Saints Defense Smothered Bucs

December 10th, 2018

Talks Saints defense.

How good did the Saints defense play in the second half? Joe thought for some reason Mike Evans was on the bench.

When a defense turns one of the best wide receivers into an afterthought, that’s damn good defensive play.

In the second half, Bucs receivers simply couldn’t get separation. And if they somehow managed to, it was usually just a half-step between two defenders.

When America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, did have time to throw, his target was about the size of an egg.

After the game, Joe spoke with wide receiver Adam Humphries. If he doesn’t get hurt these next three games, Humphries is going to bank serious coin as a free agent after the season. Humphries is having a helluva contract year.

Anyway, Joe asked Humphries what the Saints defense was doing in the second half that suffocated Bucs receivers so well. In short, Humphries said the Saints defense was going a good job of being a chameleon changing looks. Just when the Bucs read the Saints defense one way, the Saints defense would change coverages and Bucs receivers all too often were running into a trap of traffic.

“They did a good job all day of disguising some coverages and making it tough on us as receivers to recognize the different type of coverage they’re running and to get open and create separation,” Humphries said. “Their secondary did a good job and hats off to them. They played well.”

Usually, one way to combat this is to get your run game going. Problem with the Bucs, their running game would embarrass coaches at Clearwater Central Catholic. The Bucs have no run game outside of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and he’s not Michael Vick or Kyler Murray.

When your pro-style quarterback (not a running quarterback) is your leading rusher, your offense has a serious problem.

31 Responses to “Saints Defense Smothered Bucs”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Shoutout to where I went to high school thanks Joe. Go Bucs

  2. Dooshlarue Says:

    Yeah, the total lack of a running game has screwed us this year.
    Warhop sucks and Licht really effed up by drafting Jones instead of a hard nosed back.

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “For 3 years years Kobe Faker has stated we need to get in line with the new modern NFL Short passing attack

    Modern offenses use legal picks, rub plays, drags to create separation and scoring.

    Quick short passing attack using slants and crossing routes

    * Did you see Michael thomas constant undercut rout pattterns behind his recievers. They are indefensible because the defender is caught in traffic

    Klueless runs hardly any whatsoever pick rub routes

    *we need a recieving scat back ala charles sims who can take it to the house by catching a pass at the LOS

    All we have is sitdown recievers and the saints doubled and blanketed all of them

    *Barber might be worse reciever than drug martin. It takes 3 seconds for him to tuck the ball in and look up

    Talent level is terrible in this team

    We need Tony Dungy here in tampa and draft oregon Herbert.


    Kobe Faker

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We shut the Saints down in the first half. The Saints shut us down in the second half.

    I said going into this game that blitzing Brees would not work. He is the best in the league at beating the blitz. Every time the defense did it, he burned them.

    Cheer up, fellow fans!
    Two years ago, the Panthers made it to the superbowl after a bad season.
    One year ago, the Falcons made it to the superbowl after a bad season.
    This year, it looks like the Saints will make it to the superbowl after a bad season.

    If the trend continues, whoever is our coach next year will take us to the superbowl!

  5. Kobe Faker Says:

    “When the saints recievers are covered and not open Drew Brees dumps the pass to Kamara

    When the saints recievers are smothered and covered, Drew Brees dumps the ball to Mark ingram

    When Jameis recievers are covered and not open

    Koetter runs over him with the bus”

    Kobe Faker

  6. dmatt Says:

    Does anyone notice whenever we bring in a receiver with elite speed he’s either passive/scared e.g., Dextor Jackson, Jaquez Green, or up in age Joey Galloway, Desean Jackson. As I c other teams bringing in free agents who can make an immediate impact on their team, we just sit back n watch. Look at the players such as Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper,Josh Gordon,Asian Peterson,Malcolm Butler, Richard Sherman, Carlos Hyde, Dion Lewis,n the list goes on. We could’ve sacrificed to get Khalil, whose presence puts us in the playoffs.However, entering the 2018 season, Bucs brass was high on the OL which is a weakness of this team. If we had any of the aforementioned veteran running backs on our team at this time,they would face the same issues as barber n former Buc Martin. And koetter expect a just turned 21 yr old rookie running back who was drafted in the 2nd round to make a difference, n then u wanna throw him under the bus after throwing him behind this putrid offensive line. Get a life…as u were, get a coach as in new head coach. It don’t take Einstein to figure that we have been outcoached in every game we’ve lost since koetters
    been the coach n I can say the same about Lovie because him n koetter r two peas in a pod.

  7. BucEmUp Says:

    How about that!!! The team that didn’t switch to prevent and lay down in the second half one huh??..

    Pfft we all new this team would get out coached

  8. hizzieallen Says:

    We got out coached and out schemed in the 2nd half. This offense depends on WRs winning at the top of routes. When that doesn’t work. You have to “scheme” guys open. That’s on Dirk. Combine that with a non existent running game. It’s a losing combination.

  9. Darin Says:

    Lmao. The Saints wil make the super bowl after a bad season? Might wana research before you write, since you dont pay attention. Saints were one play away from the nfc title game last year. And whenever the bucs do make the playoffs it will be after a bad season, considering theyve all been bad for a long time. Cmon man

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Kobe is 100% on the mark. There are actually TWO ways of combating tight defenses, running and the short-passing game.
    How many times yesterday was Jameis looking way downfield with a pass-rush breathing down his neck. This 4 vert system is absolute garbage against a good pass-rush.
    But please, somebody remind me of how “good” our #1 passing attack is again.
    No run-game, no short passing to counter the rush, bad special teams, but the defense played OK. We still pining for Koetter or, has the shine worn off yet for some of you?!
    We got flat out-coached in the 2nd half. It wasn’t even fair.

  11. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Like many of you have said, I agree that this team needs:

    1. RB – I want Barber to stay, but we need a real dual threat RB.
    2. Help on Oline – RG, RT are biggest concerns.
    3. K – why can’t we find one?

  12. lambchop Says:

    So basically, “Play design will sink the Bucs.”

    Horribly coached team. No excuses for that many talented receivers to look like they’ve never seen an NFL defense before.

    These coaches can’t adjust at the half or in game to save their jobs. Time to get some professionals in here.

  13. Phil Says:

    Why haven’t we sign Kareem Hunt? Would really help the running game.

  14. Getaclue Says:

    No visor second half. Visor Jameis is real

  15. Architek Says:

    The worst-coached team in league by far!!!

  16. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    Damn special teams and oline screwed us this week defense was playing lights out but when you have to defend that saints at the 50 yard line or better yeah they’re going to score. Really impressed with the defense and I hope Hargreaves can come back healthy

  17. On the rise Says:

    Who called the plays yesterday????

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I love the way Humphries took that big hit and held onto the ball……but he has never been able to handle the high pass…..Jameis was high with his passes yesterday and was lucky several weren’t picked off.

  19. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Man if only we had some receiver named Djax that could torch the Saints DEEP down field and a quarterback that could complete a DEEP pass to him… ahhh well guess that will never happen

  20. AlteredEgo Says:

    Yep…because Jamyth can’t hit a WR on the run….go back and watch his completions last 3 games…most of his passes are completed with the WR at the spot and standing….DC have seen this..easy to defend …

  21. Bob in Valrico Says:

    We are in need of a player like Charles Sims that make some positive plays out of the backfield in the passing game. This is one way to take the pressure off
    Jameis if he can dump off passes in the backfield.

  22. 813bucboi Says:


    thanks for bringing that up…lol…the saint had a great year last year and are following it up with another great year…..

    if @bonzai got his head out of the sand and stop making excuses for this staff, he mightve noticed that….


  23. 813bucboi Says:

    dirks 4vert scheme is outdated and predictable….

    KRIS RICHARD 4 HC!!!!!


  24. Brandon Short Says:

    Why do I bother to read his incompetent posts about what our “recievers”? It’s like a traffic accident that you just have to look at as you drive by.

  25. D1 Says:

    Buc Boi,

    Predictable is your post…what’s the current count..8006..or 8007?

    Half of an offensive line , no running game and a QB that’s, been and remains, limited in his ability to execute the scheme without limitations. Yet is still #1 in the NFL. ….
    There’s that and If the Chiefs are close…behind, well……outdated must not be bad..

  26. THETRUTH Says:

    Buc fans who cry for Djax to be out of here now can see what happens when we have no speed and legit threat downfield to open up the underneath stuff.
    FOOTBALL 101.
    Fans are to quick to want everyone out of town and think they are quickly replacing, we’ll wake up they aren’t. It’s not like all FA are dying to come play here first of all

    Djax there yesterday we don’t have these struggles , even with Jamies not being able to hit him when he is 5 steps past the DEFENSE. Teams still have to respect that speed.

  27. TOM Says:

    Architek: On the comment of the worst coaches in the NFL. Being from Cincy originally I will call you & raise you the Bengals. Mike Brown also the worst owner. I can’t believe someone saying it was Humps fault for not catching those high passes. The Bucs need to sign that kid to a new contract right damn now & quit effin around. Give him the money they were going to throw away to D. Smith & get rid of his lazy ass.

  28. unbelievable Says:

    Joe why do you think the run game is so bad?

    Is it still all Doug martins fault?

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    @unbelievable- LOL! We spent a lot of time bashing a RB for “no good reason”.
    I hear Tampa police have put out an APB for the Bucs run-game!

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    was that the #1 offense who put up 14points yesterday?…..

    or was it the #1 offense vs the redskins?….

    dont embarrass yourself……

    saying we have the #1 offense is like saying we have a former heisman trophy winner, national champ as our QB…..

    we do, of course but hows that working out for us?…..


  31. 813bucboi Says:


    The Bucs were limited to only 81 yards in the second half as their six possessions ended in four punts (including one block), a missed FG try and a turnover.

    thats the #1 offense huh….yeah, lets keep the guy that produces this BS….