“Happy To Be Down By One Point”

December 16th, 2018

Bucs vet opens up

Brace yourselves, Bucs fans. This will sting.

Joe was in the soggy and somber Buccaneers locker room in Baltimore today and was given a disturbing truth by a Buccaneers veteran during a 1-on-1 interview.

Joe asked Demar Dotson about the Bucs imploding two consecutive weeks in the second half, first against the Saints and then today against Ravens. Joe simply asked Dotson to describe the overall state of the team that leads to those failures.

Dotson said he saw a Bucs team at halftime today that stunned him. They seemed happy to be losing 10-9.

“We competed hard in the first half but obviously it’s a two-half game,” Dotson said. I think guys came in the locker room during halftime kind of like, you know, happy to be down by one point instead of, you know, relishing the opportunity to go out there and beat these guys. Because we should have won this game. I mean, you can just feel it. I mean guys were rah-rahin’ and excited. But you know, it’s almost like being excited to be down by one point.”

The halftime happiness felt odd to Dotson in the moment, he said, and it stuck with him.

“Even though guys were trying to hype themselves up. I think it was almost like, you know, you’re glad to be here, glad to be down by one point instead of, ‘Man, first half wasn’t good enough. We should have been better,'” he said.

This is just depressing to hear. The Bucs’ mentality has not been right for months, which is why they continue to fail at playing consistent football. Perhaps no NFL team has had repeated wild in-game swings like Tampa Bay has this season.

Joe sure hopes the new head coach is a mentality kind of guy.

40 Responses to ““Happy To Be Down By One Point””

  1. Warrenfb12 Says:


  2. bucanation Says:

    Play calling was numbing today I expect us to get blown out the next 2 weeks this team will give up now and the players hands are tied you will hear the bad coaching stories when this crew is gone

  3. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    This is the mentality of a Gerald big fat softie who hugs the quarterback and slaps his butt after losing McCoy led team

    And Vita Vea is a cupcake

  4. Chuckstutz Says:

    I was glad also the score wasn’t 48 3 at the half.

    All what you’re used to.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How do expect them to feel…..we have been down by 2 & 3 touchdowns……1 point is competitive for a change.

    Also….when you have fans who are hoping for a loss to get a better draft position….what do you expect?…..It’s the LOSING CULTURE>

  6. Jason Says:

    But it’s been about culture for a long time, and it never seems to change. Whether it was Lovie, Koetter, whoever……..it always seems its about embracing a losing culture. So is that the coaches fault, the players fault, or a combo of both?

  7. Season Is Over Says:

    Who has Koetter sat or suspended for any infraction outside of mandatory orders from the NFL?

  8. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Obliviously Jamies and he stopped turning the ball over like charity

  9. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    This doesn’t shock anyone. This team is week minded,and this proves what we knew all along. Can we please clean house. I just do not have any faith in the Glazer kids to make the right move.

  10. DB55 Says:

    soggy and somber
    Weird how VV had his best game in cold and wet conditions. 🤔

    I bet Dotson is talking about Winston bc he’s a rah rah guy.

  11. DanBucsFan Says:

    Probably because a good # of players on our team are just happy to be there. I believe our Bucs do have alot of talent, however there are easily 10 guys that probably don’t really belong in the NFL, and as it goes ” your only as strong as your weakest link”. But , I do believe in my heart it would be a mistake to fire Dirk, he definitely leads the team well enough that despite usually being out of contention by Halloween every year, they never just lay down and give up. Seems like we lose by one possession more times than not.

  12. Bird Says:


    Yah. That’s not good.

    They played hard but ran out of gas. They have guys in defense I barely heard of.

  13. Buc believer Says:

    Bet any amount of money that it was GMC who was happy to be down by one point. GMC is the common denominator in this losing culture that has infested one Buc just like Mersa infected Lawrence Tynes.

  14. D-Rome Says:

    Yet some people around here thinks Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter should be extended to three year deals. Unbelievable!

  15. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Y is Gerald McCoy so soft?

  16. Dapostman Says:


  17. tmaxcon Says:

    a career loser speaking about yet another loss. how appropriate.. at least our intelligence was not insulted with a what takes to win post featuring the drive killing walking penalty machine….

  18. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:


    Do u like Gerald McCoy 14 game Houdini disappearing act???

  19. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    This team stinks out loud! The franchise is rotten from the head to the ball boy. Perform an exorcism! Get the Culverhouse-Doug Williams curse out of the building. After you get rid of that one, exorcise the Bo Jackson fiasco!

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Lovie Ball. If he was hand picked by Lovie get him out.

    One guy that hasn’t taken much heat but totally deserves it is Mike Bajakian. I’ve spoke with some QBs I know who have said Bajakian is a college coach and no more, his basically like another Marcus Aryoyo. Jameis needs someone in his ear at all times like Jimbo was at Florida State. Koetter and Bajakian are both way too passive for a guy like Jameis.

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    Give it up… neither Harbaugh would lower their standards enough to coach this Mickey mouse franchise

  22. LargoBuc Says:

    Im sick after reading this.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I was happy only being down by 1.

    The Ravens are the better team, period. They’re playing on the road, against a great defense, in bad weather, and the Bucs are still in it. I thought today would be a blowout.

  24. 911bucs Says:

    @warren, you may be right. Seems like the last few years when the team is on the verge of losing seasons, you can almost sense the calling out of the players giving up.

  25. RobertG Says:

    I was happy they were only down by 1. Maybe you so called fans should go ahead and jump ship. I’m sure our players love reading what their fans think of them. Maybe we as fans should change our sorry ass culture and think positive and support the team for once. That losing culture is fan generated.
    Go Buccaneers!

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Truth be told….I was happy to be down by 1……Joe was probably happy to be down by one…..Koetter & Duff were likely happy to be down by 1.

    Baltimore was probably very unhappy to be up by 1.

    Let’s be honest folks.

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    I don’t know. Is it us or the franchise? I mean I’m watching the Steeler and Pats right now and it just looks like they Both truly beleive they can win. They really believe it. Whem I see my Bucs its like…I don’t see a spirit. I see motions.
    I guess the only way to change this is..start over again huh?

  28. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Y do u guys accept losing????

    Is it cuz Gerald big fat softie McCoy???

    Or is it cuz the great QB the Bucs ever had is a turnover crotch grabbing flake?

    Is that enough for u? Losing but not losing by much????

    No wonder u guys like Winston, u have such low standards, u forgot how it felt to win a Super Bowl!

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    I was not happy to be down by 1.

    I was more upset that our #2 WR sucks and dropped 7 points. He later runs a garbage route in the enzone. I was upset we abbonded the run game which led to a lot of 3rd & long. I was upset we tryed to cram the ball down the Ravens throats inside the 10.

    I was not happy about anything at halftime.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    @DanBucsFan … ‘Probably because a good # of players on our team are just happy to be there. I believe our Bucs do have alot of talent, however there are easily 10 guys that probably don’t really belong in the NFL, and as it goes ” your only as strong as your weakest link”. Totally agree with you. Far too many players on this team who are “just happy to be here”. And that attitude is totally wrong; you either BELIEVE you’re the best and PLAY like you’re the best, or you need to go find another profession that accepts mediocrity as its’ ‘standard’.

    This active roster today was LOADED with players who had no business starting or even playing in a professional football game. Quite a few of them couldn’t even start for a top college team like Alabama or Clemson. And yet this is what Jason Licht has given Dirk Koetter & Mark Duffner to work with. I feel bad for Dirk (he really is a nice guy Joe), but too much water has now flowed under the bridge … time for a change. But that change BETTER include getting rid of Jason Licht or our Bucs will be condemned to even more misery under any new coach they select. Glazer Boyz need to clean house … hire a President of Football Operations, hire a REAL GM, and hire a proven coach (no more first-timers). And please, upgrade the talent on this team so the new guys at least have a fighting chance at winning.

  31. Season Is Over Says:

    Do you miss Jackson yet?

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Football is entertainment.

    I’m glad my entertainment entertained me. I’m personally more entertained by winning by 60, but it’s very unentertaining to lose by 60.

  33. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    I miss deshawn Jackson

  34. Troy Says:

    This is why we need to clean house. The whole place reeks of losing from top to bottom.

  35. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    I was happy to lose the lottery this week by 1 number.

    Hope I can do that next week so it’ll make me really happy again.


  36. tmaxcon Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    December 16th, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Football is entertainment.

    another form of entertainment is reading the delusional optimists slobbering over bad players while pathetically justifying losing year in and year out…

  37. Rod Munch Says:


    A bad form of entertainment is being a boring troll that says predictable boring things.

  38. FireMikeSmith_orDie Says:

    Why don’t they just go after the best HC and GM out there? Throw the money at whoever they need to because there is a TON Of talent still on this team, even with all of the wasted draft picks by Licht. The Bucs are just a 3-4 players away from having a very talented team, but they are ONE GIANT MENTALITY leap from turning these talented players into W’s.

  39. MHBuc25 Says:

    Good lord Joe. 10 years later and you’re still blaming coaches? You have to be the most incoherent drunk in history to not see the players are the problem. They have no way and no coach is changing that locker room. Vince Lombardi couldn’t win with the stains on that locker room. You have the TB Lightning and the Bucs on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  40. VdubVW Says:

    Um….they are happy at the half losing by one because they are still getting paid for losing or winning. This team is becoming a cash grab team for so many. No heart No soul of a team that looks to win.
    Go Bucs!!! Clean house!!! Stop wasting the fans time. Its really really easy to find something else to do around here on Sunday.
    F the Glazer kids!!! We need another Malcolm!!!