“As In When Football Was Invented”

January 1st, 2019

Man, general manager Jason Licht sure has one extraordinary perception of his offense.

Sans a running game and with historic turnover numbers, Licht sees one of the greatest offenses in NFL history.

He was gushing about it yesterday to Buccaneers.com team reporter Casey Phillips.

“I think you have to start with, you know, we had a historically good offense. Not just the best offense in franchise history but it ranks up there with some of the best offenses in NFL history, as in when football was invented,” Licht said. “So we have a lot of those pieces, all those pieces, hopefully all those pieces coming back.”

Joe understands Licht’s optimism for his talent, but it sure feels like an unproductive and almost silly mindset about an offense that averaged just 20.8 points a game in the second half of the season. Repeat – 20.8 points per game.

Also, this heralded offense Licht speaks of just lost all its coaches and will lose one of its productive elements: DeSean Jackson.

Of course, Joe is glad Jackson will be gone, but if Licht is going to sell this line about the Bucs offense, then Joe has to mention that this legendary offense will be without its architects and a key contributor, and possibly one of its quarterbacks that started half the season.

You can see Licht talk in the Buccaneers.com video below.

51 Responses to ““As In When Football Was Invented””

  1. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    How many points an offense scores is the only thing that matters

  2. Joe Blahak Says:

    Stats are for losers, so…. This reference to numbers is contagious, including the Joes, and means diddly squat. Throwing for yards is more important than scoring? Jason needs to stop polishing turds and get to work on repairing the roster…

  3. Pete I Says:

    How many wins an offense has is the only thing that matters!

    When Jason Licht became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC South. Five years later, the Bucs are still the worst team in the South

    Licht = 27-53
    Winston = 21-33
    Since Malcolm’s Stroke = 77 – 131
    New HC = 0-0 (but he will have to coach Licht’s picks)

  4. Jr.3 Says:

    I think its telling he praised every D-lineman accept McCoy.

  5. isrBuc Says:

    that guy should have been fired. drafting howard is a no brainer at best. pure luck. the inability to draft a runningback, a slot receiver in the first round, spence etc.. it goes on and on. gave up on mcduglad so he was forced to pick justin evans instead of kamara. jpp is easy. everyone knows who he is.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Cut Jason some slack….he’s still in shock that he didn’t get canned.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    2019 will be another wasted Buc season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tbbucs3 Says:

    McCoy post 2013 was always decent but inconsistent.

    This season in 2018, was the one year he was truely bad, I mean awful. Looked small, slow, and most importantly, looked softer than chicken bleep. Just completely ineffective from game to game.

  9. Fire Light Says:

    Bucs bounce back year. Hopefully Licht doesn’t screw the draft up.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “2019 will be another wasted Buc season!”Their

    You know that without even knowing who is hired, who we sign, or who we draft?

    Come on.

  11. Fire Light Says:

    As per Rooney rule:

    If the person who has the final say in picking a coach is involved in the beginning of the process, that person must be involved through the conclusion of the process. If clubs fail to comply or seek to evade procedures outlined in the rule, the NFL’s workplace diversity committee has endorsed enforcing accountability measures.

    Licht May be out once the hire is made.

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    @isrBuc: Not drafting a slot in the first round? Why? What about Humphries?

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The claim that Jason Licht sucks is a false claim. He’s probably the best GM we’ve had outside of Rich McKay…and he might even be better than Rich by the time all is said and done.

    It is not the GM’s job to get wins, so blaming the record on Licht makes zero sense. His jon is:

    – Choose Coaching Staff (with owner approval)
    – Balance the Salary Cap
    – Fulfil the Vision of the Team that the Head Coach desires
    – Sign Free Agents to Cap Friendly Contracts
    – Draft 3-4 Good players per year (on average)
    – Work team beneficial trades

    While no GM is perfect in all of these requirements, Jason Licht is very good in all of them, with the possible exception of Free Agency…but even on that he improved this year.

    A team is built through the draft and by finding young talent (like Nassib). Because draft picks and young talent availability are limited each year, you fill the needs you can with them, then plug the holes with veterans until the next year, or until you can acquire and develop young talent.

    Fans who blame the bad defense on him are short-sighted. If you draft a franchise QB, the first thing you do is built around him. Building an offense is a process that takes years. Jon Gruden tried his entire time in Tampa and only partially succeeded.

    Overall, offensive talent takes longer to develop. This is because the playbooks are so indepth. On defense, the longest position to develop is Cornerback, but you can build a good defense from scratch in 2-3 years (it won’t be finished, but it can be well on its way).

    For years, outside of one draft, we’ve felt Jason was good at the draft. Suddenly that changed when he took Vita Vea? No. Vea was a great pick. He just wasn’t the pick some of you wanted. Your milk spilled and you have been crying over it since. Get over it.

    He had three second round picks, Rojo, Stewart and Davis. Davis is looking very good, and we don’t know yet about Stewart and Rojo. Stewart is developing slower than Davis (it happens) and Rojo has not had the ingame reps to develop.

    Alex Cappa will start at Right Guard next year.
    Jordan Whitehead is looking like he’ll develop into a solid safety.
    Fifth round pick Justin Watson was a depth pick. Don’t know yet what we have there.
    Jack Cichy was developing until he got injured. 6th round pick.

    Thats 3-6 possible good picks, with at least three starters. That, people, is an excellent draft.

  14. SteveK Says:

    I hope next year isn’t a lost year, Realist.

    Licht and Jameis get to stay, while Koetter is the fall guy. That works, so long as the offense keeps on chugging, and we win more games next year.

    I feel bad for a new head coach coming into a Gm in year 6 and QB in year 5, as there needs to be expectations for Jameis and Licht to win some damn games.

    The Bears turned around in a year. Why not us? Why fire Koetter if you don’t expect to do better, immediately?

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Fire Light, let it go. Licht is not going anywhere. He’ll have a new contract quickly.

  16. SteveK Says:


    The lack of kicker and RB is on Licht 100%.

    Licht spends on FA: resign muscle hamster, several kickers

    Licht drafted a kicker and RB in the 2nd round, both of whine suck and should not be in the league.

    When do the fans get to hold Licht accounatable? Every Buc Fan and their brother knows that the RB and Kicking game are beyond excusable. Shame on Licht.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    It has been my experience that people looking for reasons to hate come up with expectations they know have not been met. For example, Licht got us Humphries, who is an excellent slot WR, but you add the condition of ‘First Round’ because that’s not where Licht got him.

    You give him no credit for OJ Howard because that makes him look good, but if he had passed on him, I bet you would hold it against him. You blame Spence on him, but Jason did not injure him multiple times (not to mention Spence was a Lovie pick).

    Licht has gotten multiple starters out of every draft except one. This year he got three for next year, maybe more.

    Licht is at least the second best GM in Bucs history, and by the time he is done, he might be the best.

  18. Bobby M. Says:

    You’re not going to see a top 10 offense….not happening. You cant win with Winston dropping back 30+ times per game. The formula for winning with Winston is “less is more”…..Run more, pass less….play ball control/time management. The Bucs basically need the Bears defense and Leveon Bell for Winston to be effective.

  19. AlteredEgo Says:

    Licht is a snake….taking credit for all the good and ignoring the bad….

  20. SteveK Says:


    I blame Licht for signing D-Jax + Baker 🌴.

    Licht should have written Calais Campbell a blank check.

    I blame Licht for being here 5 plus years and we still don’t have a Kicker, RB, or CB. All of this despite, multiple FA attempts AND premium draft picks spent.

    She I tune in on Sundays next year, am I going to see the same crap? An undisciplined, overrated, pussified group of losers?

    New teams turn it around every year, it needs to happen now. I don’t have patience for Jason Licht and his shoddy roster building.

    I want to hear Licht day “it’s my roster/ my vision”. Jimminy Christmas, Jason, put your damn name on it!

  21. SteveK Says:


    I blame Licht for signing D-Jax + Baker 🌴.

    Licht should have written Calais Campbell a blank check.

    I blame Licht for being here 5 plus years and we still don’t have a Kicker, RB, or CB. All of this despite, multiple FA attempts AND premium draft picks spent.

    She I tune in on Sundays next year, am I going to see the same crap? An undisciplined, overrated, pansy group of losers?

    New teams turn it around every year, it needs to happen now. I don’t have patience for Jason Licht and his shoddy roster building.

    I want to hear Licht day “it’s my roster/ my vision”. Jimminy Christmas, Jason, put your damn name on it!

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Mentioning kickers and running backs three times in a row does not make it worse.

    Licht had a kicker…Connor Barth, who ruined his career playing basketball for charity. Since then, he has tried to find a replacement and failed, yes.

    Doug Martin was the number two RB in the NFL when he got his contract, second only to Peterson. It isn’t his fault Martin doped up.

    But let’s blame both on him, just to be fair.

    He has fixed every other part of the offense, hasn’t he? You might point to the line, however, he got Wester to replace Dotson, had a backup plan for Caleb with Cappa, and if Donovan walks, he has Leidke to step in. All young and promising. All they needed was a little developmental time, which they got.

    On defense, he got a good LB group, including a replacement for David when needed (Beckwith), two good safeties (developing), JPP, Nassib, Davis and Vita Vea.

    But let’s hold two positions he hasn’t filled yet against him?

    He will fix both. Then what do we hold against him?

  23. Jason S. Mclaurin Says:

    I definitely feel he won’t make it past this offseason as far as Jason Licht goes. He needs to go for the culture to change but I like that ownership is giving him one more go at the draft and all that. I actually think he will have a good draft. I think they’re done being buyers and have now become sellers. McCoy will be gone which will be huge cap relief to go along with Grimes. It’s just sad how JPP came in and took over the guys role on the defense. I feel if we can draft another big hole clogging DT like Dexter Lawrence from Clemson. He would be perfect to go next to Vea. We also need to think speedster at DE in the draft and guys who have some size to them. We also need to draft at MLB and either move on from Alexander or move him to the outside. I hope we don’t go 3-4 as a defensive front though because I believe we still can re identify the Tampa Two now that we got JPP and LVD but we need another hole clogging up the middle on defense next to Vea.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    There is no doubt that Licht has sucked, for the most part, at free agecy. Baker is all on him, and I won’t deny that.

    But let’s not pretend that you did not want DJax here when rumors floated about Bucs interest. Did you not want him signed?

    I actually didn’t. I said back then that speed means nothing if you cannot catch. Everyone looked at his speed…and looked past his attempts, which were heavily inflated because of his diva attitude, just like his first year here.

    But regardless, most wanted him in Tampa.

    So I think it’s a bit hypocritical to hold DJax against Licht when you all insisted he sign him.

  25. El_Buc941 Says:

    @Fire Light If our GM is such an incompetent GM why in hell would ownership allow and trust him to hire the new HC and then can him? Do you hear how ridiculous your statement sounds?

    On another note,he said HOPEFULLY ALL the pieces on offense return,DJax an exception? And he didn’t fail to mention “we could also add more pieces to the offense.” Let’s see,what’s missing on offense….a RB and one whole half of the OLine.

    As for Gerald McCoy,I doubt we’ll release/trade before trying to restructure his contract. And if we do trade him we will probably get a Kings ransom if we find the right team to deal him tom

  26. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    One I’ve the best Offenses I’ve ever seen…..until they reach the red zone.

  27. SteveK Says:


    Licht did not pick up Martin’s option and then paid him when he could’ve franchise tagged him.

    Licht drafted Justin Evans over Alvin Kamara, and drafted RoJo 2nd round and Snoop Dogg McPlaybook in the 5th. Also drafted Charles Simms in the e third.

    Adrian Peterson wanted to play here each of the past two years, and it’s damn shameful that Licht didn’t sign him, just as a backup. AD is better than anything we have and we are too proud to have him?


    Barthe goes down and you can’t adequately replace the position in 5 years!? How many games are lost bc of crap kicking?

    Despite spending a second round pick, and signing FAs, Licht can’t find an average kicker.

    Don’t forget Vernon Heargraves. The 11th overall pick, and he is slow/undersized/ is not an outside CB.

    Licht cut Revis, who won a SB that year, in favor of Alteraun Verner, Ghost Johnson, and Anthony Collins.

    Licht cut Penn and let Zuttah walk in favor of lesser talent.

    Donovan Smith is not a $15 million per LT. If Licht pays that or wastes the franchise tag on him, it further confirms the “Gump” moniker.

  28. SteveK Says:


    I would’ve not signed a single player that year until Calais Calbell was locked up. I wanted that guy on our team so badly! I was willing to say “bye” to GMC for him. Etc.

  29. AlteredEgo Says:

    Licht has been blowing smoke up the G’Boy’z azzzz

  30. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Cobra, he means drafting a slot corner in the 1st round. He doesn’t like VHIII

  31. SteveK Says:


    I can see some good things about Licht and the talent he acquires. I just need to see it take form and “win”.

    We need complimentary football in the worst way.

    I don’t want to pay a guy top LT money if he’s middle of the pack, durable as hell, and DOES NOT play to the whistle.

    Don’t reward loafing.

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Licht’s free agency has not been top-notch, but he always made sure it didn’t hurt us long term. Baker was gone a year later with no penalty. DJax will soon be gone with no penalty. Unrein (injured) the same.

    Curry was a good signing, but Nassib is young and stepped up. At the time Curry was signed, we did not have Nassib. But we can now trade Curry, or release him with no penalty.

    Jensen is an excellent center, even with his between play penalties (which stopped after Jameis called him on them).

    Grimes was good for us for two years, and this year he became average. He’s gone this off season…with no penalty.

    I could go on, but suffice it to say that for as many misses as he’s had in free agency, he’s also had good signings.

  33. Hodad Says:

    What’s Licht going to say, my offence sucks as bad as my defense? Licht’s only under contract for this year. Whoever the next coach is will decide if he can work with him. If not it’ll be like Gruden in Oakland.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I’ll tell you what.

    This week I will completely evaluate Jason Licht from start to finish, grading every move without bias in writing, and average it out. I mean every move. (It might take more than a week, not sure)

    Fair? I’ll link to it through my name above when it is done. You can judge if I had bias, and if I am accurate.

  35. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Here comes the pile on.

  36. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Mike Greenberg is the team capologist, the only thing Licht gets credit for is retaining him in this area.
    The lack of depth on defense is clearly on Licht. The jury is still out whether Beckwith or Kwon will return to form after their serious injuries. Special teams should be the place to develope young defensive players. He has failed to get quality players to groom
    like McKay did many years ago. IMo we have too many wide receivers. Of these
    three, Sergio Bailey,Justin Watson or BoBo wilson, only one has a chance to
    get any serious playing time next year with our receiving corp. My guess is it will be BoBo ,because he probably has the speed to fill the DJAX role.
    That said the other two shoulld be replaced on the next years roster or practice squad by budding defensive players for special teams. Note Bailey doesn’t currently count as a roster spot since he is on IR. But Job 1 should be fix the defense and Licht’s free agent signings have failed to do that.

  37. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Bonzai, you’re right about releasing Curry, but they would have to do it before the 5th day of the new league year. After that he’s guaranteed 5 million this season. They could release him between now and then with no dead money. I think Curry stays, but with Nassib playing well Curry’s an expensive backup. He could go.

  38. down in the dirt Doug Says:

    I think this consulting firm will do more than help Licht select a coach and players.I think they will quietly be evaluating Licht and sending updates to ownership.

  39. Jim Says:

    This is too reminiscent of the “Weapons4Winston” episode, where all you need is Jameis and a dozen elite receivers…

  40. Not there yet Says:

    Fickle fans talking trash about Licht, why was everyone so excited about this team and saying that it had no excuses? Licht doesn’t coach and doesn’t develop players. Why didn’t vea come on until talking to Licht. Team will be just fine with the young players. He has misses like every other gm and it’s stupid because people talk like gm’s bat a 1000. Saints had a historic draft last year this year not so much, the difference is in the coaches and that’s why Licht is back and he is the only reason Bruce Arians is willing to listen to the bucs

  41. Pete I Says:

    When Jason Licht became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC South. Five years later, the Bucs are still the worst team in the South

    Licht = 27-53

    When Rich McKay became the Bucs’ general manager, Tampa Bay was the worst team in the NFC Central. 2 years later, the Bucs were in the playoffs and won a playoff game. 9 years later the Bucs were World Champions.

    Rich McKay = 80-64 with 5 playoff appearances in 9 seasons and 1 SB win

    Licht Couldn’t even shine Rich McKay’s doorknob and get it right.

  42. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Bonzai, just because you can name players on the roster doesn’t mean that Jason Licht has done anywhere close to a good job.

    The right side of the O-line was a hot mess this season. Wester is nothing special, Cappa barely played this season. And Liedtke is literally a 1-preseason game wonder at this point. But yeah he’s done such a good job building the line.

    It took him 4 years to adequately address the Dline. And our best player (JPP) is going to be 31 next year, and our former best player (GMC) will more than likely not be on the team.

    The Secondary was god awful this year just like its been in every single year that Licht has been here outside of a 5 game stretch in 2016. And on top of that Licht spent the #56 overall pick on an unmitigated bust of a slowpoke corner.

    Not exactly a stellar track record of team-building any that’s without even mentioning the cancerous malcontents like Fatty Baker and MEjax that he’s brought in and have created rancor in the locker-room.

    He’s a been a mildly below average GM at best. And as obviously biased as you evaluation of Licht would be, don’t even bother. It would be more of a joke than your arguments against Bruce Arians in Favor of Mike McCarthy were yesterday.

  43. Tbbucs3 Says:

    LOL @ Jason Licht is a good general manager

    His track record and constant slip ups speak for themselves.

  44. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If the Bucs had a true football owner, Jason Licht would of been fired years ago.

    The only reason he is still employed with the Bucs is because the Glazers are not football people and do not trust their decision to hire a new coach and GM.

    It’s pathetic.

    Jason Licht is the face of losing for the Bucs, and this continues.

    However, if he can lure Bruce Arians, then it will help.


  45. SteveK Says:

    Does Jason Licht have any pro bowlers on the roster? And I am not talking about “America’s Alternate”.

  46. AlteredEgo Says:

    Licht needs to save his NFL earning wisely…he can open up a used car lot on N Dale Mabry in 2 years…

  47. TOM Says:

    Lets face it. To the Glazers its just business. A business to make money which they are doing hand over fist. And who is suffering? Not the Glazers. Not Loser Licht but the fans. Its time to wake up & smell the roses & boycott these ass clowns.

  48. passthebuc Says:

    The question is, will the Glazers ever learn.

  49. Issaic haggins Says:

    Again this is the fantasy land part of Licht !!! He should be wholly concentrating on the worst running game in the NFL and not adequately protecting his number one pick for the past four years !!!

    Again , worst running game and protection as a package in nfl history over the past four years and he drafted a rb in the second round that can’t catch !!!

    Ok worst is an exaggeration but it’s really really bad !!!

    See Indianapolis / Luck

  50. AlteredEgo Says:

    RoJo….LOL..he struggled learning the playbook last year…..now he’ll have to learn a new one….it’ll be interesting to see how he does under new management

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    The Chargers two years ago had 35 turnovers…
    The Bucs this year had 35 turnovers…

    The Chargers lost every single close game. People said Rivers was washed up, a turnover machine, it was time to dump and start over. Instead they got a new HC, one without the stank of a loser, and now they were a tie-breaker away from being the top seed in the stacked AFC.

    Amazing what coaching can do.