Have Your Say On The New Head Coach

January 8th, 2019

Poll posted at 7:11 p.m.

27 Responses to “Have Your Say On The New Head Coach”

  1. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    VERY excited. Truly believe this is the perfect hire for this football team. GO BUCS! !

  2. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I want to see wins

  3. Dooshlarue Says:

    2 votes against……
    813 and…..

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not the guy I wanted, but now that he is hired, WELCOME TO TAMPA, BRUCE!

    I’m all in.

  5. Iron Wombat Says:

    5 no votes now… wonder who they are.

  6. scorps1234 Says:

    There is always excitement when a new coach is hired. In 2-3 years local media will be saying to throw the bum out and that they thought it was a bad hire.

    Some teams win Superbowls. We fire and hire coaches. Excitement is excitement.

  7. Krojen Says:

    I like the hire. There’s some great QB classes coming up and this is a great tank move. We’re even poaching staff from the team that just got the #1 pick.

    Arians can retire without being fired as we start a new era of winning in the 2020s.

  8. Jerry Jones Says:


  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Now we know why Licht got to keep his job. Bruce did it lol.

  10. DB55 Says:

    In 2-3 years local media will be saying
    The TB media just needs to shut the hell up and learn a thing or two and that goes for all you “real buc fans” too cuz frankly ya don’t know football.

    If Arians and Winston can’t win together who both have a long history of winning football games then there truly is no hope for the team.

    But seriously everyone needs to shut up and learn.

    And while I’m at it here’s a list of bad arses that will turn this ship in the right direction:

    Kareem Hunt

    Rueben Foster

    Grady Jarrett

    David Irving

    The Honey Badger

    Ron Darby

    Aaron Lynch

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Cut everyone over 30 except JPP and sign the names listed above.

    And NO Adam Humphries is no where near as good as Larry Fitzgerald. Hump is easily replaced, bobo could easily replace Hump. Sorry to burst your bubble

  11. Zam Says:

    Everybody considers him some kind of QB Whisperer, but look at the talent he’s been lucky enough to fall into his lap as an OC/HC:
    Peyton Manning (#1 overall)
    Andrew Luck (#1 overall)
    Carson Palmer (#1 overall)
    Ben Roethlisberger (#11 overall)
    Tim Couch (#1 overall, but he stunk)

    How can his prior success tell us anything? It’s like having the answers to the test ahead of time.

  12. Loyaltotheend Says:


    Tired of the losing and all the false hope

    Let’s see some wins

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    Bowels is DC!!!

  14. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I’m going to go ahead and eat Crow. I didn’t think the Bucs could attract a comment coaching commodity, and I was wrong. I’m excited by this hire

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    DB55……You picked a really stupid time to trash your own fans. Jeez man get a grip.

    Also your wrong. Hump can not be easily replaced. That’s just a asine statement. Get me thinking maybe you don’t know your football……Or maybe your right. You can easily find somebody to makes plays over the middle while taking a bonecrushing hit and still make the play(your fooling yourself).

  16. Big Rob Says:

    I LOVE me some BA! Everyone needs to watch All or Nothing with Arizona Cardinals from a couple/few years ago. I fell in love with the guy because of that show on Amazon. After watching I wanted to run through a brick wall for him!

  17. Pete I Says:

    Despite my concerns I voted yes, hope it works…

  18. John Says:

    I was hoping all week for this hire.. I have to be honest, though, that when I saw CC was hired my good spirits were dampened a bit. He was a terrible coach when he was here before (I know, like YEARS ago), but simply listen to former players who were in the building with him. I know that with all the time passed he may be much wiser (we all better pray he is, lol) but I’d have him on a short leash. Obviously most of us believe that we got the right guy and, personally, I’m hoping that he assembles the finest staff ever assembled and the Buc’s start a decade or longer dynasty of winning and being the team to beat. (Gotta admit, like ’em or hate ’em New England has set a high standard)…..
    Best of wishes to coach. Hope you can get Winston to learn ball security and if so this will be one damn fine football team much sooner rather than down the road… thannks

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. D-Rome Says:


    Just kidding. I like the hire but I still think the Bucs should have gone a different direction and hire someone who could be here for the Long Haul.

  21. tickrdr Says:

    Do you really want Ronald Darby to come to Tampa to play and hang out with Jameis? Are there two players with that name?


  22. John Says:

    He’ll groom someone, bet that’s part of the deal….

  23. TonyC Says:

    12-4 that should be our target. Now’s the time in this fickle conference anyone can be a winner.

  24. John Says:

    12 – 4 sounds reasonable …. Add a running game and a bit of Defense (and a kicker ) and WOW….

  25. DB55 Says:


    We’ve tried the choir boy route, let’s try signing a bunch of “thugs” and see what happens. I use that word sarcastically obviously these kids are far from thugs trust me I know real thugs actual legit thugs and none of these players are even close except djax but some people love him. Smh.

    All the dudes listed are ballers and Arains ain’t no Idaho Koetter if you know what I mean. That’s why I miss old man Glazer, he had *cough *cough “moxy” maybe it was the NY in him. Wtfdik? I know for a fact that Ron Darby instills more fear in QBs that Ryan Smith. And team chemistry can win championships

    Luv you doc, patiently await an invite to your suite on game day. 😉

  26. Buccin T Says:

    Big day for Tampa Bay. Welcome coach u ha e no idea how proud a lot of us Bucs Fans are right now. Can’t wait till next season and what the team is going to do in the off season

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    40 Winston haters are having a complete meltdown right now.