BSPN: Jameis Stays

December 7th, 2018


Some of the top NFL sophists at the four-letter gathered around the campfire recently to decide what quarterbacks will be with what teams next year.

And in a consensus from the three noblemen, they believe your Buccaneers quarterback for 2019 will be America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Dan Graziano, Field Yates and Mike Sando spent time in deep thought and Yates sort of wrote for the troika.

There’s speculation that Tampa Bay will turn over its front office and coaching staff this offseason, which might actually increase Winston’s chances of sticking around. A new regime could decide that parting ways with Winston — despite his $20.9 million price tag in 2019 — would be too much change for one team in an offseason. Remember: While Winston has had no shortage of poor decisions on the field during his career, an incoming coach could talk himself into a 25-year-old No. 1 overall pick who threw for more than 8,000 yards in his first two seasons. And Winston is under contract only through 2019.

In short, Joe believes the famous quote from Raheem Morris is at play here. “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”

Let’s say the Bucs unload Jameis, naive as that is. Who has a better upside that is expected to be panhandling for work this offseason? Ease up on Teddy Bridgewater because his price just went up with the news Alex Smith of Washington may be done for good due to complications from his broken leg.

And for the folks who bellyache about Jameis’ $21 million salary, is someone trying to suggest Mike Glennon or Ryan Tannehill at $19 million is a better bargain? C’mon.

60 Responses to “BSPN: Jameis Stays”

  1. Rob Says:

    Love the one your with. Go Bucs!

  2. Season Is Over Says:

    It is a real travesty that this blurb from ESPN must even be published. We should be going into the playoff run for the second year in a row. You know, like Mannning and Marino.

  3. Jonzey Says:

    Bucs need to lock JW in as the face of the Bucs

  4. Geno Says:

    Fields has been saying this for a few weeks now. Feels like old news.
    The issue of keeping Jameis becomes easier as this season goes on. Jameis is playing four more games. He is most likely staying at least one more year unless he utterly fails the rest of this season.

    Give him the continued shot I say.

    But let’s be clear — none of those three nobleman think Jameis is a top 10 QB or even a top 15 QB at this point. Clearly they would all at least chuckle to the America’s Quarterback reference.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    He should stay, but the Bucs should not repeat the same mistake that the Jaguars made with Blake Bortles. The Jags stayed with him too long and they passed on guys in ensuing drafts that were better.

    Before some of you knuckleheads start scoffing at me for comparing Blake Bortles to your God and Emperor Jameis Winston, let’s not forget that Bortles’ best year as a QB is better than Jameis’ best year as a QB.

  6. Eric Says:

    Teddy blew out his knee dropping back to pass in practice……

    And he nowhere near as good as Jameis.

    BTW, Marino was the best IMO but he did take over a team that had been to the super bowl the year before and had a guy named Don Shula as coach.

    Jameis took over a 2-14 team.

    Not that context means a thing to Winston haters/goobers.

  7. pelbuc Says:

    First, fire the GM so the new one can help with the coaching search. Unfortunately, it took coach killer JW 4 yrs to figure out sometimes you tuck and run or take a sack instead of another bonehead fumble or int.

  8. Jonzey Says:

    I understand due to the trouble he has been in, but JW has always put up the numbers every year but this one. Our defense has been bad in the past now it is almost where it needs to be. JW needs a top running to take it to the next level ( playmaker). Past years JW would put up 20 plus point a game but the our defense was losing the games.

  9. Jonzey Says:

    JW is a top 10 QB, didn’t say he was the best nor top 5.

  10. ATrain Says:

    You would the Bucs replace him with

    I’m not sold Jamies is the answer but for 20 million take 5th year deal
    Give him one more year so what happens

    I don’t think Jamies has shown he is the future
    Inaccurate passes
    Bad decision

    Now last two games I think decision making was great if he can stay there
    Accuracy needs to be worked on

    But who has a stronger arm?

    And those on here who said Bridgewater

    Have been critical of Jamies but what’s best for team

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    winston stays….dirk goes…Kris Richard comes in and wins!!!!


  12. R.O. Says:

    JW3 isn’t going anywhere. New or old regime. Discussion should be over. It would be asinine to get rid of him. Furthermore I have no issue That he was benched. Especially if Koetter said to him in direct terms. If you continue to turn the ball over you will not play. Period. If you continue to throw picks in practice. You will not play. Period. You should practice like you play the game. Period. Make better decisions. Period. So far it worked.. he is doing that. Period.

  13. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I truly believe that Jameis is rounding into the QB that we all hoped he could be. His true time is still coming, and he will only continue to get better and better.

    Off the field, I believe he will make us proud too. I believe the kid genuinely have a good heart and a caring soul, for his teammates and his community.

    He will continue to atone for past mistakes, and i believe he will shine for Tampa Bay, on and off the field, for years to come.

    If i end up wrong, please feel free to roast me. But it is what i truly see.

  14. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If he sneezes wrong – how many games will he be suspended next time?

    Oo …ok

    • QB Ryan Finely | Age: 22 | Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 210 lbs

    Trade for:
    • QB Jacoby Brissett | Age: 25 | Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 235 lbs

  15. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    (does have)

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It is going to be hilarious when Jameis stays and Dirk and Jason get new contracts. I might just video-tape the haters jumping off the skyway.

    Wrong two years in a row!

  17. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    Jameis really only had one poor game this season. I don’t even understand why his status on this team in 2019, is even in question. Cam Newton, almost threw a grand total of 6 interceptions last game, and the idea of benching him never came up until the final play of the game.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “If he sneezes wrong – how many games will he be suspended next time?”

    Let’s not pretend Jameis gets in trouble all of the time. The Uber thing happened three years ago. If he had been suspended back when it happened, we would not even consider it an issue anymore because he’s been three years without an incident.

    And there is not even proof that the accusations were true, so it may have been since college that he’s had any issues.

  19. AfrikaThaRapper Says:

    @Joe Wouldn’t it be smart of us to draft 1 of the top 3 qb’s as insurance if we decide to stick with JW. And if all goes well, we have a rookie qb that any struggling team would want as trade bait (i.e. Jacoby Brissett) and we still keep our franchise quarterback. And if it doesn’t go well with JW, his replacement is already in here. Just a little something for our fans to munch on this weekend. Go Bucs.

  20. Robert Says:

    “Let’s not pretend Jameis gets in trouble all of the time.”

    you’re not only creepy, you’re plain stupid.

  21. Robert Says:

    crabman is the definition of “you can’t fix stupid”

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Knack2Babbyyyy Says
    “Cam Newton, almost threw a grand total of 6 interceptions last game, and the idea of benching him never came up until the final play of the game.”


    I think benching Winston was a mistake. We can all talk about how the benching made Winston evaluate and improve his game, but there is one thing we don’t know: Would we have won more games if Jameis had continued playing?

    The only reason Cam Newton got benched was health. His shoulder had not fully recovered from injury so that he could make the deep throw that they needed. Otherwise, he would have stayed in.

    Koetter showed a lack of commitment to his Franchise QB. That might be the deciding factor in him getting more time in the Glazers eyes. Unless we win out or only lose one more game.

    BSPN has it wrong. The Glazers will keep Winston because they are committed to him, not because there is no once else to chase. All of this ‘cut Jameis’ stuff is pure media hype…something to talk about. It ain’t gonna happen (unless there is another incident).

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Robert Says
    “you’re not only creepy, you’re plain stupid.”

    Better to let people assume you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove you are, Robert. You can call me names all you want. Call me creepy all you want. If the facts creep you out, it is because you get all of your joy in life by trolling, since you have no life outside of it.

    Trolls are losers. Plain and simple. If that offends you, guess what? TROLL!

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    AfrikaThaRapper Says
    “Wouldn’t it be smart of us to draft 1 of the top 3 qb’s as insurance if we decide to stick with JW?”

    I considered that myself…but here’s the thing…the top three QBs in this year’s draft will end up being career backups, and we have more important positions to fill.

    I’ve searched high and low for a backup plan…nothing in the NFL as free agents, nothing in college, and nothing even in the CFL.

    No, we need that pick on more important positions. We’ll just have to tough it out another year and decide near the end of 2019.

    We DO need a new backup though. Fitz will probably move on or retire this year, and Griffin has zero experience.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Let’s not pretend Jameis gets in trouble all of the time.

    C’mon man stop. The list is a mile long.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “C’mon man stop. The list is a mile long.”

    Okay, name one thing that he has gotten in trouble for since the Uber thing three years ago? Can’t say the suspension, because that was over the Uber thing.

  27. Robert Says:

    “Koetter showed a lack of commitment to his Franchise QB”


    dat fool got himsef suspended and mccauley culken lookin mofo came in and broke every record in the NFL against SB caliber teams with the same weapons!!!!!

    lack of commm….GTFOH

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Like chastising an immature child for constantly doing the same BS over and over again. Koetter sat his happy a*s on the bench. Apparently is actions were warranted.
    His play has improved some and boneheaded mistakes are down (for now).

  29. Robert Says:


    I’d rather have johnny, at least it’s out of his systems!

  30. Dapostman Says:


    your troll game is weak. Macauley Caulkin? Really? Being funny and trying to be funny are two different things. You’re not funny.

  31. Wausa Says:

    ESPN is really awful with there analysis.
    Jamies is not going anywhere.

    Dirk Koetter may be gone, but the 24 year old QB with a winning record this year is not leaving the franchise.

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    LUVMYBUCS, I don’t consider you a hater, so I know you are merely voicing your opinion on him.

    I can understand the concerns. I just do not agree with them.

    He’s kept his nose clean for three years. For more than two years before we even knew of the incident, if indeed there was an incident.

    When it all comes down to it, the NFL had no proof and the suspension was purely a public relations move. The only people who know what happened are the driver and Jameis.

    Katie’s real name was never even revealed, so for all we know she has made false accusations in the past. Jameis was not permitted to face his accuser, because the NFL made it clear that if he made waves, he would face further discipline.

    I don’t know if he was innocent, but I certainly don’t know that he was guilty. And the law says innocent until proven guilty.

    Therefore, us holding the Uber thing against him isn’t even fair…because he may be completely innocent.

    People can say he never should have ridden with a female driver…but he wasn’t the one to call her, and when is the last time an Uber driver let you ride in the front seat? Hmmn?

    So people can voice their opinions, but that is all they are. Opinions. Not facts. Because the facts prove nothing.

  33. Kobe Faker Says:

    “JW has the DOWNFIELD PASSING SKILLSET to be top 5 NFL QB as he further develops. 90% of the young QBs are game managers and checkdown charlies. They cant consistently throw downfield successfully and eventually bust out of the league

    *Not talking about low percentage lucky bombs”

    Kobe Faker

  34. Eric Says:

    ive been a bucs fan since 76, and lived through the Throwin Samoan.

    Getting rid of Jameis for Teddy Bridgewater might push me over the edge….

    Teddy threw for 24 tds his first two years in Minnesota. Jameis 50tds his first two years. And Bridewater has a higher INT percentage. And fumbles more.

    Not to mention his knee was completely reconstructed.

    Its not possible to make that kind of monumentally stupid decision. But wait these are the bucs so I guess its possible.

  35. Tony LA Says:

    I’m really surprised how knee jerk everything has become amongst sports journalists. Two of the ESPN analysts mentioned above are on the record just 4 weeks ago saying that Jameis may never take another snap for the Bucs again,

    All this flip flopping seriously discredits all sports journalists. It was obvious a month ago that Jameis would get another chance this year because Fitz – as I wrote about all offseason – sucks despite his few brilliant flashes.

    It’s nust as obvious now that the verdict is nowhere near over on Jameis this season. I’ll say it again – this entire regime’s future really does come down to this Saints game. It will take a minimum of a 3-1 finish/record for them to stay. There is zero chance this team wins both remaining road games so they would have to win both remaining home games to go 3-1. This weekend is their toughest remaining home game. Win it, and watch how the tide turns for this team. Lose it… and it’s over. Period.

  36. Dooshlarue Says:


    Quit rounding up your numbers to justify Jameis.
    Uber was 2016 right?
    It’s 2018 right?

  37. martinii Says:

    One of the very few bad things about being retired and a Buc fan is reading some of the absolute crap opinions that other people write. It’s simple, no brainer, unless Winston gets hit by a truck or arrested and convicted for a new crime, or beats the sh*t out of one of the Glazers he’s going to be our QB next year and we are lucky to have him. There is no one available out there remotely superior to him. As for an occasional brain fart on the field, bet on it. Most successful QB’s make mistakes. IMO if the Buc’s win a few more games Koetter will be back. I think we spend way to much time blaming coaches and not considering the intangibles (Injury, suspension, “My thumb hurts.”) With Duff, Buckner, and Koetter we will become competitive with the base talent on board, (Especially now that we might have a kicker)

  38. Jean Lafitte Says:

    For me to decide still comes down to how Jameis plays these next 4 games. He has played smart the last 2 games. Nobody expects Jameis to win games all by himself but we don’t need him being the main reason why we lost because of his historical tendencies to make unnecessarily bad decisions resulting in needless turnovers, along with horrible accuracy. Playing smart situational football is rubbing off on the whole team right now. It’s pretty evident the players are rallying behind Jameis now that he’s protecting the ball instead of taking high risk and putting the team at a disadvantage.

  39. FR Says:

    4 years and no playoff thats how good your American QB is but of course its not his fault he just leads the NFL in int’s. Joe fans drink the cool aid it wont kill u drink drink.

  40. Dooshlarue Says:

    Agree with you 100% Jean Lafitte!

  41. Brandon Says:

    Dooshlarue Says:
    December 7th, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Quit rounding up your numbers to justify Jameis.
    Uber was 2016 right?
    It’s 2018 right?


    Yeah. for three more weeks.

  42. Phil Says:

    Getting rid of Jameis would be really stupid. This franchise makes enough stupid mistakes. Here’s hoping they don’t make the mistake of getting rid of Jameis.

  43. DB55 Says:

    Winston goes to Jacksonville

    If I’m Winston’s agent there no way I let him stay in Tampa. None!

  44. Wausa Says:

    I agree Phil.

    Bucs have a serious upside with Jamies.

  45. DB55 Says:

    Beside Mike Evans why would Winston want to stay in Tampa? He can get 21 million anywhere frankly it’s an insult for a starting QBs.

    If Joel Segal told Chucky to go kick rocks for 21 mil for Mack what do you think he’ll tell the glazers? 21 mil will be the price for back-up QBs in 3 years.

    No one asks the question, why would Winston want to stay in Tampa? So please by all means let the man walk so he can go to a place where people actually know football and don’t prefer a QB who gets out played by Jody Kessler, whoever that is.

  46. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis a top 10 QB and could be higher if he had a decent o-line that could run block, a kicker, and a defense. The guy is going to be paid back-up money next year, no way he gets cut. The Bucs have a lot bigger problems to fix.

  47. Dooshlarue Says:


    Actually 3.5 weeks and the “hassle” was in March of 2016.
    But I kinda like how you guys do math, I mean heck, we have 5 wins right now…… so let’s call it 7?
    Maybe 8?


  48. Not there yet Says:

    Late to the party as usual!!!! All the arguing fans did about nothing and we all heard you we heard the complaints and all the whining but tried to tell you it was pointless

  49. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I believe Winston is our best option. His best years are ahead of him. If he plays good this Sunday, that will be 3 weeks in a row. I am going to see if I see him squinting with the clear visor because I really think it is prescription lens even though nobody admits it.

    You have to be able to see your targets after all.


  50. Wesley Says:

    Jameis is a good quarterback. I’m just not sure he’ll ever be a great quarterback.

  51. Robert Says:

    in 3 years the salaries will be going down!!!!

    stadiums empty, weak product, national f e l o n league

    the xfl comes they be taking pay cuts

  52. Robert Says:

    crabman is not even GOOD. he looks good, acts the part, rah rah….

    but rocks in the brain

    this team has more offensive weapons than any in the league. the only reason he is even on the field is because we desperately need a franchise qb…….or at least yall think we do

    we need brad johnson

  53. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Robert

    “Somebody burned down my sheshed”

  54. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s a business decision, pure and simple. I think whether we like it or not, he’ll be coming back.
    Don’t think for a minute that it’s, as of THIS moment, based on production. He STILL has to prove he’s the guy.
    We have 2 good games from the guy and people are losing their minds. Just as a reminder he shares a rather dubious record with another QB that has been benched. 2 games, maintain perspective!
    If he can continue the streak, I will change my opinion. Right now, color me “SKEPTICAL!”

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Of course Jameis stays!!! Follow the money. As has been frequently pointed out JW’s 21 million is just average money for an NFL QB.

    That’s about where I have JW pegged right now…and average NFL QB with a lot of upside still remaining. If he plays like he has the past two weeks the Bucs are finally set at QB. We do not need a superstar at QB, just a talented guy who knows HOW to win.

  56. Bucsfanman Says:

    @stpete- “If he plays like he has the past two weeks the Bucs are finally set at QB”

    Not for nothing but, how long have we uttered that very phrase?
    It would be such a great story if he gets it turned around. The 4 game interview continues!

  57. ben Says:

    Let Winston get a job with publix or uber and have the bucs get a qb that can be accurate hitting receivers in stride .

  58. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston, took over a 2-14 win team, took them to 6 wins, then 9 wins, then got injured and lost most of last season, this year steps into a terrible situation with an incompetent coach and a historically bad defense and is 3-2 (and should be 4-1 if he had a decent kicker in ATL).

    Additionally, in his time in the NFL Winston has played the hardest schedule of any QB in the league in that time.

    Winston has also had the worst defense in the NFL since 2015, to go along with the hardest schedule.

    Anywho Winston IS a franchise QB playing for a coach who is an idiot and with a historically bad defense. Despite that Winston has improved year over year despite having no running game since Lovie was fired. What Winston has done despite the morons around him in this organization is quite impressive, and he’ll be around for a long long time.

  59. Oneilbucs Says:

    First yall said that when we beat the 49ers and Jamies played good yall said that’s just the 49ers they suck and yall said when the Panthers come in yall said he will throw 2 or 3 interceptions and a fumble. He played good and that game now yall saying just get rid of him. Man yall really want him to fail . Just tell the truth yall really want a white quarterback . That’s not using the race card that’s just the truth. The quarterbacks coming out of the draft are not good. The west Virginia quarterback is ok but I rather Jamies cause now he’s playing his game and not koetters way of playing like a Matt Ryan type.

  60. quickdrw21 Says:

    If you don’t care about winning Jameis is your guy. If you like giving the ball away Jameis is your guy. If you enjoy winning meaningless games and loosing when it matters Jameis is your guy. If you like a guy who gets in trouble and makes you city look bad Jameis is your guy. If you enjoy being last in the division Jameis is your guy. If you can’t watch a game and see when a guy is not good and is never gonna be good then Jameis is your guy. Basically if you like Jameis as a qb it’s impossible to want the Bucs to win because you have 4 years of this guy loosing and you still think he’s your guy!!!!! Hello ppl
    He’s not!!!