Bucs trade for Chiefs premier edge rusher Dee Ford as rumors suggest he’s on the trading block. Now Joe doesn’t know how pricey the following may be but Trey Flowers, the defensive end from the Belicheats, is a guy to watch.

Flowers, however, has had his shoulder worked on. But the free agent should be good to go types Jay Glazer of The Athletic.

The Patriots will have more information on his shoulder procedure than anyone else but no, I think because of the position it won’t impact him that much. He’s a phenomenal player. I think he’s a very productive leader. He’s the type of guy you want in there. Shoulder procedure or not, they’re just looking at what he’ll be able to give next season, not this offseason.

Of course, defensive end is the most important position in today’s pass-happy NFL. If you can get after the quarterback, that’s the best way to defend NFL offenses.

Check out the research on Flowers from Belicheats beat writer for The Athletic Jeff Howe.

Again, Joe doesn’t know if the Bucs can afford to get into a bidding war for Flowers, but just imagine a defensive line consisting of Jason Pierre-Paul, Vita Vea, Flowers and Houston freak Ed Oliver.

Now that’s cooking with gas, for years to come.

30 Responses to “Bad Shoulder Not An Issue”

  1. Easy Says:

    Draft one, not sign one.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m in no panic about our cap situation but I am realistic….

    Antonio Brown, Dee Ford, Tre Flowers, Honey Badger, Landon Collins, CJ Mosley

    Maybe…..just maybe we could get one of these guys if we cut or trade GMC….

    And…..where is the money then for Kwon or Hump or both? And all the rest of the players we need and the new draft class?

    No…..not panic…..but I can do the math.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    For anyone counting on the extra $10 bil in cap for 2019………sorry, but it has already been counting in….projected cap $187-91 million…..>Our Bucs are at $194 million at this point.

  4. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Seems like we can cut McCoy and his 13 mil salary in exchange for a younger Defensive lineman.

    I no McCoy hater but the past few years he has complained in interviews that his joints are starting to wear (knees and shoulders).

  5. StoutGospel Says:

    Pass on Flowers, altogether. Patriots product, mostly.

    Now Jay Glazer is absolutely one to source, or reference for basing a column on.

    HOW MANY TIMES have I continued to reiterate that Slapaport, is JUST that, Slapaport?!? Yet @Joe continues to use Slapaport. Have you all seen this Slapaport fool last night and today AGAIN on this total farce of a double-downed “report” that blew up in his concocted face?! No idea how that fool keep s any sort of paycheck. He certainly duzn’t create ratings.. with his illegitimate stories.

    No more Slapoport. No more La-Can’tforya. They aren’t credible. Period.

    Glazer. Schefter. Florio. Only. For sourcing breaking news.

    Go Bucs!

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Name of The Day

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    Y’all need to pay attention to TBF. He understands the cap situation.

    Paying attention to all these big names being floated in FA is a waste of time.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Thanks Cobraboy

    I’m not trying to be an alarmist…….anyone who has followed my posts know that I am a huge optimist……but some of these FA suggestions are ridiculous under our circumstances.

  9. R.O. Says:

    Now it’s a DT at 5? Other than Quinnen Williams there is no DT of value at 5. Not sure why you refuse to buy in to Devin White at 5 if we are forced to pick He will be an All-Pro LB. Stop pigeon holing a position at the pick. It’s about value.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    Bad shoulder on a defensive lineman is no issue at all. Case one Noah Spence. Oh wait…

  11. firethecannons Says:

    The draft is loaded with Edge–we don’t have the money for FA edge anyway.
    R.O. is right–why a DT at #5?–lets go with Devin White and not look back. Kwon too expensive. Hopefully trade down a couple spots and get White there.
    Seems like a stupid idea to sell the farm in FA for a bunch old guys with injuries looking to retire on the Glazer buc.

  12. sunshine Says:

    Bucs have been a lousy team for years and now have no cash with no so great players …. WHY is Light still the bucs gm???

  13. Joe Says:

    Yet @Joe continues to use Slapaport.

    Why wouldn’t Joe? First, Rapoport is the top reporter for the NFL Network. That would be pretty foolish to ignore the NFL Network, wouldn’t it? Second, Joe knows who Rapoport talks to.

    As far as Rapoport and the Antonio Brown report? The trade was agreed upon. Only problem was the Bills didn’t tell oily Drew Rosenhaus who said his client would not report to the Bills so they pulled the offer off the table in the middle of the night.

  14. ncbucsfan Says:

    Lavonte David (2nd rd)…..Kwon (4th)……Deion Jones (2nd)…… Bobby Wagner (2nd)…..Darius Leonard, 2018 DROTY (2nd)… can find a Devin White in subsequent rounds and he is NOT a lock to be great….at all!! His instincts are average and I can’t even name the starting MLBs for either tram in the Super Bowl w/o lookong it up and I am deep in knowledge in that area…..lets see…..Corey Littlejohn (Rams), Dante Hightower (Pats, played OLB last yr), ummm…..blank! My point is the position is not that important and Devin White is NOT Luke Kuechly (12th, 1st rd). Devin White isn’t a lock to be the best Devin in this draft (Devin Bush). Stop with all the “Devin White is the next Ray Lewis Urlacher” love! If we trade back, fine, but the last I checked, we can’t stop the Panthers or Saints from rushing down our throats and Julio Jones and Michael Thomas from single-handedly ripping our secondary apart. Devin White doesn’t alleviate almost nothing in that area. He’s more of a Sam linebacker than a Mike anyways!

    Quinin Williams (DE/DT) @ #5 , Christian Wilkins (DE/DT) in a trade down are my top 2 options.

    Montez Sweat, Cody Ford (RG), Jonah Williams (RG, not RT) all in a trade down are the next options.

  15. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Everyone keeps saying that we need to release so many players. When does everyone need to be released by or it costs us so much salary cap? I guess I’m asking when will we know who stays and who goes? Thanks.

  16. sandwichman Says:


    How are we gonna pay him? You keep posting these Trey Flowers fantasies and you, me and everyone on this planet know we cannot afford this guy (rolling my eyes.) Write something else for example us drafting a few of these uber talented young rookie DL’s.

  17. sandwichman Says:


    I didn’t even read your post but you name suggests you should be drug tested and I want some of whatever u r smokin or shooting up your arm lol

  18. sandwichman Says:


    Slapaport LMFAO gimme more Slapaport!!

  19. SammyRebel Says:

    Waste of an article and waste of your time Joe, but it seems you don’t care about time wasted since you spend all your time thinking of guys bucs will not sign and Desean Jackson, what’s up joe? You have been off for a while now, when are you gonna our more realistic articles up dude?

  20. StoutGospel Says:


    You’re wrong on the trade for Brown. Go read Beane’s lengthy detailef response to Schefter about how the trade was “never close” only inquired on Tuesday, things hardly progressed, and wasn’t ” good for both sides”. That’s straight from the GM! You’re wrong there.

    And as far as “ignoring the NFL Network” nonsense, and trying to call me out?! gotta get better man. Tom Pelissero works at the NFL Network, Mike Garofolo…ever heard of him @Joe?? about Mike Silver heard of him @Joe?!? Gregg Rosenthal???

    Those…are credible people…to source at your precious NFL Network, if you think it’s so fantastic. If you’re misguided enough to have some seudo-allegiance to that pinball hack of a supposed “reporter”…in some indirect notion that Slapaport lends credence to this site…that’s a f*ckin farce. It’s that hack Slapaport that’s the issue, not NFL Media.

    Dig your own grave killer. But don’t try and call me out with that short-sighted foolishness.

    Go Bucs!

  21. tbbucs3 Says:

    A Flowers free agency signing would just feel like he’s another Michael Johnson who can take a vacation and grab cash in Tampa before Licht admits his mistake and cuts him again.

  22. Beligerentbuc Says:

    We need a FA DT, OT, & S to pair up with our two first round picks.

    We are trading down to acquire more picks. It’s the only way we can compete with the salary cap.

    We did it last year and threw a bunch of picks for our defensive backfield which backfired without pressure. Our problems last year and the years before stemmed from poor line play on both sides of the ball. We seriously need to throw picks at both sides of the line to have a chance.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    It would be helpful to have an article regarding Compensatory Picks……the NFL rules are complicated…..but there are some guidelines… Many JBF posters believe we can receive picks for players who don’t qualify……
    Please clear the air on this subject.

  24. StoutGospel Says:

    Go watch PFT Live this morning @Joe….then come back and tell me that you’re AB trade nonesene is…accurate. 🙂

    Go Bucs! Get Quinnen!

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    • Total Available Cap: $192,700,00
    • Total Team Cap $: $194,938,551
    Cap Space: $-2,238,551 ←

    • Evan Smith: $2,000,000
    • Caleb Benenoch: $2,025,000
    • Mitch Unrein: $3,750,000
    • William Gholston: $3,750,000
    • Beau Allen: $5,000,000
    Total Saved:$16,525,000
    Cap Space: $14,286,449←

  26. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hypothetically U could…

    • Trade DeSean Jackson for Michael Brockers: $-250,000
    • Trade Cameron Brate for Whitney Mercilus: $+750,000
    • Trade Jason Pierre-Paul to OAK: $+14,900,000 (+2nd & 5th)
    • Trade Gerald McCoy to CLEV:$+13,000,000 (+4th Rd)
    Total Cap Space: $42,686,449←

    2019 Free Agents
    • NT – Steve McLendon (Age:33) 2.5M
    • RUSH – Preston Smith (Age:26) $10M
    • SAM – Jeremiah Attaochu (Age:26) $1.5M
    • WLB – Deone Bucannon (Age:27) $3.5M
    • CB – Rashaan Melvin (Age:27) $4M
    • S- Tyrann Mathieu (Age:27) $9M
    Total Spent: $30.5M
    Total Cap Space: $12,186,449←

  27. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs are set at qb, receiver, rb, TE, at least 2 starters on DL , 3 starters at secondary , 1 starter at LB and at least 3 starters on OLine- the draft should address 2-3 of these positions,
    The past failures in free agent signings and Arians and staff overall satisfaction with much of current roster suggests any free agent signings will be depth related.
    Bucs don’t have cap$ to throw at “past producers” whose current teams don’t want to invest in them anymore.
    Again, Bucs have an NFL coaching staff now, and the results next year will prove this

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Which could potentially give you a depth chart of…

    DT Michael Brockers | Christian Wilkins
    NT Vita Vea | Steve McLendon
    DE Carl Nassib | Isaiah Buggs

    RUSH Preston Smith | Mercilus Whitney
    MLB David Long Jr. | Jordan Kunaszyk
    WLB Lavonte David | Deone Buccanon
    SAM D’Andre Walker | Jeremiah Attaochu

    CB Carlton Davis | Ryan Smith
    CB Rahaan Melvin | De’Vante Harris
    NB M.J. Stewart | Javien Elliott
    S Tyrann Mathieu | Jordan Whitehead
    S Justin Evans | Andrew Adams

  29. Stanglassman Says:

    Like the Bills GM is going to say our team sucks so bad Brown refused to show. Don’t believe that GM spin for a second. Brown/Agent stompped their feet until they got their way.

  30. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Hey LUVMYBUCS What happened to Vernon Hargraves just askin