Defenders Like Jameis

January 11th, 2019

Defensive players polled.

Either NFL defensive players don’t know how to judge quarterbacks or they believe America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is a sell job.

Various reporters for The Athletic canvassed a number of defensive players on each NFL team to gauge on the best, worst and other traits of the NFL’s quarterbacks. The results don’t paint a pretty picture for Jameis.

In answering a question of which quarterback would they most like to face, 18 percent of the respondents chose Tom Brady. Also receiving multiple votes was Jameis.

In responding to the question of who is the most overrated quarterback, Kirk Cousins won with 13 percent of the votes. Also receiving multiple votes was Jameis.

In answering a question of what quarterback would you replace with Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick (Sideshow Bob), 20 percent of the defenders chose Blake Bortles. Also receiving multiple votes was Jameis.

To throw salt in the wound, in answering the question what backup quarterback should be starting in the league, 32 percent selected Nick Foles. Another 15 percent chose journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This is not a good look for Jameis. Of course, he can change this perception very easily with smarter play and heeding the words of his new coach, Bucco Bruce Arians.

Besides, Joe doesn’t know of too many defensive players who ever became quarterback gurus.

106 Responses to “Defenders Like Jameis”

  1. Thegregwitul Says:

    The potential is there and we’ve all seen flashes from Jameis over the years, but 2019 will be put up or shut up time for ‘America’s QB’.

    No more excuses for Winston. He has who I feel is the perfect coach to get the best out of him and I hope Winston does well and receives an extension from the Bucs. I have faith that he’ll get it done.

  2. OneBucPerson Says:

    Course they want to play him, he’s made their jobs a lot easier by turning it over so much.

  3. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Let those dumbsh*t MAGA colors fly, Joes

  4. Jeff Says:


    “Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick “

  5. Harlembuc Says:

    Joes, y’all still gonna go with bashing kaepernick huh? I know which joe it is… the one who’s old and out of touch with everything other than Bucs football
    Stop it… kaep has more success than shameis and he had y’all asking for his coaches
    Stop with the sideshow bob Sh!t… it’s stupid when our qb can’t wven get us to the playoffs
    I’m ashamed of Jameis

  6. Harlembuc Says:

    You all are why I moved back to New York from Tampa
    You are on an island… that you create for your selves… I’ll respect this website when you get any national names to agree with you

  7. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    This here is the second-rate journalist Joe, folks.

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    Wow there Joe..Theres no evidence Kap hates cops or that he luvs castro nor he’s never voted. Kinda strong there guy. The man protested and paid a price. Many felt and still was his right to do so.

  9. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Also, you left off troop grave-pissing.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Right or wrong. They’re keeping him around for some reason.

    They certainly know more than any poster on this site. Or do they? Judging by the past 15 years or so the front office looks like morons. So they could be wrong. I could be wrong too. I’m prepared to be wrong about Winston. What’s good for the Bucs, let him go if that’s what needs to be done.

    What I find funny is the “final straw” fans. “That Uber thing was the final straw and he needs to be gone now!” Those fans. They have to be thinking….man wtf does it take to get rid of this guy. There’s something about this kid, that they’re not going to just throw him away. 20 million or not.

  11. Clodhopper Says:

    Defenders like defending a qb that holds the football like it’s a baby with a full diaper while spinning and juking down the field? Color me shocked!!

  12. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The 3 men that knows most about JW, his skillset, and what he can really do on the field is…

    the 3 Defensive Coordinators of ATLANTA, CAROLINA and NEW ORLEANS in our division

    Those 3 Defensive Coordinators all know how great JW is and will be”

    Kobe Faker

  13. Dirty Bucs Says:

    No evidence he hates cops, except for the socks he wore with pigs dressed up as police on them. Interpret it as you will.

    Anyhow, Winston needs to play smart football and learn not to overthrow his receivers in the middle of the field.

  14. Dooshlarue Says:

    Kapernick is a puzzy.
    Why don’t all you crybaby Socialist STFU.

  15. tnew Says:

    Sapp’s favorite QB to play against was Favre.

  16. TexBuc Says:

    Kaep was on a complete team coached by a former starting NFL QB Jim Harbaugh. A defense coached by a top DC Vic Fangio and a run first offense with a legit running game. No legitimate comparison with Winston can be made.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    You peeps don’t know Joe’s stance on Kap yet? lol

    For those bashing Trump. I didn’t vote for the guy, hated him, but if the election was held today I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    If the economy stays the same. He’ll get re-elected and I’ll take all wagers that it will happen. Into to 1000’s. He won’t need Russia’s help. Peeps vote with their wallet.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can’t really answer that question in a vacuum…….you have to consider the Team (running game, oline, defense) when asking about facing the quarterback……

    Give Jameis the team and he will be much more feared.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    Harlem- I would’ve thought that it was because of the food! Talk about some crazy Halal food! Makes my mouth water thinking about that Falafel cart we visited in Manhattan.

  20. doolnutts Says:

    Well see what BA can do for Winston… If BA can’t fix Winston’s turnover issues and we don’t have a winning record I fully expect us to have all options on the table for a new QB moving forward. I would honestly be shocked if Arians/Winston marriage doesn’t work.

  21. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Doosh

    I’m a proud conservative. I don’t believe in suppression of speech. Kaep isn’t perfect, but he’s likely more American than you’ll ever be.

  22. Robert Says:

    love all the butthurt over loser krapernik

    man….”It’s hard to be woke”!

  23. Jameis “Will” Win-A-Ton Says:

    Jesus Christ you people still an that Kapernick BS. Must be a boring ass life!!

  24. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yeah I don’t put a lot of stock in that honestly. Look at what Jalen Ramsey has said about some good QBs for example lol.

    BA has probably the best track record with QBs of anyone I can think of that would have an opinion about this, and he is 100% all in on Winston.

    “On how he judges young quarterbacks.

    “I personally don’t look at stats. I’ve seen too many guys with those stats fail over the years. It’s how does he play the position? What’s he do on the next play when he gets the crap knocked out of him? How does he respond to an interception or a bad play? His body language, his demeanor in the huddle. You have to have a guy in that huddle that when he calls a play, the other 10 guys believe it. Some guys can throw the ball through the wall, but that’s not really playing quarterback.””

    Winston has done well with not letting pressure or hits effect his confidence and play – which you can’t measure on a stat sheet.

    Go watch film of Fitzpatrick against the Steelers on Monday night. The Steelers were getting pressure and it was having an obvious effect early on his confidence and game. He threw the dump pass to Rodgers afraid; and it went for a pick 6.

    Hell you could visibly see Tua playing scared in the national championship game because he didn’t trust his offensive line. Same with Francois at FSU or Blackman. But even when Winston’s line has sucked, he doesn’t seem to ever stand afraid in the pocket. If anything he just starts pressing more aggressively (which can also be very bad lol)

  25. Bucsnuts Says:

    So your saying that he is up there with Tom Brady?

  26. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Well said, Lord. Jameis’ pocket presence under duress is top flight.

  27. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    I could see how the defensive side of the ball would like to wreck jameis esp after that embarrassing eat a W thing and then when he attacked lattimore both were just bad looks. As for kap whoever said he didnt bash cops nor didnt vote, he did both those things, but kap is a joke who doesnt really want to play in the NFL because he has been offered several jobs and declined. JOhnny fball went to canada to show how much he still wanted to play

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Politics, politics, politics!
    One day we, the people, are going to wake up and realize that we have WAY more in common than we think. When THAT day comes, change will surely follow.
    There’s no money in commonality. Take that to the bank.

  29. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also Winston just needs to play as effectively as he did the last 6.5 games of the year when he wasn’t looking over his shoulder about being benched.

    Here’s those teams defensive rankings in PPG for reference:

    Giants (23)
    49ers (28)
    Panthers (19)
    Saints (14)
    Ravens (2)
    Dallas (6)
    Falcons (25)

    In this stretch to end the year our team averaged 29.8 PPG on offense. That would have ranked 4th for the year.

    Winston’s 2018 final half season #’s when prorated:

    4500 yards
    64% Completion
    32 TDs
    9 Ints
    7.9 YPA

    Top 4 scoring offense in the league.

    The hard evidence is staring us right in the face. BA himself said the suspension/QB carousel likely f*cked up both QBs. Winston was coming into a situation in which the town was wearing beards because Fitzpatrick was averaging 4 TDs a game through a 2-3 game sample size which we now know was flukey as f*ck in retrospect.

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    wow joe bashing kaep….lol….someone who made a stand against social injustice…..obviously something joe never experienced or will take time to understand….

    yeah bash that guy…….

    and praise/or find excuses for your: crab stealing, BB gun toting, standing on college tables yelling profanity, BK soda machine drinking, sexually assault making, darby said he wasnt there, uber driver groping, INT throwing America’s QB….lol….

    joe sure loves bashing a “certain type” of men…kaep has no affiliation with the bucs….how about bashing john brown….a man who admits to beating his wife….not a man who’s being blacked balled trying to education folks about social injustice…..

    #GO BUCS!!!!

  31. Bird Says:

    Dang ..

    Those defenders /players polled must be racist. They are definitely haters. They have played football their whole lives and know all the other players.

    You criticize Jameis here you are one of the above. Hater or racist.
    Love when the messiah cult calls people stupid for their opinion when everyone else ,including players are saying same thing.

    With that said , I agree Jameis gets this year

    And I agree arians is the perfect man to take him to next level. Out of the average /middle of the pack road.

  32. Bird Says:

    Players gonna play

    Haters gonna hate

  33. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…

    vs the ravens and cowboys poor jameis literally couldnt stand a chance…..

    cant remember what game it was but i remember dotson getting bullrushed which made dotson fall flat on his back and he hit winston knee….winston fell on his back and he was looking up at the sky like, “Lord please save me”….lol….

    #GO BUCS!!!!

  34. rriddler Says:

    “Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick”

    Look at Kaep’s history. Joe ain’t wrong!!

  35. Loyaltotheend Says:

    So one Joe is an old out of touch white dude who doesn’t feel Kap has a well reasoned stance for minorities being unfairly treated? Bad form

    Back to the football aspect I can see why defenders feel this way especially when you lead the league in turnovers and are not a winner at the pro level

  36. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Yeah that was some bad pass pro lol.

    Licht’s biggest failure that I don’t think is on other coaches is in not fixing this damn O-line with youthful good players outside of just Marpet basically.

  37. WeAreLost Says:

    Get Woke, Go Broke

  38. BucEmUp Says:

    This is stupid. Wait for him to get a defense

  39. Chris Says:

    The problem with jameis is he doesn’t see the field consistently. I can recall countless times where the football analysts calling the game notice he makes the wrong read or misses the open guy. When I say miss, it’s not seeing the open target or missing him with an inaccurate pass.

    His game is frustrating Bc when he does it, bucs fans rave about “oh see he can go through progressions and hit his 3rd read and look off defenders. I’ve been to the stadium and there are times he takes a sack holding on to the ball and not seeing the open man. That’s a problem for a 4th year starting QB who was the #1 overall pick 4 drafts ago.

    If I’m Arians and Licht, I’m not tying my career to him. I’m drafting a QB with upside in round 2 or 3. Drew Locke or Danielle Jones would be my ideal targets.

  40. 813bucboi Says:


    i can go for that….if your going to go “cheap” you better have damn good coaches to coach those diamonds in the rough up….otherwise they’ll stay looking rough….

    #GO BUCS!!!!

  41. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    I agree with the 1st comment 100%.

    What Thegregwitul said!!!

  42. Bucs 14 Says:

    “In answering a question of what quarterback would you replace with Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick (Sideshow Bob), 20 percent of the defenders chose Blake Bortles. Also receiving multiple votes was Jameis.”

    Racist much Joes?

  43. FairMinded Says:

    The Joe’s political side has always been plain stupid. Glad they’ve mostly stayed away from it recently. Attacking what’s viewed as a stance against police brutality on minorities sure isn’t going to win them any friends in the locker room

  44. DaPostman Says:

    If Kaepernick really cared about social justice he would have assembled his other kneelers and protested down at the San Francisco police station or the court house on his day off. Isn’t that where the problem lies according to Kaepernick. So what does this lame as_ do? He insults the very people who pay his salary. He has every right to protest but maybe he should have thought a little harder on where. Total moron and I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole if I owned an NFL franchise. BTW I believe Baltimore was going to sign him until his GF starting talking sh*t about the owner and Ray Lewis. If you lay with dogs you are sure to get flees.

  45. Brandon Says:

    Mike Johnson Says:
    January 11th, 2019 at 10:19 am
    Wow there Joe..Theres no evidence Kap hates cops or that he luvs castro nor he’s never voted. Kinda strong there guy. The man protested and paid a price. Many felt and still was his right to do so


    There’s tons of evidence. Most of it came from his own stupid mouth. He also decided to become vegan before his last season in San Francisco and lost so much weight that when he reported for camp he was so light that he was deemed to be not physically capable for duty. Kap’s biggest problem is that he isn’t very good and football has not been his priority for quite some time now. JaMarcus Russell was kept out of the NFL for similar reasons. Very talented, decent stats, but he didn’t really care about football… or being a better player.

  46. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    In answering a question of what quarterback would you replace with Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick (Sideshow Bob),

    Whoa joe, didn’t know you were a racist MAGA idiot

    I thought you were cool

  47. Slugglife Says:

    You’re a racist! You’re a racist! You over there- youre a racist!

    There’s your proof that if you don’t toe that leftist line, you’re a racist. What a joke. Lap never cared about “police brutality” when he was betting his eyebrows on a game. Never mentioned it once. And that free speech he’s exercising? Guess what? We are Americans with the right to call him an asshole. This exercising our free speech, which apparently makes us racist, but he’s a hero.

    If it makes you feel better I think Chuck Schumer is an asshole That probably makes me a racist because he’s a democrat right? Any of you also lovers care to discuss how Senator Tim Scott has been treated by white liberals? Let’s go!

  48. Slugglife Says:

    Kap lovers

  49. Slugglife Says:


    For the record, I’m a MAGA idiot and never thought you were cool. All you do is whine like a little btch. I guess Joe isn’t entitled to have his own political philosophy and must conform to whatever you feel is the acceptable exercise of free will.

  50. Dre-Day Says:

    lol clowns. You bash a player’s protest against police brutality and social injustice, then you wonder why players don’t like you. And you may get a few here and there to speak with you, but it’s already well-known that you’re frowned upon in the locker room.

  51. Slugglife Says:

    Recent history is littered with the careers of people who were targeted for political donations, free speech and controversial opinions. Where’s your outrage for them?

    Or is it just that Kap fancies himself as a black panther that we all must be morally outraged? Since half of you dipshts probably don’t realize there are five provisions to the 1A, I’ll let you in on a well known fact- Tebow got run for exercising his 1A right too. Did you stand up for him? Nah. You just said it was because he sucked right? So does Kap.

  52. Bucs fan #7423 Says:


    What Bucs fan on here you don’t see whining????

    You didn’t know fans complain when their team loses?

    Oh yeah that’s right, you’re an idiot

  53. DB55 Says:

    So I read the full article and it was brutal. Can’t ignore the facts and that is that the league obviously doesn’t see what we the few fans Winston does have see. Ultimately it’s a production business regardless if Bennoch gives you zero time to throw or if you’re getting hit 20x a game. Idk I guess we’ll see what happens but based on the article players see Winston as they do Bortles. Hoping I don’t get charges $60 for reading that article Joe.

    Off topic: the only thing I don’t like about jbf is that it seems like an open forum to bash certain people but others are off limits and will get you banned but wtfdik.

  54. Maze Says:

    They’re still laughing at him over eating W’s

  55. Slugglife Says:

    WTF good does whining do? People like you have been whining since Nov 2016.

    Anything changed?

  56. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    This Joe, the one that sounds like he fellates Bobcat Goldthwait every morning, loves to kick the hornets nest.

  57. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Slugglife

    Have you ever heard a president whine more than 45?

  58. Slugglife Says:


    What exactly is social injustice? I’ve heard some BS definitions, but I’m genuinely interested in your opinion. Because this country is littered with stories of injustice towards all people, of all races, of all religions.

  59. Slugglife Says:

    Have you seen a president accomplish more in 2 years than 45?

  60. Bucs fan #7423 Says:


    That idiot trump you voted for is always whining on Twitter.

    But I guess I should have known your kind are hypocrites

  61. Slugglife Says:

    With all the forces of media, entertainment, and money aligned against him, he just keeps winning. And be honest, it sucks for you to watch him out do the messiah, who had every influential industry blowing him daily.

    I’m old enough to remember when criticizing anything the president did was rooted in racism. How old are you?

  62. Clodhopper Says:

    My leftists tears tumbler has only filled up this fast one time: November 8th 2016. And the rich get richer!!

  63. Slugglife Says:


    Yes, I have. Also referred to as president stompyfoot, I have a pen and a phone Obama. That guy was constantly whining about talk radio, Fox News, Republicans, white people, the list goes on and on.

    Thanks for asking though.

  64. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    That’s fine. All good.

    JW has an opportunity to take those votes next year and shove em right up those guys a$$es.

    Not that he needs any extra motivation….
    But f**king BRING IT.

  65. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “In answering a question of what quarterback would you replace with Fidel Castro-loving, cop-hating, non-voting, unemployed Colin Kaepernick

    I’m taking Joe’s side on this one. How can Joe be bashing Kap when all he posted was how Kap describes himself?

    That being said….I believe in free speech (on your own time)…In the workplace it’s called political expression and it’s usually prohibited by most organizations.

  66. Slugglife Says:

    Well played. These fools have no outrage for the little girl shot in a drive by by gang bangers, but bring up super douche Kap and they’re ready to come out swinging. Seriously misguided.

    America 2019.

  67. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Slugglife

    Accomplishments are debatable for every president. It’s also easier when you have the votes of Congress. He should’ve done more considering, but he couldn’t even unify his own party. Most came by executive order, something he often chastised his predecessors for doing.

  68. tickrdr Says:

    @Lord Cornelius:
    Interesting stats. Could you please explain how you arrived at some of your numbers? For instance, the offense averaged 29.8 ppm??


  69. Slugglife Says:

    I think the results speak for themselves. But you have a valid point.

    I won’t even mention the court appointments alone. That being said, I’ll go ahead and end my political posts.

  70. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Court appointments? No president has had more appointments held up. Also, he’s had more vacancies to fill than any modern president. This isn’t an achievement, it’s a given. Again, he had both houses of Congress.

  71. Dre-Day Says:

    Social injustice = when a dominant population knows of or about the injustices suffered by a minority population – and either turns the other cheek, or acknowledges it and still does nothing about it.

  72. Slugglife Says:

    Wait one more, Rhonde- should’ve accomplished more is also debatable. What you have here is an outsider not endorsed by these political professionals who worked at every stop to derail any real reform. No outsiders allowed.

  73. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    The Senate has not made judicial appointments easy for 45.

  74. tickrdr Says:

    Sorry for the football interruption.
    Is there any correlation between Jameis’ good games coming against defenses ranker 23rd or worse, and the offense only scoring 12, 14, and 20 points vs. defenses ranked in the top half?


  75. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Majority is not a disadvantage, that’s not a debatable statement.

  76. tickrdr Says:

    Sorry for the typos…… trying to type in the car, or else I’ve just developed Parkinson’s.


  77. Slugglife Says:


    So are you saying that shining a light on the tragedy that is everyday Chicago isn’t actually racist? Because any time I’ve seen this tragedy acknowledged it’s been quickly shot down as racist. Or is it your opinion that social injustice only involves issues of opposing races?

    Is there any culpability for people who commit crimes and are exposed to the harsh realities of our justice system? Imagine if all this energy was directed towards a shift in the actual culture that leads to glorification of crime and the resulting injustices. Because injustices are always institutional.

  78. DB55 Says:

    Slugglife Says:
    January 11th, 2019 at 1:16 pm
    Have you seen a president accomplish more in 2 years than 45?
    True story! Never seen a prez have more cabinet member plead guilty to federal crimes or get arrested. Also never seen a prez blatantly lie as much as old 45.

    Serious question: why so much hoopla over “protecting Americans” from illegals but zero concern about protecting our kids from AR15s and school shootings? Just curious. Why so much concern over middle America overdosing on heroin but when heroin was killing people in Harlem it was bc they were savages and animals? Just curious.

  79. Slugglife Says:

    Sorry tickrdr

    We should get back to football. This is a waste of time. Everybody is dug in.

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    tickrdr- In keeping with the theme, that sir is what is now commonly referred to as “fake news!” LOL!

  81. Dre-Day Says:

    Inner city strife and police brutality are two separate concepts. At a very young age, I learned how to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. Nowhere on here did i bring up Chicago which has nothing to do with this post. Now Kaep is protesting police brutality. Speak on it. Don’t pull a conservative escape tactic and try to change the subject. If there was a cologne called “Deflection”, every conservative would smell the same.

  82. Slugglife Says:


    I guess you’d consider old 44 the paragon of truth huh? It’s racial, I get it. You do know that the opioids are killing our children faster than any AR15 could. And it’s killing people of all races, it doesn’t discriminate. I am an advocate for Americans first of all races. Illegal immigration affects minority communities more than it does any other community. Let that sink in. If you can look at issues without making it about race, everything becomes more clear. Why channel tax dollars and resources away from American citizens and homeless veterans? My nationalism is a desire to see all Americans lifted up. And hey buddy, more Americans were killed by MS13 than schools shootings last year.

    Focus man. This is the greatest place to live in the world. If it wasn’t we’d see a mass exodus to some communist hellhole.

  83. Slugglife Says:

    So you’re #1 focus is on what happens between police and minorities, but the rampant killing of black Americans by other black Americans is not a concern for you. Got it.

    I guess you and Kap have your priorities and the culture is just fine. Why don’t strap on the badge and the gun and go show everybody how it’s done? You’re attitude is why so many of us have given up even trying to be a positive influence in to those disadvantaged youth. Nothing is ever good enough or appreciated. If there was a cologne called selective outrage, every democrat would be wearing it.

  84. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    tickrdr says
    “Sorry for the football interruption…”


    LOL,,, beautiful, man.
    Totally cracked me up.
    Good stuff.

    The beautiful thing about the BUCS…
    is that our political affiliation NFL-wise is ALL the same.
    It’s BUCS.
    Color matters not…
    for we ALL wear the same color here. BUCS.
    We have more in common than we don’t.

    Luv y’all whether we agree or disagree.


  85. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    To clarify,, i just thought “sorry for the football intererruption” added some humorous levity to some heated discussions.

    Definitely NOT meant to make light of the serious nature of what you guys had to say, and you said it well.

    Again, love y’all whether we agree or disagree.

  86. Slugglife Says:


    Opioids are killing our kids faster than any AR15 could. Handguns are the most commonly used firearm in all murders. MS13 has killed more people last year than all school shootings combined. Illegal immigration affects the black community more than any other community. Illegal immigrants collect billions in benefits that could be channeled to the homeless, disadvantaged, and veterans.

    Is there a problem with taking care of Americans first? I want to see all Americans lifted up. And if you had a solution to the heroin use in Harlem, why didn’t you present it to us? The people you are looking to to solve all these problems are the same people accused of systematic oppression. Arrest the dealers and its disproportionate incarceration. A lot of us are close to not really giving AF now. Would that be better?

  87. Slugglife Says:

    Agreed. When we’re in the stands we are all brothers and sisters.

  88. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Slugglife Says:
    January 11th, 2019 at 2:06 pm
    So you’re #1 focus is on what happens between police and minorities, but the rampant killing of black Americans by other black Americans is not a concern for you. Got it

    Nobody cares about black thugs killing other black thugs

    Just like nobody cares about white racist killing other white racists

  89. Slugglife Says:


    I replied a couple times but the posts got yanked.

    Soldier on brother.

  90. Slugglife Says:


    Well said man. God bless all y’all. No reason to continue this.

  91. Slugglife Says:

    Tried to reply to you DB but my posts got yanked. I’d love to respond but it aint working. Joes might have had enough of me.

    Another thread I’ll catch up to you in response. Be well.

  92. Bird Says:


    Classic you man. Hypocrisy at its best.

    “Ok to bash some people (McCoy). Yet some people are off Limits (Jameis) “

    Wow. I mean just wow. Bwtfdik

  93. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Slugglife says
    “When we’re in the stands we are all brothers and sisters.”


    My favorite post of the young year.
    We are, man.
    And in 7-11 and at Walmart too.

    I care about you people and your well-being.
    In the end we truly are brothers and sisters.
    Thank you Slugglife, and God bless you too.

  94. Bucsfanman Says:

    Demon- Despite your rather menacing moniker, my allergies actually acted up with that post.
    I’m all verklempt!

  95. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ haha, thanks bucsfanman! Always love your posts.

    The “Demon” moniker is just kind of a Metal thing. Playing aggressive music over the years (metal/hard rock) kind of lends itself to the tough-nosed imagery.

    But yea, i am god loving, and care about you people as extended family. Truly look forward to the day that maybe we all meet in a JBF sanctioned Bucs sports bar, where we can have our name tags on of the monikers and raise a beer together!

  96. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    By the way JOE….

    Just throwing it out there. I am still relatively new (only a few months)…. and maybe you have already done it…

    But i think a “Who Are You?” and “What does the moniker mean?” thread would be incredible.

    I truly do. I already have memorized…. oh at least 75 to 100 of your monikers. What do they mean?

    Just a thought!
    GO BUCS!

  97. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    How come no one can prove I’m a hypocrite?

    Oh yeah that’s right, because I’m not

  98. Day1BucFan Says:

    As soon as I heard him talking about roaches having sex and pissing outside I no longer wanted him as the face of the franchise.

  99. Buccfan37 Says:

    What a joke when both parties suck.

  100. Bucsfanman Says:

    Cheers Demon!
    My moniker? Hey, I’m just a Bucs fan, man!
    It just had a ring to it.
    Rock on!

  101. Vince Says:

    Older white guys bashing Kaep???? Never seen that before 🙄 People don’t realize how much of a sheep they are based on their basic demographic, think for yourself man

  102. DarkwingBuc Says:

    Don’t even when we have Alleged Rapist, crab leg stealing, crotch grabbing, Saints fight instigating, peddler of misogny to school children, secret keeping, stupid decisions making, losing quarterback Jamie’s Winston. Look at Cap’s accomplishments during his first for years compared to Winston! Not only has Cap demonstrated he’s a better quarterback than Winston at this point (which is probably why professional players put him on this list) he’s also a better human being. Joe you’re way to into Jamies. Flashes does not make you a good quarterback, it’s year four put it together, dude. Ryan Fitzpatrick had flashes, Mark Sanchez had flashes,Vince Young had flashes, Brock Oswieler had flashes! I could go on and on flashes don’t mean anything, being consistent, being smart, winning games makes you a good quarterback Winston has exhibited none of these traits.

    Cap never said anything about hating Cops. That’s fake news, don’t do that.

  103. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    It’s easier to incrementally implement an authoritative, oppressive government when the populace falls for the Marxist victimolgy, and continue to stay distracted my fighting amongst themselves.

    When nearly all of the alleged news networks don’t allow any diversity of thought, what you see is propaganda. Don’t fall for the propoganda. Unite.

  104. Tom S. Says:

    Way to go, Dumb-Joe. Now I’ve got my sports-politics fix for the day. Can you let the Smarter-Joe proofread your articles before you submit them just to save everyone some time?

  105. mickman Says:

    This kind of polls are useless! just like the polls that said Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. Wrong again. what a joke.

  106. Holy Facepalm Says:

    I am perfectly safe against anyone with an AR-15…