Was Swearinger Talking About Bucs?

November 23rd, 2018

Meaningful words from former Bucs safety.

Joe understands fully one reason why Bucs fans are so irate.

For years they have poured thousands of dollars of their own sweat into supporting their team, spent time away from their families each fall Sunday and to what end? To get kicked in the balls while dudes getting paid seven figures a year can yuck it up on the sidelines down two scores.

Washington Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger feels Bucs fans’ pain.

Swearinger, another guy who couldn’t play for Lovie Smith, has found a nice spot for himself with the Redskins. Not quite two weeks after the Redskins’ defense put a hurt on the Bucs, Washington (6-5) lost yesterday to Dallas 31-23 and it put a big dent in the Redskins’ NFC North title chase.

Swearinger was interviewed after the game and first he said the Redskins defense can get away playing sloppy “against teams like Tampa,” but then went off on unnamed teammates for having a good time and laughing.

In short, he said football must not be that important to them and maybe those guys are just in the NFL to collect checks and not to win games.

Aside from the obvious reference to the Bucs, it sure sounded as if Swearinger (who did a victory lap around the Den of Depression two weeks ago because he is still so peeved at Lovie burying him and then cutting him) was talking about the Bucs and why the Bucs defense is just garbage. Too many guys caring more about collecting checks over wins.

“If you want to be a championship defense you’ve got to hold that weight on your back,” Swearinger said. “That’s the defense you have to hold on your back if you want to be a championship defense. If you want to be a regular defense, then it don’t mean much to you. … We can go out there and do whatever against teams that ain’t good like Tampa. We can do whatever on teams that ain’t good.

“If you want to play against teams that are good and that can play with you, you have to prepare. You have to tackle. You have to do the simple things right. If you don’t do the simple things right you will get embarrassed on national TV. … Only way you win the big games is you prepare for the big games and that is every day. That’s got to be in your heart. That laughing sh!t? That sh!t is for the birds when you are losing.

“There’s no reason to come into the building laughing unless it don’t mean that much to you. Unless you are just doing it for the money.”

Joe has a hunch this will hit home for a lot of Bucs fans.

The next time you see a Bucs player with a smile on his grill while his defense is getting waxed yet again, remember Swearinger’s words.

Those words ought to be painted on the walls of One Buc Palace right next to the portrait of the fraud who claimed so many good players couldn’t play for him while he ran the Bucs into the ground.

41 Responses to “Was Swearinger Talking About Bucs?”

  1. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    GMC would be ashamed and should be if he watched this video. I’ve never been a hater of his play like some. But he without a doubt has had the wrong mentality for pretty much his entire career.

  2. Pete I Says:

    He fully earned a victory Lap at Ray Jay. It’s also OK for him to be upset about the loss in Dallas. No story here.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    yeah…we know it….and Tmax was pounding that drum loud and proud before he was silenced …me I’ve been saying it is the talent not coaching and the attitude or leaderless team

  4. Bobby M. Says:

    Been saying this….the Bucs have great talents that don’t want to be great. They are more concerned with social media and being a celebrity. They get away with because they have the talent…do their jobs….and that’s their only concern. You literally have to dump almost the entire defense and rebuild with young guys are who are hungry for a roster spot.

  5. Joe Blahak Says:

    He’s referencing the Ice Cream Man….Stealing money through his whole career with a big smile on the football field losing…

  6. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Something has infested the culture here enough, though, that even when we bring guys in who are believed to be EXACTLY that high character, football loving & motivated type of player………. they get changed into losing robots.

  7. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I know some want to get rid of Kwon Alexander, but I do NOT. — I know he has some elements of his game that need work…

    but dammit.. his PASSION & FIRE for the game is exactly what this Defense needs to build on.

  8. RawDog Says:

    The Redskins don’t play in the NFC North

  9. mike Says:

    let me remind everyone we dropped over 500 yards of Offence on the Redskins D, we just gift wrapped turnovers in the red zone, so tell DJ his Defense “ain’t” that good either!!

  10. Reach87 Says:

    Dude talks about smiling and suddenly it’s an open invitation to bash our team. If you think GMC hasn’t prepared hard and gone hard his whole career you simply don’t know spit about NFL football and what it takes to start, play the amount of plays he plays, and earn the accolades he has earned. If you don’t like him because he smiles and helps people up, you’re a moron who either does not watch or cannot comprehend what is right in front of you. It happens every game. JPP has done it several times over the last game. We have a HOF’er who did it often. Soft? Once again soft minded morons who don’t deserve a winner cause you don’t understand the game in the slightest, have no loyalty and respect, and turn on your own with the slightest “connect the dots” provocation. Soft? Sad. Go Bucs!

  11. rhenry Says:

    I noticed when GMC sacked Manning in the fourth quarter last week he ran straight off the field, no smiling and no celebrating. How nice that was to see a grown ass man act like a man, no sack dancing or boat rowing. Refreshing. Its time our team started acting like men instead of a pack of small boys. Where is Hardy Nickerson when you need him.

  12. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I would say to post this article ALL around the Bucs locker room. But….LMAO! it won’t help/matter. I bet the Glazer boys are reading his article though. An didn’t Jameis mention this a few years ago after the last game of the season? Apparently, Licht hasn’t been doing a good job at getting rid of the check collectors.

  13. Buc believer Says:

    Sounds like he is talking to Batman err GMC…. what do you say now GMC apologists???

  14. mike24 Says:

    let me remind everyone the bucs dropped over 500 yards of Offence on the redskins we just gift wrapped turnovers in the end zone, so tell DJ his D “ain’t” that good either. sheesh one good game dude is taking vitory laps and talking like he’s Sean Taylor.

  15. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Scrap the entire defense but the young rookies, JPP, Nassib, Evans, and Kwon. All others can go!

  16. Erik Hesson Says:

    D@mn I would love to have Swearinger on this team.

    We DO have a couple guys on our D who have alot of Heart and a competitive Fire like this, but not enough of them.

    Kwon & JPP… and Kwon’s been out, so it’s really only JPP….

  17. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I imagine that it isn’t too different for NFL players as it is for all workers. I’ve seen first hand how good, prideful, hard-working people can come into a job motivated and enthusiastic. Then they find that their coworkers, and bosses don’t have that pride, or drive to do things right, and it eats at them, they become frustrated until the day they become numb and just punch the clock and do enough to get by as well. They learn that one man can’t do it all, can’t care enough for everyone. They get beaten down and tired. Now they just do enough to get by. Then they move on to a new job where expectations and culture are different, that drive and pride come back and success follows. If you think the problem with the Bucs isn’t systemic, or doesn’t start at the top with our apathetic owners you haven’t been paying attention.

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    Mike Smith’s defenses reflected his personality: passive, look-for-the-good-in-everybody, nice guy Boy Scout.

    That will not motivate the football thugs required to be an effective defense.

    Duffner can only do so much with the softness on the D side of the ball.

    Whether with the current staff sans DC or with a new regime, I look forward to then slashing, burning and gutting of this current group of pussified defensive losers.

    Give me some thugs.

  19. FortMyersDave Says:

    Unfortunately, this Buc team has no leader and is spineless. Shame has no effect unless it costs the players coin and they are cashing their checks …… for now…… My advice, make money, bet on the Niners, so many signs coming in that this team has gone Rah Morris and quit. Sure Winston sould put up 42 but if he does you can bet GMC and he boys will let the Niner 4th stringer get 45 somehow unless the Niners are tanking….. Koetter should be fired immediately for allowing the cancer in this locker room to thrive, the guy made the biggest ingrate in the locker room a captain for God sake. Just go 3-13 and lose a couple tie breakers to pick 4th behind Chuckie, the Jets and some other bottom feeder. This season is the worst I can remember since the Leeman Bennett years!

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    Mike Smith’s defenses reflected his personality: passive, look-for-the-good-in-everybody, nice guy Boy Scout.

    That will not motivate the football thugs required to be an effective defense.

    Duffner can only do so much with the softness on the D side of the ball.

    Whether with the current staff sans DC or with a new regime, I look forward to them slashing, burning and gutting of this current group of pussified defensive losers.

    Give me some thugs.

  21. Warrenfb12 Says:

    A. Ouch that hurts
    B. We’ve been saying this for years, especially when it comes to guys like McCoy. It’s all about smiling and having fun. That’s what McCoy is all about. Dance like your down by 8.

  22. Architek Says:

    We have been saying this but we are GMC and others that’s friendly Haters!!!

    This is what I hate about following Tampa the fans always call but it takes the media years to catch on and then fans are labeled because we don’t buy the frauds.

    We run real players out instead of finding the right coaches and leadership.

    Who knows what Jameis is or will be but they drafted him now and they might be stuck with him. As for Gerald McCoy and the defense; find another identity if you want to be better. The team has been soft!!! What’s the common denominator????

  23. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers has now become Cleveland Browns of the South

  24. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Big fat softie Gerald McCoy laughs and smiles all the time because he’s a big fat softie collecting a paycheck!!!

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our defense lacks talent…..lacks coaching……lacks “want to”……and is not a cohesive unit…..too many new players not used to playing with eachother…..the turnover is rampant…..we are leaderless without Kwon and leaderless with him.

    I agree….we need to blow up this defense entirely or….it would be easier if we could find a coach that would get the most out of what we have.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    The Bucs has a losing culture

    Players expect to lose here

    11 years ——-no playoffs

  27. LakeLand Says:

    These guys are enjoying their paid vacation

  28. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The defense is so obviously poor that they’re the easy targets.

    But the offense deserves it’s share of blame as well. Yeah unlike the D they have talent…but it’s wildly inconsistent…even our best player ME13 drops balls in the end zone…Brate drops balls…
    even Chris Godwin had a two game stretch where he was fumbling and dropping balls.

    We have no focus and as I’ve been whining for the past month…we need a culture change. Whether that comes from new coaches…new players or more likely a combination of the two…it must happen if we’re going to be any good.

  29. Not there yet Says:

    Pro bowl is fake paper accolades for these players. Respect for a player comes from winning and getting into the playoffs. That’s never happened for Geraldine so stop wondering why he’s not a respected nfl player. He’s collecting a check plain and simple they all are which is why they keep doing the same thing over and over with different coaches but losing in the same fashio

    Can’t be a leader or top shelf player when an average player and a 22-23 year old quarterback at has to has a private conversation with you before training camp to tell you he needs you to lead in a different way. Geraldine is a pretender.

  30. Ndog Says:

    I know this is not about Jameis but this is one of the reasons I want him to succeed here so much. He has the right mentality and that is very rare in these parts.

  31. Architek Says:

    I understand but truthfully if He has the right mentality he would not of been suspended for those three games and costs the team.

  32. DB55 Says:

    Well well we’ll nothing pc about that

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    This ain’t about ONE guy, though it meets with some of your agendas. Yes he’s the guy we all see and focus on because he gets paid well, but he’s the exact same guy we drafted.
    No, it’s not one guy. It’s a mindset,it’s a culture. To change it we may very well need to cut ties. Make no mistake though, ridding the team of GMC doesn’t solve our problems.
    Top down, it’s leadership.

  34. Joe Blahak Says:

    McCoy is, and will be forever the poster child for Buccaneers bad defense…the common denominator, yes

  35. TOM Says:

    To me Gmc is a pretty decent DT but not worth the money he’s getting. I would have preferred keeping McDonald & trading GMC. But thats me.

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    What the hell is DJ going on about Tampa for. A journeyman QB torched you guys all day but couldn’t get it into the end zone. If Jameis would have played you would have lost. The Redskins suck almost as bad as Tampa and are being exposed now.

  37. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Give me some thugs.”

    I don’t disagree with most of your post, but that is overstating things.

    Great Defenses don’t require thugs..just look at our history.

    London Fletcher

    etc, etc, etc… what you need are good athletes and a coach with a plan, and the intelligence to teach it.

    People say Kwon has all this fire and passion….I see a guy acting the fool and flexing every time he makes any play..marginal or not. He appears to me to fit the profile you’re looking for..and he ain’t all that.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I good coach and emotionally inveated.ownership who wants to win motivates the players to.prepare, to train.and study. When the players all realize they are playing for a staff that is clueless, and they realise that 80%of the fan base could call a better game plan than they’re own coaches they are going to start no giving a shlt whether they win or lose. They will all be content playing a shorty 16 games season, collecting more money than most of us could ever imagine making and liking fowardn to hopefully playing for a winning team where everyone wants to win. Jameis, Kwon, JPP, PEYTON BARBER, HUMPHRIES, HOWARD,MARPET, JENSEN…..most of these guys want to win. It’s culture, it’s coaching, it’s ownership. The Glaziers need to be in the building regularly speaking with layers, coaches….trying to find solutions while the season is in swing. This team is a train wreck

  39. tmaxcon Says:


    riding cancer93 does solve all the problems. it kills the leader of the losing culture and gives these young guys a chance.


    give it up there is no defending that garbage bad character dt you have a mancrush on. he quits on plays, quits on coaches and sets a bad example for youth everywhere..

  40. Brandon Short Says:

    That’s probably why he was run out of town. We would have better effort if this defense was a bunch of undrafted free agents. The talent wouldn’t be there but the effort sure would. Too many talented JAGs on our D that make too much money to care.

  41. D Says:

    Between awful defensive coordinaters to soft overpaid or untalented bums on defense , its clear the Bucs have accepted mediocrity. Yes Dungynis long gone but it amazes me how the hard hitting mentality died so easily