“The Way He Watches The Film With The Defense”

January 31st, 2019

Forget about retired QB Carson Palmer’s lofty prediction for the 2019 Buccaneers, Joe is dialed into a different kind of chatter than Palmer cranked out during Super Bowl festivities this week.

Palmer has been making the rounds and that included a stop at The Jim Rome Show.

Rome asked him about the Bucs and his former coach Bucco Bruce Arians. And while Palmer didn’t repeat his instant-turnaround prediction to a winning season that he did on NFL Network, he did talk about how Arians is able to command a team in a hurry and bond with young players.

It’s all about respect, Palmer said, citing many things including “the way he watches film with the defense.”

That really caught Joe’s ear, especially on the heels of the Dirk Koetter regime, in which the head coach literally refused to order or veto anything on the defensive side of the ball and was almost completely hands-off.

Arians will lead the entire roster, which is what a head coach is supposed to do. Man, quality head coaching will be a very refreshing change around here.

Joe also found it telling to hear Palmer say he was happy Arians’ wife Chris believed he was healthy enough to coach again. Reading between the lines in the interview, you can tell Palmer saw Arians in some rough shape during his years with the Cardinals.

25 Responses to ““The Way He Watches The Film With The Defense””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “If I’m a Tampabaybucfan, I’m ecstatic.”

    Not that Palmer called me out…..but I am cautiously ecstatic.

  2. StoutGospel Says:

    Super Bowl week or not….I’m sure there’s a lot of loyal Buc-alists here that would like to get the Free Agency talk going here on possible fits (after realistically weeding out the likely franchise tags to be applied off that list). Rotoworld has a great new FA Tracker courtesy of the stalwart Evan Silva over there….we could refer to that.

    Anyway…let’s get that stuff going, the comments/clicks sure are way down lately, objectively speaking.

    Ian Slapaport….speculates last night, this morning that the Bucs will target Kareem Hunt. Maybe some more sourcing on that??? Go Bucs! Rapoport did NOT speculate that. Joe heard the interview and Rapoport merely said he “thought” the Bucs would look into him like they would any other player.–Joe

  3. Buccernutter Says:


    Or he saw his wife in rough shape mentally watching him exert himself lol.

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Well according to Realist the Glazer boys forced Mike Smith to use shadow coverage with Brent Grimes and also forced Mike Smith to stick with a scheme that suited Gerald McCoy.

    Some of the craziest sh1t I’ve ever heard. If I found out that were true I’d leave this franchise lol.

    But it’s not true. In all the behind the scene NFL films I’ve ever seen, the most hands on owners don’t even do that. At most they may force a start/sit decision on the QB or influence personnel moves/trades/draft picks. But not f*cking defensive scheme lol. And the Glazers are not football junkie hands on owners like Jerry Jones….

    Per every media outlet I’ve read that covers this franchise – including the Joes – the Glazers genuinely want to win. That doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to making horrible hire after hire as they have.

    If it was simply a ownership/city of Tampa problem; you would see coaches like Lovie Smith, Greg Schiano, & Mike Smith going on to do awesome elsewhere. But all those guys haven’t done sh1t and have completely regressed in their careers. That theory isn’t backed up by anything at all.

    So F*CK mike smith for blaming it on our city/our franchise in general instead of just owning that he never had a good plan for rebuilding this defense, and that he never developed sh1t for talent and that he never even got good play out of established players like Lavonte.

  5. TOM Says:

    I feel a lot better after Carson’s interview.

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    i agree joe….

    it’s refreshing to have a quality HC that knows about all phases of the game and not just offense….


  7. Buc-Up Says:

    .Remember, Jon Gruden challenged the defense on a daily basis which helped push them to be one of the greatest defenses of all-time! He was in the ears of Sapp, Brooks, Rice, Lynch, Barber, etc… that he wanted defensive touchdowns and they delivered! Hell, even Tony Dungy imposed his will for a ball control offense during games! You need direction from the head coach

  8. Sunday_44 Says:

    I literally just walked in from outside listening to NFL on Sirius radio and they were talking about Sean McVay and him telling Wade Phillips he can do whatever he wants to do on defense.

    They talked about this being the new norm in the NFL, that to get truly genius level Play Calling Offense or Defense from your Head Coach, most of the time he will differ to the expert coordinator.

    Eventually a coach becomes Bill B. and knows everything well.

    I believe BA fits the mold of a coach who really knows both sides of the ball, plus details of how to motivate/excite/develop/ players.

    We really are fortunate to have him!!

  9. Jerry Jones Says:


  10. 813bucboi Says:




  11. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Man, quality head coaching will be a very refreshing change around here.”
    Here is a refreshing idea, how about letting the season happen under the new coaches first season before saying things like this. Do we have the gall to let the season play out before we say things like this. Because you have no idea if Coach Arians will finish the season here, things happen, and water keeps right on moving past the bridge. If you know this to be a fact please share your magic hat so we can all win the lottery.
    Sounds just like the “America’s QB” title let them earn the titles not give them to them before they earn them.
    Go Bucs!

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    You’d think that if the Glazer family was literally influencing and over-riding Mike Smith as a coach – someone like Miko Grimes would have said some sh1t…

    Instead she literally said Grimes would basically play for anyone other than Mike Smith or a team with Ryan Tannehil. Not that I want him but still.

    I just can’t get over that conspiracy theory lol

  13. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Funny, When Coach Schiano did this, they just said he was “over bearing” and ” A control freak”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 season will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Owlykat Says:

    Knowing all aspects of his team is one of the reasons Bellicheat has done so well over the years. BA is the real deal and you can also tell by how much his former players love him. It shows he really cares about his players and not just Xs and Os. He gets the most out of his players too and can also judge talent well, which is where he differs from Chucky. If Licht is about to pick a loser I count on BA to stop him! This coming year should be something to look forward to. And BA and his staff will be able to make in game adjustff

  15. Owlykat Says:

    Adjustments too!

  16. 813bucboi Says:


    you just revealed how dumb you really are!!!!!!!

    trying to compare GS to BA is embarrassing and insulting to BA!!!!!!!!!

    GS came in as an unqualified HC that got the gig because of a high recommendation from BB…..GS’s resume cant compare to what BA did in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!…..


  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @813bucboi … “GS came in as an unqualified HC that got the gig because of a high recommendation from BB.” And you know that to be a FACT how bucboi? To believe that Greg Schiano got hired as HC of the BUCS because of a recommendation from the HC of the PATS is beyond naive. You might believe that ‘there’s honor among thieves’ but have news … if the Glazer Boyz hired Schiano from Rutgers because an opposing HC said ‘He’s a good guy’ then they’d win the prize that goes to the dumbest owners in the NFL. You’re hardly the one to be constantly charging that #REALISTKNOWSNOTHING!!! You need to go back to Wonderland Alice.

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I get your point and understand it, but you’ll have to forgive me that’s just not how I roll.

    Norman Vincent Peale did not write the “Power of waiting to see what happens” it was the “Power of Positive Thinking”. The little train chugging up the hill did not keep repeating…maybe I can…he/she said I THINK I CAN.

    During a rough patch in my life my mother sent me an audiobook of Wayne Dyer’s “You’ll see it when you believe it.” an obvious play on turning around the common phrase…I’ll believe it when I see it. The entire point was that if you wait until you believe it you may never see it.

    That was almost two decades ago and it made a profound positive change in my life. It started me down the road of reading modern guys like Chopra and Scott Peck and historical philosophers like Marcus Aurelius.

    When you read enough of these a common thread appears.
    Positive thinking is critical and negative thinking is non productive.

    I get healthy skepticism. But nobody is saying go out and bet the farm on the outcome of the Buc’s 2019 season…just that up till now all the developments have been positive. We are Buc’s fans, not gamblers or even prognosticators. Why shouldn’t we all accept the great news so far and rejoice.

    If the season blows up we’ll have plenty of time to lament that fact. If it turns out great we optimists will have enjoyed it from January 1st!!! The negative nellies here will simply have to fret and whine and they will have wasted all that time feeling worried when they didn’t really have to.

  19. StoutGospel Says:

    Hey @Joe….. :))) sure killer.

    Per Rotoworld, on today’s “Player News” page, still up. Rotoworld, and PFT are money. JBF…is a site.

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport (Slapaport) said he expects the Buccaneers to consider signing free agent Kareem Hunt this offseason.

    “I would expect teams like the Bucs with big time running back needs and the propensity to make a splash in free agency to be linked to him”, said Rapsheet in a radio interview with 95.3 WDAE. It sounds like Rapaport is just speculating, though he’s correct in assessing the Bucs’ running back need. Only three teams rushed for fewer yards than Tampa Bay in 2018 while only the Catdinals averaged fewer yards per carry. Hunt would be a noticeable improvement on Peyton Barber, who wad one of the league’s least efficient rushers last season. The former rushing champ should resurface at some point, though interested teams will imely wait until they know the length of his suspension before signing him. –per Rotoworld

    Related: Buccaneers

    Source: Pewter Report

    Hey @Joe….SEE that word “speculating” toward the beginning if the third sentence??! I’ll take a Rotoworld columnist’s opinion….so don’t say, or try and refute publicly, that I didnti “know” what I was talking about…when I used the word “speculates”. ROTOWORLD. Money.

  20. Wausa Says:

    Dirk Koetter abdicated his responsibilities by washing his hands of the defense.

    If the defense was lights out you could argue the approach had merit, but the Bucs defense was atrocious and cost the Bucs an opportunity at the playoffs.

  21. 813bucboi Says:


    The Cleveland Browns are a mess, but not even the Browns are messy enough to hire Greg Schiano as an NFL Head Coach. Or as an anything coach, no matter how many times Bill Belichick kept calling him to please keep his buddy off the street.

    All of that comes from a pretty insightful The MMQB piece by notorious Schiano-lover Peter King. It’s fun if you want to read about a team that’s run worse than the Bucs. But it also gives us some more insight on why the Glazers hired Greg Schiano in the first place: Bill Belichick. It’s always Bill Belichick.

    The rumors that the Buccaneers would hire a “retread” coach was nothing more than Dominik picking the brains of guys like Schottenheimer.

    And speaking of listening to NFL head coaches, Darth Hoodie, aka Bill Belichick, has given the Bucs his blessing, with his high remarks of Schiano.

    SUCK ON THAT DR!!!!!!!!!


  22. 813bucboi Says:


    a little more proof chump!!!!!


    Schiano is an under-the-radar coach, but Tampa Bay has been eyeing him throughout this process. Buccaneers college scout Bill Rees made contact with Schiano at the outset of Tampa Bay’s coaching search, and the two men stayed in contact.

    The Glazer family also conducted a massive amount of research, reaching out to various NFL people. One of the people they called was Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who spoke highly of Schiano.

    Belichick on Thursday praised Schiano.

    “I think he is a tremendous coach that’s done a great job with that program. And his players have been very NFL-ready. Guys that come out of that program, when they get to the NFL, most of them make it. It may not be first-round picks or whatever but if they have enough talent to really compete in the NFL most of them end up staying in one way or another and I think that’s a credit to the preparation and the program that he’s built there,” Belichick said, according to the Buccaneers in their statement.

    do some research before you flap your lips!!!!!!!….

    SUCK ON THAT DR!!!!!!!!!


  23. 813bucboi Says:


    and as mentioned above, not even the BROWNS wanted to hire him….because he was unqualified…..

    SUCK ON THAT DR!!!!!!!!!


  24. stpetebucsfan Says:


    From a football standpoint both Raheem and Schiano were indefensible hires. However it wasn’t the Glazers being stupid it was them buying Man U and increasing their wealth dramatically.

    That may cheese us but it wasn’t stupid…the Bucs are still worth just under 2 Billion and at the end of the day the Glazers are businessmen first and football fans second.

    I believe the Glazers truly heart the Bucs and are big fans of our team…but business comes first as it should for businessmen.
    It is what it is.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    If I “think” something may happen, but I do not know for sure, then “speculating” is EXACTLY what I am doing. Sheesh.