Todd Wright Fact Checks Jason Licht With The Truth About Young NFL QBs

January 1st, 2019

In this edition of the TODDcast, Todd takes issue with two losing constants somehow remaining in Tampa Bay after the firing of Dirk Koetter: Jason Licht and Jameis Winston.
Licht’s lousy spin on Jameis Winston at yesterday’s press conference shows the Bucs are simply not paying attention to what else is happening with young quarterbacks in the NFL, or that the Glazers and Licht are hoping you haven’t. Well, Todd’s got all the simple facts on how many QBs taken AFTER Jameis have accomplished more on the field where it really counts while not embarrassing themselves and their teams off the field either. Todd also looks at Jameis Winston’s huge salary for 2019 and sees a stunning similarity to one of the worst QB contracts in modern NFL history.


*the TODDcast should be available by the end of the week on major podcast platforms, where you can subscribe free. Joe thinks it’s very cool to have Todd Wright here and diving back into the kind of thing he was known for nationally. Enjoy this short TODDcast preview by clicking above.

For the last three years, Todd Wright has been podcasting here almost exclusively on fantasy football and Lightning playoff hockey. While those podcasts are not going away permanently, they each clearly have offseasons.

So, for the new year, Todd has a new podcast. And it simply covers pretty much anything that Todd finds interesting. No limits. Sort of like he did for nearly two decades on national radio as host and creator of AllNight with Todd Wright on ESPN in addition to other roles with Fox Sports Florida, Sirius/XM, Sporting News Radio, etc. Our thanks to Brandon Legal Group for their continuing support of both Todd Wright Tour golf tournaments as well as the TODDcast into 2019. Enjoy.

21 Responses to “Todd Wright Fact Checks Jason Licht With The Truth About Young NFL QBs”

  1. Ndog Says:

    Great so Mr. I think i know everything is going to tell us how great Mahomes is doing even though he has a coach that has won every where he’s been and our QB has had the great Dirk Koetter. Or how Wentz is so wonderful yet a career backup does better on his team than he does, or how Tribusky is great despite the fact that he has two great running backs and a great defense. Oh let me guess Goff is so great but will probably ignore he played with the NFL MVP in the same back field. Or Luck is outstanding but will ignore that in a must win game Sunday night threw a pick 6 that everyone would have killed Jameis for. No thank you I don’t need a person who thinks they are smarter than everyone on the planet forcing his opinion down my throat.

  2. “That guy” Says:

    Ndog, I can’t help but find your rant hipocritical.

  3. lambchop Says:


    One thing you seem to forget is that a QB alone can lose a game no matter who the supporting cast is. Those QBs you mentioned aren’t dink and dunk QBs just playing not to lose. Most of them are slingin it and throwing for a lot. Even if a team is honoring the run game, it doesn’t mean that a QB can’t throw into double and triple coverage, hold the ball too long, fumble, etc.

    I’m not saying Jameis’ mistakes are his alone, but don’t discredit other QBs are getting it done and having success.

  4. ChipBuc Says:

    Ndog i couldn’t agree more. I’ve tried to like Todds takes but you are right, he comes off as a person talking down to morons. Todd fails to note that no QB can be successful with a non existent running game, a league’s worst defense, no field goal kicker, sub par coaching, to name a few. To judge Winston on wins and losses is extremely unfair. Give Winston a break, stop comparing him to other QBs that have complete teams.

  5. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    This is one podcast…I have no interest in…

    The Bucs belong to the Glazers…who makes the ultimate decisions based on what they see, feel, think and know…so why would I care what this person’s opinion is…duh!

  6. BrianBucs Says:

    Thank You Todd Wright for bringing some intelligence, truth, and football logic to this Winston/ Licht debacle.
    I have stated here repeatedly that there was a group of QB’s that had been in the league a shorter time than Winston that are playing at a much higher level than Winston is.
    Worst 21 Million Dollar QB in the history of the NFL? ABSOLUTELY!
    Jason Licht should have been fired along with Koetter. Apparently he is just a mouthpiece or a fool.

  7. DB55 Says:

    Ndog was right on the money and I bet he didn’t even listen to Todd.

    Joe, For a self-proclaimed Winston supporter you sure do lend a platform to many Winston bashers, that’s to be commended I guess.

    Tbh, you lost me at “Winston’s huge salary for 2019” but I took the bait anyway. His take on the “worst QB contracts in modern NFL history” was shall I say interesting? (Not the adjective I’d use but I’m trying to be nice)

    One question, if possible, what pray tell would Mr. Wright suggest Winston salary be? Andy Dalton and Tom Brady are the lowest paid starting QBs in the league with 16 and 15 mil respectively.

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Now that’s how you kick in a door gentleman.
    The man didn’t sugar coat sh!t. Great Job Todd!

    “Just the facts, ma’am” – Stan Freberg’s Dragnet

  9. MadMax Says:

    I agree with some of what he says about JW, but like some of you have posted, he’s not the blame for our D which has caused many losses….running game too.

  10. Krojen Says:

    Great take Todd. We went through the same bs with Freeman. When the QB sucks and has accomplished nothing, you go with the “well he’s youngish so there’s still a chance he won’t suck someday.”

    As for the Winston not having quite the defensive, running game, etc supporting cast as some of those other QBs… Licht has a lot to do with that and is still here.

  11. GrafikDetail Says:

    suck it!

  12. Matt from BC Says:

    Let’s get a post about ME 13 finishing 3rd in the league in rec yards. He had a few bad games too. Watch him do even better next year to “stick it” to the pro bowl snub

  13. Rossta61 Says:

    One think Mr Wright forgot to mention is all those QB’s have awesome defence’s or a running game put any those QB’s behind our offense line let’s see how great they are

  14. Mike30#1Bucfan Says:

    We are all blind to the fact that our organization has been sucking for the last 9 out of 11 seasons, but we just want to place blame on the QB.

  15. T REX Says:

    Look at all the Winston lover’s tears. LOL.

    I question the morality of anyone supporting that POS.

  16. Bad Influence Says:

    Great podcast Todd! Keep the truth coming.

  17. Oneilbucs Says:

    All those quarterbacks he named has good defense and good running backs and good coaching. That’s the differences but when the teams play the rams and they stop Tood Guirly then Goff looks like trash . He threw more ints then TDs the pass 4 games . This guy hates Jamies just like a lot of people on this site . Ain’t no team afraid of the bears quarterback it’s the defense and running game not the quarterback. And every body know about Matito . So yall need to root for another team.

  18. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    Stick to your fantasy podcast Toddsh!tcast is what this amounts to Hope you just receive free beer and a round of golf for your effort

  19. Prada..sec147 Says:

    Not listening to this crap…

  20. K_Bassuka Says:

    Todd podcast’s name should be The Trolls Podcast instead.

  21. Sloppy Joe Says:

    Stick to fantasy land Todd. By your definition Lavonte David is even worse of a LB than Jameis a QB. Think of all the linebackers drafted after Lavonte that have made the playoffs lol. SMH