Out Of Chances

November 12th, 2018

Should already be unemployed.

In the next couple of hours after this here post has published, Bucs players will file into One Buc Palace to attend meetings and receive their grades in yesterday’s game.

A guy who should already have his access card deactivated is Bucs kicker Chandler Catanzaro. He put the Bucs in a hole once again by missing kicks, this time two makeable field goals that cost the Bucs six points in a 13-point game.

There is only one logical reason Joe to argue that Catanzaro should be kept: that would be if the Bucs are tanking the season in order to score a high draft pick come April.

If the Bucs indeed are going to throw the towel in on the season, then by all means keep the right-wing kicker and use him frequently.

Catanzaro has missed four field goals and four extra points this season. He’s making field goals at a 73.3 percent clip. Roberto Aguayo was good on 71 percent of his tries during his nightmare Bucs season and missed just two extra points.

45 Responses to “Out Of Chances”

  1. Buc believer Says:

    Jason Gumps card and Clueless Koetters cars need to be deactivated first! The fish stinks from the head to the tail!

  2. Pete I Says:

    Even if short lived, a palace revolt should bar the Glazers from the property.

  3. Waco Says:

    We were in section 112 at the game, the third row up. Before he missed the second FG yesterday I watched him kicking into the net and no kidding, he missed the net to the right and almost took out a cheerleader. I’ve never seen a kicker kicking into the net Miss the net. Crazy.

  4. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    I expected this article to be about Koetter

  5. JJV Says:

    Not making any excuses, but has it ever been considered that the holder possibly has anything to do with so many of the misses? There have been so many kickers that have failed with Bryan Anger that it is becoming an odd pattern. It is happening too many times.

  6. GhostofSchiano Says:


    Were you surprised at the boo birds when he took the field?

    The Washington fans behind me knew he was going to miss, even commenting on the field position for the skins offense. Unbelievable

  7. AtlBuc Says:

    The defense came to play yesterday and the offense lays an egg.

  8. On the rise Says:

    I remember many years ago John Mckay had problems with his kicker. He ended up using an o-lineman, George Yarno to kick a PAT. Yarno make the kick!

  9. Ohnowesuckalloveragain Says:

    Licht needs to be gone already. His finger prints are all over this mess.

  10. K_Bassuka Says:

    At the end of the day it’s Koetter and Licht fault he still kicking for us.

  11. EA Says:

    Blame GMC, ever since he came to the team they’ve had nothing but bad luck.

  12. jjbucfan Says:

    Change the damn holder and see what happens. Anger is the one common denominator in our kicking woes. Not saying it is him…but it MAY be him, if they plan to kick us fans in the groin for one more week and keep him, change the holder and see what happens. It ain’t rocket science, you gotta look at all parts of the equation, not just the obvious one. Having said that, dude should have been gone at the bye week along with Smitty AND Koetter.

  13. Ed Says:

    May as well get rid of more coaches. If you want to let Winston have a 7 day tryout, give Monken a 7 day tryout. Dirk isn’t coming back and more than half the players in the starting lineup won’t be either.

    At this point there is not reason to let Dirk run the show, does anyone see a team that looks like they realized the urgency of the past 3 games. It was business as usual with the other teams taking advantage of the Bucs weaknesses and the Bucs letting the other teams do what they do best without the adjustments.

    Bengals/Panthers and Washington games were all the most important games of the season. Closing out the first half of the season is just important as the finish. Every single one of those games Dirk and his staff couldn’t find the answers. The same offensive line penalties in the redzone, the same sacks in the redzone, the same turnovers in the red zone. As a head coach you have to fix those problems.

    You have to fix the kicking problem. How many games do you have to watch a kicker miss shot kicks badly to the right without correcting that. How many games is your left tackle getting beat by just running around him.

    The Bucs play with no fire, no chip on their shoulders, no aggression. Its time to blow up the staff, put in players that are giving it their all and bench the guys that keep making mistakes.

  14. Rick Says:

    Keep everyone! The season is lost, let’s at least win draft placement. I hope we win in the coach/gm/qb selection as well.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree that Koetter is clueless. I would have 100% started Jameis in the second half. The team needed a spark and he was their best chance to win. Dirk seems content to ride his sinking ship right to the bottom. It’s time for a break from all things Bucs. A complete waste of time. No more unless immediate changes are made.

  16. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Why not have Anger kick. I’m sure he could be just as reliable of not better.

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    Its like Michael Clayton said on the radio a week ago….The owners need to come down from their offices/suites and be at practice today, fire the coach and let the rest of the team know they are playing for their jobs. Send the kicker packing and someone should tell Evans to quit pouting about Winston being on the bench. Evans is paid to show up and perform at an elite level….This organization lets the highest paid players set a terrible example of what a desire to win looks like. When the highest paid are simply making sure they get their check, that’s what everyone else does. Fitz should go back on the bench for the same reason Winston went to it….YOU CAN NOT WIN IN THE NFL TURNING THE BALL OVER 2-3X PER GAME.

  18. Dooshlarue Says:

    JJV & in

    I brought that up a little while back and promptly got scolded by Joe.
    How dare we think that Anger may just have something to do with it.
    It is possible since he is the one constant in the kicking dilemma equation.

  19. Dooshlarue Says:

    * JJ

  20. Anthony Liga Says:

    I think it is fairly obvious that he will probably be gone, but if there is one thing that is in short supply…its perspective. This guy was a good kicker who is in the middle of a terrible slump. I suppose they will get rid of him, but is his slump any different from Winston’s or Koetter’s, or Licht’s, and more beside these? My opinion? This season is gone…let’s play out the string and find out who can come out of the slump…and who can’t, and then take action, which I’m sure the Glazer’s will do.

  21. The Daily Autopsy Says:

    Another example of Jason Licht’s lack ability of player evaluation!

  22. Bucwylde Says:

    I believe there should be a game-time weigh in and whoever is the fatest should be the FG kicker that day and I’m not kidding think about it, Noone is going to freak out and get pissed if he misses and if he makes hes a hero either way it would be more fun than our current sh!t show of a kicking game.

  23. JabooBuc Says:

    Hard to hold anyone responsible for the failings of kickers. They are truly a fickle bunch and it’s impossible to predict when these guys are going to get hot and when they are not.

    This is not meant to excuse the guy because he has been awful. However, if he’s making them in practice routinely then that’s all you have to go by. Clearly the pressure is getting to this kid.

    Damn you Matt Bryant!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … I love your take that the only logical reason Catanzaro’s still here is because “Bucs are tanking the season in order to score a high draft pick come April.” LMAO … as if this team needs to TRY to tank the season. Yup, that’s it.

    This is ALL on Jason Licht. Patrick Murray last year (still unemployed BTW) was 5-5 from 20-29 yds, 8-8 from 30-39 yds, 4-5 from 40-49 yds, but only 2-5 from 50+ yds. He made 21-of-22 XPs. That makes him an 83% FG kicker & 96% XP kicker. Was he GRREAT? No, BUT he was better than Catanzaro at a fraction of the cost. BUT obviously something that needed Licht’s special attention … So he cut Murray and brought in Catanzaro, HIS version of FIXING the problem.

    Fast forward (back that backward) to 2014. Patrick Murray that year … with the Bucs … was 2-3 from 20-29 yds, 7-8 from 30-39 yds, 6-7 from 40-49 yds, and 5-6 from 50+ yds. He made 31-of-31 XPs. That makes him an 83% FG kicker & 100% XP kicker (essentially the same as last year). Was he GRREAT? No, BUT he was better than Kyle Brindza … who Licht brought in (2015) to replace him (and who had to be subsequently replaced after FOUR games by Connor Barth because he kicked so poorly … as in 50% FGs and 75% XPs).

    What’s almost humorous is that Connor Barth (83% FGs) was essentially the same exact kicker that Patrick Murray was. Licht’s solution after Barth finished out the 2015 season? Use an extremely precious 2nd round pick in 2016 on a KICKER named (tada) Roberto Aquayo … who turned out to be a 71% FG kicker. But hey, Licht made up for it … he signed an experienced kicker named Nick Folk to replace Aquayo for the 2017 season … and Folk proceeded to reward Licht by making 55% of his FGs and 78% of his XPs. So Licht did the only logical thing: He brought back Patrick Murray yet again in 2017 … and then fired him once more after he made 83% of his FGs and 96% of his XPs.

    Yup, it’s a Bucs life. Would the last fan to leave Bucsville please turn out the Licht.

  25. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Love these Mondays where I just come to the Joe’s site every other hour to see if the axe has dropped yet.

  26. Waco Says:

    Anger wasn’t holding when he missed the net, kicking wide right. It isn’t Anger.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    @Dooshlarue … “How dare we think that Anger may just have something to do with it.
    It is possible since he is the one constant in the kicking dilemma equation.” Possibility, but the REAL constant in this whole melodrama is Jason Licht. He’s the one who signed each one of these kickers. Patrick Murray started the 2014 season with us. Had Licht just stayed hands-off and kept Murray kicking, we would’ve saved a 2nd round pick and millions of dollars … and had a significantly higher FG & XP percentage than we now have.

    And Waco, I’ve NEVER seen a kicker miss the entire net. That’s unbelievable. (Pretty sure it had to be the holding tee’s fault though).

  28. Cobraboy Says:

    “right wing kicker?”

    You mean missing right?

    His follow through is as flawed as Aguayo’s.

  29. The Licht's are out! Says:

    Let the rebuild begin!

    They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, i reckon it was built quicker than our special teams, offence and defence! Woeful!

  30. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    If Anger is the problem, then you would have to have a good enough ST coach to figure this out.

  31. TOM Says:

    IMO I would bench D. Smith & Bennoch for next weeks game & make Griffin the QB & see what they got. Release Catanzaro. (Check out the kicker the Bengals had in preseason. I think his name was Ron Brown) Nevertheless. As Dandy Don Meredith use to say Turn Out the Lights the partys over.

  32. Locked In Says:

    I like it… right wing kicker. My wife called him Chandler CaptainZero

  33. Waco Says:

    @ Defense Rules, it was the oddest thing I have seen in football. The net is right in front of him. Crazy. After that and missing the FG, he turned the net around and we were concerned he was going to hit the Bucs bench.

    I’m tired of our team sucking. I will, however, be back for the 49ers game…

    Waco from Virginia

  34. LakeLand Says:

    Jason Licht actually gave this guy $3 Million to miss kicks

  35. Orlampa Turd Says:

    Bring back Aguayo

  36. Joe Says:

    Love these Mondays where I just come to the Joe’s site every other hour to see if the axe has dropped yet.


  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Waco … I figured you’d be from Texas with a handle like Waco. Going back up to Virginia next week for Thanksgiving (my son & his family live in Midlothian). Catanzaro’s practice round must’ve been hilarious to the Redskins’ fans seated nearby.

    And have no fear, it WILL get better. We just need the Glazer Boyz to man up & hire someone who REALLY knows football to turn this thing around … and then for them to get the blankety-blank out of the way.

  38. Season Is Over Says:

    At some point you blame the team for their inability to teach. Other teams don’t seem to have near the kicking issues this team has. There is not enough NFL coaching experience in One Buc.

  39. Buc4evr Says:

    As a fan , I only grade the team on wins and losses. Koetter = F, Licht = F. Both Losers need to be fired today. There is too much talent on this team for the level of stupidity that we as fans are subjected to every week. Yesterday was the final straw for me. 3 points. Just speechless……

  40. 813bucboi Says:

    if the glazers dont want to be the laughing stock, they’ll fire dirk and licht today…..simple as that….its obvious players have quit and arent focused….


  41. Buc4evr Says:

    @813bucboi, it’s not just the players, the fans have quit also. The season is done, nothing to lose by getting rid of them today. Pathetic coaching.

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- love the rundown on kickers! If it’s not blatantly obvious today that this team needs to fire EVERYONE, kindly remove your head from the sand!

  43. Mike10 Says:

    Bye Felicia

  44. 813bucboi Says:


    you’re right….yesterday i went to Michaels’s with the wife after rodgers fumbled to look at some craft stuff……

    a die hard bucs fan leaves his man cave after downing 4 1/2 beers to walk around an arts and craft store with the wife…..and the funny thing is, i saw 4 other guys with their wife and bucs gear on and we all looked hammered and depressed….lol…


  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    Faithful Buc fans actually showed up to Rayjay Sunday hopin..wishin..for Koetter to navigate the ship to victory. I do beleive it was many fans last straw. We got the Giants and niners in a row. I dare say, we shall lose one of those. Barkly might run for 300 come Sunday. I don’t know. And we just might Resurrect manning’s career. We do have a penchant for such things you know.
    Don’t worry about Dirk. He will either get an OC job somewheres or a nice little HC job at a small and upcoming university. We will have a new kicker next season to..I guess.