“Hottest Seat”

November 13th, 2018

Doomed, says national scribe.

There were harsh words typed about Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching coach Dirk Koetter. And they came from the fingertips of good guy columnist Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report.

Tanier didn’t try to hide from his belief that the Bucs are better off without Koetter — and Tanier made it clear he believes that day is coming soon.

Koetter took back play-calling duties from rising-star coordinator Todd Monken in Sunday’s 16-3 loss, which is exactly the type of thing you do when you feel threatened by your subordinates and are more interested in exerting authority than accomplishing something.

The Koetter-called offense generated 501 net offensive yards but went 0-of-5 in the red zone because of a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception, fumble and that staple of Buccaneers football: a pair of missed field goals. No problem ever gets better on Koetter’s watch.

On the other side of the ball, the Buccaneers faced a Washington team missing three-fifths of its offensive line but mustered just three sacks. Maybe Koetter should take over defensive play calls, too. And switch quarterbacks again. And maybe lock Monken in a boiler room so ownership cannot locate Koetter’s obvious replacement. Because no coach is on a hotter hot seat right now.

The coach dangling on a thinner sheet of ice than Koetter? Tanier believes that is Jets coach Todd Bowles.

After yesterday, whatever glimmer of light Joe could find was extinguished. This franchise has slipped out of control. Let’s call it like we see it.

61 Responses to ““Hottest Seat””

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    he’s right….that was a selfish act by dirk…..shows he’s not for the team but only for himself…..

    bruce arians-president of football operations
    Kris Richard-HC
    Todd monken-OC
    Todd bowles-DC

    2 former HC’s for kris to lean on with innovative and productive minds surrounding him…..


  2. Troy Says:

    This is comical. Why wouldn’t the Glazers just end this embarrassment now and actively start looking for replacements? Let Monken get some experience. Get a new president in place before the end of the season so we can move fast on a GM and coaching candidates. Try something new instead of the long process they always use which has not worked.

  3. Brad Says:

    He’s not even on a seat. This thing fell apart when they benched what WAS the “franchise QB” in week 4. No sane team or organization with a plan does that no matter how well the career backup journeyman plays.
    We are a dumpster fire.

  4. Troy Says:


    I like your thought process.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    What do you think the odds are that the Bucs have two QBs that put up alot of yards but cannot generate points????

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Darn straight he’s on the “hot seat”!!! The QB he was to have developed is now on the bench and the team is spiraling toward another losing season…and looking BAD doing it!

  7. Larry Says:

    Nice person, good coordinator but NOT a good head coach. He was too loyal to assistants, and players. This is a harsh, unforgiving business. Bucs need a younger, more forward thinking head coach. Some of the assistants he has now should stay but most should go with him including the GM.

    The Bucs have missed on too many draft choices they have made and have not been good at assessing the talent pool in the draft or free agency.

  8. Jboospooge Says:

    meh, he’ll get more time

  9. JJV Says:

    Team Glazer= The Three Stooges
    You can watch them side by side and see little difference
    Fix the root of the problem.

  10. joestang Says:

    You have two choices, blow up this whole team or fire the coaching staff and hope you can get a winning coach. Licht should be the first to go, he is the main problem. We are partly in this fix due to Lichts horrible drafting and free agent busts. This guy cant even get a field goal kicker right.

  11. JJV Says:

    There is not enough accountability with the owners. They always seem to be shielded from the media as the blame is everything and everyone else. The question is why?

  12. Not there yet Says:

    We said this last year. All the changes they talked about in the off-season and this is the same team it was last year. Koetter has weak leaders among this group of players, a brook, Sapp would have saved his job because policed the locker room. None of that is going on. Koetter would probably have been in a better position to keep his job has he gotten rid of the perennial losers through trades and cuts.

    Gruden loves old players, I bet licht regrets fleecing him out of a few draft picks now. This is one time they should have listened to fans and got rid of losers stealing money

  13. Joe Blahak Says:

    don’t really like firing mid-season but this might be required this time so ownership can get a head start on attracting a new regime….

  14. tnew Says:

    The thing is, managers, which is what a head coach is ultimately, are judged by their performance and the decisions they make regarding them.

    Koetter has repeatedly made decisions in his career that have proven to be unsuccessful.

    I have a good friend who grew up in Chicago. When we hired Lovie Smith, he laughed. Same guy went to Arizona State. I thought he would be happy given his displeasure with Lovie. There was no humor in his voice. He just flatly stated this was a huge mistake and no way this was going to end in anything but disaster.

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Blow everything up starting with licht down to koetter and jameis….if jameis does good somewhere else then ppl on here can say “told you so” hope he does good somewhere else, but highly unlikely, move on get eli manning, foles, bradford, or tyrod taylor next year.. throw everything at Saban (bama can pay more) let him have total control choice B rich mckay back and get eric bienemy in as HC….saban will be build a solid top 5 defense and WIN….for those who dont like saban, beleichek got ran out of cleveland too, as did pete in carrol in new england, worked out ok 2nd time around and saban is top 2 football coach in the world

  16. Joe Blahak Says:

    If these 2 are included in a rebuild, WinSTUNNED and McBOY, I’m taking a break from Bucs football until they’re gone. The 2 BIGGEST issues with this team despite coaching and defense…

  17. Owlykat Says:

    Koetter is dead Coach walking. His selfish decision to take back playcalling from Monken who has improved red zone scoring to 65 percent doomed the Bucs to the cellar again. He is capable of moving the football for good yardage just like last year but his constant abject failure in the red zone has always kept us in the cellar of our league. Moreover, his playcalling and failure to fire Warhop, the culprit for all our OL woes: no discipline to stop drive killing penalties, failure to develop OLinemen, and failure to put starters in the right positions on the Offense, kill good blocking for the running game, allow sacks and too much pressure and physical hurt to our QBs, leading to poor throws resulting in unacceptable interceptions and fumbles. Both Koetter and Warhop have to go; the sooner the better! Monken was able to coach a college team and still call all the Offensive Plays. He has deserved to be Interim HC to prove what he can do better. All the Glazers need to do is demand Licht to now fire both Koetter and Warhop and hire Logan Mankins who was key to developing both Marpet and D. Smith, but Warhop goofed starting D. Smith as a left tackle who couldn’t stop speed rushers, instead of putting him as LG. He also has benched Liedtke who had proved in the preseason he could handle LT better than D. Smith and is also a great Guard; yet Warhop has kept starting Benenoch instead at RG who has proven to be a complete bust without any development for the position by Warhop. Starting D. Smith as LG allows Marpet to take back LG, benching Benenoch for Mankins to try to develop or fire. Let our Defense to continue to improve under their present Coaches despite injuries to our Star LBs.

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:

    EVERYBODY has some blame associated with this disaster.

    But to focus this much effort on “playcalling” when the offense can clearly move the ball is counterproductive and misdirects a lot of attention.

    So…when ME13 dropped that pass in the end zone was that because of Koetter’s play call or Fitz? Or does ME13 still occasionally choke?

    When Brate dropped that pass near the goal line was that Koetter’s crappy play calling that caused him to drop the ball?
    Or was it another choke?

    When Rodgers is steaming to the end zone after a successful offensive series…again bad play calling? and Rodgers loses a fumble in the end zone was that Koetter’s bad play calling.

    Did Koetter’s play call make the bad snap from center?

    Just the two drops and Rogers fumble represent 18 point…enough to win…and all available with Koetter’s play calling.

    This team doesn’t do anything well…even our major strength…our targets totally let us down Sunday.

    It’s not the play calling…it’s the EXECUTION. Koetter had guys in position to score…if they drop the ball what is Koetter’s special play call for the dropsies?

  19. Owlykat Says:

    Where is my last post here Joe?

  20. Troy Says:

    Will the Glazers finally get the stones to fire Dirk when we lose to the Giants?

  21. Eric Says:

    Mark Helfrich is doing a good job with the Bears QB. He has a young offensive mind, might get a lot more out of JW. Learning from Nagy. It’s the Andy Reed offense really.

  22. Eric Says:

    Trade for Eli Manning?


    He’s older than Fitz.

  23. Eric Says:

    Sam Bradford or Tyrod Taylor?????????

    This is a good lesson for the Jameies haters. Think of the available alternatives………

    Unless you want to develop a rookie over next three years.

  24. Pistol Pete Says:

    Seat should already be vacant.
    DC knows the Glazers will not term him during the season.
    I think him taking over last weekend was just the start.
    He realizes he now has a license to do whatever he wants because of a weak ownership team that has no balls.
    Should be fun, like watching the titanic sink for a month and a half.
    Waiting for the day we are mathematically eliminated in 18′.
    Second verse, same as the first….

  25. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    A Fish stinks, from the head down.
    Both Licht and Mark Dominik were unproven General Managers, and both Koetter and Smith were cast off Coaches from Atlanta.
    In my mind, there is no doubt all will be gone next year, if not sooner.

  26. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    St, Pete, great points on dirk and the play calling, im definitely in the ME13 corner BUT, from day 1 with licht building a team, not sure grabbing him was bets move when there were stud foundation forming defensive players available, I thought schiano deserved another year and had team going in right direction but never know now

    Eric, you are right on helfrich and since he has had a few years with the nfl now and if bucs head in that direction it would be a good choice, i think bienemy is similar and OC up in indy and then of course a wild car is lincoln riley

  27. DaPostman Says:

    Fire Dirk Koetter and hire Dirk Diggler.

  28. Grt1 Says:

    See ya Joe Blahak. I just hope you’re a man of your word not just a troll.

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    Teams with glaring deficiencies of injuries or bad play the week they play the Bucs always beat us up good. Almost always. Why is that? Skins had Llinemen fresh off the streets and beat us. Giants Manning truly sucks this year. But watch him miraculously make up an entire season on the Bucs. I watched them last night. They got Nothing..But Barkley. I have no faith we will beat them. None whatsoever. Kpetters smart. He probably already has his family packing bags.
    His best move of the season.

  30. tnew Says:

    Being a football fan has always been a huge part of my past time. But with your indifference, I’m finding myself not wanting to be interested in the Buccaneers. Why? Because you are not. Koetter has been making bad decisions for the entirety of his tenure. Waiting to see how this plays out is the utter definition of insanity. Firing him is not knee jerk, it is a necessity.

    Will firing him result in the playoffs this season? No, that ship sailed in the off season, when he was allowed to keep the defensive and special teams staff. Not reacting during the bye week was enough.

    Currently, the players don’t think that this matters. Yes they say they do, but in their hearts they know that Koetter is gone after the off-season. They lost their faith in the head guy a long time ago. Sure they like the pay check, who wouldn’t but they know that this is all they will play for under Koetter. I don’t totally blame them.

    Show them that you as owners care. Make a decision and announce to guys like, Donovan Smith, Gholston, Winston, GMC, LVD, DJAX, Benenoch et al, that you care.

    If you don’t care and this is just a money making business, (this is my sole argument for this Joe, know you aren’t in favour of the president of operations but the Glazers are so hands off, someone needs to be engaged with a long term view) hire someone that is and empower them to make decisions. The person must be able to command respect.

  31. Onetrickpony Says:

    Dirk, Jason, Moken the whole bunch isnt worth anything. and Jason L.,is the worst. And that so called scouting dept sucs.
    Do some home work on the next regime instead of playing spin the bottle for your choice

  32. tnew Says:

    Let me clear something up to the “offense is all good” argument because the Bus move the ball.

    After the first two weeks, the book was out. I’m not sure why Philly didn’t get the memo on the first play of the game but…

    Allow the Bucs to move the ball between the twenties. Protect against the quick vertical scores. Notice all of the single high safety looks the Bucs received early is gone. If the QB choses to push the ball, then people will be there. What happens in the red zone? Play man and stress the O-line. (all you have to do to disrupt the team is blitz the right guard) In the red zone, the vertical threat is gone. The end line is the extra safety. Teams quickly realized, take away the deep threat and it is over. So they give up huge yards, blitz the right guard whenever they need to and the Bucs don’t score. But hey, they produce yards. For some fans, I guess this is enough.

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:

    St Pete-
    Bucs lack of execution is because they are soft mentally and that falls on the head coach.
    Granted, most teams have poor execution occasionally during the season.
    But the Bucs are consistent in their poor execution- -19 turnovers- are you kidding? That is a sure sign of poor coaching.
    Koetter is a good offensive coordinator, but he is not a good head coach.

  34. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hot seat indeed. I am wating for a new head coach to play the franchise QB until his first multi INT game and the new coach replaces the Franchise because he has a job to do WIN games. Yes we know how many yards and all the fluff an stuff that gets laid at the franchise’s feet. But at the end if the day the name of the game in the NFL is Wins not losses. And if we have a new Head Coach, will he want to continue the INT, Fumble experiment we have going on in our QB room, I doubt it. Time will tell but I would not hold my breath on the Franchise QB having vast improvement under a new coaching staff. The HC in FSU couldn’t make any improvements, his two Head Coaches in the NFL so far have not fixed the INT, fumbles, and lack of concern with ball security. What makes us think that another voice in his ear will make any difference.
    Sad to say yes it is time to move on from coach Kotter. And possibly or GM. This time next season let’s all compare how well this team is performing, on the field and off the field. And see if we are top 10 offense and a top 20 Defense. Will this make us a playoff team? Time will tell.
    GO BUCS!

  35. adam from ny Says:

    the nfl doesn’t like what you when you fire head coaches in season…but the glazers should do exactly that, and throw monken in as interim…let he and duff wing digity, hott dogg it thru the rest of the season and let’s see what we’ve got here from a new perspective and viewpoint…seems logical to do…i like dirk but the time has come to peace a dude out so he can let the fam know he’ll be home early for dinner…


  36. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Stop with the Saban talk. He and Jameis have/had college success for the same reason. A lot more talent than their opponent. Once you get into the NFL the talent level is is almost even and people who dominated in college suddenly become average.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….you can add “challenge flag throwing” to the disclaimers on Koetter….

    I think his decision to throw the flag knowing we had no timeouts qualifies him for the label.

  38. adam from ny Says:

    monken spotted in aisle 3 at publix on dale mabry – chatting up a diehard fan that was holding a 2 pound box of juicy chicken tenders and ranch dressing, as they both giggled it up about the shenannies of dirk docking master monken of his play calling duties…


  39. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Ok, Joe; we get it. Koetter is a dead man walking. Let’s move on to any nuggets you may uncover re: a new regime.

  40. Kgh4life Says:

    Season was doomed from the start when they brought back Mike Smith and the defensive staff, excluding Jay Hayes.

  41. Playaction Says:

    The primary responsibility of Jason Licht should have been to draft, develop and through free agency to bring in talent to compete in our OWN division.

    The WR and RBs in our division are big, fast and versatile. Everyone on our defense is small, slow footed, insecure with unsure hands.

    Do they check for sensitivity on the wunderlich test?

  42. adam from ny Says:

    if dirk would just shave that stinking jerry-built beard he would then turn over a new leaf…i’m super surprised he’s riding that make-do beard so hard – like he’s all on a roll or something…lose the beard and win some games…

    #SoothsayerTypeSheet #ShamanVision

  43. adam from ny Says:

    remember the matt bryant curse ???

    what if the secondary now has:


    do you realize how many opportunities keith tandy would have to be in the game at this point ???


  44. lewis Says:

    stpetebuc fan its not about the play calling its about this is year 3 and its rhe same and worse

  45. TestaVerdeBlindness Says:

    Can we all just pause to acknowledge that @tnew has figured the offense out? I don’t know how many times during the Carolina game I saw their safeties backpedal out of frame as soon as we snapped the ball. The league has figured out our offense – don’t give up long passes and wait for the collapse.
    We need some variety from inside the red zone. See how many times Pittsburgh, New England, etc, use WR screens/pick plays, screen plays, draws, etc within the red zone to counter the effect of the “third safety”, i.e. the back of the end zone. Then, see how many of those types of plays we call: none.

  46. danr Says:

    “No problem ever gets better on Koetter’s watch.”

    our defensive line, tight ends, quarterback play, offensive yardage, plays for first down… all have gotten better.

    not to say i want to keep koetter, but lets not tell blatant lies.

  47. danr Says:

    our dline isnt MUCH better. but we are getting more sacks than we in previous years.

  48. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Why not see what Monken can do with this shat show while he’s already under contract? Why sign him to a new contract to find out? Let him complete his resume with the final games. He can’t do much worse but he sure as heck could do a lot better. I spent 27 years as an air traffic controller. We didn’t just train under ideal situations. We trained during complete chaos to work our way out of it. If you can’t, then you can’t do the job. Simple as that.

  49. Joe Says:

    This is comical. Why wouldn’t the Glazers just end this embarrassment now and actively start looking for replacements?

    There is nothing stopping Team Glazer from launching a coaching search. Depending on who you believe, Team Glazer began looking for a replacement for Greg Schiano in October 2013, Schiano’s last season.

    Of course, there is an ethical standard many coaches live by: They will not interview for a job that is not yet open. Not all coaches, but many.

  50. TOM Says:

    Who”s calling the plays this Sunday? If the Bucs fire Koetter they should also fire Licht & Warhop. As a matter of fact Licht should go first.

  51. Jmarkbuc Says:


    No more assistant coaches on this staff hired to be HC..

    It’s a lazy, cowards way out. Shows you don’t have the least bit of desire to improve, just plug the next unqualified guy in and collect your TV rev’s….

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Keep Koetter until then end of season, then do what it takes to hire Jim Harbaugh.

    Only way to fix this team is with a proven winner. Harbaugh is 139-58 as a head coach, three conference championship trips and a trip to the super bowl.

    Word is that he is ready to return the the nfl.

    Click my name for other options!

  53. Cobraboy Says:

    To think the owners or GM do not have an updated list of every potential coach or player, force ranked, 24/7 is absurd.

  54. D1 Says:


    Good points. One thing that you didn’t include is the follow under the vertical stretch by the slot. That’s a good to play.

    Also defenses overloading the right side is not a concept ie scheme issue it’s an execution or adjustment issue. If it’s man w Mof open, QB should run. Or audibles to over seam flats or drag concept.

    The Bucs have guys open which is remarkable as they have no run threat. Which leads me to this issue. The inability of the run game to get 3 yds or less . There’s no excuse for not being able to get those short yardage gains particularly because they are drive killing situations.
    Be creative and try to get an extra push with a different personal group. Vita Vea’s value to the team could increase if he could push a DT or DE back off the Los allowing a Fast quick footed back to find the space. That’s just a thought but it’s to the idea of recognizing individual skill sets and how to best utilize those to overcome an issue. That’s more of a problem for me than a few execution issues.

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    D1- I couldn’t agree more regarding the run-game and use of personnel. An issue for me is the lack of commitment to it. Look at Sunday’s game. Barber has 13 carries?! Even down 2 scores you don’t bail completely.

  56. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely with your post. For all the great “coverage” by the Skins why was ME13 open in the end zone….Brate just outside…Fitz makes one less errant throw there’s another seven.

    NOBODY has figured us out…it’s not our play calling…it’s our endless CHOKING…all over the field…not just Fitz or Jameis but even our high priced receivers…our center can’t complete the most basic function…get the ball to the QB…of course he can so why didn’t he? I think Quizz’s fumble was party due to a great defensive play but he simply MUST hang on to the ball.

    We not only choke we seem to be able to find the exact spot in the game where the choke can cost us the most…whether it’s a dead ball penalty that negates a big play…a DB out of position…all over the field at exactly the wrong times we have guys make boneheaded plays.

    I’m not claiming Koetter is a great coach but he’s NOT a bad play caller. Doesn’t really matter which plays he calls if he can’t coach the choke out of his team or remove the extra bone from their thick skulls! And so he IS responsible.

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    St Pete….Our team does not care about winning the game. Our opponents care more.

    Our game plans to play a game. Our opponents plan to kick our asses.

  58. El Buco Realisto Says:

    If you are not talking about what New GM to hire and/or Which QB to draft, then you are just wasting time!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. D1 Says:


    100% agree. The problem is , wide spread in the league, metric driven decisions. The numbers geeks inform coaches the run game has to be abandoned if the scoring margin is x and the profiency rates of winning reduce..lblah blahblah…..If the team committed to running I would hope they would find ways to be more creative with scheme and players.

    13 carries. ……and the GM passed on RB after RB not just this year but the entire time of his tenure.

  60. Owlykat Says:

    Pay a lot of money and get the Titan’s GM, Richardson, back here to be our GM. He has helped the Titans improve enough in a short time to beat the Pats convincingly. Pitch it as a challenge for him to turn us around quickly too. He already knows the talent we have, and as young as he is he could stay with us for a long time.

  61. Tc Says:

    The funny thing is if Koetter is fired he will have no problem getting a job as a top offensive coordinator. He will be hired in a nano second by a defensive team, maybe jags. He has been a top 10 offensive guy for years. He might not be a head coach but he should not have been so loyal to mike smith. He has been a victim of Extremely poor defense, poor kicking and licht’s Woeful . drafting. Actually the offense was the only good thing.