Jameis Winston Says Byron Leftwich Being African-American Will Help Him

February 2nd, 2019

Simply stated, we all know the head of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, was all screwed up last year.

It started with his misrepresentations to fans and the Bucs about what happened during Jameis’ very costly March 2016 Uber ride — and whatever was concocted that led to Ronald Darby’s statement about that night that was later deemed BS.

Then, despite being a veteran QB and a former Pro Bowler, Jameis admitted he was trying to fill someone else’s shoes and/or play someone else’s game (Ryan Fitzpatrick) upon return from his three-game suspension.

New head coach Bucco Bruce Arians is tasked with fixing Jameis’ mental makeup, and it appears, per Jameis, that Arians took a strong step in hiring Byron Leftwich as offensive coordinator.

On Friday, Jameis told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Leftwich’s NFL playing experience and skin color are a winning combination.

“I talked to Byron. It’s good. I think it’s going to be very crucial to have somebody that’s not only credible but relatable,” Jameis said. “Having a quarterback that’s been in this league, that’s played in this league, that know how things, it’s just going to be a different level of communication, especially him being an African-American quarterback being able to relate to me a little bit more.”

Co-host and former QB Brady Quinn seemed perplexed by Jameis’ answer and asked Jameis to explain.

Quinn noted he was a player alongside Russell Wilson and Geno Smith, both black quarterbacks, and didn’t understand what Jameis was referring to. He said he was told (apparently by Seahawks management] that Tarvaris Jackson would better be able to relate to Wilson and so that was a reason he was named Wilson’s 2013 backup and Quinn was released.

“I don’t think it’s different because we still playing the quarterback position,” Jameis said of having a playcaller/coach with the same skin color. “I believe perceptionally it’s a lot different. You know, we like to have people who’s relatable to us. Especially the quarterback position, you know, is predominantly white. Just to have someone that you can talk to. Somebody that’s really played the game, you know, played the game under the same circumstances that you’ve played the game. Just to have a good communication with him.”

Frankly, Joe doesn’t know where to go with this. But it very interesting and intriguing.

Most important, if Jameis believes Leftwich being a fellow African-American ultimately will help him play better, then great. Perception often is reality. Bonus points for Arians.

Joe thinks it’s worth noting that years ago Joe was told Dirk Koetter offered ex-Jags Pro Bowl quarterback David Garrard a QB-coaching gig in Tampa but Garrard turned him down because he wanted to stay retired. Did Koetter himself think Jameis would benefit from having an African-American voice in his ear?

169 Responses to “Jameis Winston Says Byron Leftwich Being African-American Will Help Him”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It shouldn’t matter the color of the skin the QB coach/ OC is, it should be who helps give Jameis new insight on reducing turnovers and gaining efficiency

  2. Mike Says:

    He will get away with saying that because of his skin color. I could only image if a white quarterback said that he would rather have a white OC. Everyone would call him a racist.

  3. TampaTown Says:

    Umm… what the he!! does Bryon Leftwich being black have to do with anything?! To me a QB is a QB no matter what color he is. Goes for any position. This sounds like a racist statement. Think about if a white guy said he could only relate to another white guy. Not cool Jameis.

  4. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Russell Wilson has never had a coach with his same skin color and is superior to JW in every way.

    I don’t get these comments

  5. BigHog Says:

    Whatever it takes to because me a winner, a contender, a feared NFL QB!!!

  6. DooshLaRue Says:

    JW is gonna get into trouble…… I can just feel it.

    …..and how would it go over if a white QB said the same thing?

    Ridiculous sh!t.

  7. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Uh boy…this could get interesting up in here. As a listener of Sirius XM NFL Radio…Quinn has a morning time slot with another fella. You’d think Quinn was all-world the way he tough talks. The history of African American QB’s in the NFL is a checkered one…including the Bucs very own Doug Williams. If JW sees it as a positive…so be it. Leftwich has a lot in common with JW…including his throwing motion.

  8. BigHog Says:

    I need to be back on the roster Joe!

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    SMH Jameis.

  10. Bird Says:

    Go halla at ya boy joe!

  11. DooshLaRue Says:


    I’m sorry for your loss.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Yikes Willy let’s not go THAT far.

  13. Joe Says:

    Go halla at ya boy joe!

    Eh. Jameis has said similar things in the past. Once said he had a special bond with Lovie because Lovie was the first head coach he ever had who was African-American. Koetter even mentioned how Jameis and Lovie would have a private one-on-one each day in Lovie’s office.

    Jameis has said enough over the weekend that it’s clear he and Koetter were not exactly on the same page. Starting to think Koetter didn’t like Jameis’ outgoing personality.

  14. Buc1987 Says:


    I’m sorry for you.

  15. Dreambig Says:

    Close your eyes … Play back Jameis’s words in your mind …. Now with your eyes closed listen to those words again and imagine Jameis was a white man… The press would be in an uproar and The Bucs organization would have no choice but to fire him for being a racist. Jameis is right of course, he will be better off leaning on someone he can relate to. I don’t think there is anything wrong with what he said but How nice for him he has the freedom to say that without reprocussion.

  16. George A Says:

    Why are people bothered by this statement? Stop acting like black qbs are treated the same as white qbs in the NFL. There are so few black qbs they basically play under a microscope. They receive more scrutiny and are written off far quicker than average white qbs

  17. DooshLaRue Says:


    But I thought you were gone for good……. again…..

  18. George A Says:


    If a white qb said this it wouldn’t make any sense because the vast majority of qbs and qb coaches/offensive coordinators are white. Do you actually think black qbs aren’t treated any differently than white qbs by fans and the media??

  19. Dreambig Says:

    Instead of relating to Byron Leftwhich, Jameis might want to spend more time trying to relate to Tom Brady, Payton Manning, John Elway, Ben Rothlesburg, Drew Breeze, Terry Bradshaw, Brad Johnson, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, and Doug Williams. You know guys who were actually really good and won superbowls. He might want to try to emulate those guys.

  20. Me? Says:

    I don’t think he said anything wrong-being a black QB is a different experience. The Jameis haters call him a “thug”-why? He’s been accused of the same crimes as Big Ben, but Jameis is the thug. People that call him a thug aren’t all a bunch of hood wearing racists or anything, but it’s just an example of systemic racism. I don’t think Jameis is saying he and Byron are starting the Black Panther party of Tampa, he’s just saying he’s a guy that’s been through at and seen it through a similar lens. Allllllll that being said, he better ball out this year or he’s gooonnneeee

  21. EA Says:

    Front porch urinating, finger eating, America’s QB Jameis Winston in not very bright that’s all.

  22. PriMech54 Says:

    Reading comprehension is hard, isn’t it guys?

    He said that it’s not ACTUALLY any different playing quarterback in the NFL as a white guy or a black guy, but the PERCEPTION that black quarterbacks receive is still different to this day, and when you’re being led by someone who has experienced that at the same level, there’s a different dynamic of communication that can be beneficial on a personal level.

    I would say that I’m surprised people actually bit into this isolated quote and pulled the racist card, but I can’t really say that I am.

    Anyone griping that ‘if he said this as a white guy’ is a damn moron. White quarterbacks have always been the golden-mold-prototypical standard since the inception of the NFL and have never been demeaned to the extent that black QB’s have. Even after Doug Williams won a superbowl it still took a fairly long time for it to even be accepted that they could play the position and more importantly be a ‘franchise’ guy. Also, if you watch the series of interviews he’s done in the past two days, this specific topic – a white Bruce Arians hiring african american assistants on his coaching staff that used to be players for him at Temple – was a talking point brought up TO him, not the other way around. Just because Brady Quinn couldn’t wrap his head around such a concept does not change the intention of Winston’s comment.

  23. COACH Says:


  24. Bucsace Says:


  25. Ndog Says:

    I’m a Jameis guy but this crap is just stupid. If Black QBs want to be treated the same as white QBs, great but you can’t have it both ways. Stupid immature comment and frankly this kind of stuff worries me much more about Jameis than than physical ability. I mean who really even cares about this kind of crap when your trying to be your best? So I guess if he had Bill Belicheck it wouldn’t be as good cause they couldn’t relate as much? WTF???? Dude just shut up and play man, white people are fans of you as well and you need as many of those (along with everyone else) as possible right now so just be a good person and STFU.

  26. WalkdaPlank Says:

    If Jameis thinks he’s Doug Williams….he’s not.

    It’s 2019

    But honestly who cares as long as Jameis is more comfortable and, more importantly, as long as Leftwich is a good OC.

  27. C2asante Says:

    Ironic the outrage when a Black athlete says literally anything that does not validate the inherent sense of white superiority. If only you were as offended by systemic racism as you are by someone who has been a victim of it all their life calling it out.

  28. __TGH__ Says:

    “Most important, if Jameis believes Leftwich being a fellow African-American ultimately will help him play better, then great.”

    Ever see the movie ‘The Village’?

    If you believe there are monsters in the woods, then there must be.

    Whatever helps you sleep at night fella… no matter how misguided you are.

  29. GrafikDetail.com Says:

    you people are funny 😂😂😂😂

  30. PriMech54 Says:


    You should know that critical thinking skills are vehemently opposed by Buc fans that dwell in this dark corner of the web known as Joebucsfan.

    Great and well articulated point, bro. The emotional reactions to this type of thing are absolutely pathetic.

  31. Bird Says:

    I don’t look at it one way or other …not the point

    My concern is where is his dang head right now.
    Just weird comments coming out for no reason I k own it’s super bowl weekend.
    It’s Almost cooko for Cocoa Puffs . Spewing nothingness.

    Even his comments about DJax are all over the place like he is just running at the mouth. No direction?

    Maybe all that meditation has turned his brain to moosh.

  32. Bird Says:

    Kwon and mike smith had a one on one each day that was supposed to inspire us

    Look how that turned out.

  33. Not there yet Says:

    Can always tell who’s white when comments like surface. Your either not black, ignorant or racist if you can’t get what he’s saying, either way who cares whether you get it or not. I think it’s common sense that he relates more to Leftwich than Fitzpatrick, stop being stupid and making it more than it is. Man how did the historic oppressors get to be so sensitive as if you have a right to be about why he’s more comfortable with certain people. Not every black qb has that view but being from the state he’s from I get it

  34. Nujerzbuc Says:

    @C2asante nailed it. Whenever race is brought up in this sport it is shun quickly by ignorance. People who think they know how it is to be an African American in the day in age is another African American. Especially when you are doing something that isnt dominated by one who look like you. I could go deeper but no point. This move should really help Jameis alot. Telling by his energy we are about to see the Jameis we all know he can be.

  35. BucsFan90 Says:

    Lol I love how minorities showing solidarity with each other is suddenly such a novel concept. So Jameis finds Byron relatable because of their shared experiences as black qbs in a league that has historically hated their guts? Whoopty doo. And no you don’t need to “imagine” a white person saying these things. Hell I bet the dummies complaining here are the same ones who deep down think Byron isn’t qualified to be OC. So no we don’t need to imagine it, if history was the other way around, maybe then you would have a point.

  36. Money $hot Says:

    Anybody who don’t feel like they relate to somebody “a little bit more” who is of the same race is lying to themselves. He never said he cant/don’t relate to the a different race. Only said he would be able to “a little bit more.” Grow up kiddos!

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    Can black people ever not play the race card? I’m a huge Jameis fan but come on with this idiocy. Do white QB’s need to have white coaches so they can relate? Do hispanics need hispanics? Why don’t we all just turn the clock back to segregation if everyone needs to be a hyphen American or needs people that look like them around solely because of the color of their skin. Ridiculous.

  38. westernbuc Says:

    Imagine if a white QB said the reverse…

    Byron Leftwich being a good coach will help him, but if having a black coach keeps him from throwing turnovers then by God I’m fine with it

  39. BucsFan90 Says:

    Idiots love talking about the race card, but nothing about the race casino. The house always wins I thought 😂

  40. Elita Vita Says:

    Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t … you are right”. If Jameis believes things might go better with an African American ex NFL QB as his QB coach this in itself will probably build his confidence.

  41. Kobe Faker Says:

    “As a JW homer, he should keep his trap shut with these racial topics….no matter how small it is

    He means well and talks with his heart but too many haters is going to take it the wrong way….

    QB is a totally different position and responsibility…

    You cant be a Jalen Ramsey and be the QB (face) of the franchise

    America is not ready for it or will they for even for the next 100 years”

    Kobe Faker

    “Winston is the Alexandia Ocasio Cortez of the NFL”

    The Buc Realist

  42. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Me being a black man shudder at the thought of what would be said had that been said by a white QB.

  43. FairMinded Says:

    Arians has been praised repeatedly by players he’s coached for being relatable and able to connect with them on a deeper level. Koetter apparently couldn’t quite get there with some of his guys and Jameis is is just glad he has someone now who can relate to ALL his challenges as a player and a man. As long as we get Jameis’ head right that’s all we should be concerned about not picking apart his statements to find something that isn’t there. A lot of precious “snowflakes” here it seems…

  44. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    All you guys whining about “how if Jamies were white and said he rather have a white coach it would be racist” are idiots

    You know why white QBs don’t have to say they want a white coach??? BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE A WHITE COACH!!

    You know why white guys don’t storm the streets protesting for change? Because they literally make all rules!

    All Jamies meant was that he can feel comfortable being himself around Leftwhich without being judged as “ghetto” and talk in the same way with Leftwhich as Jamies does with his REAL friends

  45. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Kobe Faker Says:
    February 3rd, 2019 at 4:05 am

    “Winston is the Alexandia Ocasio Cortez of the NFL”

    The Buc Realist

    AOC is the Jesus Christ of politicians. Don’t compare her to Jamies Winston. It’s an insult

  46. Bruce Blahak Says:

    He’s WinSTUNNED…the great bust of Tampa Bay..What the hell is he doing out in the spotlight digging a deeper hole with his stupid statements? He relates to Leftwich cause he is in fact Leftwich 2.0. Do these so called genius athletes take English classes in school?

  47. JA Says:


    Well said!
    Couldn’t have articulated it better myself.

  48. TB05 Says:

    If Jamie’s was white and he said a white coach would be better for him, he would be deemed a racist and this would be a national headline. This is what I call “social privilege”. Must be nice.

  49. Wausa Says:

    Everyone should be treated equally regardless of their skin color and it should not matter to Jamies what color skin his OC has. However, I do think that Some in the media and some Buc fans have been overly critical and unfair towards Jamies regarding his play.
    Per ESPN Jamies was number 8 in QBR this past season, but if you listen to most he was awful.
    Perhaps in Jamies mind the criticism is a result of his race.

  50. R.O. Says:

    You all have just proved his point and you don’t even realize it..

  51. Gman Says:

    Whatever helps him get his head right…it is a double standard but it is also the way things are in 2019. Jaboo is already out of excuses so as we all know it is time to put up or STFU. We are so desperate for a winner around here he can bring in Farrakhan and the ghost of Malcolm X for all I care and change his name to Shabazz Jaboo El Hakim Winston.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Whatever makes Jameis comfortable……but he should not express this publicly…..it simply fuels controversy…..

  53. Destinjohnny Says:


  54. ATrain Says:

    Racism is alive

    It will not end until everyone believe in equality and looking at a person not a color no matter who is looking

    Not a one way street

    Man every time I want to jump on the Winston wagon he does something ignorant

  55. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Not sure why white dudes don’t understand Jameis. They have been doing it for centuries. Sometimes the truth hurts, so if you are hurt build a bridge and get over it. Other groups wouldn’t think like this if it wasn’t true.

  56. NoleBuc Says:

    It means Jameis knows he receives harsher criticism than his white counterparts and he knows Byron can relate

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m having trouble believing what I’m reading here. 70% of NFL players are black (and apparently it’s even higher than that on the defensive side of the ball). And folks get their undies all bunched up over ONE position having more white players than black players? Seriously?

    If I were Jameis, you know who I’d want for my QB coach? Soon as they retired: Tom Brady or Drew Brees. Why? Because they’re at the top of their profession, that’s it. I wouldn’t personally give a hoot if they were white, black or purple or howled when the full moon came out. If they could make me better, bring ’em on.

  58. BFFL Says:

    Leftwich and JW have similar backgrounds growing up as poor black kids in America. You can read their bios and understand what JW meant. And no Russell Wilson was not a poor black kid. Grew up with wealthy parents.

  59. Figures Says:

    Lmao so much for that supposed high IQ
    That is one stupid stupid comment.

    What a moron he is.

  60. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    This dude is an excuse machine and ATM, im sure desaun watson feels the same way

  61. Dirty Bucs Says:

    Everyone has a comfort zone. People tend to thrive when in their comfort zone, as it allows them to focus on the important things and tune out the would be distractions. If having Leftwich as OC does this for Jameis, then so be it. I couldn’t care less about race. Let’s face it, a majority of players in the NFL are black. It’s not as if there haven’t been insanely successful black players coached by white coaches before, but that really doesn’t matter. If this makes Jameis feel better, great! I’m all about removing excuses. Just go out on the field and ball out.

  62. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe wants to see Jameis Winston and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez intense bug eyed pictures side by side”

    Kobe Faker

  63. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’m a black man and I know what he was saying. It is a differents at the quarterback position between the white quarterbacks and black quarterbacks. The white quarterbacks gets a lot of passes. While black quarterbacks never gets a pass by the national media or a lot of white fans. And that’s just the truth. Now if you can play then I say you deserve a chance rather you white or black at any position even if it’s a corner back. But you can’t tell me it’s not a differents. Look how many passes Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers, Stafford, Bradford, Alex Smith and many more white quarterbacks gets. People talk about Jamies turnovers and Elie Mannon had more than Jamies his first 4 years. But they gave him a pass. So yall can say race card cause that’s the new way of dismissing the truth . But the national media will eat this up are not talk about at all just like they do now even when it’s right in our faces. Jamies has never played on a team with good defense or running game but he gets all the blame for this team losing even when he plays good, even when he’s put this team in position to win late in the 4th quarter the defense give up the game and the national media still finds a way to blame Jamies. While Andrew Luck gets the passes when his team was bad .

  64. Me? Says:

    Wow-these MAGAs really have a hard time with this stuff lol. Not everything is so black and white (ah thank you)-you can recognize that there is such a thing as white privilege, while also not being a white apologist. There’s systemic racism, but not everyone in the “system” is a cross burning racist. There are cultural differences, and pointing them out and being aware of them isn’t a bad thing. Calm down you Rod Muncheses

  65. El Buco Realisto Says:

    All those that have a problem with this need to look at themselves in the mirror!!!!! Like others said, if it helps play, who cares!!!!!!!! If it helps the quarterBlack throw with accuracy, who cares!!!!! If Black on Black coaching helps Jw3 Get dat dolla dou, with great plays, who cares!!!!!! All the jive-turkeys that have a problem with this, need to check themselves before they wreck themselves!!!!!!!!! Its all about wins!!!!! And if BA can change the culture and do that then most will be #Arian’s Nation!!!!!!!!
    This is not what some are calling it for!!!! We all know that BigHog is the biggest offender of it!!!!! Its like that joke that he told on here a while ago!!!!! “why are there no puerto rican’s on star trek????? Because they are not working in the future either!!!!!!!!!”
    And just to stay on topic, are we positive that Dungy got in the Hall, because he was the “first black head coach to win a superbowl”!!!! are we sure that this is the case????? The “real” fans want a DNA test!!!!! We think that he might be more mexican or jamaican!!!!!!!!!! That mustache is very telling!!!!!!!!! The “real” fans demand the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. JayHullBitches Says:

    You relate to him not because of your skin color which is one stupidest I’ve hear you suck just like him and after this year you’ll be playing back up quarterback then out of the nfl

  67. Arian Nation Says:

    As a big Jaboo supporter, I’m astonished by that racially insensitive comment.

    I also find it odd that while making the most important career decision of his life, he chose Jimbo Fisher (FSU) over David Shaw (Stanford) who I believe is black.

    I guess college football is like real estate, location, location, location.

    Different Strokes for different folks.

  68. AlteredEgo Says:

    In today’s world that is considered a racist comment….not by me…but sadly that is the F’d up world we live in.

  69. Robert Says:

    He is a racist pos new that when he r a p e d
    A white woman.

    But he gets a pass cause he’s black, but can call racism all day long. Smh

  70. Dwight Says:

    So many of you have proven his point. Damn shame.

  71. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jameis isn’t a racist or even close to it.
    He was just being real.
    Look I think the guy will never be better then average
    But he gives it all he has and is a good teammate.
    There is a certain vibe that brothers have with each other.
    I don’t think this is a news flash.
    The real problem on this team is the gm let’s addess that

  72. Robert Says:

    What was his point?

    Oh yeah, he don’t relate to whitey

  73. DBS Says:

    This is and will keep going on because that is the way they want it. They are raising hell now over building the new police station in Tallahassee in the location they have calling it racial targeting if they don’t make it a complex and put more than just a police station in it.

  74. AlteredEgo Says:

    The G’Boyz are cringing…Jameis is going to have to play the best #3 football consistently without a hint of his old bonehead play in order to be a Buc in 2020, he just made another public blunder . Now I understand totally what he was trying to say and actually believe he should be able to say that , but in today’s knee jerk PC crazy world his comment will get dinged. This whole calling …ahhh…I’ll just stop typing

  75. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The “real” and only question, is if there is a three game losing streak this year, Should B. Arians come in during the week in black face to help relate to the quarterback???????

    #Arian’s nation!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. DBS Says:

    Robert When did he go before a judge?

  77. Hodad Says:

    Jameis’s Q.B. coach his whole career has been a little white bald guy who’s name I can’t spell. I don’t believe it’s just the color of his skin, but the fact that Lefty has been there, done that. What is so hard for people to understand that a former big black QB will be more able to relate to Jameis then a little white bald guy that never took an NFL snap?

  78. stpetebucsfan Says:

    There are dozens of stories of how black people are mistreated and even shot in the back by the law.

    I totally get that black people feel oppressed still because in many ways they are. I was pulled over once for speeding on Michigan’ UP a lilly white area. I just remember thinking thank God I”m not a black dude.

    So yeah blacks face prejudice everyday but some simply do not.
    JW has had it easy since folks realized he was a superior athlete. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t faced it…especially when folks don’t know “who he is” a star athlete.

    But I agree primarily with TBBF. Clearly his feelings are not wrong but expressing them this way was bound to bring out the charge of racism and what if a white guy said that? JW is supposed to be the face of the franchise…I don’t think he understands that responsibility and that is disappointing. But I still hope he plays lights out this year.

    Colin Kaepernik is a great example of current day racism. When he first started his protest of watching SO MANY BLACK guys get shot and abused. He first did it by sitting through the Anthem. He talked to friends about it and one who was a combat veteran told him in the military they would take a knee to honor a fallen comrade. So Kaepernik made the change and started taking a knee for HIS fallen comrades. How did that work out for him? If he was white do we think things would be different?

    If white people were getting gunned down by the law would we feel differently?

  79. Jean Lafitte Says:

    You guys that are all up in arms about how mean everyone is being to Jameis just stop!! We all know what would be being said had it been a white guy who said that. Don’t act like you, the ones taking up for Jameis would be calling the white guy a racist.

  80. smallaxe Says:

    what a dbag

  81. NPRSageBoy Says:

    I don’t get the race angle, but if Leftwich can coach the stink out of JayMiss more power to him.

  82. C2asante Says:

    Interesting that the very same people implying our QB is racist because he said he can better relate to a coach who has experienced what it’s like to be him are the very same people who automatically opposed Byron Leftwich as the Offensive Coordinator hire without knowing anything about his competence in the job. They are also the same people who acted like Fitzpatrick was Tom Brady and wanted to dump Winston after Fitzpatrick had a couple fluke incredible games that even he knew couldn’t replicate over a season.

  83. Couch Fan Says:

    Im a white, straight conservative, though not republican, male. Knowing that, its clear as day what Jameis meant. And it had nothing to do with being racist, its about DEALING with racism. Its not a secret that black QBs have to deal with a lot more crap than white QBs.

    Some of yall are silly stupid or his comment simply triggered your own hate and racism. Sad stuff.

  84. Marine Buc Says:

    Winston showing his true colors. I’m surprised he isn’t kneeling for the anthem…

  85. tickrdr Says:

    Completely off-topic, but possibly relevant?

    Patrick Mahomes threw for 50 TDs and only 12 INTs this season, and was just named the NFL MVP for 2018. His TD percentage was 8.6%, and his INT percentage was 2.1%.
    By my little metric of TD% minus INT%, his score is 6.5!
    Remember that nearly all of the playoff QBs have a score of 3.0 or more.
    America’s QB, ProBowler, Jameis Winston has never in four seasons had that score greater than 1.3, nor even a TD/INT ratio greater than 2:1??!


    BTW:A few others who didn’t make the playoffs:(TD%-INT%)
    Cousins 3.3
    Tannehill = 2.9
    Dalton =2.8
    Mayfield = 2.7
    Stafford = 1.8
    Carr = 1.6
    How about our heroes?
    Fitzpatrick = 6.9% – 4.9% = 2.0
    Winston = 5.0% – 3.7% = 1.3

    BTW#2: At least our guys beat:
    Mullens = 1.1
    Mariota = 0.9
    Bortles = 0.5
    Darnold = 0.5
    and both Allen and Rosen who were negative.

  86. Marine Buc Says:

    What about white receivers? Are they ok to throw to?

  87. Marine Buc Says:

    What about white ball boys? Can they handle your balls ok?

  88. AlteredEgo Says:

    I’d love to see Jameis’s academic acceptance letter to Stanford…

  89. lambchop Says:

    More proof that Jameis Winston is a mental midget. Should we put a dress on you too and coddle you more? Wth does being black have to do with being more relatable in 2019? What exactly is he facing that a white guy doesn’t face in the NFL (Not For Long League)? You either play and perform or you ride the pine. Fitz got the same benching for not performing after his hot start. Fitz didn’t get any extra benefit by being a white QB.

    I’m a minority and I’m perplexed as much as Brady Quinn.

  90. tickrdr Says:

    Part of the reason that I am such a “stats nerd”, is that it is so easy to COUNT. But another reason is that even though the numbers are BLACK and WHITE, they are NOT ABOUT RACE.


    BTW#3: Is Pat Mahomes a WHITE QB or is he a BLACK QB? I honestly didn’t know until I researched his parents today.

  91. Couch Fan Says:

    Its amazing to me that some of you are reading his comments as racists. It should be common sense that he can relate to another black QB easier than he could a white QB. Nothing racists about that but clearly his comments triggered some of the real racists.

  92. lambchop Says:

    @Couch Fan,

    How does Byron being black help Jameis make throws, not throw into double coverage, not fumble? Is there a special black way to throw a ball or to read a defense? Or will Byron tolerate Jameis throwing a pick into double, triple coverage because they’re black? You think Byron will be all cool bro, don’t worry about that INT, at least we’re both black! C’mon man.

    Stop defending stupidity with stupidity.

  93. Couch Fan Says:

    “I don’t think it’s different because we still playing the quarterback position,”

    Slow down and read the article cupcake. Winston clearly says hes not talking about from a football standpoint, hes talking personally. He can relate to black QB better, which again is common sense. Jameis has to deal with a lot of racism. Or do are you one of those that thing racism doesnt exhist today? Lol. Byron has been there and done that. Relateable from a personal stand point.

    Reading comprehension. Get some.

  94. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    We’re not even to the Super Bowl yet, and Winston shows he’s a stupid moron…………AGAIN.

  95. Marine Buc Says:

    I hope Winston is ok with taking a white mans money…

  96. lambchop Says:

    @Couch Fan,

    How does relating on a personal level have anything to do with football?

    “Just to have someone that you can talk to. Somebody that’s really played the game, you know, played the game under the same circumstances that you’ve played the game.”

    He’s implying it will benefit his GAME, otherwise why mention it, fruitcake? Reading comprehension. Get some.

    Didn’t know Jameis needed to be coddled to do his job. Just shows his mental makeup. When you’re getting blitzed, you’re not thinking, “Well golly, I was coached by a black OC so this is no sweat.” Are players in the NFL (predominantly Black) being racist towards Jameis that he needs someone black to coach him so he can relate? Relate to what in football exactly? Because, the last I checked, nobody cared about anything except wins and losses in the league. Oh, you want to be coddled? You want the stars to align? Go play Madden. Leave QB to the big boys who can handle the heat.

  97. Couch Fan Says:

    Are you serious with this stupidity? Do you think that there is no personal aspect to football? You dont think coaches need to be able to relate well with players? Of course they do!

    Of course itll benefit his game to have someone he can relate to. But his statement wasnt refering to football it was refering to the personal aspect of his relationship. You cant really be this stupid?

    You are doing a lot of projecting here. Making his comment what you want it to me to validate your own hate.

  98. Marine Buc Says:

    @ couch fan

    Your the one projecting. Calling everyone a racist. Take a chill pill before you blow a gasket.

  99. Couch Fan Says:

    Actually I didnt call anyone specifically a racist. I said Winstons comment triggered the racists. If you felt like I was talking about you… I probably was.

  100. Kobe Faker Says:

    “LOL! El Buco Realisto > The Buc Realist

    Well done!”

    Kobe Faker

  101. Marine Buc Says:

    @ couch fun

    Nice try. I’m not white so I can say whatever I want… Now go drink a big cup of soy milk and you will feel much better.

  102. Couch Fan Says:

    Didn’t know Jameis needed to be coddled to do his job. Just shows his mental makeup.

    LMAO what a moronic statement. So jameis says hes more relateable to his new OC and all the sudden “he needs to be coddled”?

    Yes its clear you are speaking from emotion which is why you arent making any sense. Something has got you triggered. Get that fixed cupcake then get back to me. Have a nice day.

  103. Couch Fan Says:

    @marine buc

    “Im not white so I can say whatever I want”

    LMAO I feel like im conversating with 10 year olds. What a childish and asinine comment. Neither of you are bringing any intelligence to this conversation though for some reason you think you are. Comical.

  104. TOM Says:

    We all know how immature he is but worse than that he’s a complete idiot. JW, way to make a fool of yourself once again. Go eat somemore W’s.

  105. Marine Buc Says:

    @ couch fun

    Calling everyone racist, stupid and moronic are not very nice. Go sit in timeout with your soy milk.

  106. Marine Buc Says:

    @ couch fun

    Get with the times. Non whites can say whatever they want regarding race. Duh…

  107. Couch Fan Says:

    Dont like soy. I rather have chocolate milk.

  108. Marine Buc Says:

    They have chocolate soy milk. Did you know that? You should try it.

  109. Couch Fan Says:

    That sounds even worse…

  110. Robert Says:

    Lol at all the cucks, self hating white males and plain racists on here.

    White pride is on the rise my friends. It ain’t new. It’s because of the double standard of $hit like this.

  111. Robert Says:

    And all this he’s got it tougher cause he’s black bs?????

    He wouldn’t even still be in the league if he was white.

  112. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Robert

    I would be interested to see how people would react if a white Q.B. said the exact same thing regarding a white coach.

    Personally I don’t give two craps who is what color. I want to see wins on Sunday and the Bucs compete for the Super Bowl every year.

  113. billbob Says:

    racism noun
    rac·​ism | \ ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi- \
    Definition of racism
    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,

    Based on this. JW comments should be construed as Racism. It does not matter what Race any of us are, we all have the capacity to be Racist. If you favor a race or discriminate against a Race then you have Racism in your heart. Until we can look past the colour of a person skin and base our decision of a person based on there character we will all constantly question others intent and perspective when Race is part of the equation. We should all be as weary as bringing up someone else’s character based on race as we are about saying the n word no matter what race we are!

  114. billbob Says:

    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,

    Based on this. JW comments should be construed as Racism. It does not matter what Race any of us are, we all have the capacity to be Racist. If you favor a race or discriminate against a Race then you have Racism in your heart. Until we can look past the color of a person skin and base our decision of a person based on their character we will all constantly question others intent and perspective when Race is part of the equation. We should all be as weary as bringing up someone else’s character based on race as we are about saying the n word no matter what race we are!

  115. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Yes if a white qb said that itd blow up but there isnt many black QBs n it has been different for them. Look at Ben what he was accused of was alot worse. Hes supposedly had a couple guys watch the door why he raped a woman. Winston supposedly grab a woman’s crotch. Everyone wants winston gone n yall call ben one of the greats so let’s not pretend it’s the same experience for a black qb. Btw despite the name I’m white incase u think I’m just saying it cuz I’m black🤷‍♂️

  116. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Yes if a white qb said that itd blow up but there isnt many black QBs n it has been different for them. Look at Ben what he was accused of was alot worse. Hes supposedly had a couple guys watch the door why he forced himself on a woman. Winston supposedly grab a woman’s crotch. Everyone wants winston gone n yall call ben one of the greats so let’s not pretend it’s the same experience for a black qb. Btw despite the name I’m white incase u think I’m just saying it cuz I’m black🤷‍♂️

  117. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo doesn’t recall Heff Garcia crying for a brown QB coach (if one exists)…..or Mark Sanchez,Tony Romo, Tom Flores & Jim Plunkett…….no, they settled for white QB coaches…..not brown. Pablo’s just sayin'”

  118. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Pablo meant “Him Plunkett”

  119. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Rodney

    I don’t want Winston gone. But it would be nice for him to stop publicly making an ass of himself. He is supposed to be the leader of a pro football team. Not a public relations nightmare.

    I want Winston to grow up. And maybe shut up if he can’t stop saying ignorant things.

  120. Robert Says:

    @ marine we know what would happen if a white qb with a checkered past said it. He’d be done.

    Then again he would have been done long ago.

    And stop with the Rothlesburger bs. F him. He’s just as a bad. I care less about skin color, but character is important. And yeah people deserve multiple chances ….we all f up especially young dudes

  121. Robert Says:

    But this guy is on his 20th foot in mouth. He’s a moron with a big mouth and inclination for selfishness at anyone and everyone’s expense…..

    And his defenders yelling racist. Lol

    FYI I ain’t triggered, this is preachin

  122. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Robert

    It appears we are stuck with him. Let’s hope he grows up or shuts up. I will be fine with either as long as he can win some football games.

    Can I get an amen?

  123. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Sooooo, Is the reason having a white OC last year the reason the “white” backup QB out played the so called “starting” QB, Even though the backup played a much tougher schedule, then the so called “franchise”?????????????

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Robert Says:


    Amen on winning games…

    I gave up on jw though. We might win in spite of him though, heck even dilfer got a ring

  125. AlteredEgo Says:

    Much to do about nothing !

  126. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Robert

    I can’t believe Dilfer got a ring… winning the super bowl in Tampa… with a dominant defensive team… SMFH.

  127. Marine Buc Says:

    Don’t give up on Winston. Let things play out next year. I truly respect and trust Bruce Arians. He will know best and will make the proper choice when the time comes.

  128. Trench War Says:

    As a white guy I can relate to white coaches better. Because they are white they understand what it is like to be a white QB and the lofty expectations that come with it. You know, we speak the same language.

  129. Marine Buc Says:

    @ trench war

    Your a racist!!! You need to be fired from your job and kicked out of our country for life!!!

  130. Trench War Says:

    wait …what is it that I said is any different from what Jameis said?

  131. Anonymous Says:

    Bucfan90 98% of the plain’s populace is Melenated,we are not nor have we ever been a minority.

  132. SB Says:


    Just as I always say. “It is only ok to be a racist if you are black”

    Jeeeshus H. Christ!!!!!

  133. SB Says:

    Then again this is the same guy that thought Cockroaches gave live birth.

  134. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Once again JW can’t get out of his own way… He’s tall and lifts weights, but the mental part just escapes him…

    I agree with Lambchop…Is Leftwich gonna coach the bad fundamental mechanics out of him?

    Leftwich is the only QB who had a longer windup than JW…..

  135. Marine Buc Says:

    @ trench

    I hope you know that was sarcasm…

  136. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I do …I hope you know that was just a reversed example of Jameis’ insensitive comment.

  137. Trench War Says:

    I did also ..and Jean is absolutely right. I was making a point.

  138. WC Says:

    If having Leftwich as OC helps him succeed, god bless him. Having Lovie as HC sure as heck didn’t do the trick. Every coach he’s ever had has tried to drill the same lesson: you have all the talents to succeed wildly at any level if you will just reduce the self-inflicted mistakes… don’t force it so much, throw it away, live for the next play, no need to always be the hero, etc. No NFL coach can create the protective cocoon Jimbo gave him in college… NFL players live their lives off the field in a 24/7 spotlight and there aren’t any on the field pushovers like Bethune-Cookman. If Leftwich being relatable gets the message across count me in!

  139. Trench War Says:

    I understand Jameis’s personal feelings about being comfortable with someone who you can relate with. It’s just how he came across in this politically correct environment we are living in. Everyone is offended.

  140. Iron Wombat Says:

    Awesome the same group of fans that would replace JW with the nearest mediocre white backup QB are losing their minds over this.

  141. Old School Athlete Says:

    I’m not bothered by this. I’m bothered by losing. I’m in favor of whoever and whatever stops the institutional failure and pathetic lack of pride/passion in this organization. If Jameis feels more comfortable and will be more effective with a black coach, so be it.

  142. C2asante Says:

    You people would be funny if weren’t so sad how sensitive and easily triggered you are whenever a Black athlete dares to express a sentiment that does not validate your sense of superiority. Fact is he could be the worst QB in the NFL and he is still better than all of you. For all those calling him a moron and idiot, realize while you are obsessing on his words, he does not even know you exist. He has one of 32 starting NFL QB jobs in the world. So no matter how dumb you think he is, he is one of the 32 best in the world at his profession while you just struggling to get a “meets expectations” on your job.

  143. Robert Says:


    Biat*h, I said supersize. Get off the blog and get my order.

  144. Couch Fan Says:

    The only thing more comical than some being angry that Winston feels he can relate to someone of his race better is the fact any of you think Byron being a mediocre QB has anything to do with his ability to teach/coach. Comical.

  145. AlteredEgo Says:

    This explains why Jameis had troubles with DJax….

  146. Season Is Over Says:

    The circus continues.

  147. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    You white guys are so immersed in your white privilege that your feelings get hurt anytime a black man speaks the truth

  148. BucsFan90 Says:

    All it takes is a black athlete speaking the truth to make the closet bigots crawl out of the woodwork and expose themselves. Well played Jameis 😂

  149. ed Says:

    I come from an area of the country where I grew up in neighborhoods that were very much defined by your country of origin, your ethnicity and even your religion. While I admire Jameis for being open and speaking his mind I don’t think his comments are racist but I do think they are unprofessional. In my life I’ve worked in companies that my managers were not from the group of people I grew up with in my hometown. Sure personally I could relate better with people who grew up in my area and my era but this is work, if I’m asked to do a job I don’t have to relate on a personal level with my business associates I simply have to know how to work with them.

    Jameis ‘ comments are 100% unprofessional and have no relationships to what he is paid to do. If Byron Leftwich is a better offensive coordinator than Todd Monken then Jameis can relate to whoever makes him more successful.

    It’s not about color, it’s about ability. Do you think most 22 year olds coming into the NFL who are white can relate to Bill Belichick who culturally has nothing in common with them? Just the age difference is enough. What would it say for a player if they thought a younger coach would be better.

    What Jameis needs to learn is his words are going to be carefully analyzed and he should just keep things on a professional level. That’s what makes the great ones great. Jameis just shut your mouth and remember that saying anything re the color of anyone on the Bucs is not needed.

  150. Trench War Says:

    white shaming is another topic

  151. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I guess that is Jay Miss’s excuse for his first 4 years in the league – no black QB coach! Man, that was a stupid comment. Shut up and play! By the way, all you folks who think he was accepted to Stanford based on his stellar academic career, I’ve got some swampland to sell you.

  152. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    We should relate to each other according to “the content of our character rather than the color of our skin.”

    There’s a reason why the mainstream media and government education system rarely, these days, actually play the Rev Martin Luther King’s speeches. It is because his message wasn’t just meant for white people or black people. It was a message meant to unite everyone, and a tyrannical system of government is more difficult to implement when the people are united.

    Think about it!

  153. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “While I admire Jameis for being open and speaking his mind I don’t think his comments are racist but I do think they are unprofessional.”

    Pretty much how I feel. He doesn’t act like the face of the franchise. Perhaps Leftwich is a lot more mature and can get inside of JW’s head better…that’s all good.

    I get why JW feels that way and I don’t challenge that, but he needs to realize his position on the team. There is a chance his pic will return to the RayJay wall…but he needs to cool the controversies. I think Leftwich’s AA roots WILL help coach some of this out of JW.

  154. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    The same people who complain on here because Jamies said he feels more comfortable with people that has his same skin color are the same people that voted for Trump

    Thanks joe for exposing most of white Bucs fans as racist bigots

  155. rrsrq Says:

    Everyone on here talks to someone they believe ypthey can relate to. Everyone on here wants to talk to someone who has been where they are trying to go, you have questions and you go to someone who may be able to be a little more honest with you when it comes to some sensitive issues (kinda like you guys see this sensitive topic). Can’t remember who said it, but wasn’t it a Buc player that said JW still gets called out of name with racial epithets in visiting stadiums, but you won’t get it cause you are not in his (our) shoes

  156. SB Says:

    Some of you people are complete idiots.
    Do you really think a network would air a show like “The Neighborhood” if it were reversed?
    NO! that would be racist. All good though that a black man hates that a white man is in his neighborhood and constantly insults him.
    SMDH at the ‘one way street’ some of you live on.

  157. HeavyE Says:

    You guys will never understand, because you’re not Black! & You don’t want a Black QB heading this team!!! Plain and Simple !!!!

  158. C2asante Says:

    Robert Says:
    February 3rd, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Biat*h, I said supersize. Get off the blog and get my order.

    I’m not surprised by your ignorant comment. YourvMother obviously let you skip school and hang out at your trailer park with her all day. I’m sorry the Black kids had you scared to go to school

  159. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m black

  160. Michael Babnik Says:

    Now in a world we will never ever know again, imagine a white QB saying he would relate better to a white coach…..Just change two words in his quote….change twice, black to white……and watch the world explode with hate……this ladies and gentlemen is why our Liberal press is so hated.

  161. View from 132 Says:

    There is probably something to what he is saying. There are different expectations, different media bias, etc. For example, if a white QB doesn’t run with space in front of him, its a smart play. When a black QB doesn’t run, he’s playing scared. There are differences of perception, certainly, even if these two QBs have the same 40 time. That hasn’t gone away in the 20 years since Culpepper in Minnesota and pre-dog fighting Vick played opposite styles of QB.

    He’s entitled to his observation, but saying it publicly is pretty stupid. I mean, Jimbo Fisher was about as southern white guy as you can get, and he obviously could communicate with Jameis just fine.

    And yes, if Matt Ryan said he needed a white QB coach because his black coach “couldn’t relate” there would be a protest tomorrow at Falcons HQ. So its certainly possible Jameis was right AND using a bad double standard at the same time.

  162. Joe Namath Says:

    Imagine in our open Liberal world the response by the press if a white QB would say that he was glad he had a white coach. Just imagine it……never happen……this is exactly what is separating our country right now….the old Liberal double standard…..hang white people…..everyone else can say what they please.

  163. “That guy” Says:

    Maybe they should bring lovie back, Jamie’s can “relate” to him.

  164. Joe Says:

    Maybe they should bring lovie back, Jamie’s can “relate” to him.

    Jameis has said previously he had a special bond with Lovie because that was the first African-American head coach he ever had.

  165. lambchop Says:

    This is not a political argument, people. I’m not White, not Republican, and I hate Trump. This is just straight up Jameis being a mental mi**et. He needs to be coddled apparently.

    When he fails next season, Joe can ask him about the advantages of having a black ex-QB as his OC.

  166. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Gee, just think how good Roethlisberger would be if HE had a white coach!!!

  167. JDBuc Says:

    You guys are reaching entirely too far smh. Nothing Jameis said is racially insensitive or offensive in the least. It’s just common sense. He didn’t say that he couldn’t learn from or relate to white coaches. (The man calls Jimbo Fisher a father figure for crying out loud.) He simply said that he’d be able to relate to Byron more because they are both black Americans. The same would be true for all other cultures. A Jewish person relates more to other Jewish people. A Chinese American relates more to other Chinese Americans. Mexican Americans relate more to fellow Mexican Americans. It’s literally that simple. I saw someone comment saying, “What about white receivers?” That’s among the most ridiculous comments on this post. Two of Jameis’ favorite targets are Brate & Hump lol. Not fully understanding what Jameis meant is one thing. But trying to paint him as a racist because of your own ignorance or misguided interpretations is an entirely different problem.

    Be better.

  168. unbelievable Says:

    Is it really that hard to understand?

    We heard incidents in recent years of racist things being spewed at Bucs players at away games, and at Jameis in particular.

    Guaranteed Leftwich dealt with that in his career as well. Plenty of stereotypes / views about black QBs in general have persisted over the years as well.

  169. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Dreambig Says:

    Instead of relating to Byron Leftwhich, Jameis might want to spend more time trying to relate to Tom Brady, Payton Manning, John Elway, Ben Rothlesburg, Drew Breeze, Terry Bradshaw, Brad Johnson, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, and Doug Williams. You know guys who were actually really good and won superbowls. He might want to try to emulate those guys.

    And a few who were good minus the Superbowls – Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Jim Kelly and Randall Cunningham.