“Ryan Will Be Our Starter Next Week”

November 4th, 2018

Will sit and watch a journeyman with a 2-3 record who turns 36 soon

The Bucs appear to have officially thrown in the towel on America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

The head coach’s message was very clear this afternoon.

Despite a two-interception day by Ryan Fitzpatrick, including one critical early pick, Fitzpatrick was continue in his role as the Bucs’ No. 1 QB.

“Ryan will be our starter next week,” Dirk Koetter said immediately following today’s game.

So let Joe get this straight. The Bucs (3-5) are buried alone in last place in the NFC South and they likely need to close the season with a 7-1 run to make the playoffs. Also, Fitzpatrick cooled off today and still doesn’t know if he wants to keep playing football next season, yet Jameis can’t get on the field.

It’s over here for Jameis, folks.

Joe has no doubt that Team Glazer signed off on the Ryan Fitzpatrick Show. And while that might be entertaining at times, it’s a miniseries that will be cancelled at the end of the season. Bet the house on it.

Joe has plenty of respect for Fitzpatrick, but hand the damn ball to Jameis and see what he can do to close out the season. If you don’t want Jameis as your future, fine, then playing him will either raise his trade value dramatically or help you lose a lot of games and line up a good draft pick.

Sorry, Joe’s not afraid of Jameis getting hurt seriously and subsequently eating $21 million of Team Glazer loot next season. If the Bucs are that scared, then they should have traded Jameis last week for whatever they could have gotten.

Playing scares is for losers.

159 Responses to ““Ryan Will Be Our Starter Next Week””

  1. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Jameis Mob crying inbound

  2. Season Is Over Says:

    When did it start for Winston? He raked up tremendous stats at the sake of every fan in this city watching the losses pile up. Eventually, some of the fans became wise to the act.

  3. Vincente Says:

    You don’t think they listened to offers? Maybe nobody wants him. Maybe nobody wants to pay the guy anything right now. It’s not like he scares any defenses when he’s at QB. I know Fitz makes D coordinators do a little more homework than they have to on Winston. Time to stop polishing a turd. It’s over let him ride the bench on the way out the door.

  4. VFL98 Says:

    Good I hope they lose every freaking game! Dirk is a wuss!! This just shows you how dumb this organization is. WOW!! How can they not play Winston?? I mean we got our A## beat today and a 14 yr back up QB at the helm. Really???? This has got to be and excuse that Dirk is using to not get fired. Blame it on Winston and Mike Smith.. ” it’s not me guys it’s them”.. Fire Him Today!! I’m done until they do.

  5. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I don’t blame Koetter. If he’s going to get fired, he might as well go down with the QB that he prefers

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe, you are clearly trying your best to resurrect Jameis….and I admire that….but the simple fact is that he did this to himself…

    Do you honestly think Jameis would have done any better at QB today?

    The problem with this team is not its QBs…..its the coaching and practically the entire defense.

    We have 1 interception all year from our D…..we have given away 6 in the last two games…..enough said.

  7. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Done with these coaches and GM. Fudge the owners too, making a sham out of this once respected franchise. I will always have pride in my team but Glazers, Koetter, and Licht..,
    You should know it’s a goddam embarrassment to be a Bucs fan. You give us nothing to be excited for and now you give up on a 24 year old QB after a few bad games.
    Glazers you are not leaders or this would not be allowed.
    Thanks for ruining one of my favorite things and hobbies. Just sickening.

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    Can I puke? Start Ryan Griffin. He’s younger than the old fart. Plus, draw up a decent offensive game plan FOR A CHANGE, KOETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GrafikDetail Says:

    can’t wait for the Glazers to lie & say they had no say in not playing Winston at the end of the season LOL well one way or another Winston will win a superbowl once he leaves this sorry excuse for a franchise… #BucCurse

  10. LakeLand Says:

    It don’t matter

    Bucs news are irrelevant

  11. passthebuc Says:

    Joe, there is an easy solution to your misery.
    pony up 2.5 billion and buy the club.
    Then you can play whomever you wish, regardless of talent.

  12. VFL98 Says:

    YOUR AND IDIOT IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD START FITZ OVER WInston. It doesn’t make sense for the future to do this. You have to see what he can do to determine what to do next year. I mean this is business sense. Joe is 100% correct on this.

  13. Chill Will Says:

    Well dirk good knowing you but it’s obvious you’re a dumb pos at this moment you screwed our team the last two years along with your bff smithy. Time to move on from this dude.What an embarrassment

  14. Stravenite Says:

    We couldn’t get anything for JayMiss, the trade calls were for Fitz, no interest for the No1 pick, who would have thought !!!

  15. Kansas95Buc Says:


  16. Bucnut2 Says:

    Hi Lee- I don’t think the bucs have thrown in the towel yet. Hence- the TO machine is on the bench. it’s not like Winston is a rookie. He is in his forth year of really bad football. I know, people will point to stats. Here’s my stat, NO one in the NFL has turned over the football more than Winston in the last 4 years.

  17. CFTPA Says:

    While we are trying out new options at offense, maybe the Glazers should fire Koetter and let Monken serve as interim head coach to see what happens. Wouldn’t hurt.

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    Not the coach boys
    It’s the gm

  19. Bucnut2 Says:

    VFL -EVERYONE knows what Winston can do. Turn the ball over at historic rate

  20. VFL98 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:The problem with this team is not its QBs…..its the coaching and practically the entire defense.

    Your 100% correct!!

    Then why are they benching a 24 yr old Heisman winner and National Champion for a 14 yr back up Qb who still loss the game then??

  21. Season Is Over Says:

    I think the fake punt inside your own 20 is an even worse play than running Winston up the middle on the last play of the game.

  22. NewTampaChris Says:

    Why is Joe so interested in making sweeping pronouncements? Fitz has outplayed Jameis this year. We don’t need to see Jameis anymore to know who he is. But if Fitz retires, Jameis will still be the best QB on the roster (I think) and until there is a better QB, you put him on the field.

    It’s such a typical media thing to say, “Well if the coaching staff takes this one action it definitely means this forever.” When your team sucks, you don’t have the luxury of long-term decisions and pronouncements. You take things week by week. Last week, Jameis and the offense lost the game. Not the case today.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I completely disagree with the take on the Glazers, I think the Glazers are giving Dirk enough rope to hang himself. They generally allow coaches to coach without getting in the way, and if I was the Glazers I’d do the same – at least for last week against Carolina. However I’d also do what the Glazers never do and fire the HC during the season.

  24. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If you can beat Washington Sunday the Giants await. I would start Fitz too.

  25. Pete I Says:

    Well we’ll see, hopefully Joe is right, this time, and it really is the end for the mediocre Winston and his non elite status. He will never be anything but a first pick fail and is unlikely to ever be a winner at this level, it’s in his DNA.

    Maybe a few years from now he might be a Jim Plunkett and have late career success but more likely he is destined to be a Jeff George

  26. Not Americas QB Says:

    Please stop calling him Americas QB. Sorry no way we let him on the field to get hurt. Time to Blow it up ! Let the two Ryans play Fire Everybody draft Will Grier and start over.

  27. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Winston has also proven he can be one of the best QBs in the league like when he came back last season.
    He is 24, his story has not been written yet. Bucs are grossly mishandling this whole thing.
    Jameis came back trying to do too much and maybe deserved to sit a game, but we lost this game without him and his replacement basically played as bad as his 24 yo counterpart. Fitz overthrew, threw wide, misses Djax long, threw into coverage, took bad sacks and fumbled the ball (got lucky) and threw INT.
    Winston needs to be the QB, he just needs to play like he did to end last season and not try to be like Fitzmagic or do too much.

  28. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    We are doomed folks for a long long time! The curse of the crushed gnome lives on at onebucplace. I’m done arguing with a bunch of social life freaks who know nothing about football and just want to argue about whatever is.

  29. LakeLand Says:

    The funny thing

    Posters here are always bragging about the Bucs offense

    Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans can hang 40 points on you

    Carolina hung 42 on the Bucs
    Atlanta hung 38 on Washington
    The Saints has hung 35 on the Rams at halftime

    I have been saying this all season

    It take a COMPLETE team to compete in the NFC South

  30. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I forgot about how many passes did Fitz have batted down as well.

  31. Lamarcus Says:

    Glazer’s don’t want him in playing in that mess of a team

    Save him for next year

  32. Ndog Says:

    I’ve been saying this since week 2, they were going to screw this up and wouldn’t you know it they are screwing it up about as badly as they can. Wow this guy is 100% idiot and 100% fired. If it wasn’t clear last year when he rolled Jameis out there to play with a bum throwing shoulder then it was clear when he refused to name Jameis the starter when he came back and starter this Fitz crap. He is not, has not and will not be behind Jameis and if your head coach is not behind your QB you have a real issue.

  33. JJV Says:

    I said it weeks ago. This team needs an enema. Complete clean out starting with the owners, front office, coaches, trainers, and no player should be safe- NO ONE! The losing cycle will not change until the entire system is purged. It needs to be a complete blow out.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    They may like to keep JW next year, but they certainly don’t want to pay him $20 million. So, I think they are going to do everything they can to keep him from being injured…I’d like to see JW play out the season, but I can understand the potential financial impact. It’s a business decision. If we were winning, it wouldn’t be an issue.

  35. WillieG Says:

    Jameis has shown you want he will do for the last 4 years! How much more do you need to see?

  36. ben Says:

    Fitz did not loose the game … with an average defense the bucs would be a winner with the beard at qb

  37. Bosch Says:

    The failures of this franchise begins with the owners. They will never be able to attract a first rate head coach or GM. The reason they are always firing a leader is because it was a bad hire in the first place. And it is all because they are not respected. Think about it. Pacells wouldn’t work for them. Neither would Gruden. The problem for Bucs fans is the Glazers will never admit their failure and just sell the team. If you want to see change, Don’t buy tickets, don’t buy gear, don’t watch them on tv. Maybe if you hit the owners hard enough in the wallet, they will finally sell the team. Otherwise the misery of failure continues for the foreseeable future.


  38. Not there yet Says:

    Season Is Over Says:
    November 4th, 2018 at 5:37 pm
    When did it start for Winston? He raked up tremendous stats at the sake of every fan in this city watching the losses pile up.

    You mean sort of like Fitz piling up tremendous stats? So another ignorant post let’s lose with the old guy instead of the new guy. I’m still gonna assume it was a typo saying he put up tremendous stats. If Winston lose it’s because he sucks, if Fitz lose blame the defense lol. Playing Winston’s the smart play, he’ll either give hope he can be the guy or he’ll give us a high draft pick. Fitz gives nothing.

  39. Easy Says:

    “Joe” it’s over for your boy Winston. Deal with it

  40. Bucnut2 Says:

    And oh by the way Winston has almost 50 starts. We know what he is. Some fo you are hoping he becomes something different than what he is.

  41. SteveK Says:


    How about the touchdown to turnover ratio: 4:2.

    Last week, Joe, in the world renknown Ira Kaufman Podcast, you, yourself, mentioned:
    “Jameis has picks, but name one time he threw a Hail Mary out of play for the sake of avoiding an interception.”

    Same applies to Fitz, when your D is playing bad and the line keeps letting you get rocked bc you can’t run the ball, you have to fire the ball and interceptions happen.

    You’re blind if you don’t acknowledge that Fitz is superior in every facet, and a great man off the field.

  42. thee good ol'e days Says:

    hey when are we going to get a professional football team in tampa? this is a damn joke, a nightmare, a disgrace and an embarrassment to the community, and to the former all time greats of our beloved team. i do not think our defense played this bad their 2nd 3rd season in the league back in the 70’s, glazers you are going to have to do something because owning two high profile big money sports franchises, is not working out for us on our end, you can see it by attendance in the stands, i’m sure ratings are down and i don’t see a run on vea, LVD or GMC jerseys at the stores, damn, either sell this team to someone who is committed to build a winner, or hire a head of football operations and get this mess straightened out

  43. SteveK Says:

    As a Buccaneer fan, I want the best players to play regardless of draft position. Joe Steve screams this and is right. This should apply to Fitz.

    Even in a post season, I want as many wins as possible. Tanking is poor gamesmanship, bad karma, etc. we can lose by evaluating young guys when we are out of connection, but never, ever tank.

  44. Bird Says:

    You know what. Start Jameis against the redskins They are top defense. Let’s see how he responds. That’s fair. I want to see him against a top defense

    Fitz had Murderers row. Playing against saints /eagles / Pitt/ Chicago / Carolina
    All defenses in top half except saints

    Yet the saints are stomping the rams right now so that win in New Orleans looks even better.

    Look at Jameis matchups. Chicago / Atlanta / browns / bengals.

    Do you know that minus Chicago , those are three out of the 5 worst defenses in the nfl. Bengals being the worst where he threw 4 picks.

    Joe knows football quote of the day : fitz has no heart. That’s classic. And you have no clue.

  45. Crazed Bucs Fan Says:

    Fitzpatrick looked like a white Jameis Winston today. We’ll probably lose again next week and the “Fitzpatrick bandwagon” will breakdown on the 49 yard line

  46. Pete I Says:

    Who is the most accurate college QB. Lets start looking at him. And this time pay attention to any red flags.

  47. LakeLand Says:

    Matt Ryan and the Falcons destroyed Washington top defernse

  48. SteveK Says:


    Fitz is superior. Period. No questions. Look st stats. Winston is a bust in Tampa m

  49. LakeLand Says:

    The Saints are destroying the Rams top defense

  50. denjoe Says:

    I’ll take 4 TD’s downs to 2 INT’s. You know that they knew we had to pass late.
    Koetter for some reason is holding out that he won’t be fired and is going with his best chance to win because his future is now.

  51. Season Is Over Says:

    He has better stats than Manning and Marino.

  52. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Jamies yah gotta go bud, you suck

  53. LakeLand Says:

    It take more than a passing team to compete in the NFC South

    Every team can pass the ball

    You have to run the ball also

    And play decent defense…not fall behind by 3-4 scores

  54. Buc4evr Says:

    Ha. It’s not over for Jameis, it’s over for Koetter and Licht. The new coach can evaluate Jameis next year. Koetter is dead after today.

  55. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Not sure it’s over for Winniw The Pooh in Tampa. He will have success elsewhere…it’s almost a certainty.

  56. Rob Says:

    We know what we have in the human ATM(America’s turnover machine). He acts crazy eating W’s (watch the tape, he is crazy), grabs crotches, voluntarily serves suspensions for being stupid, makes the same errant deep passes over and over and over, throws careless interception after careless interception, looks very non Heisman like, has all the stats but the one that matters (WINS), and doesn’t deserve 20.9 million next year so treat him like glass. Go Bucs and our sorry defense can suck it!

  57. Buc4life7878 Says:

    Joe he’s done, finished. No way around it. Can’t take the risk of him getting injured.

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    Today in BucLand Fitzpatrick > Winston.

    And both have a ton of heart.

  59. Jeagan1999 Says:

    “Joe has plenty of respect for Fitzpatrick, but hand the damn ball to Jameis and see what he can do to close out the season.”

    We already know what a Jameis can do….turn the ball over at an ungodly rate! We’ve seen this show his entire career! He was turnover prone in college, and he’s still turnover prone 4 years into the NFL! He made poor choices and questionable decisions off the field in college, and he continued to make them in the NFL!

    Question for the Jameis apologists…..what makes any of you think that Jameis will suddenly stop turning the ball over and making poor decisions if he gets to play the remainder of the season? Where have you seen ANY evidence that he will suddenly change his game?

  60. AlmightyVinn Says:

    Man you just replied to me asking this very question on twitter, and now I’m confused lol

  61. Rod Munch Says:

    The Winston bashers, pretending like Fitz had a great day when the Bucs got blown out, they crack me up with how fake they are in their criticism. If Winston had this exact same day they’d be saying how he’s the worst QB in America, he only put up 243 yards and should have turned the ball over at least 5 times but got lucky and how many blowouts are we going to have to deal with before he’s cut, and how no team in the NFL would even have him on their roster.

    This is why I don’t take you morons seriously.

  62. D-Rome Says:

    It was over when Jay-Miss was benched last week. I’m not sure why Koetter’s declaration surprises you. Jay-Miss brought this all on himself.

  63. Simeon Says:

    He only Ryan to start is griffin, why not give him a chance?

  64. Pryda Says:

    Fire the coach !

  65. Skipper Says:

    Fitz has played well, if this is about the future then go with Winston.

  66. denjoe Says:

    I said it before QB is the least of our worries with this POS team, GM and coaches.

  67. J Says:

    Blow up the outside world

  68. LakeLand Says:

    Jameis has 10 INT
    Fitz has 7 INT

    Drew Brees -1 INT
    Matt Ryan- 3 INT
    Cam- 4 INT

  69. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Lol @ we know what we have in Jameis arguments.
    So we know what a 24 yo is going to be but we don’t know what a journeyman of 138 games is?
    I guess it just depends on what games you focus on. As a whole I will take my chances with Jameis 100% of the time.

  70. Robertg Says:

    They don’t think Winston is the future so why play him and take the chance of him getting hurt. Fans need to realizes you simply can’t win games with the worst defense in the NFL no matter how good your offense is. Playing for draft picks now. Hope they draft defense next draft!

  71. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Fitz, the first Buc ever with three 4 TD games.

  72. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    DK go down as a man, do something good for this team, never play JW again.
    This you CAN do it.

  73. Pete I Says:

    And you will he disappointed 100% of the time with Winston.

    Fitz sucks too but he is less hard to watch than Winston who everytime he drops back is something of a gamble.

    Unfortunately Winston may still arise from the bench as the coaches and GM suck and may panic.

    Hopefully Jameis takes his franchise QB act to some other place ao they can fix him, they won’t of course, because it’s in his DNA.

    America’s first round fail.

  74. LakeLand Says:

    Dewey Selmon

    And they lost the game

  75. LakeLand Says:

    They lost the game because Carolina scored 6 TD

  76. T REX Says:

    Hell no Joe. He gets hurt and you lose #20 mill for a garbage player and person.

    See ya.

  77. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Joe, so, can u admit I was right about the problem being Jason Licht?

  78. tnew Says:

    Fitz has 123 starts.. think he’s proven what he is too..

    My hope is that Koetter sticks with Fitz the remainder of the season. This way, he won’t have any player to blame this on. Fitz is good enough to be 6-10, 7-9. Koetter sticking with this defensive staff after last season combined with the failed development of a running game, questionable time management and lack of a knack for when to make the right call (high school lateral, fake punt that gave the Panthers a touchdown)

    I don’t blame Fitz for this loss, but I do realize if Winston would’ve played the exact way, he would’ve been crucified as the main reason for the loss.

    I’m gonna disagree with Joe regarding this being the end of Winston. It only is if the Bucs win. This is Koetter being scared and pushing all in with Fitzgerald hoping for lightning in a bottle part 2 with Fitz. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, Koetter is out. The next coach will get a free year to decide on Winston. Then he can start all over with his own guy in season 2 if Winston (who is tragically broken) fails.

    Watching the Rams, anyone remember the reviews for Goff with Jeff Fisher, an old school type, as the head coach?

    What this signifies to me is the Bucs are in need of a MAJOR rebuild by a competent football guy. The Bucs should name a President of football operations ASAP. That guy can come in, asses the organization for the remainder of the season, then hire coaches and the general manager in the off-season.

  79. gambelero Says:

    I agree with Joe, but I suspect it is about the 5th year injury guarantee. It’s so like the Glazers to make make that move.

    If it is about the fifth year option, they can’t even leave him active. Fitz is odds on to get hurt with our oline and his take no prisoners style of play. If they put Smith on the active roster, and leave Jameis inactive, Joe can tell us all “I told you so.”

  80. Rod Munch Says:

    So Winston has 10 INTs, including the worst game in his career while Fitz has 7 in the best season of his career including a truly historic start to the year. So think of that, Fitz, having his best season of his career is still just 2-3.

  81. Jason Says:

    What amazes me is 90% of this thread is arguing JW vs RF. Folks, it’s the defense that is ungodly pathetic, and that includes ALL OF THEM. Have you ever seen a team give up yards like the Bucs do? The Panthers could do whatever they wanted to do. Our D-Line, including GMac (who everyone seems to worship), got tossed around like they were a high school team. If hope you listened to the TV broadcast and heard Barber just torch our defense – and he was being too kind. Argue about QB all you want. But until you fix the D, nothing is going to change.

  82. Waterboy Says:

    There’s no need to see Winston again this season. I’ve had 3 yrs to look at him in the current system and don’t expect to see anything different during the final 8 games. His best bet is to see how he looks under a new OC and system next year and let that determine his long-term future in Tampa.

  83. Burton21 idaho Says:

    I love my Bucs but I’m done. If Jameis is done I am too. The defense can’t help any QB no matter what. As McKay once said I’m in favor of their execution. Pathetic

  84. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Winston turns the ball over every game and makes bad situational decisions. He’s already peaked and he’s only 24 yrs old. BUST!

  85. Rod Munch Says:

    Waterboy – Let’s see, Winston took a 2 win team to 6 wins, then 9 wins, then got injured and would be 2-1 this year with a decent kicker. He has the numbers that only HOF QBs have at his age and he’s improved his play every year.

    But yeah, he had a bad road game, so you need to throw out everything else and pretend his last bad game is his entire career. LOL!

  86. NoTalentonDefense Says:

    Rod Munch, Fitz is not that good, we all know that, but he is much better than Winston. Just look at the numbers, they don’t lie.

    JW: 3 games total, 65%, 1,181 yds., 6 TDs, 10 INTs, 1 fumble lost, sacked 13
    RF: 5 games total, 66%, 1,793 yds., 17 TDs, 7 INTs, 0 fumble lost, sacked 11

    I did not like Winston going into the draft because of his immaturity, his turnovers, and his wobbly passes all of which I knew would be problems at the next level.

  87. tnew Says:

    Wait a minute… Joe, was Koetter talking Ryan Fitzpatrick or Griffin?? JK

  88. EnoughSaid Says:

    Fire Koetter now and start Jameis the rest of 2018 and 2019! I guess these moron gator/Bucs fans would have given up on the legends listed below too? Jameis is not the problem!!! Fix the offensive and defensive lines as well as get a decent running game and you’ll have a winning team with Winston at the helm!

    Thru 48 career NFL starts: attempts in ( )

    Jameis: 74 TDs, 52 INTs, 12,672 yards (1672)
    Favre: 75 TDs, 54 INTs, 10,802 (1635)
    Peyton: 85 TDs, 58 INTs, 12,287 (1679)
    Eli: 68 TDs, 55 INTs, 9,803 (1550)
    Elway: 58 TDs, 56 INTs, 9,681 (1463)
    Marino: 111 TDs, 56 INTs, 13,274 (1645)

  89. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucs fan #7423 – Actually Winston makes good decisions and good plays when it matters, which is why he has a good QBR, including his best season to date this year. I really don’t care if Winston throws a 2nd quarter INT when he pretty much always brings his team back despite having the worst defense in football his entire time in Tampa.

    Favre would do this all the time, in particular against Tampa, he’d have like 4 or 5 turnovers and that SOB would end up with the ball in his hands and a chance to win the game despite looking like garbage all day. That is literally the type of player Winston is, you walk a tightrope, just like with Favre, and hope he can get it done in the end. Then again Favre never had anything close to the worst defense in football his entire time in GB and didn’t need to score 36 a game to win (something he never did). Had message boards been a big deal back then you’d have all you Winston haters saying Favre is awful, get him out of the game, this guy is terrible and if we had a QB that didn’t turn the ball over the team would better better (and in 1996 when they won the SB the Packers had the top defense in football).

  90. Rod Munch Says:

    NoTalentonDefense – LOL! Yes, as I said, take Fitz and his best season ever and put that against a 3 game strech including Winston’s worst start ever and then claim you’ve made some huge point.

    Anywho kiddo, there’s more to football than a 3 game strech, and there’s more to Fitz than his hot streak.

    Again, I have no issue with Fitz at all and I’d have started him this particular game, but the issue is the Winston bashers thinking a bad road game is suddenly Jameis entire career. It’s just dishonest, or the Winston bashers are insanely stupid, but it’s one of the two.

  91. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    I think it’s cute you think this isn’t about Koetter going with the better QB right now to save his job. Jameis will be in in a game or two.

  92. TBTeddy Says:

    I feel like too many fans are arguing unimportant issues. Theres no QB controversy when the whole team is trash. While I’m not afraid to move on from Winston, I think it would be poor decision to base all of our evaluations of him in Dirks offense. I’m very curious how much of the problem is coaching. The falcons weren’t good either with the same coaches. Koetter might be ruining Winston and Fitzpatrick just doesn’t suffer as much from the poor coaching because of his 14 years of experience.

  93. Not there yet Says:

    Dirk is garbage I can’t wait until him and licht are outta here. I didn’t see the panthers rookie getting abused by this so called explosive offense licht. Coaching matters and Dirk can’t game plan and doesn’t make adjustments until he goes in the locker room at halftime and gets help from the other coaches. Down in the first half of games is all about coaching and game planning. This team is full of quitters making big money and it’s about that time for them to start making vacation plans. Dirk knows nothing but offense and he’s not that good at that much, not calling plays and basically not coaching. All he knows is stats and off-season program which produces nothing

  94. BuccoDav Says:

    I can’t figure out the mind set of those saying that if JW had played like Fitz today, the haters would have laid it all on JW…

    Don’t you understand that the expectations for JW were infinitesimally higher than those for Fitz, the journeyman, as you like to say.

    JW was the first pick in the draft.
    We were told he was all we needed to take this team to the playoffs…
    We were told he was a winner…
    We were told he would make everyone around him better…
    We were told his stunts in college were because he was young and just doing things college kids do…

    We are almost 4 years into his career and he seems to be going backward.
    Those who criticize JW would love to be rooting for him. touting what a great QB he is but he just hasn’t progressed. This is probably Koetter’s last year, maybe the next regime can tailor an offense better suited for him. Otherwise, what a complete waste of time and hope.

  95. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Winston is not an elite QB, he’s been in this league 4 years and still turns the ball over every game and still doesn’t display great situational awareness.

    He still has accuracy issues of throwing the ball too high even to 6’5 receivers and still stares down receivers like an idiot. Yah know, the basics.

    The guy’s proven to be a clown, you can by his teammates body language, they’re much happier when he’s not playing

  96. Nprbuc Says:

    I agree with Simon Says and a number of other posters. Time to saddle up Ryan Griffin and see why the coaching staff is so high on him. 3 years in and the kid has never taken a snap beyond pre season? What’s THAT all about? I liked him in preseason and would love to see what he looks like with the starters. We know what we have with Fitz and Winston. We don’t need to see another game out of either of those guys to get a feel for what they can/ can’t do. Give the kid a chance to show what he is all about. Maybe he is a career clipboard carrier or maybe he is a future HOF. Put him under fire and let’s see. I can see no reason to not have him play now. This team is toast regardless of who the QB is at this point. The defense sucks like a Hoover. Let the kid play! If he sucks, at least we will know that. We also could be really surprised. Let’s find out.

  97. stpetebucsfan Says:

    If you guys really wanted some perspective you’d go to career stats not just this year. You’d read about the reps of both players and if you’re really fired up check their seasons out on Wikipedia which helps fill in the blanks year by year.

    They are really, really close to being the SAME player. JW stronger arm…Fitz more accuracy.

    Their stats over their careers are almost identical. Fitz won ten games one season…JW 9….NEITHER of them have ever played on a good team for a solid franchise.

    Fitz has ten more years experience and consequently sees defenses better. JW has been unmanageable since his FSU days…see the infamous suspension where he came out dressed anyway….the famous yelling matches with Jimbo on the sideline…largely ignoring Koetter.

    Here’s the deal if you guys could just park your freaking emotions. They are the same guy!!! They are BOTH known for amazing comebacks…they are BOTH known for amazing passes…both great and bad! Fitz is calm…JW on speed but if this horrible season has finally shown JW the error of his ways both on and off the field who knows.

    I do not want to spend 20 million on JW because we have too many needs…but if JW would sign an incentive laden contract for next year and accept his role and shrink his massive prima donna ego…he could be truly valuable. Perhaps he might even reach the expectations some here keep touting.

    In terms of winning…if we could get JW cheap enough…keep Fitz and tell them both the hot hand plays…Fitz could continue to mentor the “Wild Child” and BOTH of these guys could win with this offense.

    NO QB is going to win with this defense. So keep them both and forget the QB position in 2019….spend EVERYTHING on defense. If a generational OL showed up in the draft OK…otherwise EVERY PICK…EVERY BIG FA…DEFENSE!!!

    It should be DEFENSE…DEFENSE…DEFENSE. This emotional QB debate is not really productive.

  98. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Munch, please stop trying to compare Jay Miss to Favre. It doesn’t work. Look at the numbers. He turns the ball over at a historic rate. He throws terrible interceptions. He is a fumbling machine. None of that is going to change!
    Obviously, Fitz is not a long term answer. However, we need to figure out the QB position, as well as many other positions.
    Fitz was 4-1 TD to interception ratio until the game was over and he threw a 2nd interception because Desean doesn’t care.
    Start Fitz, make Griffin the 2nd string QB to see what he can do at some point. Wrap Jay Miss in bubble wrap and don’t resign him.
    Fire Dork, Licht and hire someone as President of Football Operations that has some serious football “street cred.”

  99. Waterboy Says:

    @Rod Munch
    Winston has great stats as far as passing yards and I don’t even hold wins and losses against him because the defense is horrible but his TD/INT ratio is low for a starting QB and often times there are at least 3 other passes during a game that defenders drop that could have very easily been picked off also. He throws for a lot of yards which is great on the stat sheet but the more import stat is TD/INT ratio. Most good QB’s hit 2.0 by their 3rd season and so far he hasn’t and more than likely won’t do it again this year. Teams will let you march up and down the field all day but shut you down in the red zone that’s where Winston is still struggling.

  100. Bird Says:


    Nailed it brother

  101. HeavyE Says:

    Jameis, don’t play another down, for this SAD ASS team, get cut or released, then take the league minimum, and go to the Saints, and learn from one of the best in Drew Brees, and take over when He retires, and come back and haunt this team, for years….. F..k the Bucs!!! & this Fan Base, if you want to call it a fan base???

  102. Waterboy Says:


    What would Winston gain from signing an incentive based contract with the Bucs next season if he knows another team would be willing to gamble on giving him guaranteed money? Only way that makes sense for him is if no one else is willing to pay him what he wants.

  103. Tnew Says:

    Until the Bucs can pretend to have a running game the QB position can’t be fairly discussed. Since Lovie left, the running game has been an afterthought. Koetter is the wrong guy.

  104. Sharkiebucfan Says:

    Where is rob Johnson or Bruce gradkowski these days? Bring back the brown paper bags. #itsabucslife

  105. DB55 Says:

    Their stats over their careers are almost identical. Fitz won ten games one season…JW 9….NEITHER of them have ever played on a good team for a solid franchise.
    Except fitz had a top 5 or 10 defense that year and Winston has 30th or 31st but other than that….

  106. NoTalentonDefense Says:

    Rod Munch, nobody is grabbing the best 3 games for Fitz, we are using the stats for this season only (5 games total), because guess what, that is all that matters right now. It basically all comes don to turnovers, plain and simple, and nobody turns the ball over like Winston, for 3 games total this season. Eleven turnovers in 3 games this season is unacceptable and against the context of his short career, he is not the future. Right now, Fitz reads coverages better, takes care of the ball a little bit better, and certainly has a better arm than Winston.

  107. OneBucPerson Says:

    Honestly, we’d be making a huge mistake getting rid of Winston. Bring in a defensive minded HC next season like a Teryl Austin, commit to fixing the defense and O-line in free agency and the Draft, and give Jameis 1 more year as the starter with a new OC. Best case scenario he gets fixed, worse case scenario he puts us in position to get a new QB in 2020 like Tua or Jake Fromm.

  108. wisconsinbucsfan Says:

    Major house cleaning coming….. I can smell bleach from here.

  109. Ed kerber Says:

    He’s why we are not idiots for NOT playing Jameis—one injury this year could cost 20 million next year. Bucs are 3-5, and not likely to compete with The saints or Panthers for the top spot in NFC South. That makes them compete for ONE wild card spot. Since they have already lost to the Bears. The hope is they (the bears) win the central. And the loser of the Saints/Panthers will probably get the other Wild Card. That puts the Bucs in competition with Seahawks, Lions, Vikings, Redskins, Giants, Cowboys, Cardinals, 49ers, Packers, Falcons, Eagles for the last wild Card spot. All they have to be is the best of what’s remaining. And Fitz gives them the best chance to beat second tier teams. If Winston is hurt, it jeopardizes too many of next year’s resources.

  110. T REX Says:

    Winston fan bois please drop dead . Thank you.

  111. BucsFanAgain? Says:

    BuccoDav >> Rod Munch

    Munch, You get Nothing! Good day, Sir!

  112. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    I don’t want Winston back. We need an accurate quarterback that doesn’t turn the ball over.

  113. Rod Munch Says:

    NoTalentonDefense – Fitz literally had the best start of a season of any QB in the history of the game, and you’re taking that and comparing it against Winston’s three starts, including the worst start of his career. There’s more than 3 games to WINSTON’S career, and there’s a lot more to Fitz than this season in which he had an incredible start where he was on pace to throw for 6800 yards and 84 TDs.

    If you cherry pick stats based on small sample sizes you can make anything equal anything you want.

  114. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucs fan #7423 – Yeah, we need Mike Glennon back, that guy is accurate – at least when you throw the ball less than 4 yards down the field – and he didn’t turn the ball over. I mean heck Mike Glennon so wouldn’t turn the ball over he’d throw it out of bounds to end a game rather than risk an INT on a hail mary (which he literally did). How cares if the offense only puts up 6 points a game, we can’t have turnovers, that’s more important than winning or losing!

  115. BucsFanAgain? Says:

    @Rod Munch

    Evidence #1:
    Career backup QB obviously outperforms the 1st round multi-million dollar 4-year starter using the same line, receivers, OC, etc. Even in the backups worst game, his performance is no worse than the apparent chosen one’s. Fellow football players point out that the starter is on an historic turnover path for his career.

    Evidence #2:
    Starter is hectored by off the field issues when he is drafted, and is subsequently some time into his pro career found by the NFL to have grabbed a woman’s crotch without her permission and then implied in a press conference that her claim was based on racism (“I’m sorry if my presence made you uncomfortable”).

    Evidence #1 + Evidence #2 = Hit the road, and good luck elsewhere.

  116. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We’ll see.

  117. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Rod Munch

    I agree with you 1000%!

  118. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    That comment about the racism is totally false.

  119. Biggun Says:

    NC State QB Ryan Finley, we should go after him would be a great draft pick for 2019 IMO….

  120. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I do not disagree. But let’s be clear about a couple of things.

    How much GUARANTEED money is JW going to get anywhere else? 20 million? Which team is wealthy enough…all of them I’m talking cap space…risky enough to make that gamble.

    Most GM’s will believe what Maya Angelou said…”When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.”
    JW was already the subject of much debate because of his checkered FSU past.

    Do we suspect the three game suspension and all the picks and 25 fumbles the past two years have improved their confidence that dramatically. Do they see the growing number of young QB’s like Mahomes and Goff and Wentz and others as perhaps showing them JW’s shortcomings?

    Let’s talk money. If you google JW’s net worth it’s estimated at 25 million…The Glazer family is worth close to 6 BILLION.

    Money is not the critical driver. The salary cap presents more of a challenge than the Glazers bank account…if it wasn’t for the cap I”d say give JW the money…the Glazers don’t need it…but in all honesty neither does JW.

    His agent does…LOL…and JW might appreciate it…but if he truly believed in redemption…he might be tempted to correct the BIGGEST mess he’s ever had in his life.

    And the opportunity is not insignificant. He knows Fitz’s talents and limitations. If he doesn’t really have enough confidence to believe he can beat out Fitz he’s got MAJOR problems.

  121. SteveK Says:

    Winston just can’t turn the ball over that frequently. We can’t win with it. It’s too much to overcome.

  122. JabooBuc Says:

    Rod Munch- will you just deal with the fact that this TEAM simply doesn’t want JW as their QB. Think about this, the people that are around him daily at practice, in meetings, in film room and at games want Fitz in the game and not JW. You don’t see his teammates questioning this or pleading to have JW leading them on Sunday.

    That is the most damning part of this for Jameis. His lack of maturity has finally cost him not only his team but quite a bit of money as it should be. This team desperately needs wins to possibly make the playoffs and most probably to save the jobs of this coaching staff and the organization is riding with Fitz. Case is closed. Time to move on.

  123. BucsFan33 Says:

    Oh now we want to see what Jameis can do. Does everyone forget he was handed the ball and barely given a chance this season after having minimal time to gel with the team. The dude was on Bucs island for 3+ weeks.

    Give him the keys and let him go. Enough with the retiring journeyman show. I thought Jon Gruden left town years ago.

  124. Not there yet Says:

    4 years into his career and he’s just turned 24 and still younger than Carson Wentz. It’s ignorant to say he’ll never chance while saying he can’t get another year which would be with another coach. If he’s doing the same things with a different coach ok move on. It’s hate when you say you HAVE to move on now in favor of an old retired average qb. Hey Mike Glennon was more accurate too but didn’t make a difference. Stop hanging to those 2 games at the beginning of the season everyone except delusional fans knows that’s not him and knows Winston MAY not be the answer but Fitz definitely is not.

  125. BucsFanAgain? Says:

    The exact quote:

    “While I am certain that I did not make any inappropriate contact, I don’t want to engage in a battle with the driver and I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable in any way,”

    So he apologized if his existence made her uncomfortable but he didn’t do anything wrong. See Dog Whistle :

  126. OneBuc55 Says:

    A QBs best friend is a good offensive line, a running game, and last but not least a solid defense…we have none of these things…This is not a QB friendly team, no matter who’s starting at QB…Run Jameis run, you’ll never win in this town…

  127. jay adams Says:

    Joe, lets get this str8t. Winston has 6 TDs and 10 Picks on the season.
    Fitz has 17 TDs and 7 Picks on the season.

    Where is the logic in your reasoning of putting a turnover machine back in? He’s had 4 seasons and every year it’s a new excuse.

    Year 1- well he was a rookie
    Year 2- he improved but still needs more time to correct his mistakes
    Year 3- his injury never fully healed
    Year 4- his 3 game suspension set him back, needs another season

    So what will the excuse be for year 5?

  128. WalkdaPlank Says:

    All I can say for Winston is…

    73 turnovers : 48 games

    But if the Bucs lose to Washington he should start the rest of the way

  129. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dirk will go before Winston goes. I like Dirk, but he should only have benched Winston for the second half of last week. Committing to Ryan for next week is sealing his fate.

    Not that I expect most of you to care. You all want everyone run out of town, including the best GM we’ve had in decades. More of that ‘grass is greener’ syndrome Tampa fans always come down with.

    I can see firing Dirk at the end of the season. Along with most of the coaches. Not Licht.

    As anyone whose was here before, I use to hate Jason Licht. He’s since earned the right to be here. Everyone says with the kind of talent this team has, Dirk Koetter should be winning games. Everyone says its the coaching. Well Dirk has all this talent because of Jason Licht.

    The ONLY reason this team has not done well is the defensive staff. Period. And that wasn’t going to get better after firing Smith. That’s why I was against firing him. There was no point. Oh sure, the fans loved it…and that worked for all of two weeks. The fans will never be happy.

    Better if they’d just kept him and played out the season. Nothing would have changed, but it hasn’t anyway, right?

    I don’t even want Dirk Koetter fired, but he’s had 4 years to get Winston in line. Four years to get the offensive line playing well.

    And Monken has too. That;s a little fact you all seem to forget. Monken is calling the plays. Monken has worked with Jameis just as long. Monken has failed as much as Koetter.

    If I had my way, we would fire the RBs coach, the ST coach, and the entire defensive coaching staff. Keep the rest. Keep Winston. Keep Licht.

    Recruit all the new staff from college…like Tony Dungy did.

  130. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Keep speaking truths Rod.

  131. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Wow stpetebucfan for once I think I concur with you. Although I would still say give Jameis another year because there is nobody in the upcoming draft. See if he can work with another QB coach and get his TO problem fixed. ALL that being said this defense has got to be turned upside down starting with the guy who has been their all along through these horrific defenses and that would be McCoy. He has literally been the anchor on some o this franchises most horrific defenses. Also I would say all coaching and GM has to go because they don’t get players to perform and can’t select players who know how to perform. It’s that simple well it’s not really but something big has to change. Sad day for all Bucs fans and I’m in the dumps right there with you. I just want to see good well rounded football and players who really care about the game and not if they are liked or not. Go Bucs! Maybe one day over the rainbow.

  132. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JabooBuc Says:
    “…this TEAM simply doesn’t want JW as their QB.”

    See now, that is your perception of things, but it is not the ‘fact’. Unless you know the thoughts of each player or they each confide in you, there is no way you could know that.

    It was Winston who this top offense developed under. Not Fitzpatrick. Ryan is not better than Winston. He is just calmer.

    Think we’ll get a Free Agent QB this year? HEre are our options:
    Derek Anderson (36)
    Teddy Bridgewater (26)
    Matt Cassel (37)
    David Fales (28)
    Ryan Fitzpatrick (36)
    Robert Griffin III (29)
    Ryan Griffin (29)
    Kevin Hogan (27) (R)
    Brett Hundley (26)
    Landry Jones (30)
    Sean Mannion (27)
    Josh McCown (40)
    Colt McCoy (32)
    Brock Osweiler (28)
    Tom Savage (29)
    Matt Schaub (38)
    Trevor Siemian (27)
    Geno Smith (28)
    Nate Sudfeld (25) (R)
    Alex Tanney (30) (R)
    Tyrod Taylor (30)
    Joe Webb (32)
    Brandon Weeden (35)

    All of them suck, and no, we won’t trade up in the draft.

  133. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Restructure Winston’s contract, reduce his cost for two years. Let him prove himself for less money than every think’s he’ll get. He;s going to be turning 25 in January. Most QBs with 4 years in the league are 27-28 by the end of their first season. He’ll still be 24. Yes he needs to mature on the field. Heck yeah.

    Just as much as most other 24 year old QBs.

  134. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    I think the offense is being called by koetter again n throwing the ball that much for either QBs almost guarantees 2 ints a game. Fitz threw 2 today he threw what 3 or 4 in Chicago n winston did the same in Cincinnati. Both winston n fitz fans cry when the one throws picks n makes excuses when the other does. Maybe just maybe it’s the offensive scheme cuz winston looked alot better last year n all 3 looked great in preseason. Fitz looked amazing in the first 2 games. I believe after that week hc took back play calling

  135. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    After his return from injury last year

  136. BucsFanAgain? Says:


    Calmer = Better in a field general (Qb).

  137. Wesley Says:

    Give Griffin a shot.

  138. Rod Munch Says:

    Lets go back in time kiddos.

    2016, the Bucs defense played well for what, a 5-6 game strech, the only time in the entire time that Winston has been here when they haven’t literally been the worst defense in football.

    What did Jameis do during those games?

    Nothing, that’s what, he played game manager and didn’t turn the ball over, he was just a boring QB.

    So obviously that proves if Jameis doesn’t turn the ball over we’d have the best defense in football, right?!?!

    No stupid, what it shows is that Jameis can be a boring game manager QB if that is what the team needs. However if the defense is literally the worst in football and giving up 35 points a game, then you’re going to get TO’s when you’re needing to force the ball downfield because you’re down by 21 points with 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter. You dopes that pretend Winston’s worst games are all his games, are either being completely dishonest or you’re stupid – but it’s one or the other because the one thing you are not is correct.

  139. WalkdaPlank Says:


    They also went 9-7 that year, with Jameis playing “boring” turnover free football.

    Also the defense IS the worst football with or without turnovers, but with them it just adds insult to injury. If the Bucs could go farther back than 32nd, they would.

  140. BucsFanAgain? Says:

    Rod Munch

    So his erratic play is only to help us. Riiiight.

    Other than that, what about his history of giving the ball away, staring down receivers, completely favoring one receiver even though others are open, throwing to the player and not anticipating the place, emotional meltdowns, or childish imitations of “leadership”? I guess you have to be smart and not stupid to miss all of that, right?

    You have an idol. Fine, but others are not stupid if they see the obvious that is apparently hidden to you.

  141. Dapostman Says:

    IMHO, Koetter is giving Winston exactly what he needs, tough love. He doesn’t need to anoint Winston as his starter. What Winston needs is a coach who is not just going to give him the keys to the franchise anymore. These guy threw Winston in on a 2-14 team with no QB mentor and expected an immature kid to lead them to the promise land. Well ladies and gentlemen this is a MENS football league. To be a successful NFL QB you have to be poised and mature. Winston is learning that this year by sitting. The book on Winston is an unfinished novel and I think we will see a better player once Koetter puts him back in. I expect Winston to start the last 6 games. I don’t think the Glazers have signed off on Winston. I think they’ve signed off on Koetter turning Winston into a mature poised NFL QB. I could be wrong since I have been one or twice in the past but that’s my gut feeling.

  142. Tvan1011 Says:

    Winston isnt the future sorry to disappoint, the guy is hot garbage. Let’s see what the other Ryan can do.

  143. AfrikaThaRapper Says:

    @Joe Can we put our hard earned money towards purchasing a billboard asking the Glazers to sell the team? Or a poll or something that you know that they will see? It starts from there. We need a cleansing from the tippety top.

  144. Joel Says:

    See what he can do to close the season???


    Throw more picks and make poor decisions. 4 years in the same offensive system. Jameis is awful. Get over it Joe. Move on.

  145. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    After years of reading JBF, I am starting to believe at least One “Joe” is more concerned with people believing he is right that about the Bucs! :/

  146. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    The fact they did a fake punt screams IM SCREWED smh what a joke for a defense they lets us down bad no qb could win with out defense playing as bad as they do cam literally was toying with us smh they need to start Winston and everyone needs to get over it if we win with Winston or lose with Winston it’s a win win either he’s cut or he’s paid for another year either way our defense sucks and shouldn’t be allowed in the state of Florida

  147. Kord Says:

    Who cares about high draft picks for this team??? We have a few baller high picks on this team, never give up a Win for a better pick

  148. Rod Munch Says:

    AfrikaThaRapper – If you lived through the pre-Glazer era you’d know what terrible owners are like.

  149. Rod Munch Says:

    BucsFanAgain – Haha… yeah top offense, top 5 offense since he’s been here but he doesn’t actually bring anything to the table… you know except the best QB in team history and all.

    Any stupid repeating your fake narrative doesn’t make it true.

    Try again.

  150. dis Says:

    Jameis is gone and I am grateful. No one can succeed with this offensive scheme for the long haul. Koetter would still be with ATL if that were true.

    Jameis will go where he is wanted and the coaching staff will make him successful. Obviously that starts with a running game and a group of WRs who all play every down. And honestly probably limit his scope of plays too.

    Too bad these forums weren’t around for the Steve Young Tampa era. I’m sure you guys would all be telling him to get the f out too, when he threw 53%, averaged 175 yds per game and had 11tds and 21ints.

    Trust me when I tell you, Jameis leaving here is better for him than it is for you:P

  151. dis Says:

    I would love to see him with Gruden in Vegas or replace Eli in NY. That would be awesome!

  152. Pierce Says:

    I disagree. You have JW for this season and if we were to make a playoff run and Fitz goes down you got JW. Otherwise keep him in the bench and save $21m

  153. James Walker Says:

    If JW is kicked to the curb then moves on to have a successful career with another team it is ALL ON THE GLAZERS. They need to sell the team to someone who #1 priority is Tampa.

  154. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Playoffs!!?? Lol. Not happening.

  155. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Jameis is 1-2 on the season. Fitz is 2-3. Both of them have put up big passing numbers. At this point I wish the Bucs would’ve lost the second game. The opener was always going to be a potential upset with a new OC, Fitz doing well in season openers, and a healthy team minus bust Vita Vea. The Bucs caught a hungover Philly team to go 2-0 and the Fitz tragically starts a prime time game after extra BSPN media hype on Monday. A FitzTragic performance put thebBucs in a hole against the Steelers, then Fitz mounts a comeback only to have Koetter punt on 4th down when going for it was the clear option. Bucs go to 2-1. Fitz bombs again against the Bears and the defense is so bad that it eventually gets Mike Smith fired. Fitz is benched in the second half and Jameis is inserted into a blowout in the second half. Jameis should’ve never been put in that game. Nothing good was going to come from that. An already eager to pounce fanbase blasts Jameis for 2 INTs in a route. Game 5. Jameis makes 1 bad decision, but the kicker screws him. Game 6, Jameis screwed by the kicker. Game 7, Jameis is all out of sorts and is pulled. Game 8, Fitz spots the Panthers a 7-0 lead while the Panthers go on to set a record for points scored in the first half. After the game, Koetter announces Fitz still starts and DeSean Jackson denies rumours he’s dividing the lockerroom. At this point it doesn’t matter. The defensive players that can make a difference are hurt and teams can move the ball at will. The Bucs can’t create turnovers. But somehow this all isnJameis’ fault. Put in Ryan Griffin and let’s see what he can do or play Jameis and see if he can get Mike Evans, OJ Howard, and Humphries the ball. Hope for a few turnovers and watch the games with a grain of salt knowing change is coming.

  156. Phil Says:

    Doesn’t matter. We will have a complete new coaching staff and front office next year.

  157. Ed Says:

    No the QB didn’t lose the game, it was the comedy of watching the double end around where pewter jerseys were all over the place and no one wanted to tackle they runner. He started at the left sideline (TV view) and ran about 100 yards sideways with Buc tackler wiffing all over the place. That team doesn’t know how to tackle. Likewise on many McCaffrey runs, he’s hit once and there isn’t anyone swarming to the ball, he bounces off the miss tackle and no linebacker (they are being blasted by blocks) to wrap up.

    Its really a mess. Yeah the offense started badly as they always do but Carolina made way too many runs early in the game that put the Bucs in terrible shape.

    Fitz had an OK game, he kept plays alive but c’mon he was being mauled by bad pass protection and had to take off just to keep from getting killed. What happened to the offensive line that is supposed to be blocking for him?

    First throw to Evans was a ball he usually catches. He makes that catch and the game starts out with a statement the Bucs want to stick with Carolina. The DB covering Evans one-on-one shut him down. 10 targets, one catch. How does that happen.

    Meanwhile watch New Orleans later and see Michael Thomas in one-on-one press coverage with Marcus Peters, a good CB, make quick moves and cuts and get open. Evans made no moves and Koetter and staff made no adjustments to move him around and take advantage of the one-on-one coverage. A #1 receiver like Evans has to win that matchup.

  158. BringBucsBack Says:

    It does appear that #3’s farm-team training may indeed be complete. Now that we have suffered the “wild oats” stage of this man-child, he’ll be called up to the “bigs” next year and will become the 10-years-franchise QB we hoped we were getting; for someone else.

    “It’s a Bucs’ freakin’ life.”

  159. niko Says:

    for everyone who thinks Jameis is a turnover machine, you need to take a look again. Jameis has improved his turnovers at a decent rate. His TDs increased, his turnovers decreased a bit, but mostly they were lumped into fewer games.

    But James has been forced into an impossible situation. Stop saying he did this to himself. His act occurred three years ago. There is no reason to sabotage NFL players by not allowing them to practice with their team and coaches.

    Many people in the know have said Winstons mechanics are off. Doesn’t anyone see how bad that game was, and how thats a turn in the wrong direction.