Lightning Approach To Deadline: Confidence or Arrogance?

February 27th, 2019

As a trade deadline preview of the return of the Lightning Playoff Podcasts in less than a couple months, this edition of the Todd Wright TODDcast talks about the Lightning’s decision to “Do something, by doing nothing.” Simply put, the referendum on whether this was right or wrong will play out in a few months.

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PRESENTED BY*Joe thinks it’s very cool to have Todd Wright diving back into the kind of thing he was known for nationally. 

For the last three years, Todd Wright has been podcasting here almost exclusively on fantasy football and Lightning playoff hockey. While those podcasts are not going away permanently, they each clearly have offseasons.

So, for the new year, Todd has a new podcast. And it simply covers pretty much anything that Todd finds interesting. No limits. Sort of like he did for nearly two decades on national radio as host and creator of AllNight with Todd Wright on ESPN in addition to other roles with Fox Sports Florida, Sirius/XM, Sporting News Radio, etc. Our thanks to Brandon Legal Group for their continuing support of both Todd Wright Tour golf tournaments as well as the TODDcast into 2019. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Lightning Approach To Deadline: Confidence or Arrogance?”

  1. DBS Says:

    There are players on this team that have been to the finals. Last year Vast was worn out. This year we have some new players and 2 great goalies not worn out. Even had they made a trade it is stupid to try to say it would be the difference maker. The Bucs pull that signing carp every year and where are they?

  2. Frank Pillow Says:

    These guys have earned this right to stick together to try and make history and hoist the cup. My only concern- and it’s a big one-is what happens to the scoring when the refs put their whistles away during the playoffs, thus mitigating our Uber potent power play.