Decent Pro Bowl Chances For Evans; JPP Also An Alternate

December 19th, 2018

JPP; tells Joe, “I really don’t care.”

Joe had a fun moment asking Jason Pierre-Paul about the Pro Bowl at his locker following the Bucs-Ravens game in Baltimore.

JPP kindly explained that he doesn’t really care about the Pro Bowl and that he might not attend if he gets the call.

Yesterday, Pro Bowl rosters were announced and no Buccaneers made the team, though Mike Evans is a “first alternate,” per, and JPP is a third alternate.

Evans will be hoping Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen or Davante Adams skips the game. In other words, he might need Thomas to reach the Super Bowl to attend his second Pro Bowl.

“To be honest, [making the Pro Bowl] don’t really matter. I think my game speaks for itself. In or out [of the Pro Bowl], you know, I know I did a great job, a fantastic job this year,” JPP said. ” I don’t really care about the votes. My wife said she voted for me about a hundreds times. Shout out to my wife.

“But I’ve always said it don’t matter about Pro Bowl. I’ve been in the game for nine years; I know how it goes. Some of it’s favoritism, some of it’s not. But I had plenty of good years and only made it twice to the Pro Bowl, so I really don’t care. You know, I’m always going to do it the way I do it and play some great football and that’s what matters. Everybody else sees it. And that’s all that counts. As long as the fan base see it, the organization see it, that I’m doing one hell of a job. That’s all that counts.”

JPP added that he might not attend the game if he makes it.

Joe enjoys JPP’s attitude. He’s an interesting cat, one with 11 1/2 sacks, solid run play and no free trip to Orlando.

14 Responses to “Decent Pro Bowl Chances For Evans; JPP Also An Alternate”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    usually, the pro bowl is 9 deep in alternates so again who cares… the pro bowl has been less than meaningless for over a decade now. so basically when combining all the alternates that get to go the only non pro bowlers in the league are practice squad players. pro bowls are a freaking embarrassment period. Very fitting for a soft, gender-neutral, politically correct society more concerned about feelings than results. Trophies and Pro Bowls for all… totally meaningless

  2. Season Is Over Says:

    Surely, Mr. Magoo made it again by year four.

  3. SB Says:

    Davante Adams over ME13.

    THAT says ALL you need to know about what a fraud the pro bowl has become.

  4. LakeLand Says:

    Devante Adams has 100 REC, 1315 YDS, 12 TD

    It’s the 12 TD that stands out

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    At least he is not chasing the ghost of Greg Spires. Amen to that

  6. tmaxcon Says:


    it’s only a fraud when you don’t get what you want. you have no problems using pro bowls to define that fraud dt cancer93 career… since he sucks on Sundays and has never won a single meaningful game in his decade-long career you guys are always spouting of meaningless BS about pro bowls and his peers love him… his peers love him because he is easier against the run than a drunk bar girl at 3am.

  7. Orlando Buc Says:

    @SB …. ME13 should be in the Pro Bowl no question. But Davante Adams has same receiving yards on the year but 7 more TD’s with 12 vs ME13 has 5.

  8. RawDog Says:

    You can make a case for Evans being the 5th WR in the NFC.. 20+ less receptions as each of the other 4, considerable amount less touchdowns. Wouldn’t be surprised if he takes Thomas’ spot, though as alternate. That being said, the Pro-Bowl is a sham.

  9. cmurda Says:

    By far Jason Licht’s best free agent move. I feel lucky to have JPP back in Tampa. We need more players with his attitude. The Pro Bowl is a waste of time. By far the worst “All-Star” game of the U.S. major sports I can’t even stomach watching the two hand touch game. I want to see the Bucs playing in January. Pro Bowl, Schmo Bowl.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Hope both of these make it as alternates. Quite a snub by the voting. Especailly with Evans. But hey guys..Its a..Buc Life baby!!
    GEt some football know how in here to bring this franchise back up next year!!

  11. NPRSageBoy Says:

    What about America’s QB, Pro Bowler JayMiss Winnone? Can anyone make a case for that miscreant?

  12. John Says:

    Adams is a better receiver than Evans

  13. FortMyersDave Says:

    John, no way, imagine the numbers Evans would get with a great qb like Brees or that guy in Green Bay. BTW, the Packers are about as bad as the Bucs with Adams and the HOF QB yet they are going to be lucky to upset the Jets to go 6-9-1, about the same as the Bucs. Disrespect Evans sure but do not troll that Green Bay has a better WR……… Any HOF qb makes a WR look good. Evans did that on the college level with a guy called Manziel.

  14. John Says:

    I don’t care about numbers. Evans just isn’t that talented. He gets way more targets with jameis throwing to him than he would with any other qb