Coaching Search Tracker

January 3rd, 2019

Monitoring coaching rumors.

Here is a list of coaching search rumors with hot candidates the Bucs either should be interested in or have reportedly put their toes in the water for. This will be updated periodically in the coming days so feel free to check in regularly.

[Update: 10:50 a.m.]

[Update: 10:50 a.m.]

Per Jeremy Fowler of BSPN, the Bengals have requested permission from the Bucs to interview Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken for their head coaching vacancy. [Twitter]

The creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, looks at renewed speculation Dolphins may trade for John Harbaugh. [PFT]

Josina Anderson of ESPN stated on NFL Live Wednesday that the Bucs are expected to host Minnesota defensive coordinator George Edwards for an interview on Friday in Tampa.

Per Jenna Laine of ESPN, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht flew to Kansas City to interview Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The interview is completed. Next up for Licht is Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator George Edwards on Friday. [ESPN]

Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is scheduled to interview with the Bucs today. [Ian Rapaport/NFL Network]

The search firm the Bucs hired to assist in coaching search has offered up Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly as a candidate. [David Haugh/670theScore]

USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury expected to interview with Cardinals and Jets. He was Pat Mahomes’, Baker Mayfield’s and Johnny Football’s college coach/coordinator. [Yahoo! Sports]

Now it is being reported Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores has not been scheduled to interview with the Bucs. [Jason La Canfora/CBS]

The Bucs plan to interview Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores this weekend. He will also interview with the Dolphins, Browns and Packers. [Jason La Canfora/CBS]

Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy, who has turned down the Cardinals, is interviewing with the Jets. Given how often his name is popping up all over the place for weeks, it smells like his agent may be abusing his unlimited text package. [Ian Rapoport]

Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor set to interview with Broncos and Cardinals and maybe the Bengals. No word on any interview with the Bucs. [Albert Breer/theMMQB]

The Rams will host sort of an open house Friday and Saturday for any team with a head coaching vacancy to interview any of their assistant coaches. [Los Angeles Times]

The Bucs have requested an interview with Minnesota defensive coordinator George Edwards. [Tom Pelissaro/NFL Network]

The Bucs are among several teams planning to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. [Kansas City Star]

Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor has three interviews lined up with head coaching openings. But not the Bucs. [Peter Schrager/NFL Network/FOX Sports]

A “majority of teams” with a head coach opening have reached out to fired Miami coach Adam Gase. [Adam Schefter]

Dolphins and Broncos want to interview Bears DC Vic Fangio. [Adam Schefter]

125 Responses to “Coaching Search Tracker”

  1. Buc50 Says:

    Eric Bienemy or Zac Taylor from this list.

  2. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Dolphins and Jets are asking to interview Kris Richard

  3. ninety9buc Says:

    I think the hiring of the hot young assistant would be a mistake for this team.
    The Bucs need a head coach that can deal with the diverse roster. A coach that has experience managing the game clock, as well as the mixture of veterans and new up and comers. We need a coach that will command and deserve respect from all players of the team.

    Im thinking a Mike Mcarthy or Bruce Arians. We can’t afford to gamble with a maybe. we have gone down that road.

  4. WeAreLost Says:

    Gross bro

  5. DP Says:

    I like the idea of BA with an understudy coach he can groom. The whole process is to make Jameis to the next level. I’m just wondering how the defense will grow.

  6. Troy Says:

    We’re screwed. We can’t even interview the best DC in the NFC North because our GM is an idiot. You all better get ready for a tier 3 coach getting sold to us all as a “splash” hire. Go Bucs. 😭😭😭

  7. YU Says:

    would you do the Gruden trade but for Andy Reid?

  8. Lunchbox Says:

    @Troy…a “Tier 3” coach? Does that mean like not our first choice but our third choice? Tony Dungy was a third choice. Does that make him a “Tier 3” coach? Cuz that worked out pretty well. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but just because a guy isn’t the first choice doesn’t mean he’s the wrong choice. We would all do well to remember that.

  9. Joe Says:

    would you do the Gruden trade but for Andy Reid?

    Seriously doubt the Chiefs are willing to trade away Reid.

  10. Nwbucfan Says:

    You think Reid might be on the chopping block if the chiefs are a first round exit?

  11. Mike Says:

    Hey ninety9buc,
    I could manage a game clock and I’ve never coached a day in my life.

  12. isrBuc Says:

    By kipping JL the glaziers dictated 2 things- next coach must be someone who’s ok working under JL and also someone who really likes winston. I can’t see JL drafting another QB. Winston was his #1 overall pick.

  13. Bucs fan #7423 Says:


    Bucs are [unfortunately] sticking with a 4-3 defense so they won’t hire a 3-4 defensive minded coach

  14. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Eric Bieniemy Please!

    Or Mike McCarthy

    Or Bruce Arians

  15. Pete I Says:

    Pete I Says:
    December 31st, 2018 at 6:11 pm
    Licht is choosing the coach?

    When Jason Licht became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC South. Five years later, the Bucs are still the worst team in the South

    Licht = 27-53
    Winston = 21-33
    Since Malcolm’s Stroke = 77 – 131
    New HC = 0-0 (but he will have to coach Licht’s picks)

  16. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    7423, the scheme is a coaching choice not an organizational decision.
    Bloody hell, do you at least know this is American football, not soccer?

  17. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Pete are you just going to post your numbers on every post? Is that the extent of your input and knowledge?

  18. Max Says:

    Minnesota’s defensive coordinator? WHAT?? they stink!!

  19. Pete I Says:

    “Pete are you just going to post your numbers on every post? Is that the extent of your input and knowledge?”

    Yes and No.

    When Jason Licht became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC South. Five years later, the Bucs are still the worst team in the South

    Licht = 27-53
    Winston = 21-33
    Since Malcolm’s Stroke = 77 – 131
    New HC = 0-0 (but he will have to coach Licht’s picks)

  20. Pete I Says:

    So do we need an offensive minded coach to “fix” Jameis or a defensive minded coach to fix the defense? and hope Jameis will be OK?

    Retread vs Young turk? Which is Adam Gase? He never got to draft his own QB at Miami.

    Arians and McCarthy? Older retreads. Moderate success overall but winning records sometimes with moderate talent, unlike Licht.

    Lickt is picking the coach? We should be excited by this, why?

    When Jason Licht became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC South. Five years later, the Bucs are still the worst team in the South

    Licht = 27-53
    Winston = 21-33
    Since Malcolm’s Stroke = 77 – 131
    New HC = 0-0 (but he will have to coach Licht’s picks)

  21. Pete I Says:

    Here is some love for Monken on a Dolphins board:

    “Todd Monken the OC of the Bucaneers would be my pick if the Harbaughs are not available. Instead of giving one more chance to clueless Gase the OC of Chicago that has never done a good job without Manning, I would give a two year tryout to the OC of the Bucs, one that made wonders with Fitzpatrick and Winston at QB, number THREE ranked offense in the NFL. First year of Monken they were 19th, second year 9th and then his third year (2018) THIRD. I call that a big improvement, unlike Gase that could not improve at all.(from the low 20ths to the low 20ths!)

    Monken does not have elite QB, or a top RB, he does not have a top OL. He has elite WRs and a good brain for offense. I think he would use Drake, Wilson, Grant, Ballage, Stills and whomever the next QB Is, to the best of their strenghts.”

  22. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I don’t think it matters if the head coach is a defense guy or offense. I think what’s more important is his philosophy and his message to the team, how he leads and the standard he sets.
    Most important is the signing of the OC and DC. If he is an offense guy, we better have a damn good DC, and vice versa.
    Based on who is available or in college I would go with Harbaugh, Arians, or Richard.
    If the list expands I would say, Harbaugh(jim), Tomlin, Arians, Richard, LaFleur

  23. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:
    January 1st, 2019 at 4:38 am
    7423, the scheme is a coaching choice not an organizational decision.
    Bloody hell, do you at least know this is American football, not soccer?

    If a team already has the personnel for a 4-3 defense they’ll likely hire a 4-3 coach because they would have to replace too many players to fit a 3-4 scheme.

    This ain’t a Madden video game bro

  24. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    The schemes are not that much different and we have the personnel to run a 3-4. You worded your statement like you had some inside info that the organization is sticking with a 4-3.

  25. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:
    January 1st, 2019 at 5:59 am
    The schemes are not that much different and we have the personnel to run a 3-4. You worded your statement like you had some inside info that the organization is sticking with a 4-3.

    LOL we’ve been 4-3 for the last 20 years

  26. Buc50 Says:

    4-3 and 3-4 are really different. How long have you been watching football? Gaps change along with linebackers and linemen

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    Interviewing coaches is not just about finding a head coach.

    It is also about understanding what the rest of the league thinks about your roster and former schemes, and picking their brains how to fix it.

    I suspect the Bucs already know who they want, they just aren’t topping their cards.

  28. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Is there really even a real 3-4 defense anymore. In the modern 3&4 receiver NFL most teams play a base nickel defense, unless you are playing the Ravens this year. Otherwise the base 3-4 is only really seen when teams go two tight end because almost no one carries a full back anymore. The so called 3-4 teams usually morph into a 4-3 nickel front using rush linebackers as DE

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    @Alaskan … “I don’t think it matters if the head coach is a defense guy or offense. I think what’s more important is his philosophy and his message to the team, how he leads and the standard he sets. Most important is the signing of the OC and DC. If he is an offense guy, we better have a damn good DC, and vice versa.”

    Agree Alaskan … with one caveat. What’s the VISION for our team? Bucs have always been a DEFENSIVE team. Always been our focus … UNTIL , ironically, Lovie & Licht came along. Since then we’ve struggled with a LACK of vision IMO. We’re caught in No-Man’s-Land … middle-of-the-pack offense (in terms of POINTS SCORED) combined with a bottom-tier defense (in terms of POINTS ALLOWED). Result is quite predictable IMO: a losing team.

    Have long believed that GREAT DEFENSE NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. Look at Baltimore today; Chicago today. Great defenses playing throw-back offense (heavy run emphasis). And they’re winning, by playing some excellent COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL. Can they stop the high-powered offenses? History says they’ve got a decent shot.

    The irony for our Bucs is that BOTH our offense AND our defense need roughly equal improvement to truly dominate IMO in the near future. Which way will they go? Heavy OFFENSE emphasis? Heavy DEFENSE emphasis? A balanced approach? Anybody’s guess right now I think. Sure am glad we still have the Architect of this Mess in charge of determining that vision for the future. Oh well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

  30. Bob in Valrico Says:

    We didn’t have enough quality LB’s healthy enough to field a 4-3 alignment,never mind a 3-4 alignment. Jason Licht doesn’t put enough emphasis on defense
    to add enough quality players on the defensive side of the ball. He still has to fix
    the O-line and get an explosive RB who can catch as well run with the ball.
    Unfortunately he has passed up a number of really good running backs while
    missing on a lot of his second round picks.

  31. ben Says:

    Why is Licht still here ? has he shown to be a winner after 5 years? ok,I will stop but the bucs need to start trying to be a winner and not settle for mediocrity.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    Again, Look at our History. When we played great Defense, We won a lot and gave our Offense a fighting chance. When our Bucs went more offensive, Sure they looked good but the defense has suffered ever since. I’m not against hiring an offensive guy. But he sure as hell better have a DC who knows Defense. Thats why I like Arians. I know he’s gonna bring his road-dog Bowles with him as DC.
    Get back to Kick A.. Defense Bucs and you will start winning some games. What good is scoring 40, when your D allows 41?

  33. StoutGospel Says:

    JOHN Harbaugh. Done. Anything he wants. Gotta go in strong and fast with first offer.

  34. richbucsfan Says:

    Ah, hah! The Bucs hired a consulting firm to help with the coach search. Well wouldn’ you know this comment board is that firm. I am certain Licht is taking notes on all that’s being said here.

  35. Troy Says:

    I’m telling you right now, the Bucs are going to end up with whoever every other team does not want. It won’t be a decent coach. It’ll be what’s left. No offense, but George Edwards??? And before you say Rooney Rule, Bieniemy qualifies for it. He can’t even interview the best DC in that division. Ah well, what can we hope for out of Licht. He drafts OTs to play OG, run stuffing DTs and DEs for pass rushers, and substandard RBs and DBs. Why on earth would anyone think we’d actually get a decent coach. And please stop talking about Arians. He won’t be on the Bucs sideline, neither will McCarthy or the Harbaughs. Get ready for our “splash” hire to be a DC who really isn’t one or some retread. Hey, Is marty schottenheimer available? Maybe we can lure Marvin Lewis down to Tampa.

  36. TOM Says:

    Bieniemy=Rooney Rule. If Arians wants it, its his.

  37. Gambelero Says:

    Someone smart over someone less smart would be my recommendation.

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sadly TROY..I think you are right. But I hope not!!
    IF Benedict Arnold Licht..can convince Arians to come here, we will have a winner.But I’m not at all confident. I’ll just sit back and the rest of you and..Hope..and Wish..and we Buc fans have been doin for yrs now.

  39. mdsbuc Says:

    It doesn’t matter who the new HC is, if we don’t improve the talent on this team, not in the skill positions, but in the trenches, where games are won and lost. If the Bucs had better talent on the OL, and had a better coach there, I think Dirk would have been a winner (after the firing of Mike Smith.)

  40. Darin Says:

    Its obvious to me the Bucs are going after people with former HC experience. I dont disagree this time either. As long as its the right one. Looks like the coordinators they are interviewing are for the rooney rule. The Glazers know they gota make a splash this time. Patience has run out from the customers.

  41. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Give me Arians or Jim Harbaugh. I don’t really want to see the “hot coordinator,” (Koetter) or one of the “hot college coaches,” (Schiano) as we’ve seen that before with little to no success

  42. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Vikings are BORING!!!!!!

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Idiot in Chief should interview Kris Richard, but he’s way too smart for that. Licht is going to screw this up again. Funny there’s no mention of Richard in this post. Why not a young fiery coach with a future? The Bucs job is better than the Hets for sure. The Licht is on but nobody’s home.

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d rather have Dabo Swinney than than an NFL retread. Then when Trevor Lawrence comes out, make the move and get him. I wanted Desean Watson, but their Jameis infatuation was too strong. Imagine having a QB with brains. Winston can’t even make a coherent sentence in an interview. The Bucs are destined to suck for all eternity.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs slogan for 2019 “Embrace the Suck”

  46. Issaic haggins Says:

    Arians for Lichts Boss and Or bring back Rich McKay to help Licht . Glazer Boys Licht needs help , do your prudent part !!!! For ONCE !!!

    Yes Glazers be a progressive part of the solution not continuing in your non prudent hands off pollution ways !!! Make Licht better , he’s not coming to you , I see the weaknesses and the strengths so surely you must !!!

    What have YOU ( Glazer Boys ) done to build Jason , to strengthen his weaknesses, to support his weaknesses!!!

    Answer : The same as always NOT MUCH, NOT Enough!!! Yes Glazer Boys You must CHANGE NOW !!! You Truly are Part of the Problem !!!

  47. SenileSenior Says:

    I’m with Bob in Valrico.

    A change to a 3-4 scheme would be dramatic. I am not sure our LB and DE core could would be up to it. Yes, we could have Vea as NT. I think it would take more than one year to retool and make it work.
    Go Bucs

  48. TOM Says:

    Arians or bust! No Jim Harbaugh. (control freak) Besides look what Ohio St. & Florida done to his Michigan team.

  49. ManzielMadness Says:

    Lol I love how people say say we have a top offense. Guess what? POINTS matter more than YARDS. Our rank for PPG the past 3 years?
    Not a top tier offense.

  50. Frank Pillow Says:

    Do not be shocked to find out Licht is targeting a coach NOT on this list…one that is currently at a big time college program.

  51. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Nick Saban on Jan 8, licht will be reduced to cap man and saban will have bucs roster flipped and 10 wins in 2019

  52. Not there yet Says:

    Pete you’ve got some serious issues. For some reason you think lichts record as gm is not tied to how bad the coach is. Lovie Smith hired Licht so you think Lovie hired a gm of his choice to tell him what to do? This is lichts team post Lovie. Koetter can’t coach to save his life so yea I can see the record being what it is especially when he’s not coaching. Why does a first round pick need to have a talk with a gm before he starts to play up to his potential. Licht and his entire staff were trash.

  53. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bienemy might be an interesting choice. KC’s offense is certainly potent.

  54. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Saban failed in the NFL already.

  55. Zwak Says:

    We aren’t even going to interview Kris Richards?

  56. Troy Says:


    Licht is incompetent and the owners are too lazy to can him. He’s proven he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’m seeing a Hue Jackson type as our next coach. Marvin Lewis or Herm Edwards will be a “splash” for this moron.

  57. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    Not really sure where you’re going here, but can we keep it close to Bucs talk?–Joe

  58. NewTampaChris Says:

    Adam Gase for OC and Gregg Williams for DC. Maybe Bruce Arians to manage them.

  59. Frank Pillow Says:

    I don’t believe the college target is Saban…

  60. Nybucsfan Says:

    I’m all in on BA!!!

  61. BigMacAttack Says:

    Enough with the political crap. Joe why don’t you ban that idiot

  62. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike McCarthy is the only logical option for us. His Packer were strong in offense and defense…and that’s what we need.

    We need a coach who has a history with both sides, a proven winner. McCarthy is that.

  63. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Bruce Arians is the #1 target right now. Arians has ties with Jason Licht from their days in AZ, Arians is on record as loving Jameis, going all the way back to High School, and The Glazers want to make a splash signing.

    It all makes sense, and I’d be 100% on board with that.

  64. Brandon Hendricks Says:

    Why would they hire a D Cordinator from the Vikings they declined on defense last year didn’t they?

  65. Big Country Says:

    Arians HC and Boles DC Buckner D line… Light as GM but Arians with more control.

  66. Jimbo Says:

    Pete are you a third grader? If so, please let the rest of us know, otherwise we will continue to perceive you as the ultimate cretin.

  67. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    BigMacAttack, you live in a state that allows you only eight dollars an hour, and you call me an idiot. You can see where the problem is can’t you? Maybe not!

    Dave Pear, I do not live in Tampa. Dummy! That is why they work you like an illegal immigrant, except they have more skills.

  68. cmurda Says:

    @NewTampaChris. I’m just going to assume you are being sarcastic.

  69. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Jason Licht i hope is gone as someone stated, the bucs need a legit nfl personnel guy who knows scouting & talent and a track record to show. This is a 2-3 yr rebuild. Id love a defensive background HC like fangio if saban isnt coming. Fangio is a great teacher and been successful immediately wherever he has been

  70. ManzielMadness Says:

    I’m on board with:
    HC: Arians
    OC: Freddie Kitchens
    DC: Todd Bowles

  71. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    manziel…. that would be an excellent staff

  72. Sean Osborne Says:

    We just went down the Hot Assistant/offensive guru YET zero NFL HEAD COACHING EXP..Did not work if noticed ..This team needs A LEADER WHOS BEEN A HEAD COACH IN THIS LEAGUE WITH SONE LEVEL OF SUCESS ..A HC with charisma but balls and savy ..obviosly every team wants that but we MUST HAVE IT …add help on O line defense /running game and get our team back to respectability in the NFL

  73. T REX Says:

    The Joe’s erased my post. Too much truth for them. Our GM is TELLING each candidate that Winston is their QB next year. Our new head coach is being told who his starting QB will be. That is baloney and what coach worth a damn is going to take a job where the GM/Owners are already dictating who you can start at QB. Total garbage and I expect nothing less from this loser franchise.

    Do not give them a dime.

  74. JimmyJack Says:

    TRex a lot of HC jobs are like that. A lot of times the QB is already on the roster. Sounds to me like you are making a bigger deal about it then is necessary. The Bucs aren’t doing anything abnormal or crazy here.

  75. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Brian Flores on Bucs interview list per LaCanfora

  76. T REX Says:

    @JJ – sure if they are Rodgers or Brady or Brees. A guy with the most turnovers since entering the league? That’s for the new coach to decide. Sorry. It should even be more of a warning sign that one of your terms of employment is keeping a guy that was suspended and benched this year. A new HC should be allowed to evaluate on his own whether he wants the human turnover machine to be his QB or not. It should not be a condition of getting hired.

    This will end badly…again.

  77. JimmyJack Says:

    T-Rex you don’t need to have a bonefided HOF QB to make a decision like this. That’s an absurd statement.

    At the end of the day the orginazation needs to have a plan for their next hire. Their plan includes Winston at this point. I get it you don’t agree with the plan but your going overboard with it acting like they are running the team as dictators. As I said teams hire HCs every year in this league with the QB already on the roster……and no, it’s not only if the QB is a Brady, Bress ECT.

    You don’t like the plan, OK. But remember they could have fired everybody and planned a total rebuild project. If they had done that their would be a lot of fans upset about that plan.

    They are never going to create a plan that please the entire fanbase. That’s just not possible.

    And everything your saying about this plan could be said had they decided on a rebuild……..Some coaches won’t want to be forced with Winston…….yeah but some won’t want to take on a rebuild……..forcing Winston on HC makes them dictators…….yeah but bring in a HC that demands change at QB makes him a dictator.

    Point is that some of the fanbase will always disagree…..I felt this way when they retained Dirk last year. I disagree but put my own opinions to the side and supported the team. Can you do the same?

  78. Troy Says:

    I don’t think the mandate to work with Jameis goes past next season. If Winston tanks, the next coach can get a new qb in the 2020 draft.

  79. Troy Says:

    I don’t think the mandate to work with Jameis goes past next season. If Winston tanks, the next coach can get a new qb in the 2020 draft

  80. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jim McElWain

  81. JimmyJack Says:

    Thanks for the updates.

    IMO the best direction would be a canidate with NFL HC experience under their belt. I feel like our team is built to win next year with the right direction(and upgrades to roster).

    I think an experienced retread has a much better chance for success while an inexperienced coordinator has a better chance for failure.

  82. T REX Says:

    JJ, I prefer the new coach have autonomy with his QB. He should be allowed to do evals of the roster on his own. Sorry.

  83. Rojas Says:

    Jason LaCanfora just said an hour ago that Brain Flores isn’t interviewing with the Bucs it’s the broncos.

  84. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    My top two choices are Bruce Arians and Eric Bieniemy.

  85. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    The #Bucs will interview #Vikings DC George Edwards for their head coaching job on Friday, say Rapoport.

  86. JimmyJack Says:

    T-Rex……I don’t think the Bucs are not going to let their HC evaluate and give input for the roster. I think the plan is to hire somebody who wants to work with Winston. It’s not like they are going to hire a HC that doesn’t want Winston and then force him to play Winston. They are just narrowing their coaching search based on their future plans.

    I can understand if you think it’s a bad idea. That’s fair. I just don’t think it’s fair to say they are running the team as dictators.

  87. Rojas Says:

    Agree Knack my top 2 choices are the same.

  88. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    Seriously, you people are more concerned about who the next coach will be than you are about eight dollars an hour?

  89. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:


    -The new Browns HC “must accept” Baker Mayfield.
    -The new Jets HC “must accept” Sam Darnold.
    -The new Cardinals HC “must accept” Josh Rosen.

    I could go on and on, but you get the point. The media has made it seem as if Tampa’s an unattractive job, because the next Bucs HC has to have Jameis as his QB1. However, that’s how it is with every team that has an up-and-coming, or an already established QB. Jameis is the major reason why Bruce Arians is even interested in coming to Tampa, when he’s said a few weeks ago that he has zero interest in coaching the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

  90. JimmyJack Says:

    Keep going Knack…….How about Vrable last year taking on the Titans job?

    Adam Gase was given Tannehill.

    NYG HC was given Eli.

  91. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    Here’s a few more:
    -Frank Reich accepted the Colts job with an unhealthy Andrew Luck, who hadn’t thrown a pass since late 2016.
    -Gruden took over the Raiders HC job, with Carr as his QB1.
    -The next Bengals HC will have to run the team with Andy Dalton leading his offense.

  92. T REX Says:

    Winston is neither up and coming nor elite.

  93. ManzielMadness Says:


    Thanks brotha. They’re all familiar with each other so theirs still hope, lol.

  94. Dave Says:

    The QB situation doesnt make Tampa unattractive. Teams looking for a HC rarely have ideal QB situations. Jameis is going to get one more year no matter what HC comes in here. The new guy didn’t pick Jameis, so he’s not going to be married to him. If Jameis stinks up the field or has another off-the-field incident…the new coach can can him without repercussions.

    The bigger problem is the organizational culture. It’s a bad culture with this team. Its been that way for years. And a new coach has come in here and try to turn that around. How you fix that is an even bigger problem than Jameis Winston. The roster isn’t bad. But you got some guys here who are obviously only here for the paycheck. And you ultimately have to find a way to get those those guys to either buy in or get them out of here. And if you are not a good coach or an experienced coach or can’t manage and control this roster….that is where you are going to fail.

  95. JimmyJack Says:

    TRex nobody said elite here except you.

    Obvisously if the guy was elite it wouldn’t be a discussion.

  96. T REX Says:

    JJ, knack said those words not me. Thanks. I think we’re done here.

  97. D-Rome Says:

    I have zero clue as to how to evaluate a coordinator for a head coaching position, but trying to get someone from one of the top teams in the NFL seems like a step in the right direction. Eric Bienienmy could be someone good, but I’m sure people said the same about Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weiss, and Josh McDaniels.

  98. unbelievable Says:

    Lol at Brian Kelly. Please no.

  99. Pittsshore Says:

    No “real” coach would ever interview with the Buccaneers if “head coach killer” JW sticks around for another year. I was listening to a talk show yesterday afternoon in which they stated JW his rent has the 21st best quarterback in the NFL

  100. Pittsshore Says:

    ***is ranked

  101. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    Eight dollars an hour opinions on this here coner of the web. Listen to someone with a descent salary. Litch could not predict that Dirk would sabotage Jameis. We all have personality flaws, Dirk’s is not saying what he means. Jenna Laine called him out on deceitfulness

  102. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Pittsshore Says:
    “No “real” coach would ever interview with the Buccaneers if JW sticks around for another year.”


    LOL, and that is of course asinine.

  103. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Thisisagarbageblog Says:
    “Eight dollars an hour opinions on this here coner of the web. Listen to someone with a descent salary.”


    Hey troll. – It’s hilarious that you would come in here throwing around this “eight dollar an hour” crap and then show us that YOU CAN’T FRICKING SPELL!!!!

    The word is “DECENT”, genious.;

    You can’t hang with us, TROLL.
    Move on.

  104. Darin Says:

    I could be wrong but i dont think Licht ever said Jameis had to be the starting qb. Just said he’d be here. No good coach would come here if his starters were already being announced. Although I hope its Arians. And he loves him some Jameis. Lets face it anyway, Jameis is the best qb the team has and probably could have before the season starts. No way Im playing a rookie over him. Just wait until Jameis gets a real running game, defense, and a good coach in his ear. He is gona be fine.

  105. 813bucboi Says:

    kris richard would change this thing around this offseason….


  106. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    New York Jets
    26m26 minutes ago
    “UPDATE: We have completed an interview with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy for our head coaching vacancy.”

  107. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Thisisagarbageblog Says
    “Eight dollars an hour opinions on this here corner of the web…”

    I retired at 45. And my employer came to my home to beg me not to retire the evening of my last day. I was in corporate management at the time.

    Before that, I ran an Advertisement, Multimedia and Graphic Design agency that had over 40 ongoing clients…those clients still contact me multiple times a year asking me to work for them.

    In retirement, since 2010, I have been writing novels.

    I have not made $8 per hour since…well…since my first few jobs at 16 years old.

    Can you say the same?

  108. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Bucs to interview Kris Richard!!!!!
    Hopefully we get to him first!

  109. Kobe Faker Says:

    “So how many games will BA last till he goes to the hospital?

    So BA is actually the only person picking the next HC because he will be hiring the OC and DC for his staff?

    BA was a great coach 2 years ago…His health is too much of a liability

    no one ever beat father time

    Stress of being a HC caused his health issues and retirement …so we hire him as HC?

    Remember when people followed Forrest Gump when he just ran across country for no apparent reason? Forrest Gump meets Groundhog Day ”

    Kobe Faker

  110. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Adam Gase and Matt Eberflus are my top choices….

    Kobes Predictive powers says

    Eric Bieniemy will be our new Head Coach”

    Kobe Faker

  111. joestang Says:

    Licht will screw this up like everything else he touches.

  112. Buc50 Says:

    Even if someone here made 5 dollars and hour, a person who looks down on that person is scum. I hate people who base a person’s worth on how much they make or how much you think they make.

  113. AlteredEgo Says:

    Deja Vu all over again… hey !!! ….the Bucs are getting pretty good at this coach search thing…..

  114. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Bonzai, are you going to post a copy of your tax returns to backup these claims of early retirement?

  115. AlteredEgo Says:

    Curse …. grow up

  116. Ted Kamensky Says:

    @ Bonzai, totally off topic, but seeing as you brought it up, can you tell us the names of your novels? Or are you writing them just for yourself? A lot of people spew a lot of bull; so excuse me if I’m coming across as cynical; but I’m genuinely curious.

    Anyhow, I liken the whole “8 dollar an hour” comment to what I usually describe as “armchair analysis,” which a lot of fans are guilty of. None of us are experts. The guy obviously heard that somewhere and thought he’d sound clever repeating it. “Descent/decent” railroaded any hope of that. It doesn’t matter. Point is, none of us know better than Licht; especially the ones calling him (a professional talent evaluator) an idiot all the time; and I think that was his point. Having an opinion and voicing it is one thing, thinking that you somehow know more than an NFL GM is another. It’s absurd, boardering on delusional.

  117. donuts Says:

    I still like Bieniemy the most. McCarthy second. Its quiet in Mike McCarthy-Buc romance land. Is Cleveland the lock for him??? I’m not so sure.

  118. Tut Says:

    I think the goal is Arians. I have this defense oriented coach feeling if we don’t get Arians. Jim Schwartz is my guess as he has a great pedigree running his 4-3 defense.

  119. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well, everyone can consider Josh McDaniels off the head coaching candidate list. He has already started refusing interviews by refusing to talk to the Bengals.

    Them I could see hiring Bruce Arians.

  120. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Ted Kamensky

    I write fiction, mostly Fantasy and Thrillers. You can click my name on this post to find more information.

  121. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Jim Schwartz would be a horrible hire…certainly not a splash hire.

  122. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Ted Kamensky

    Actually, here is a better link. Just click my name. I’m on nearly all platforms, including Itunes.

  123. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Curse of Gruden

    Sure. As soon as our president posts his. lol

  124. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Speaking of the Browns…am I the only one who thinks they should have stayed with their interim head coach? The guy was like 5-3 or something like that.

  125. donuts Says:

    Greg Williams under normal circumstances would have been retained. He is a bit of a wild cannon as DC. He took over more because there was nobody else with experience. Kitchens did a good job too getting Mayfield to grow.