How Much Is Adam Humphries Worth?

December 3rd, 2018


Beloved Bucs wide receiver Adam Humphries is having one hell of a season — in a contract year.

“Hump,” as he’s called in the locker room, now has 53 catches on the season for 606 yards and five touchdowns. Barring an injury, he’ll set his career highs in every major receiving category, and pass 210 receptions in his four-year Bucs tenure.

The dude is a stunning success story for a tryout player.

But how much will the Bucs pay him?

Humphries is a slot receiver and the value of that position in the pass-crazy NFL is changing. The Washington Post wrote an interesting feature on that last year.

Humphries might be worth up to $5 million annually as a quality slot guy, but suppose a team believes he can be their No. 2 receiver? That could be worth 50 percent more. All it takes is one team to put that kind of value on him.

Joe is sure DeSean Jackson will have new team next season, and that would/should free the Bucs to give Humphries a market-value contract. They just can’t let Humphries walk if Jameis Winston stays. The connection there is just too strong.

No, Joe doesn’t believe Humphries can play effectively outside and be a true No. 2 receiver. He shouldn’t be paid like one. But he’s the perfect No. 3 for Jameis, and the Bucs might be wise to lock him up ASAP before Humphries starts looking at what the market could bear.

58 Responses to “How Much Is Adam Humphries Worth?”

  1. go for the face30 Says:

    He’s as solid as you can get. Consummate glue guy. Terrific after catch, great routes, gets first downs. The guys love him. The fans love him. The man is a Buc, pay him.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    No, Joe doesn’t believe Humphries can play effectively outside and be a true No. 2 receiver. He shouldn’t be paid like one. But he’s the perfect No. 3 for Jameis, and the Bucs might be wise to lock him up ASAP before Humphries starts looking at what the market could bear.

    Could not agree more. The guy is reliable and consistent. He’s also been one of the few bright spots in a disappointing season. There’s no sense to let him test the market.

  3. BucEmUp Says:

    You better pay that man dammit!!!!
    D ONT be a fool and think guys like found anywhere, just like the fools that thought Mike Smith wasn’t a problem.

    PAY HIM!

  4. Dapostman Says:

    Slot WR’s who can run routes and have good hands are worth their weight in gold. Humphries has improved every season. Pay that guy.

  5. PhillyBuc Says:

    Pay him!

  6. Says:

    He is our Welker… we had better not pull a Belicheat and let him walk.

  7. D-Rome Says:

    Hey Joe,

    On an unrelated note, and I’m not sure if you have covered this, I read a statistic on Facebook that shows Jameis Winston’s stats are the following ever since he started wearing a visor:

    Completion percentage: 72%
    Yards: 760
    TD’s: 6
    INT’s: 1 (Which was a hail mary at the end of the Giants game)
    QBR: 120.5

    If this continues, are we really to believe the visor is just for style?

  8. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Takes two to get a deal done, there’s no gaurantee that he has any desire to be here.

  9. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Biggest problem I see is, will next years new gm and head coach want him on their team? That’s the biggest problem when you have a new coach every other year. New gm/coach comes in and cleans house.

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Keep Hump, trade goofy lookin hands of stone brate and of course sign our top 2019 FA Mark Ingram”

    Kobe Faker

  11. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    I could see the Pats making a run at him…selling him on the “Patriot Way”. He says he wants to stay…we shall see. DJax…in the words of The Eagles…may be “Already Gone”.

  12. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Evans, Godwin, and Hump is an elite top 3 WR core.

    I know Brate and Jameis have chemistry, but with OJ coming back next year, I would rather us cut/trade Brate to free up space to resign Hump. Better chemistry with Jameis and is a larger part of our offense, even with Brate starting.

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Injuries happen. If Evans or Godwin go down, we have Hump. Watson and BoBo. You don’t want to see Hump sign with a division rival. And Sean Payton is the type of coach to poach from them.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    Totally agree Joe. He’s super effective as a slot guy, and Jameis has a great connection with him.

    He’s not a burner, but he has that quick-twitch speed that allows him to be shifty enough in space. Plus he works his a$$ off. You can’t teach that hunger.

  15. Buc believer Says:

    Get rid of cancer 93 and give Hump a nice raise!

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Exactly…..everyone assumes Evans & Godwin will go uninjured……we need at least 4 top receivers and Hump will always be in the top for.

    Pay him for sure. And, I think he loves it in Tampa….we are the team that gave him a chance and respect and I’m sure he won’t forget it.

  17. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    All good comments here.

    Nothing for me to add.

    Sign him.

  18. Duke Silver Says:

    I would be ill-advised not to keep this diamond in the rough. Guys like Humphries do not come around often. We could have 3 homegrown guys from Evans @ 1, Godwin @ 2, and Humphries in the slot. Not to mention either Brate or Howard could line up at a WR position. Humpries is not afraid of the dirty work in the middle and on 3rd down he gets open. No way you get rid of this guy.

  19. MarkV Says:

    Locking him up would be the smart play, and if they don’t, I believe it’s an indictment of the Glazers’ confidence in Jason Licht. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have already put the Kabosh on him making any more re-signings.

  20. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The issue is that you have to have 2-3 primary receivers to make AH11 good!!!!! He has to take advantage of the 4th best corner to be effective!!!!!!! But he is worth it if you keep jw3 to check it down and not be able to accurately throw the deep ball for quick strike touch downs!!!!!! the good news with the 10 plus play slow plodding drives gives the defense a chance to rest!!!!!! the quick sticks played havoc with the already thin defensive roster!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:

    With all due respect isn’t this a no brainer. Just give him DJAX’s money with some left over to sign more FA’s.

    I agree with Joe…he’s not going to get #2 money and if he does…great…not sure I’d match that…but Hump is a glue player and we need those. He’s not a game breaker like ME, Godwin or OJ but he’s dependable. He had one drop Sunday and of course there were those here who wanted to rip him for that while ignoring what he actually accomplished.

    There’s a wild card factor here as well. It’s not just Hump’s talent it’s where he fits in as a teammate. Jameis clearly considers him a security blanket….justifiably so….and so if you’re bringing back JW gotta bring back Hump. The JW-Hump connection is just too solid and comfortable for Jameis.

  22. bucsnole Says:

    I think we have to find a way to keep him.
    He really does bring value to our passing game.
    Would be nice if Justin Watson turns out to be a steal like godwin

  23. gambelero Says:

    Humphries is also a pretty smart dude; even when he was just a tryout player he set up a social media publicity team. He knows that his chemistry with Winston is the key to his success. He might not be worth anything in Jacksonville, Dallas, Tennessee, Miami, Cleveland.

  24. Dooshlarue Says:


    Actually he’s probably worth more than his weight in gold.
    At 195 lbs he would be worth about 3.8 million!

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Guy’s been solid. I don’t have an issue paying the guy.

  26. Easy Says:

    Couldn’t be happier for Hump. The guy plays his a$$ off every game and contributes. Its guys like this that you want to root for no matter what team they play for but it makes it that much better when its yours! RUDY RUDY!!!

  27. buc15 Says:

    25m / 5 yrs

  28. Clw JB Says:

    Love Humpries – split DJax money between him and re-upping Chris Godwin

    They both are all heart and DJax is all DIVA

  29. Not there yet Says:

    Isn’t he roommates with Brate still? Those two guys are anti Geraldine and don’t care about top money they just want to be a part of the team. They’ll get him at fair value.

  30. neal Says:

    “Takes two to get a deal done, there’s no gaurantee(sic) that he has any desire to be here.”

    He has said multiple times that he wants to stay in Tampa.

  31. BucEmUp Says:

    I agree jolly trade brate, sign humph and develope a backup tight end.

    And can the idiots s to blaming Jason Licht for everything. Pretty sure his guys he scrounged up did pretty good yesterday

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    Humphries is the most consistent receiver this team has had since his arrival.

  33. Rayjay1122 Says:

    They better give him another contract. Great Football player.

  34. FairMinded Says:

    Give him a fair deal but don’t break the bank. Home grown, tough as spit, produces big time within his role. A good team (which I assume we’re trying to be) doesn’t let a guy like that with undeniable chemistry with your still developing QB walk. I’m sure extension is in the works. Djax is gone, we just might move on from Dotson as our RT and move D. Smith there and Smith won’t command as much as an RT if we left him as LT. So there’s room for some of these guys including a reduced deal for Kwon coming off injury. Glue guys as someone else said. We’re still missing Russell Sheppard another glue guy from Special Teams who is now with the Giants

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    O don’t think it matters, since he was only just signed for a two year deal. Why worry about it right now?

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jolly Bucs Fan Says
    “I know Brate and Jameis have chemistry, but with OJ coming back next year, I would rather us cut/trade Brate to free up space to resign Hump.”

    No way.

    Remember ASJ? He couldn’t stay on the field because of injuries. This is the second year in a row that OJ has gone down to injury.

    KEEP Brate. He’s too good to let get away.

    I don’t know why people want to get rid of our best players.

  37. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    as far as money goes, I don’t care how is going to work. One thing though, we are lucky to have him. Smart, workhorse, talented. Remind me Julian Edelman and Wes Welker. Keep the guy with all cost. After all they are about to pay JW $20mil…. go figured…..

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says: Says
    “He is our Welker…”

    I’ve been saying this for years. Can you believe the haters wanted to let him go last year?

  39. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Future Patriot

  40. Slugglife Says:

    Here we go with the idiots talking about who we should trade.

    Brate? GTFOH with that. Brate is solid. Hands of stone? Cmon Kobe Faker. That’s some BS right there.

    Loser ass fan base is what we have here.

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I remember watching him in one of his first training camp practices. I don’t know if it was just that one practice, but he was awful. Dropped a couple passes, and just looked like he didn’t belong. It’s amazing how far he’s come. If we don’t sign him to a deal, he will go somewhere else and be great. As stupid as we can be, I can’t believe we could possibly be that stupid to let him go.

  42. Frank Pillow Says:

    Hump, like Brate, has more than earned his second contract.

  43. SB Says:

    “Pay him” “Pay that man his money”

  44. Anonymous Says:


    He’s the best WR on our receiving corp. Looks like Jameis is finally coming into his own learning when to make the smarter decision and it has looked like a lot of those passes are check downs. That’s why I think him and Hump have been doing so well lately. Cut GMC, DJax, D. Smith. Find above average CB and RT in FA and draft a DT, LT, RG rounds one through three. Must keep starting Cappa and Liedtke to see how they develop the rest of the year.

  45. OneBucPerson Says:

    I’d say give him something similar in the range of 3 years 18 mil.

  46. SOEbuc Says:

    Everyone is already pissed. What’s going to happen after they let their best WR go and a fan favorite to so many? Hump ain’t going no where and he’s not a #2 type receiver.

    Cut GMC, DJax, D. Smith, Kwon. Find above average CB, LB, RT in FA. Maybe find one top tier player in those positions and pay him. Draft LT, DT, S rounds one through three.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    But it does make me think about paying Brate a top dollar contract and then OJ turning being a top one of the top TE in the league.

    What if we signed Hump and then Watson turned into magic (just a theory)? If we re-sign Hump it he needs to get the right amount of money but not as strung out as Brate and Evans.

  48. SOEbuc Says:

    Makes me think of OJ and Brate though. We payed Brate a fat sack of cash for an extended period of time and now he’s #2 to one of the top TE in the league.

    Just a theory, but what if Justin Watson were to turn into magic? One of them would be on the bench more than need be. Resign Hump with what he deserves (or more) but not as many years connected to it.

  49. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Don’t let him wind up a Patriot…he is the type of player BB would love to steal from us! I appreciate Humphries, but at the same time I think we need to see how the QB and HC/OC situation resolves. Unless he gets some insanely over-inflated offer from another team, I would think if both Jameis and Dirk are Bucs next year then resigning “Rudy” is a no-brainer “get it done!” move for Licht (or whoever the GM may be). If the Bucs blow it all up again in 2019 then there might not be as much of a priority for resigning Hump?

  50. Pickgrin Says:

    4 years – $18.5M with $10.5M guaranteed including $2.5M “roster bonus” in 2019.

    Adam gets $6.5M in 2019 and is guaranteed $4M in 2020 with team option years for $4M the last 2 years.

    Team Friendly you say? Yea – maybe a bit.

    But Humphries wants to be here.

    He is as “homegrown” as they come. The Bucs gave him his shot to be an NFL player as a UDFA and have valued Adam the entire time he’s been here.

    He has amazing chemistry with Jameis and also knows Winston is on the verge of busting out as a top tier QB…

    He knows the Bucs have legit cap concerns.

    He saw what happened to Russell Shepard who went for the ‘big’ contract in Carolina only to be released after 1 year and now he’s playing on a 1 year deal with the Giants for about half what the Bucs would have paid him with a fair longer term deal to continue being a special teams ace…

    Get-R-Done Jason Licht. The cost only goes up if Hump has another big game or two this season.

  51. Wausa Says:

    I agree Joe.

    He did cost the Bucs the Buffalo game last year(along with the putrid defense), but he deserves a long term contract with the Bucs.

  52. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Adam Humphrey is a real football player, and shows that playing receiver is about not than physical numbers. He walked on to a Clemson football team that featured DeAndre Hopkins, Martavis Bryant, and Sammy Watkins. All first round picks and he cought at least 30 passes a season his last 3 years there. As a pro he has continued on the same path. He will never be a number one caliber WR, but you absolutely want this guy on your team.

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hump needs to get paid. He had a key drop yesterday near the end of the game when they needed a first down to put it away. He stumbled and still could have made the catch, but he rarely misses anything in range. Hump could be a number 1 receiver with Tom Brady.

  54. westernbuc Says:

    The patriots might want him but they won’t pay him

  55. vince picolo Says:

    Better give the guy his extension before he winds up in New England.

  56. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ No doubt, Vince. If he ends up with the Patriots he will break their single season receptions record.

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    He’s a perfect #4 WR, because as a #3 WR he’s one injury away from starting and tanking the entire offense, just like the last time he started.

    Problem is I think someone will give him that $6m or $7m a year deal, and at that cost he’s way to expensive. Also, in my mind, I think he’s just a product of the system – get another quick guy with good hands in the same role and I think he puts up the same numbers, hopefully without all the fumbles on punts and fumbles to lose games and bobbling the ball late when it matters.

  58. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Pay hump 4 mill but need to trade brate or negotiate that gross 7mill. We need 7 million to get mark ingram next year”

    Kobe Faker