November 8th, 2018

In the mind of heavy metal-headbanging Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, it’s not if but when.

And even though the Bucs have eight games left and the next three games are against beatable opponents, he believes Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking coach Dirk Koetter is doomed.

La Canfora lists six coaching candidates he claims are “inevitable” to be leaving their teams in less than two months. Koetter is among them.

The Jameis Winston thing has gone horribly wrong, there is some locker-room strife, having to go back to Ryan Fitzpatrick multiple times in two months is less-than-ideal, and playing in the toughest division in the NFL all adds up to a situation where massive change is coming. As I always point out, any team that comes as close to firing its coach at the end of the previous season is almost guaranteed to do just that the following year.

At this point, that ghastly Bucs defense, on pace to be the worst in NFL history, sure seems to be a noose around Koetter’s neck.

What might save Koetter? Of course, winning the next three games gives the Bucs a 6-5 record. Who knows what could happen after that?

If (when?) America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, returns to the lineup, him playing well would give Koetter a major boost.

But that defense. Woof!

41 Responses to ““Inevitable?””

  1. DBS Says:

    Nothing should save anyone’s joj. The season is toast and there were NO excuses this year. Including Winston getting his own a$$ suspended.

  2. DBS Says:


  3. Waterboy Says:

    Nothing less than the playoffs would save Koetter at this point and I don’t see that happening. They may beat the weak teams that they have coming up over the next few weeks but they’re not going to beat any quality teams. Koetter missed his opportunity to make a change at defensive coordinator this past offseason and that decision will doom him.

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    IF..Koetter can win the next 3 games in a row? A repreive is possible. God knows everybody is stompin on the Giants and the Niners. But..I don’t even see us beating the Skins. They got visions of 6-3 dancin in their heads and despite the plethera of injuries they have, They will ball hard. And ole man AD has resurected his career somewhat. Lets see. But don’t hold your breathes……

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The problem for Jameis supporters is that winning the next three games will likely keep Fitz starting…..
    So…..you can root for Fitz & the Bucs to win……or root for Fitz & the Bucs to fail so that Winston will return……There may be another choice but I don’t see it.

  6. miken Says:

    Yeah… if you are close to firing your coach… do it. Bringing him back just waste a year. I think we win next 3 games then falter then start jameis the last 3 games where he looks good enough to keep and we do only to do it all over again next year and 2019 is another basement year. Its a bucs life!!!

  7. LakeLand Says:

    This is from CBS Sports

    NFL Coaching Hot Seat Power Rankings:

    2. Buccaneers’ Dirk Koetter

    Nothing surprising here. A month ago, Koetter ranked fourth on our list. Since then, the Buccaneers have gone 1-3 — which moved Koetter’s record with the Buccaneers to 17-23 — benched Jameis Winston for Ryan Fitzpatrick, and fired defensive coordinator Mike Smith. Koetter is probably next.

  8. Dlavid Says:

    Why do we keep seeing the “ if the Bucs win the next three games “ line on all of the JBF post ? That is pie in the sky thinking . I know you are fans of the Bucs but please quit embarrassing yourselves with such lunacy . It brings down your credibility as the go to site for Buc info . To even incorporate such thinking into your reasoning is below your professionalism . It undermines the respect you have amongst your readers . Fire the cannons …. have your favorite adult beverage in ample supply for Sunday’s season ending party !

  9. Robert Says:

    I’ll never understand how organizations side with the player over the coaching

    freeman/ schiano
    jameis the crabman/ koetter


  10. sbucs Says:

    Deer in the headlights since day one. Clean house.

  11. ChanEpic Says:

    @DLavid – I don’t know if I’d question the Joe(s) professionalism as they are running a Bucs focused blog so of course they try to stay on the positive side. However, you are right, win the next 3 games in a row, is CRAZY talk. The ‘Skins will most likely curb stomp this team, and I am not sure the 49ers won’t either. The Giants have a lethal running back, which is this defenses Left Achilles heel, the right one being WR coverage. I don’t see 3 more wins THIS SEASON let alone in the next few weeks.

  12. Gambelero Says:

    Conte is eligible to come back in week 12. Hard to see a renaissance in the defense without him.

  13. zzbuc Says:

    America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston,,,,,what a Joke my lord!!!!

  14. Eric Says:

    75td Winston should be playing.

    Our coach is a fool.

    But, best of luck with the Fitzmagic playoff run which has never occurred in his 11 illustrious years as a starting QB.

  15. Pete I Says:

    “If (when?) America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, returns to the lineup, him playing well would give Koetter a major boost.” You had me right up until “him playing well” Hahahahahahahahahaha Thanks for the prank Joe it made my day.

  16. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Old Vets

    And…those crappy ass clown ass uniforms! Maybe that alone would erase the stink from this team.

  17. G-Money Says:

    Yes zzbuc “Joke”, but this same QB as a rookie broke records, call it what you will, yes he went to the pro bowl….

    Now let me get this out of the way and you can have it back ! no excuses for the interceptions or bad reads, NONE !!!

    Now zzbuc, why has Jameis gone backwards ever since he got Dirk Cutter as his OC 1 year removed, and HC full year??? and all you see is a bad QB?

  18. Sharkiebucfan Says:

    Joe! Hang on for a second, the paper bag is to be placed over your head to hide your identity and embarrassment for supporting such an awful team, not for huffing inhalants. You’re high and out of your mind my friend. #itsabucslife #brownpaperbag

  19. zzbuc Says:

    G-Money…..I am not Coach Koetter lawyer, and I will not get into the stupid debate that is one or the other, the only thing I will say is that the stats speak for itself….Do not blame the coach for JW overthrown passes, do not blame the coach for his fumbles, and do not blame the coach for his interceptions…..And most certainly dont blame the coach for his behaviour off the field. Dont blame anybody but JW on his regression, and the fact is, that I am a bucs fan and i want to win, and the best option to win today is a 35 years old QB, that is not our future, is our present, and I seriously doubt that JW is our future either.

  20. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Its the GM that is “Inevitable”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So when the New GM is hired, he might as well start with all “his guys”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are not talking about the new GM, then you are just wasting time!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. JJV Says:

    Just for fun what do you think would happen if the Glazers remained owners and were able to replace Koetter with Bill Belichick as coach/GM? Obviously, it is not going to happen but any thoughts?

  22. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I side with Joe on this, put JW back in and let him sink his own career. But don’t worry, Joe will stick to his plan, he will still blame it on someone or something else if Jameis stinks up the place. Like, it’s the defenses fault they lost because they allowed so many scores after an ungodly amount of turnovers, and failed possessions. Jameis sucks, and will never get it. If Jameis stays this team will continue to be saddled with the worst QB in the division, even after Brees retires, and Teddy Bridgewater steps in.

  23. stpetebucsfan Says:

    To those who are upset with those who dare dream of winning the next three.

    You were probably the guys posting in the off season that it’s going to be tough starting the season 0-3 before Jameis even gets to play. We KNOW we’re losing those first three…defending Division champs in their house….defending SB Champs no chance at taking those two down.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    Realist-O- This is one thing that I completely agree with you on. We point to the players and go “we have no talent”. We point to the coaches and we say “this staff is terrible”. What do these two things have in common? The guy who put them there, Jason Licht.
    It shouldn’t take 5 years to put a competitive product on the field, not when you have competent players in key positions.
    If Koetter goes, so too does Licht and anyone else tied to this ‘ish-show of a football team.
    It’s absolutely inexcusable and as a fan, I am sick and tired of being pick-pocketed by this franchise. There really are no excuses. How can we be this bad for this long? Hmmm.

  25. Frank Pillow Says:

    We have lost 5 of the last 6 games, folks. The one thing Dirk excels at is rolling off multiple losses in a row and not being able to recover. The end of last year should’ve spoken for itself. He was praised for not having his players outright quit on him- I mean what the hell happened to WINNING?!?!?! Forgive me for going all Herm Edwards here, but isn’t that the point? No, not here in Tampa. Here, we talk about one/two missed plays, injuries, turnover differentials and missed communication- and as long as we only lose by a TD or so, that’s okay b/c we showed some fight. That’s ok b/c we’ll blame Jameis (he certainly should shoulder some blame, but not ALL of it). We’ll lament not having Gayle Sayers. We’ll talk about how there are zero plays to call for potential game winning down and distance situations. We’ll fake punt in the 2nd qtr, but punt in the 4th. We’ll validate everything by pointing to big yards/production, but never acknowledge how much of it is padded by garbage time. We’ll keep saying if there was one thing, we’d fix it. That’s Dirk’s legacy.

    He has earned the right to be fired and I suspect he knows it (even if he’ll never admit it to himself or anyone else).

  26. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Leave Fitz in sonthe fans see how bad he is. Keep Jameis fresh for next season so he can go off and get back to his winning ways. Fitz and Koetter go down together. DJax just goes away…

  27. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Oh can’t forget about there is No Licht At The End Of The Tunnel…. Fire Licht!

  28. Dre Says:

    Sad part is the comments are the same every year at this point … November December is always talk about next year that’s so sad

  29. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Keep Jameis fresh for next season so he can go off and get back to his winning ways.

    LOL ,,you mean his college ways?

  30. ben Says:

    Who has been more efficient in the red zone ?? FITZ !!!

  31. Bucamania Says:

    Dirk said if he knew how to fix it… he would.

    He’s not a head coach. Move on. Should’ve fired him last season.

  32. Coburn Says:

    Even if we somehow go on a big win streak to close out the season would anyone be convinced to keep these guys? Wouldn’t you want someone who can consistently get his team prepared week in and week out and not someone so up and down?

  33. jjbucfan Says:

    Why wait? we may win the next 3 games (probably not unfortunately) and we will be out of the playoff race. If Koetter gets us to the playoffs some how, I will back off him, however, he has proven he cannot do it and Licht and the Glazers are making sure that we do not make the playoffs by keeping Dirk week after week. Just see 2016 as an example. The fans deserve better than the Glazers are giving them.

  34. LakeLand Says:

    If the Bucs win the next 3

    They probably will still be last in the NFC South
    3rd place at best

    Their last 5 games are the games they need to win

    New Orleans

    Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta
    Atlanta is a must win

  35. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Tambabaybucsfan the other choice is root for us to win n what happens happens at QB. Honestly I believe there is no options for rookie QB n with a new coach being probable next year I see glaciers holding on to winston next year to see if he can perform better with a new coaching staff. Again though what happens happens not much can surprise us as bucs fans anymore that’s for damn sure except maybe us turning this shat show around that would definitely surprise tf out of all of us lol

  36. JimmyT Says:

    Jameis the crab man huh? What an IDIOT! So that did it for u? Jameis will be back next year in a BUCS uniform with a REAL coaching staff!

  37. DaPostman Says:

    What’s so funny is guys calling to draft a rookie QB. You want to put a rookie QB behind this OL without a running game? Good luck. Get rid of all the low effort guys like Mesean Jackson, Benenoch and the bunch you line up on defense. Add a couple OL men maybe move Donnie to right guard or tackle. As a coach what you permit you condone. So as we’ve seen time and time again this coaching staff permits low effort from the defense. Keep the grinders and get rid of the loafers.

  38. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You know as well as I do that when other down trodden teams in the league need a “get right” game, the Bucs willingly oblige…

  39. Not there yet Says:

    Why do people keep saying if they beat these next 3 teams it’ll save his job, what’s wrong with you. Who cares about how bad your losing record is when beating trash teams? If they blow them out maybe they question it, if they barely beat them forget about it

    Decent article but love the photo of dirk it’s hilarious

  40. Hawk Says:

    Winning the next three games will not (should not) save Koetters’ job. If you hold a lit match next to the thermometer in a meat-packing plant, the thermometer will go up, but it will still be freezing in the building. Koetters’ team is what it is. They *might* be able to beat some bad teams, but it doesn’t change the quality of what he puts on the field each week.
    Someone (sorry, but I don’t remember who) pointed out a few days ago, that some people are meant to be coaching assistants, coordinators, etc, and nothing more. I believe Koetter (at this time) may be one of those people.

  41. Tim Says:

    If the Bucs win the next 3 straight JW will in no way see the field this year unless there is an injury to Fitz.

    If JW gets back in this year it’s a call from the Glazer’s that does it and that is they want more film to decide what to do with him next year under a new regime.

    As for the Def, last years rookies, Justin Evans, the LBs, JPP and VC should be held over. Everyone else needs the boot.