JPP: Playoffs Are On

December 5th, 2018

Must-win games.

The Bucs still have postseason life breathing in their bodies, but they are hooked up to life support.

And one could argue, so are the jobs of the coaching staff.

The Bucs are 5-7. They still have a chance at a playoff berth, a wild card, but there is virtually no room for error. Running the table winning their final four games likely saves the job of Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching, yams-eating coach Dirk Koetter and his staff.

That may not be enough to push the Bucs into the playoffs, however. But the Bucs cannot be concerned with that, said Bucs defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. The playoffs are on now he said as the Bucs are in a win-or-die mode.

“We know that,” JPP said today. “Our playoff game has started already. We lose one, we’re out.”

It may not be that bad but the Bucs can’t risk it. Now sure how the Bucs can get a wild card with an 8-8 record but it isn’t unprecedented. Just rare.

A win over the mighty Saints on Sunday and Joe just might have to see a physician for a fever. Wild card fever.

42 Responses to “JPP: Playoffs Are On”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Washington & NY games will end us costing us dearly……I don’t think we can win out….but hope to beat our two division rivals at home.

  2. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Washington and Cincy were the games that we should have won. NY wasn’t as easy as it appeared as they are playing better now. Washington and Cincy both suck though and were winnable games for sure. 7-5 and we would be in a real good position to make it as a wild card. The Bucs will be underdogs in at least 3 of the last 4 games with 2 road games. Don’t see us winning out or making the playoffs. However, if they can pull off another miracle against the Saints there will still be a sliver of hope.

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Honestly I have hated Koetter’s mis management of this team this year; but f*ck if we can go 9-7 I will take 1 more year; and chalk off missing an 10 or 11 win season to Jameis’ final growth spurt setting the team back.

    It wasn’t that he wasn’t in for the first 3 games. It’s that he created a situation of QB instability that probably cost us 2-3 games alone. It’s that he seemingly needed a benching over performance to get the wake up call.

    Still a terrible coaching job this year in general. And still not happy at all with LIcht’s approach to building a team over 5 years.

  4. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…..

    losing those 2 nfc games are going to keep us out of the playoffs….and the saints, cowboys, and ravens are all fighting for a spot or seeding…..

    but im not surprised…thats how dirk’s teams have been since he took over….get down big, fight back hard but still coming up short….


  5. westernbuc Says:

    Redskins suck because they’re down to Mark Sanchez

  6. ndog Says:

    See Lord Cornelius this is what drives me crazy, just because Jameis was suspended it doesn’t mean the QB situation had to be a distraction. The truth is the way it was handled by the coaching MADE it a distraction. Really think about it, they should have said day one that when Jameis comes back it is his job but no they didn’t do that and right then it created a distraction. It doesn’t even matter if he really deserved it or not because by simply not committing to him it put doubt in everyone’s mind and that was the distraction. This is on Koetter, just like not firing Mike Smith, just like playing Doug Martin over Peyton Barber, just like rotating guards all last year, just like letting Chris Baker do whatever he wanted to and still played him game after game, just like hanging onto Mike Smith to long this year, and so on and so on……… This is a common theme with Koetter he just doesn’t know when to pull the trigger on certain things, like DJax, it is clear to anyone that can see that he is a problem yet he names him the captain and keeps forcing him onto the field when he is a one trick pony. Any real coach deals with that they don’t coddle him and say it is everyone else’s fault. Just imagine, if you will, what a weapon he could be if we used him as a punt returner, or threw screens to him, or ran reverses to him, and then take one or two deep shots a game. He should not be on the field in any other situations over Godwin as he just simply is not as good at everything else. Route running Godwin is better, tough catches Godwin is better, YAC Godwin is better, blocking Godwin is better, not being a little bi… Godwin is better.

  7. 813bucboi Says:


    c’mon man…lol….history will repeat itself…..what happened the last time dirk went 9-7…..5-11 and a bunch of excuses…..

    like you said, a terrible coaching job this year in general….i dont think things would change regarding terrible coaching if we win out…..

    it’ll be the same BS next year….


  8. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree 100% with everything you said…..


  9. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


  10. BucsBandit Says:

    SAINTS 42
    BUCS 9


  11. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ BucsBandit, yesterday you said Saints 41 Bucs 16.

    Did something since then make you have the Saints outscoring us 1 to -7?

  12. diggler Says:

    Just save Kooters job. Can’t fire a coach who has the leagues #1 offense man… So if you

  13. dmatt Says:

    U r on point man!! I can’t understand Koetters garbage in garbage in concept. If DJax was used in the way u mentioned, things would b much better. He’s not going to fight for the ball on a fly route when the defender is covering him. He demand passes with the defender 2-5 feet away from him…only in a perfect world. Let’s be done with this cancer because he’s a few words away from coercing n persuading complaining, push off, weak argument Mike Evans to follow in his shadow. Am I the only one but Koetter often look “lost in space”on the sidelines. I’ll take Jim Harbaugh for Head Coach.

  14. Not there yet Says:

    Says a lot to hear JPP talk like that because that’s the type of mentality and leadership Geraldine can’t provide. It’s time to see who’s gonna match jp intensity and play wildcard contention football the rest of the year, if they can do that I’ll see hope for next year even if we have the worst coach in the nfl. It was hue Jackson but they were smart enough to fire him early unlike the glazers

  15. Wesley Says:

    They are not going to beat the Saints twice, sorry but it’s just not gonna happen. At best we finish 7-9.

  16. PSLBob Says:

    Bucs will beat the Cowboys. I feel it. I’m probably the only one that does. The one that worries me most is next week against Brees and the Saints. If we can some how come out with a win in that one, then I’ll be a true believer. But given the number of injuries and backup players on the field, a win will be difficult, to say the least. But just consider if the Bucs were to win out. You’d have to believe Dufner is a genius and I would NOT want to blow up the coaching staff.

  17. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    If a team quits on a coach you fire the coach…

    So they fired that coach…

    We have righted the ship… Now its all about setting the sail for years to come…

    Time to bring in D talent in the draft to play with JPP and GMC before they age out.

    Free agents should be brought in on the OL and RB/Returners. We need a FullBack too

  18. BucFanSince76 Says:

    Thanks Mike Smith for driving this team into the gutter. You should have been fired last year. I’d have called UHaul for you and taken your bags to the curb.

    No wonder Atlanta blew you out.

  19. Todd Says:

    Someone who might be a little more adept at short-term research than me answer this please:

    What would our record be if the kicker was perfect in every game, like Santos has been since signing? Would love to see that stat. Therein lies a bit of wiggle-room in my mind relating to Dirk remaining head coach if they continue to win.

    Regarding his decision to keep Mike Smith too long…you know what? I at least respect his loyalty. In this case, it was “loyalty to a fault”…but damn, if that’s his biggest sin, I can overlook it ‘IF’ they finish strong. If they win out. Maybe one more loss.

    Okay, after writing that I want to address the white elephant in the room. We’re giving away tickets. No fan loyalty…for good reason. So, perhaps even if we win out, a coaching change is in order just to put buts in seats. Dirk won’t do that next year.

    Ah, the life of a Bucs fan. Second guessing at every turn. Damn.


  20. tmaxcon Says:

    jpp better watch making statements like that they will drug test him.

  21. Zwak Says:

    Don’t see it happening but beat the Saints and I’m all in..

  22. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Still a terrible coaching job this year in general. And still not happy at all with LIcht’s approach to building a team over 5 years.”

    Dead on Point . It’s also why I disagree on keeping Klueless. As far as JW, he has played like a good NFL QB for two weeks. Like our other QB Fitzmagic/Fitztragic, do we have good Jameis or bad Jameis? How long for each?

  23. SB Says:

    I GUARANTOLD you that if we beat the Saints on Sunday we make the Playoffs.
    Confidence is a Massive tool.

  24. jmarkbuc Says:


    Did you just call yourself a massive tool? 🙂

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston 4-2 in his last 6 (or 5-1 with a decent kicker in ATL)
    Fitz 1-5 in his last 6

    Just think if Dirk wasn’t such an idiot that he benched Winston for that loser Fitz – if he hadn’t done that the Bucs would have a legit spot at the playoffs.

    That is why Dirk is a goner, not that I think he actually cares, I think Dirk is perfectly fine at this point taking a paid vacation.

  26. jmarkbuc Says:


    I think you’re right. Paid Vacation.

    The only reason he doesn’t completely mail it in is he will want an OC job after paid vacation.

  27. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Why does Klueless know he is gone? Gump has told him he has to be much better than 5 wins of last year and probably 8 wins as floor

    Gump has not endorsed nor say anything positive toward Klueless coaching to him nor the media

    This Bum and his 90’s playcalling will be out of the league

    Great offense???

    Did you see Klueless trying to ice the game trying to get just 1 first down in 3 series? The Bucsheep offensive guru couldnt convert 1 first down in the 3 last series. Thank goodness our defense was playing against a Qb with damaged shoulder

    Kobe misses poster Lakeland to straighten out the lucid dreams of the Bucsheep”

    Kobe Faker

  28. gambelero Says:

    I think we’re odds on to get in at 9-7, but we’re also odds on not to get to 9-7.

  29. James Walker Says:

    Every game from now on is the Superbowl.

  30. Tbbucs3 Says:

    NFL fans seem to think that all problems for NFL teams are because of the head coach, Dirk is the least of our concerns, the #1 problem for the Bucs is the GM.

    The Bucs have been playing better because Dirk has shown that he’s willing to adjust (Firing Mike Smith, Letting Todd Monken call plays)

    The Bucs looked very innovative on offense last week against the Panthers. Keep Dirks Playbook and continue to let Monken call the plays.

    Call me crazy but it would be totally reactionary and a dumb move to let Dirk Koetter leave Tampa Bay.

    It’s as simple as this…the real issue with the Bucs is the lack of talent on defense and the lack of talent at the running half position (hence our struggles in the red zone). Who is responsible for providing the talent in the NFL? Your general manager Jason Licht, not Dirk Koetter.

    Fire Jason Licht!!!!! Keep Dirk Koetter!!!!

  31. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Still no excuse for not running the whole team.. I don’t get involved with D? BS.

    Special teams could use some attention too..

    Dirk is an OC through and through…

  32. adam from ny Says:

    yo all i can say is if we win this game sunday…it’s on!…

    we will be on fire…then we hit the road for 2 games…if we happen to somehow win those 2, man lookout!…we will be the hottest team in football…crazier things have happened…

    i’m getting waaaaay ahead…but if we win out and make the playoffs, we will be that crazy scary team no one wants to face…like frothy rabid dogs who survived the war and just want more…whenever a team gets into the playoffs like that, in any sport – it’s always dangerous…and no one wants to face a dangerous team

  33. adam from ny Says:

    the new motto for the bucs should be:


  34. adam from ny Says:

    if you cant #WreakHavoc…


  35. snookman Says:

    Ok, Lets be real. Tampa is not the worst team in the league but they are below average. They will win 1 out of the next 3 and that will be against ATL the last game of the season.

    If you watched last weeks game against Carolina you saw the Bucs not be able to close out the game two drives earlier because of the inability to gain 1st downs with the run game and short pasing game. We beat a better team but Carolina is in a tailspin.

    We have to play much better this week and against a much better team. I don’t see it. But I will say that if we do find a way to win then that will be huge momentum for the last 3 games. Regardless, I want to see improvement for this team on all fronts. Since the 2nd half of the Giants game we are seeing some improvement. I will be content with improvement from this point onward. Improvement means no regression. I want to see a running game. A defense that makes stops, and an offense that can sustain long drives with out stalling out. We have all seen this rodeo before namely in 2016 on our 5 game winning streak. All of the sudden it came to an end in Dallas on that Sunday Night.

  36. DalvinCookRules Says:

    what is sad to me is that virtually ALL of the games the Bucs played this year, with the exception of two, were completely winnable. With a handful of better draft picks, better coaching, and better discipline, this team should be sitting at 10-2. Mike Smith did his damage, while Jason Licht & Koetter continue to hurt this team.

  37. Pickgrin Says:

    So after starting 3-7 – we only need 10 straight wins to end the season and the Lombardi trophy is coming back to Tampa Bay!!!

    two down – only eight to go…. LOL

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s the thing…if they are good enough to beat the Saints, then they can win out the rest of the season, which will also give them swagger going into the playoffs.

    And one they get into the playoffs, they’ve already proven they can beat good teams (Saints), so it is not inconceivable they they can win.

    Tell me some small glimmer of hope isn’t flickering in most of the fans. That spark will ignite into a candle if they beat the Saints.

    And it will be fully burning if they win out.

    A lot has to happen to make the playoffs. We have to win out (probably) and other teams records have to fall just right. Normally, I would say if you can win in the playoffs, what is the point?

    But this year, this team needs it. Badly. For the players.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    LOL. Hey, it’s happened with other teams, hasn’t it? Sooner or later, the football gods have to give us something…

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Actually, the draft picks are turning out to be fine. The problem is that fans expect instant improvement and it usually doesn’t work out that way. Draft picks need time to develop.

    Take Vita Vea, for example. Injured through the best part of the preseason. Injured part of the regular season. He got a late start and obviously needed time. I don’t think anyone with a brain can deny he has been improving.

    With Warren Sapp, he was so bad he was demoted from starting in his rookie season. He only had 3 sacks that year. And Vea is at two with time left.

    Not that I think he will become a Sapp-like player. My point is that even first rounders need time to develop.

    Davis is coming along nicely. Rojo isn’t getting enough reps to develop yet. Stewart is spotty, but then, so was Rhonde Barber. Whitehead is great. Cichy got injured but had bright spots before that.

    Alex Cappa is looking like a great pick. And so is Justin Watson.

    So please…tell me what makes this last draft a bad one?

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This draft class is turning out perfectly fine. I mean, the people complaining about it? They are throwing tantrums because their guy they wanted was not picked by the team. When they say this was a bad draft, they obviously are biased.

    Vita Vea, 1st Round
    Late start, was rough at first but is now improving quickly. Obviously a good pick.

    Ronald Jones, 2nd Round
    Not getting enough playing time to develop

    MJ Stewart, 2nd Round
    Has good and bad moments, but when he shines he looks good. Needs more time to develop, but is looking like a good pick.

    Carlton Davis, 2nd Round
    Obviously a good pick.

    Alex Cappa, 3rd Round
    Obviously a good pick.

    Jordan Whitehead, 4th Round
    Obviously a good pick.

    Justin Watson, 5th Round
    Developing a little slowly, but turning out to be s good pick.

    Jack Cichy, 6th Round
    Was looking like he had potential before the injury, but is a bit green. Might be a good pick in the long term.

    So the Bucs got 6 good picks in the last draft. How is that a bad draft???

  42. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Jack Cichy?

    Didn’t he tear up his knee in one play at LB?