February 6th, 2019

Using the p-word.

Not like there’s any pressure on Bucco Bruce Arians, eh?

In a piece typed for, Elliot Harrison decided to load up a two-ton truck and throw all the bricks he could find on Arians’ shoulders.

Harrison is already throwing around the p-word with Arians and the Bucs while the drunks in Boston haven’t yet worked off their hangovers from the Belicheats’ victory parade.

While I’m shocked he came out of retirement, I will not be as surprised if Arians leads Tampa Bay into playoff contention this year. So much has been made about the dude’s Kangol hats and sleek specs that people seem to forget how he has greased the path for many a developing player, especially vets. Can Arians elevate Jameis Winston’s play? That’s part of the reason he was hired. That, and spinning the culture on its axis. The Bucs have celebrated all of two winning seasons over the last 10. Yuck.

Harrison does have a few kernels of logic here. Joe is of the mind one main reason Team Glazer dismissed Dirk Koetter is, to just about everyone’s astonishment, the Dixie Chicks and Stinking Panthers had awful seasons and the Bucs, who equally surprisingly began the season at 2-0 plummeted like getting slapped by Moe Howard.  They dropped seven of their next eight games, in large part to some of the worst NFL defense humans have ever witnessed, and Koetter panicking and benching his starting quarterback.

(The Bucs racking up 501 yards of offense against the Redskins with only a field goal to show for it will live in Bucs lore.)

So yeah, Joe believes Harrison has a point. It’s not like the cupboard is bare (how often have we heard this team has talent?) and it’s not like the Dixie Chicks and Stinking Panthers are not vulnerable.

8 Responses to “Playoffs?”

  1. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:


  2. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Definitely can better evaluate the 2019 season after FA and the draft because currently the bucs still have a 5-11 team and nothing has changed except the HC who may or may not be all in, but time will tell. I just hope he is hands on with personnel and the buck stops at his desk with every player signed or sent packing

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We could use at least one more really good OL unless one of our backups improves to starter quality.

    It’s the same on the DL. One really good player and we’re improved there as well.

    If you believe as I do that the JW we saw the final six games is now the “real” JW we have our QB. If you believe that Arians is a QB whisperer and that Leftwich will be able to communicate BA’s ideas more effectively than his predecessors there is no reason we can’t make the playoffs.

    How many games were we embarrassed last year…there were a few…but how many games did we just choke away…either through lack of focus by weak minded poorly prepared players or bad coaching. We have enough talent.

  4. bucsdelight Says:

    Playoff contention? Sure, but I’m looking more for just getting a winning season. Let’s start there.

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    Everyone and their mama is excited about BA and Bowels coming to town. Especially the players I’m assuming and especially these young guys on defense. They know they’re gonna get a chance to finally learn from a very accredited coaching staff and they’re gonna wanna soak it up. Defense blew it in the second half so many times last year I can’t even count. BA and Bowels won’t be putting up with that sh!t. Excited to see the new D.

  6. Jeebs Says:

    This was not a 5-11 team from a talent standpoint. This was a 5-11 team from the coaching. With even just average, competent coaching, this team should have been around 8 wins. With BA and his staff taking over, I believe we will at least get to that 8 win mark just in year 1. If BA and his staff can be a true positive influence on Licht and we win the off-season, there is no doubt in my mind this team makes the playoffs.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    Is there any other goal outside of the Super Bowl?! It’s about wins, not individual records or rankings. W’s!

    So yes, the expectations are the playoffs.
    With that, I will give my annual pre-season win/loss prediction (As if anyone cares!):

    16-0, SIXTEEN-dash-ZERO!
    No I am not drinking……..yet!

  8. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Well, there is hope…I just saw Matt Bryant got released by Atlanta. What better way to get rid of “The Curse Of Matt Bryant” than signing Matt Bryant?