Emotions In Check = Good Jameis

January 24th, 2019

Stunts of the past?

Joe has spoken about this often and Joe is glad others outside of the Tampa Bay area have taken notice.

Last season, when America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, rightly regained his spot as the starting quarterback for your Buccaneers, baby, he was a changed person.

Joe wasn’t really hip to the new Jameis. He appeared neutered. He wasn’t his same entertaining, charismatic self. He seemed more robot than human.

And it showed on the field. He was no longer the gunslinger but instead, efficient if not — dare Joe say? — ordinary. Blah. No pizzazz.

Joe’s good friend Jeff Cameron of ESPN Tallahassee noticed this as well. But in Cameron’s eyes, the new Jameis is the good Jameis, the kind of quarterback a team can ride to the riches of the postseason, so Cameron said in a recent airing of his popular radio show in the Panhandle.

“The Jameis in the back half of this season is the Jameis that should lead the Bucs to a lot of success in the next several years,” Cameron said. “He’s a different guy. I supported the other guy but I really like this guy because this is a guy that has revealed a level of maturity that simply wasn’t there. He’s ready to lead. If you watch his demeanor, he is no longer over-the-top demonstrative. He is a guy who is in control of his emotions and that is very important.

“Any franchise quarterback that is the unquestioned leader of the team, they have to be able — now you can be excitable. Tom Brady is excitable. other guys are excitable. Drew Brees is excitable. You can be that. But you have to, in the moment between the lines, be in control of your emotions and think about the next play and not the last play. You have got to be able to handle the disappointments and the euphoria.”

There are several truisms in Cameron’s words. The key element is that Jameis sometimes seemed more worried about plays that just happened than focused on the play at hand. Games at Dallas, when he headbutted a Cowboys defender, and at Carolina, the fumble ruling that had Jameis go mental and triy to run over Bucs director of football operations Shelton Quarles to get to a referee, were two examples of Jameis losing his mind.

It’s OK for a quarterback to get hyped but he has to set a reasoned tone on the field for his teammates to follow. Jameis had a knack of letting his emotions get the best of him. His heart was in the right place (it always has been) but not his head.

That changed in the latter part of last year. And that’s a good thing for the Bucs, Cameron believes.

36 Responses to “Emotions In Check = Good Jameis”

  1. John5 Says:

    Jeff Cameron gets it. I completely agree.

  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    A step in the right direction….for “the most NFL ready QB”….

  3. miken Says:

    Man , i hope he is right! But what a waste of 4 years getting him togrow up.

  4. SteveK Says:

    Tick tock goes the clock!

    When will this team not suck?

    Now or never for #3

    Big things or bust in 2019.

    Clarity meets reality this year.

    Go Bucs!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You really don’t see extreme emotion from other top QBs………Manning, Brady, Ben, Brees, Ryan….
    Sure….some emotion….they are human.

    I think the new Jameis is better……he still can run….he still has the arm…..but keeping his emotions in check makes him smarter with the ball…..

  6. ben Says:

    After 4 years is he a waste of the 1st pick in the draft ..Winston is rated the 2oth best qb by the nfl . Someday the excuses for him will have to stop.

  7. BrianBucs Says:

    Hopefully all of the NFL ordered counseling that Winston has been taking is doing some good

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    after 4 years of not being developed by the guy that got promoted to develop the franchise QB, we shall finally see winston and this team getting proper NFL level coaching…..


  9. BringBucsBack Says:

    Brad Johnson was boring.

    How many more years do we have to wait for#3 to find himself? It’s already been 4 for us.

    Just one more woman!

  10. Not there yet Says:

    Not sure how anyone is making excuses for Winston cry babies need to accept that he is here next year. None of the stunts of the past will fly with BA because he’s a real coach and not a fraud coordinator like Koetter or a has been like Lovie. I expect all players to take it to another level including Winston something most guys do anyway in a contract year

  11. BuckyLove Says:

    If Jameis is to be successful we need to build a defense, an O-line and a running game. If his replacement is to be successful we need the build the same three things. So next year’s agenda is set with him or without him.

  12. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Jamies needs to put all his emotional energy into processing defensive adjustments after half time and of course…


  13. diggler Says:

    I see the JW homer goggles are quite foggy today in Joe’s bizzaro world.

  14. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    People blame koetter for his lack of development and that is partially correct because the bucs paid koetter to do that but dont forget that jameis has had his own private coach since college george whitfield so, BA, leftwich and clyde will be the 4th, 5th and 6th qb coaches to work with him….when will some of it fall on jameis?

  15. Miller5252 Says:

    So does that mean we’re not eating anymore W’s?!?!? They looked tasty!!!

  16. diggler Says:

    Pipedreaming Joes. A tame JW is like trying to turn a stripper into a housewife. They just don’t have it in their DNA.

  17. D1 Says:

    D. RHODES,

    don’t forget the coach He has in Alabama.


  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Win or be replaced. Any questions?!

  19. bkgrime Says:

    This fan base is pretty pathetic at times. Any “fan” that watched the end of the season clearly saw a more cool,calm, and collected Jameis. He played very well and smart. I hope this carries over which I am sure it will with BA doing his thing. Jameis is going to have a career year with real coaching and a new attitude.

  20. Zero_bucs_given Says:

    What happened to the scuttlebucs podcast?

  21. ndog Says:

    miken Says:

    January 24th, 2019 at 9:18 am

    Man , i hope he is right! But what a waste of 4 years getting him togrow up.

    See comments like this are just ridiculous. In his first 4 years in the league he has put up numbers on part with Roethberger, Brady and Brees but you say it was a waste????? Yeah it was a waste watching a player get better and better and hopefully hear soon become one of the best players in the league. How is that a waste?

    Sorry he didn’t come into the league perfect that all these other all time great QB’s did. Oh that’s right they didn’t either… SMH at you people, waste of 4 years, get a clue man.

  22. Morahdin Says:

    Don’t people who finally discover a flaw in there self usually over compensate and go to far in the other direction? Then hopefully settle somewhere in the middle, we can only hope.

  23. Old Sombrero Kid Says:

    Exactly come down shut up and play football. He should learn how to control his attitude by looking and listening to Derrick Brooks and Doug Williams. Calm as a cucumber but get it done between the lines act like you’ve been there before.

  24. Max Says:

    If the bucs were a bigger market team this image would have been a meme instantly.

  25. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “And it showed on the field. He was no longer the gunslinger but instead, efficient if not — dare Joe say? — ordinary. Blah. No pizzazz.”

    Crazy how Winston came back from his benching, actually played pretty well, won a couple of games, AND kept his god awful turnovers down….and Joe and the Jameis Mob don’t like it?

    I’m no fan of the guy, but I would say that Jameis significantly contributed to the losses a lot less than before he was benched for singlehandedly losing the Cincy game. At least he wasn’t full on captain checkdown like Mike Glennon. And he ran the ball smartly and kept the fumbles down. But to Joe and the mob I guess that’s bad.

    It’s okay though I’m sure you’ll see his gunslinger self come back to life with Arians. I’ve seen Cardinals fans saying he likes the long bombs, even when they’re not working. So hopefully Jameis’ ugly turnovers don’t return with this rejunivated offense. After all this is his last chance.

  26. rrsrq Says:

    Can you imagine JW in that playoff game when the receiver was interfered with, I’m thinking he would’ve blown a gasket

  27. #1bucfan Says:

    Everyone matures at a diff rate. I’m pretty confident that 3 has learned his lessons that Uber disaster was 3 years ago an he hasn’t has any problems off the field since. Sports are a emotional game but still have to keep your emotions in check but you know what we all are human an we all make mistakes everyone does doesn’t matter how big or small. As long as he is our QB he has my full support. Plzz fix the turnovers tho lol

  28. DBS Says:

    It took the former Pro Bowler being put on the bench to realize what he needs to do. Now he needs to concentrate on the rest of his game. This is his make or break year here.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    Cut a guys balls off then talk about how friendly he is…

    Yeah, no thanks.

    I’d rather have the gunslinger with attitude than a boring dullard Mike Glennon clone.

  30. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    All you guys saying 2019 is his last chance. Who the fk are you guys? Unless your last name is Glazer you have no say in this and my guess is they will hang with him for and give him that extension. Idiots saying 4 years have been a waste are simply JW haters. Dude has set most of the franchise records for passing and is basically on par with some of the greatest QBs of all time. All of you can GTFOH and please don’t enjoy any success that he eventually has here.

  31. Bucfan118 Says:

    Was the last 4 years a waste? Number of playoff games 0, any more questions? You can keep the stats I just want to win. How many very low first round pick have we made in the past 10 years, players like GM are over their prime without even dressing for a playoff game. Every trash year is one year closer to a rebuild.

  32. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Buc troll #pin number needs to focus on not being a dicj

  33. DaPostman Says:

    Look up Winston’s stats his first 4 years vs Ben Roethlisberger’s. They are virtually the same. Except Ben had a top tier running game 3 out of 4 years and his defense gave up 17 pts per game while the Buc’s have given up 25 pts per game during Winston’s 4 seasons. The Bucs had a top 5 rushing attack in Winston’s first year. After that they have finished in the 20’s the last three seasons.

  34. D1QB Says:

    Winston v Rothelisberger’ s first 4 yrs stat wise is ridiculous. Same as the Favre, Manning etc etc. It gets thrown out all the time and it’s not relevant in the least.

  35. DaPostman Says:


    Thank you for your opinion. You offered zero facts why it’s not relevant. Maybe you can next time. The only argument you could make that I see is it’s a different era. Not really. Actually Winston has thrown for 3,000 more yards than Big Ben but I don’t want facts to get in the way.

  36. passthebuc Says:

    Why are all the football genius’s writing a column or on the radio?